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Violent Seismic Activity Tearing Africa in Two

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posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 08:50 PM
There is always going to be seismic activity. Count on it. The odds that Africa are going to ACTUALLY split in half are low- maybe 1 in 7.

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 08:57 PM

here is an outlet of info from usgs as well. this activity that takes place on a small level like a plant grows so does the earth. or is there nothing but expansion phases until entropy tears us apart lol. tptb as we know them will always hide the past, usually more times than not in plane sight! or plain i use plane b/c of the 911 scenario.. i havnt red the entire verses of thread, just shining my light here, hit my heart chakra!

here's to cosmic ray that never die returns from earth and goes to sky

peace love and the light of speed to all who reads

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 09:03 PM

Originally posted by ah...dehavilland
reply to post by goingsouth

oh please, can't all you god-beleiving people just go away? It's not so much that what you say is nonsense (which of course it is) but it's that ATS is supposed to be about consprisies and stuff. Oh...wait a minute....god....conspirisies.....hey, I think I might be beginning to get it.Yeah, nice one...

We will be sometime soon. Unfortunately I can't give you an exact day or time. Good night, and good luck.
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posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 09:09 PM
reply to post by ReginaAdonnaAaron

Good grief, no quotes. Excellent!

Yes indeed Africa is tearing apart. Source:

The East African Rift System (EARS) is one the geologic wonders of the world, a place where the earth's tectonic forces are presently trying to create new plates by splitting apart old ones.

However, all the rifting in East Africa is not confined to the Horn of Africa; there is a lot of rifting activity further south as well, extending into Kenya and Tanzania and Great Lakes region of Africa.

One of the places this is evident is around the area of Aden, which as you are probably aware has had a spate of small earthquakes in recent months. I am curious about the reference to volcanoes. Obviously there are volcanoes, some very big ones, in the area of the rift valley and an undersea mount off Aden, but your reference seems perhaps to be thinking of something else?

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 09:16 PM
Has anyone noticed that the map of Africa sinking into the water also shows Europe under water? Looks like that map is implying that pretty much everything will be under water.

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 09:23 PM
reply to post by ReginaAdonnaAaron

Darn it you just had to do it didn't you. The quotes.

Here I was thinking you had made an effort to tone it down and talk about something serious in a non-religious non-doom way and you go and spoil it all with the quotes.

The East African Rift valley is a very serious subject - not immediate of course, but a world re-shaper some time in the future.

posted on Jan, 22 2011 @ 03:01 AM
I don't know about Gordon Michael Scallions mapwork but I do know the Great Rift goes right through Eastern Africa and up into western turkey dardanelles/bosporus.
Recent evidence suggests the Black Sea was formed by massive flooding when land barriers were breached and innundated.
The possible flood of Noah?
It goes without saying lower areas will flood if access to sea is gained, but geological events would have to be on the order of the movie 2012 to happen in any time frame humans can appreciate.
I don't think the Mohorovicic discontinuity is lubed up enough to allow continental mass to shift that rapidly.
Were that the case we would most likely see action accelerated in the Pakistan/Indian and western Indonesian region as the Indian plate jams itself into the Asian plate.
Shearing along those faults is still very active.

I would be more concerned with the weakening magnetosphere and possibility of a sudden collapse of our protective magnetic shield surrounding the planet.
Kind of like the Captain Kirk being caught with his shields down, you wouldn't want to be sunbathing on the beach.

posted on Jan, 22 2011 @ 03:32 AM

BBC saying birth of new ocean.

Scientists say they have witnessed the possible birth of a future ocean basin growing in north-eastern Ethiopia.

posted on Jan, 22 2011 @ 05:32 AM
has Africa exploded yet? no? aww..


posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 02:20 PM
reply to post by this_is_who_we_are

Thanks for this, it's good to be able to see what the recon it would look like.
We had it pretty much the same, so looks like we read our map and tectonic plates reasonably well. there's just one or two places that we had a difference.

Too bad we can't zoom in any closer, it'd be nice to know, which cities would actually be affected and if we were right about it cutting right through Jozy where all the gold mine shafts are.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 08:49 AM
reply to post by smithjustinb

There is a problem to what you just said, it has to do with those surviving. Getting rid of a cancer? Do you mean the poor? Do you not think deeply and do the math? Out of 7 billion people, close enough, the majority, are very poor, and have been disenfranchised from their land and resources. For example, Madagascar, where there is overlogging and ruined strips of what was once fertile land, millions are living in abject poverty, the land owners now, serve international corporations and run fancy resorts/spas for the rich and they grow vanilla beans for export on the smaller amount of suitable land.

Hialiens who has some very very good pdfs, and is working and documentary/video, I will add links to his work, his solutions by the way are generators, I would include the very basic science of electro magnetic, based off studying earth rotation and the magnetic poles, of course the anti gravity is just reverse magnetics for flight, and then stabilizing with waves. I've been told the leaders keep this from us for fear of some crack pot using scalar weapons against cities and countries. But the governments/para military complex's have been doing this already. They're already crackpots. So what we need to do, is get high counsels citizens watching everything and the second type of energy needs to be in competent hands, but benefit the world freely, the first. Thats just PURE GREED, keeping it from people, everyone should have their generators and all the energy they need. They can bring the deserts back and feed the world. Seed/sprouting kits. Venus Project, Eco Farms, Free Cities, Moneyless.

There is no reason for the starvation. Now, this world is the physical manifestation or our consciousness! Comprehend that one?

Earth changes, the Sun, the cosmos, pole shifts, all of this, can be lions or lambs, having much to do with collective consciousness, karma if you will.

Higher Ups, and observe50 has shared threads, where I couldn't sit down, was very upset, my memory was stirred, I recall some of the same experiences, all my life, from childhood as well. My son and I have shared sitings, together. Higher Ups are watching this playground and note the bullies, the bloodlines who are hurting humanity, the children. This is a school. All things are in opposition, here and we're constantly choosing between Love for everyone, and yearning for absolute equality, or falling for all the traps here.

We're either growing our consciousness unto infinity, for we're infinte and there is no time, so our Infinite Potential and Family/Higher Self, exists all at once, and we all have Infinite Progression, in the long run where there is no "long", "short", or any measurement possible in Infinity, for you can't measure it.

Or we shrink our consciousness unto infinity and become the "dark side" for a time where there is no time utnil we make that proverbial U-Turn and gain a heart, our love, our compassion, our equality, (note everyone here is family so the fact the every other second a small child is dying of poverty, should really really matter to each and every one of us, and we should be getting off our butts and doing something about it. Because we give countless aid every year and yet nothing changes. Why???? IS someone blocking redistribution and equalizing. Oh Gee Who Would that Pyramid Loving Cartel be? We need to wake up and get rid of them!!!

Safety, and seeing safety, drawing it in, or very fast SHFTS have to do with LOVE LOVE LOVE. Hitting that Love Channel, ie. compassion for the poor, service to others, and seeking to help as much as possible is what is called LOVE. Patience, service, compassion, if someone asks for a mile, go an extra mile with them, give all you have. Everything we have should belong to everyone equally, for that is how the Higher Ups are, we share and share alike. Don't put your treasures in earthly things, or traps, store them in Heaven or the Beyond, and share everything here, for this all illusion, a thoughtscape, testing grounds, and the tests are LOVE.

ARK, some posted, it means ACTS of RANDOM KINDNESS! Thats where our safety and progression lies.

But solving the problem by being greedy, not lifting a finger, and waiting for their demise, will be drawing the wrong frequency events to us, because the tests are unconditional love and equality here on earth, and no teacher or Higher Up, gives their middle school students, kindergarden level tests, law of consequence plays a role, there are no coincidences.
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