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posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 09:23 PM
*the whackmiester kick down the door to the studio where they tape "The price is right." He charges into the main studio and points at Bob Barker.*

Whackmiester: "People of the World! Bob Barker is not as he seems! He is nothing short of a Cadaverous Puppet! He is not really alive, he is under the control of a Pupateer up in the ceiling somewhere! I will prove it!"

*the Whackmiester takes a combat knife and throws it so that it flies right above Bob Barker, slicing whatever strings hold him. Everyone points and laughs at the Whackmiester when they see that Bob Barker does not collapse like the puppet that the Whackmiester claimed he was.*

Whackmiester: This cannot be! I have Bob Barkers death cerficate right here and pictures of him in his casket!

*the whackmiester walks right in front of a camera and shows the Death Certificate and the photos of Bob Barker in the Casket. Also accidently shows pictures of the Whackmeister at an S&M bar. The whackmiester sees the picture on the monitor and he puts it away quickly.*

Bob Barker: Damn! He has exposed me! Alright! I admit it! I died long ago! I am a Vampyre! What are you gonna do about it, Canuck!?

*as if on cue, the Whackmiester takes out a sack full of garlic and chases after Bob, but the Vampiric Game Show host vanishes.*

Whackmiester: Onward, comrades, to Bobhold!

*the crowd does not respond to the Whackmiester's idiotic ramblings. Half the crowd flips him off.*

Whackmiester: Bah! I guess I have to go after him myself!

To Be Continued...

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