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Survival Hides and Secret Entrances

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posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 11:48 PM
If your structure can rust (assuming you aren't in a desert) painting with multiple layers of paint would definately work. If you have a lot of time (and a strong enough support system) you could just make a simple concrete pillbox type thing, though finding a way to prevent errosion would be important. Having multiple small bunkers (like the one above) and a bigger one would allow for multiple options if you ever needed to use them. Also consider that they need to be well ventilated and (if at all possible) should have some form of rear exit.

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 02:12 AM

Originally posted by exile1981

Originally posted by LittleIndianJr.
How about shipping containers buried underground? They could be connected to form underground mansions or towns, properly insulated they would be like a faraday cage, they offer plenty of room, they are extremely strong.

If you just dug into the side of a hill you could use one as a garage and then another for your house.

Not cheap however but durable

Just the beginning of what i think might be a great thought

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Shipping containers have 2 major flaws. First they corrode quickly when in contact with wet earth so they need to be protected. Secondly they don't do well with a lot of dirt on top of them, they are designed to take loads only on the edges so they need to be reinforced with concrete. The couple of ones i've seen had so much concrete around them I had to ask what the container was for then.

I don't suppose you would need a LOT of dirt on top of one. Maybe a foot or so at most.

I used to drive forklift at a factory, and we had a ton of shipping containers out in the back lot for storage of stuff that couldn't get wet. Stuff that could get wet we would store on top of the storage containers. I'm talking probably 20 pallets, weighing a few thousand each. I doubt a foot of dirt on top would be too much for a container to handle.

I would worry about rust though!

Anyway I've always thought about ways to do this, and had a few ideas, but alas never had money or time to do anything about it.

Although I do have a deck that surrounds the back of my house, that is raised about 4 feet off the ground. The space between the ground and deck around the edges was filled in with old broken up concrete (from the old patio) and then dirt was mounded up around that, from the backyard it just looks like the deck is sitting on top of a small hill. Being about 4 feet tall, 15' from the side of the house, and about 30 feet long, it gives a pretty good amount of pretty well hidden space.

I was thinking of digging out underneath the deck to give about a foot of head space or so, once underneath. This would be a lot of work though. Plus, although the deck is covered with a roof, the top of the "bunker" would just be the floor of the deck above, which is 2x6s with a 1/4" gap. Meaning, if anyone was walking around on top of the deck while you were talking or moving around underneath they would most definitely hear you. I guess nailing some plywood underneath the deck's floor would fix this problem somewhat, but again more work and time.

Another idea I Had was to just dig a trench the width and length of the underside of a car. Then just drive a clunker over the top, and remove the wheels and disable the car. Kind of like the pit at a jiffy lube where the people work on the underside of your car. Throw some plywood over the top, and a little bit of dirt over that, and you would have a pretty well hidden place to sleep and hang out. Have a little hatch with a ladder, or even just dirt stairs. My idea for this again takes place in my backyard, where I have a junk non-running car sitting in the backyard driveway. This would probably be the most easy thing to do. Plus, being in a city there are a ton of cars around, so I doubt anyone would try to fix and move a wheel-less car in a backyard when there would be operational ones all over the street.

You can get large diameter corrugated plastic tubing, like for sewers and the like. It's not TOO expensive, very tough, and very light to move around.

If you had a hillside near you, you could just put one of these next to the hill, cover it in dirt with a clever doorway. Another very easy hidden shelter.

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