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AD's sotry....

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posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 11:24 PM
I came up with story, and decited to post it here. Hope you people like it.

The wives, mothers, fathers, brothers, and members of many different American people were glad to see their loved ones coming back home from Iraq in October 2004. President Bush gave agreed to bring the troops in Iraq back to their homeland. Thousands died, and wounded during this war. Full power was handed to the Iraqi government, and billions of dollars were given for the rebuilding of Iraq. That year in November John Kerry lost the election to President Bush. The Bush Administration was proud and happy that they won by deceiving, and lying to the American people.
The Pakistani people picked a new leader since Pervez Mushaffar the former leader of Pakistan got assassinated around the time of the U.S. November election, because he was in support of the U.S. A new leader of Pakistan was picked. The new leader of Pakistan cut off all relations with the U.S. Iran, and Pakistan soon became good allies. They got the countries of the Middle East to join them all except Iraq, and Kuwait, India, and North Korea. They called their alliance the Middle Eastern Islamic Alliance, even though not all the countries in it were in the middle east or Islamic. The Bush Administration was furious, but couldn’t do anything about it.
Two years passed since October 2004. Iraq was rebuilt, and the leader of it was a puppet to the American government. During the two years the M.E.I.A. (Middle Eastern Islamic Alliance) developed thousands of nuclear weapons almost as good as Russia’s thanks to the advancements made by Iranian, and Pakistani nuclear scientist. Advancements in chemical and biological weapons were also made. The M.E.I.A. put in billions do create an advanced air force, and a navy. They also made space launches, and put their first satellite into space. They spent trillions of dollars on military. They had an army of more than 100,000,000 people. All of this was done in secret so even the U.S. spy satellites didn’t spot anything. They made the money of the resources they had in the land each country owned. While people were starving they were building a military. They made amazing advancements during in just 2 years in military. In December 2006 the M.E.I.A. made their first move in revenge on the west by attacking Iraq. If they took Iraq, they would have almost all of the world’s oil reserves.
The taking of Iraq was done within 2 months. The U.S. did not expect anything because they thought the M.E.I.A. had no army or weapons because their spy satellites had not detected anything. The Bush Administration was taken by surprise, and only sent troops to Iraq a month later after the invasion by M.E.I.A. They were too late. The M.E.I.A. easily defeated the forces America sent.
After Iraq was taken Kuwait was no match, and Israel fell within 6 months because of U.S. help. They soon pushed up later into Europe through Turkey. Russia was neutral because they didn’t take the M.E.I.A. as a real threat. The M.E.I.A. fought in Europe for 1 year before they had almost every country except Russia, England, and Ireland.
The M.E.I.A. had conquered Europe and most of Asia. China and Japan remained neutral, while South American countries tired to help Americans as much as possible. The M.E.I.A., after taking Europe went off to Mexico. They needed to take Mexico so they can pour in troops to try to take America. Mexico gave up within 2 weeks, but America was harder to take. The M.E.I.A. had gotten half of Texas but couldn’t go through the defense after Texas. Meanwhile the M.E.I.A. started to push into Russia from the west, and south. Russia was hard to take but the M.E.I.A. was getting it.
It was 4 years of fighting with the Russians and Americans after the war started. Both of the countries were getting weaker and weaker. They were the only resistance to the M.E.I.A. Most of each country was occupied by the M.E.I.A. The U.S. was protecting New York, and Washington, and Russia was protecting Moscow. The presidents of the two countries met in London, and agreed on a secret plan. They would use the U.S. bombers to drop 5 100MT Russian nuclear tsar bombs on Islamabad, Tehran, Riyadh, Baghdad, and Pyongyang forcing the M.E.I.A. to surrender.
It took place on December 2011; 7 years after the war began. All 5 bombs were dropped, and forced the M.E.I.A. to surrender. The force of the bombs created earthquakes, and floods around the world. Major cities like New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, London, and Amsterdam were flooded, and sunken.
Out of about the 8 billion people on Earth only 1 billion survived. Millions of more died of cancer because of radiation, and millions of babies were born mutated. Humanity had seen the horrors of nuclear war.
Now i want to hear what you think

Sorry i know it sounds stupid, but tell me what you think.

[edit on 12-7-2004 by AD5673]

posted on Jul, 11 2004 @ 12:20 PM
soounds dang good to me keep up the good work and ill be waiting for the next addition if you plan on doing so.

posted on Jul, 11 2004 @ 01:48 PM
Nah. No next addtion. I just made one long story. lol

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