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Fraternities, orders, central theme?

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posted on Jul, 11 2004 @ 08:35 AM
I am NOT comparing any organization of a 'society' nature to any other. Church, masonic hall, school, cult, restaurant, a bunch of guys at Fred's having beers; all are organized groups of people.
Sorry I have to be silly about it because I want to remain neutrally objective on all sides. That said,
many sects of many orders and their affiliates reflect on particular ancient documents, dogmas or fragments of speech in tongues, whatever. I am not an expert on the reverence of such materials or their useage in that my curiosity in the occult, secret sects, has shown the obvious use of particular 'tools of the trade' if you will. From incantations in witchcraft to hymns in the Bible, there are always mediums in use.

So I wonder, if all such groups rely on such ancient and in many cases almost impossible to interpret
objects, then despite the age old: How is it meant to be taken and did it happen that way, there must be the possible misinterpretation or misuse of such things. How can one be sure that a spiritual action taken, if you put any energy into such ideas, is exactly safe, correct or not objectionable on some level? Obviously dogams, legends, stories and the like contain meanings and messages from those moved enough or compelled enough to establish order in groups of like-mind. I just wonder with the more enigmatic groups, if there is the same communication as in a church as to the openness of it members in meetings and functions.

All that said, my point is mainly that all spiritual beliefs that are followed to any level of depth regardless of its nature, has an emotional and often intense affect on those who support and endeavour their practices. So if we are making our present, based deeply upon deep personal understandings and needs spiritually speaking and continuing establishments which speak from the past to inspire and direct us, is there any considerations on a serious attempt to corroborate any or all apparent red-letter-dates in history and legends of lesson thereof to try coming up with a hypothetical
as to not whether the Christ was Horus to the Egyptians, but by tracing patterns of civilization and the progression of tribal and ritual beliefs into modern monotheism?

I apologize for the convoluted jumble some may find my words to be sometimes, but those whom know what I am saying in so many words, (and at that could much more easily phrase what I have tried to) are welcome to take what they will from it and by your own interpretation of my queries, let me know what comes to mind. Peace!

posted on Jul, 11 2004 @ 07:02 PM
Luci, I must admit, whatever you wrote totally went over my head.

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