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Meta Particles

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posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 08:35 AM
Or the influence of the smallest parts on the whole

What drives the universe, on what substance is everything build of. Where do we originate from and what links everything towards each other. In the past mankind searched for the ultimate answer in various directions. Gods and legends tried to struggle with the fundamental questions of existence. With the rise of science it became every clearer that the notion of ‘God’ got pushed back further and further. But we still need God however since even now we have events that we can’t explain.

I have so far refrained myself from revealing my own personal vision upon the fabric of space and its origins but recently revealed in another topic here on ATS my own thought about it. Seeing no further reason to keep this little theory from the board I decided to write a little piece so that other ATS member can do their very best to tear my theory to shreds.


In this article I will try to explain the source of matter as well as the impact of that source upon our existence. I will try to back up my explanations with illustrations as well as video, but have to warn all of you that I am not a graphical expert.

I will handle the following subjects accordingly:

- Nothingness
- Law 0
- The first meta-particle
- Cascade effect
- The universal background
- Hypothetical situations

I have to admit that my theory is by no means ‘complete’ and judging by the nature of such a theory it might never truly be complete. Despite that I would still like to share my current view upon my theory, thou it might change over time as a result of new insights. Regardless, without further delay I will now continue on the subject at hand.


We can say that nothingness is most likely for humans the most difficult concept to picture. I will try to define nothingness in a way so that at the very least its nature can be grasped.

Nothingness is the existence of nothing in no-time and no-space.

From this definition it should be clear that nothingness as I am implying no longer exist. As long as there is ‘something’ pure nothingness can’t exist since the concept is destroyed by the presents of ‘something’. Places with nothing may still exist but they would not be absolute and not undo the existence of space, time and matter elsewhere.

Perhaps biblically said; ‘in the beginning there was nothing’. The was no matter, no space and no time. This nothing is a non-existence that can only be noted as no-time in no-space and that it should not be viewed as anti-space or anti-time as opposed to anti-matter.

Law 0

With nothingness in place for no-space and no-time we have the very beginning of everything. We can deduce a crude law of physics however that must have been in place even thou there was nothing. This law can be called ‘law 0’. As we all know we’ve got various laws of physics that are in place in our universe. Just think of the law of general relativity for instance. We can deduce a crude and very basic law that can be applied on nothingness. To simplify matters a bit I will name it ‘law 0’ signifying it as the very first law of physics.

Law 0: Nothingness may not exist for no-time forever.

Essentially speaking the law means that nothingness may not exist forever. We know this law applies because we exist meaning that the law created itself and with that created indirectly all of us.

With the law in place nothingness effectively ended and since nothingness has no space and no time it can be said that its existence is not measurable. It would be a mistake however to say that nothingness never existed since that would imply that existence would have always existed. Therefore we should credit nothingness at the very least a non-existence at the immeasurable point in front of existence.

The first meta particle

With Law 0 in place there had to be something. Law 0 is much like the old symbol of infinity in which two snakes eat each other. The law can’t exist with its simultaneous result and the result can’t exist without the law. This means that if law 0 exists then its results exists and vice versa. Or in plain English; ‘Something’ must exist for a law stating it must exist to exist and the law stating that something must become to exist is needed for something to exist.

So we have something that exists, a form of meta particle. Let’s call that particle the ‘alpha particle’ to signify it as the first particle in existence. Important to understand is that this particle is so incredibly small that it can hardly be called existing at all when compared to something as a grain of sand. In fact, if we would make a comparison we can say that its size compared to an air molecule would be like our solar system compared to the whole universe.

Perhaps the most challenging part of my theory is exactly this part. The main reason is that it clashes with the law of energy. Science says that energy does not go lost and can’t be created out of thin air. But that law was not yet in place since the concept of energy was not in place either. The law of energy was only in place when Law 0 took place. In fact, the very second law 0 took place and thus matter existed a whole lot of laws started to exist, space and time came to be but it would not be solidified yet.

Cascade effect

So we have a particle that exists but one particle can’t explain a universe full of particles. So how did this particle multiply? Was there some female and male particle or perhaps a matter and anti-matter law?

For me personally, this part was the most hardest part to form. I could explain how one particle came to exist from nothingness easy enough, my mind hardly made corkscrews from that but how did it cause more to exist. If it would split in matter and anti-matter it would dissolve in a flash of energy and seize to exist. Law 0 would consequently form a new particle, but it would still be only one particle. Obviously that could not be the case. I figured that ‘nature’ had some kind of trick at hand, something that fooled law 0 into thinking that there was no matter and thus nothingness was back in place and matter should be made once more.

The alpha particle did have anti-matter but it switched between the state of matter and anti-matter and while in transition there would be a moment in which it would not be existing as it was neither in its matter or anti-matter state. Imagine the situation similar that of the earth circling the sun. An observer will see it as if the earth sometimes at the right of the sun and sometimes at the left, but when the Earth is behind the sun in its cycles it will appear not to exist. The same can be thought of from our alpha particle, as it changes from matter to anti-matter it has a singular moment of non-existence. At that moment Law 0 enforces itself and generates a new meta particle and then there will be two particles.

It is most likely that the shifting from matter to anti-matter and back goes so incredibly fast that any alpha particle generated anew does not collide with the other particle and dissolve into a matter and anti-matter collision. The charge between the alpha particles will cause them to synchronize out virtually immediately so that either all existing alpha particles are either exiting as matter or as anti-matter or appear as not existing during the transition. This caused ever more alpha particles to exist. This could not last forever thou.

I will give a little review before I continue with my story. So far we have nothingness that will end by law 0 that form the first particle called the ‘alpha particle’. This alpha particle switches between matter and anti-matter and while it does law 0 causes the existence of new alpha particles during the ‘null’ state of the first alpha particle. Since it happens so fast and since the charges of the existing alpha particles will draw the new alpha particle into the same state law 0 will continue to generate alpha particles.

As I state this could not last. After some time there are lots of alpha particles and they contain vast amounts of energy. In fact, at one moment they have so much energy that it is equal to the amount of energy in our entire universe. (just tossing a hint)
But a problem emerges. As more alpha particles start to exist the ‘field’ of those particles pulling the new particles into the right state starts to ‘drag’. The field becomes sluggish compared to the movement of the individual alpha particles. Initially this is not a problem as the particle will still be generated in the same state (matter or antimatter). Eventually however it will give a disastrous result; the field is still in its matter state while the alpha particles are already in its anti-matter state. At such a moment either a field exists or the alpha particle does so law 0 is not in place. But eventually there will be a moment in which the field is in an exact reverse cycle of the alpha particles. In essence you could say that the field will be in a co-sinus of the alpha particle that for a sinus between matter and anti-matter. Both the field as well as the alpha particles will reach a ‘null’ state thus triggering law 0 to make a new alpha particle BUT since the alpha particle polarity will follow the field it will have the exact opposite state from the other alpha particles. In other words, if the alpha particles are all in their matter state, this particle will be anti-matter.

The reverse polarized alpha particle will collide with its counterpart nullifying the two particles, upsetting the structure of the remaining alpha particles letting them crash violently into each other and forming the basis of a monumental cataclysmic event that will spread its energy out, this even is known as THE BIG BANG.

Okay, I think I have told a whole chunk of information most of it will probably even let Stephan Hawking’s head spin around so I will chill down a little bit and continue some other time with part two. I have already told a lot but I’m not through yet. Go ahead, shoot questions and kill me off.


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