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Now & Then, Here & There. [WRAP]

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posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 08:36 PM
Now & Then, Here & There.

Once upon a time there was a world where the most admired, emulated & celebrated in society were also the most compassionate, wise, peaceful, & aware.

A human life was one that had lost none of the necessary pains of existence that gave flavour to the joys, but retained none of the unnecessary suffering.

The mistakes that were made as essential to the growth & development of a person were always learnt from and never repeated.

Everyone understood themselves & no one died feeling short changed.

Grievances were heard and issues talked through to their resolve & people could do as they please as long as they did not impose harm on others.

Throughout the world there was an abundance of health, wealth, prosperity & love; the framework allowing for everything to work out best for everyone.

Peace was maintained but nothing was ever stagnant.

Intelligence in all its forms was spread to the furthest reaches of the populous and nearly all of the problems of living long & prosperous lives in a flawlessly functioning planet were long solved.

This in itself was the legacy of proud generations, to be inherited by new minds keen to tackle the monumental challenge of co-existing peacefully across a broader span of the solar system; knowing that anything was possible.

All elements of the human existence on earth were harmonious with the planet, pollution only occupied the pages of history books & technology had never been more advanced or efficient or sustainable.

The pioneering inventors of tomorrow were focusing their minds on improving upon natural occurring dynamics, fine-tuning the universe.

Each person had the power to end it all, but never did; and their leaders discussed with living planets, virtually personified to give them a voice that we could understand.

Recreations were exported throughout the universe, acclaimed for their sublime ineffability, while ideas & methods of successfully co-dependant independence solved intergalactic wars spread over timelines that dwarfed our very existence.

Humans were once the most destructive race; and in developing the ability to co-exist peacefully, they created the blueprints from which all others could draw upon to succeed.

They had become the species that the universe was waiting for, the ones who would unite them all; one day to stand together at the frontiers of inter-dimensional travel, ready to venture into the unknown & ascend through the intervals of existence towards beings of perfect imperfection.


The author finishes reading back what he has written and puts down the pen & paper.

It Sounds nice to him, but it is not the world he knows.

His is a world where future generations are born into the traps set by those who were once friends to their forefathers & the brightest minds succumbs to the views broadcast through the loudspeakers of their oppressors.

It is a world containing instances of paradoxical insanity in such a widespread abundance that the “sane approach” has become to treat the symptoms rather than cure the root cause.

Dire situations rain down exponentially in times where the wise are the softest spoken & the ignorance is deafening.

People have developed micro-universes they rule over likes gods, so attached to the fantasy that when they step outside for some fresh air & see they are not god but one of billions the same; it is so uncomfortable they cannot bear it, instead recording events into a compact portable memory to one day be experienced in retrospect.

He wonders if these people will one day be known as the pioneers of a new disability – the inability to be ‘present’ in a moment. Maybe they could call it retrospective existence disorder and it would be a massive hit in the pharmaceutical world.

He worries about the state of the world, and whether it has always been this chaotic. He observes that we are finally finding out the truth we all wanted for so long, yet the accumbent stress is killing us, and he tries to see the funny side.

He wonders how the rational are supposed to change the world when the people with the power to change it at the moment seem to be the ones with the worst for humanity in mind, the least respecting of life, and most self serving.

He knows he is idealistic & controlling & the world cannot be as perfect as he imagines. That some would think him kind hearted & naive, some would outright laugh at his musings, and even more would turn away after the first word or two that didn’t belong in their day to day vocabulary.

He likes to imagine a better world but in reality just wants to lead a peaceful life; he does not want to sacrifice his own happiness to change the world.

He is not as good or as bad as you think he is.

He wonders how anyone can claim an ‘absolute’ in life through “if, then” logic, when the starting point of that process is rooted in uncertainty – you can never confirm the ‘if’ to begin with…

He knows that intelligence can be as much of a blessing as a burden & an active mind wanders freely.

He is glad he does not have to make the big decisions in this world because some situations don’t have a right answer & he recognises the irony in being over-analytical yet having still over-simplified the issues at hand.

He knows that in truth he does not want to be part of a perfect world.

Is the human race is capable of solving problems at a fast enough rate to keep up with the new ones we constantly create for ourselves? or we will indeed be overcome and destroyed like so many mythological civilisations of the past?

Life is transient and speculation never ends.

He feels it would be nice to be remembered, but thinks it probably doesn’t matter.

he doesn’t know what the most important questions are,
but subscribes to the belief that love is usually the answer.


The author finishes editing the words on the screen,
saves his work & gets ready to go to sleep.

He knows this piece has no real beginning and no foreseeable ending point,
He is just thinking out loud.

He thanks you for reading, and hopes you have a nice day.

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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 05:42 AM
well i dont much blame people for not commenting, i just hope that on some level it actually made sense to people.

I'd also like to say that writing in 3rd person like that was a very dissociative experience & I didn't much like it!

Makes me wonder why "myface" and other sites encourage it...

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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 03:03 PM
reply to post by B.Morrison

S&F Well done. But too true, really.

Loved that bit about "a new disability – the inability to be ‘present’ in a moment. Maybe they could call it retrospective existence disorder and it would be a massive hit in the pharmaceutical world."

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 05:34 PM
reply to post by soficrow

thanks, I liked that bit too

and maybe those truths are part of the reason for my escapist tendencies...?
who knows, its my day off today I'm taking it easy on my brain..

thank you for reading,

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