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Conditioned To Obey...?

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posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 06:23 PM
Maybe I have been on ATS too long. I read so many threads about what the government is doing to us. How we should be so darn angry with our leaders for removing our rights. People say over and over that "this will surely be the breaking point!"... yet, nothing happens. Another freedom removed, another right lost. Yada yada.

Every time I come to ATS, turn on the tv, check my email... I see something that angers me about our so called "leaders". Gas prices soar daily. Inventions that could change the world are taken and shelved. We remain in the dark about so many things. Well, the truth is: WE LET IT HAPPEN.

I'm sick of people talking about the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. Yes, it IS for self defense, but it was also made to keep the government in check. But I don't see our government in check at all. I see them pushing us around, doing whatever they want, and GETTING AWAY WITH IT. We certainly aren't stopping them or even slowing them down.

They will not stop. They don't care about us. They know you're distracted with the new season of American Idol, or some other form of dumbing down. We're taught that fighting against our government is wrong. LEOs break the law every single day. They violate the citizens they're suppose to be protecting. Who stops them?

For fear of having some goon squad break down my door and make up some false charges of child porn being on my computer, I should say now that I have no intention of doing anything. I do find it amusing that when someone does step out and do something against the government that a few people do cheer, but then quickly hide in the shadows.

Will we ever actually have enough and decide to stop the government from the path they're taking? Or are we simply conditioned to obey?

(mods, if you need to move this thread, feel free to do so. Also, while I am voicing my clear anger with the state of our nation, I am not encouraging violence. Though at some point, it may become necessary.)

posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 10:34 PM
It all begins with potty training, and the supressing of peoples ability to pollute their areas with detritus. Control starts early and is necessary to teach us from fingerpainting with brown work is done here....awwww-Riiiiight!


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