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Updated timeline of mysterious animal deaths.12.13.10 until now.

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posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 07:46 AM
Youall know god is bringing this world to a close. The long slow decline is here , however it is picking up steam to a day when god allows one third of all to be taken away. THE BIRDS, THE ANIMALS THE TREES AND [YOU]. Laugh at will, but you all know its true.
All aspects of life are on a graf board and all are continuing to go down. The information is true,
1- Food--becomming gmo, genetically attached to poison., fertilized with oil. bringing desease and death insted of life
2- Enironment- Polluted by chemicals that mix and become their own, polluted beyond safe recovery of our plannet
3- Medicine--poisons.fraud,greed, have turned the honorable profession to a evil empire of its own.
4- Money, usefull for life but has lost its way to greed, corruption, and the theives who steel it- [remember when money was a reflection of sombodies work???]. now ? printed paper given out on a promise that will never be kept.
5- Overpopulation, everything running out, wasted beyond belief.
My lists could go on and on but you get the point. I laugh at anybody that sees a bright future till the day of THE LORD.
The bible clearly states these things will all crumble in the end and it seems to be right on tract.
Go read your bibles.discuss, and study. its all there, and not just in revelation, the old testement is full of the end time senerios.
How we will not leave this planet, How we will not be saved by alians, How people over 2000 years ago told of a planet totally polluted, not 1 inch un-polluted, How god comes before we destroy the whole world. Our inability to govern ourselves. WE in the end times are acting more horrably now then ever before. How god says that the more information we get, the more education we recieve. it will make us more unhappy and hopeless [now that 1 seems to be true blue dosent it??]
So these little acts of animal deaths are a pinprick of the things to come. The pinprick will become a shove, than a push to a blow that will shake the whole world. GOD HAS HAD ENOUGH. THE TREE OF KNOWLAGE HAS SHOWN ENOUGH.
Laugh if you will but i know, that all of you know, even though some deny, The end of times are comming whether you believe in god or not

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 08:22 AM
reply to post by wickedqueenamanda

I work at a veterinary hospital & I've noticed animals acting strangely, also. We have several dogs & cats that come in on a regular basis, and usually they are very friendly, but lately a lot of them seem very anxious and jittery. Even my cat is acting stranger than normal. I don't know what's causing this behavior, but it seems kind of strange with all the die-offs and other strange things happening lately.

my friend work for a petshop and she say the same things, cat and dog are acting strangely, some don't even want to eat, they are nervous she say it's commoen for 1 or 2 anials to be nervous but mostely all the animals this not usual, shey also say that his father who have 4 horses say that he must stop to ride the horse because they are very nervous.

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 01:28 PM
reply to post by CLPrime

Very well done, may not be exactly the same as what I found, but similar in essence. Mine indicates magnetic as well, but leans more towards government testing.

Speaking of logic, we can use a combination of observation and logic to narrow the list down further. The vast majority of die-offs have occurred in the United States. With HAARP being an American project, their use of it on their own ecosystem, and on their own people, would seem counterproductive. This is not a logical possibility, and, despite one known suspicious radar hit that could indicate weather modification at the time and location of the Beebe die-off, the fact remains: HAARP is a secretive government project, but how can we suggest that it is being used so frequently against the nation that runs it? The American government has, on occasion, tested drugs and the like on their own unsuspecting public, but not to such an extent that would present a danger to the stability of the nation, itself, and certainly not to an extent that would make their actions obvious. For the same reasons as HAARP, we can also exclude other government projects and tests. Poisoning is also not supported by early necropsy results, removing both government testing and poisoning for population control.

I hear your point, but I honestly believe, that just because it's secret, doesn't mean that they wouldn't do this. History proves that desperate people do desperate things. From reading all the different posts here on ATS and on other websites, there is reason to suspect, that government might just be desperate enough to pull a stunt like this. The reasoning could also very well be, that seeing as they are doing it from where we can not see it, we can not prove it. If you can't prove it, then they can just deny and that will be that. We can't prove either way, that it is them or not, and also therefor, can't stop them. Therefore I think you may be underestimating them a tad. I honestly believe that somebody that can keep something like U.F.O.'s a secret for ... heaven only knows exactly how many decades, is very much capable of just about anything. Another reason that I believe this, is because I am a believer that the 9/11 attacks were in fact an inside job. I do believe I have seen enough evidence to support that, where as I haven't seen enough evidence to support the story they want everybody to believe. I also find it strange that they can find ol Sadam in a tiny hole just big enough for him standing up, but they can't find Bin Laden, and then you see the video that he himself sent in prancing around the American troops, and they are non the wiser. Very odd indeed. They can find Sadam in a hole, but they can't find Bin Laden posing for a pic with an American troop? In my honest opinion, any government that can pull something like the 9/11 attacks on their own people, are sick, and very capable of doing these tests, if they felt safe enough that we can't prove it, therefore all they have to do is deny.

Nevertheless, I do think you have a very valid case, and I can even say that you just might be spot on. Only time will tell which one is right. I like the way you analyzed the facts, which is also what I tried to. I came in from a different angle, but we came to the same conclusion, it's magnetic. In interesting that we both, after analysis came to the same conclusion.

Very well done
I'm also happy to see, that i"m not the only one who will go into making a long post, for the sake of the merits of the case, even if it is wordy. People understanding your point, is important, and shouldn't be done away with, in order to make a post shorter. It is wrong to assume that everybody would understand a short form. The price to do a short form, is too high, because people understanding is of utmost importance. Everybody is asking what's causing all the deaths, to put it in short form, and cutting out how you came to your conclusions, leaves it open to be denied, simply because there is no understanding.

Unfortunately what I've also noticed, is that people read the O.P. and they don't read the posts thereafter, therefor they miss what has been analyzed and already proven as a wrong cause. I still see new posts coming up every day, of people asking what's causing it. If they had done the reading, they would at the very least know what it's not, and they would know, that the most likely cause, is magnetic. If they did, and understood, then they would stop asking why, and rather try and find other possible causes, which we could again analyze the plausibility of. Reporting more incidents is important, but it's also important to do a search and see what has already been reported. If we flood ATS with the same report, then the people who's attention we do want to draw to this, to show them this is not normal, will only get irritated, and skip over it, which has now happened. What's also important is to make sure that your report goes into one thread as well, where we can have all the cases in one place. So you need to do it twice, once in your own thread, after searching and making sure it hasn't been posted yet, and second in the one thread where you know they are trying to keep an updated list. But I see nobody is doing this, everybody just seems to be doing their own thing, following his/her own mind and by so doing defeating the object.

Anyway, now that I've completely run away with my post again, as I am prone to do (I do apologize though), again, good job, I think your very first post is exceptionally well done. You got a star from me.

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 02:30 PM
reply to post by itsawild1

To everybody else, I apologize, this post is specifically intended for itsawild1, I am not looking to get into any discussions or anything of the sort on this specific point, this is not the place for it, there is a whole forum for that. I simply wanted to put a point across to itsawild1, in the same thread as he/she posted their inciting post. I do believe it was to incite, because of his/her choice of words, and the way he/she said it. I think it's only fair I do it here as well. I feel I have said what I wanted to say, and will no longer be elaborating on it in any further posts.

itsawild1, I'm sorry, but seeing as you are getting personal, I'm taking it upon myself to get personal as well. I'm going to tell you a very personal little story, here for everybody to see, and maybe you will understand why analyzing this is so important.

In 1999 everybody thought the world was going to end on the night of Dec 31 1999, people were talking just like now, some people were panicking, others were doing what you are doing now. Some people were so scared that they killed themselves. My brother was one of them.

Dec 31st, as we all can see, was not the end of the world, I lost my brother for nothing. Now people like you, are doing the same thing and you are telling other people to do it too.

Now understand me very clear here, I too believe in God, I too believe that the end is coming, BUT Jesus was very specific about when that is, He said that a sign will appear in the sky, and everybody will know, and understand. It will be His sign. We don't know exactly what that sign is, but I do believe that when it appears, we will all know and understand it for what it is, there will be no confusion.

Until the day I see that sign, I will analyze what's causing the deaths, here is why. We can not now just assume that what you are saying is now, what if this was something that we could stop, that we are supposed to stop, what if this is a test? We were given the job of taking care of nature, we have not been doing that. I say we, because it's all of us, and includes you, simply by knowing what they were doing to the earth and nature, and out of our greed for comfort and riches didn't lift a finger to stop them, it makes every one of us guilty. Washing your hands now of innocence, not taking responsibility, and claiming what's the point, it's the end, is doing absolutely nothing to make you look better in anybody's eyes. We have to, until the day that the end is happening, until our very last breath, continue to do what we can for nature, as it's our God-given job. Just because the signs are there, doesn't mean that now we must stop. No where does it say, when you start seeing the signs you can stop doing your job. And that is exactly what you are insinuating we do. Have you seen the sign of Christ's return in the sky? Did everybody else, and do they know and understand it to be what it is? No, well until then, my brother/sister, you do not stop doing your job. And even then, you do not stop doing your job, the only time you stop, is when you are physically/spiritually being removed from your job, that you can no longer do it.

If we now all just say, well now, it's the end of the world, let's just sit back and watch it unfold, when we have not seen the promised sign Jesus is to send in the sky. Well, now aren't we doing exactly what my brother did? Yes the bible does clearly state that in the end everything will crumble, this is true, but what ever gave you the idea that this is as bad as it's gonna get? For all you know, this is just the beginning and the end is still a century away, and things will really get bad. The way I understood it, the end, will be a lot worse than this. Now you want to stop, because the signs are there, in what could very be a century, a decade, a millennium, away, you want us to stop now.

I specifically didn't bring God into this, because I really believe, especially here on ATS riddled with highly intelligent people, everybody knows enough about God and the bible, to be able to take responsibility for their own decisions and choices. Do you really think, that coming in here and telling these people that you are laughing at them for choosing to continue caring for nature amongst all the troubles, is actually bringing more people to God? Laughing and pointing fingers, yeah, that's very Christian like
All you have managed to achieve is to upset people, or try and scare them. Last time I checked, true faith in God doesn't do things like that. Jesus told us to let our lights shine, not sit and laugh at people for caring about something that was in any event a job that God gave us. Do you understand let your light shine? It means lead by example, so that people can see by your actions what is in your heart, you shouldn't need to sit and preach. All you are achieving is turning people away from God, and reaffirming the atheistic belief that we are bad people.

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 03:08 PM
reply to post by Fenix777

I think this is not about god or jesus, alah, budha, shiva or thor. Its all about nature. About man. About how small we are. Think about. We need stop put responsabilities on the hands of deities. We need to assume our responsibility. But I respect all people that believe in some god. Just hope this does not bring wars to everyone someday.

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 03:11 PM

Originally posted by gringoboy
Also just in the

Thanks mate. I will put this here just now.

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by Fenix777

It seems to me that pretty much everyone who's taking the time to come at the die-offs with a comprehensive, realistic analysis have been finding that Earth's magnetic field is the culprit. Like we both said, the details of this magnetic disturbance might be open to interpretation, but it does generally seem to be the most likely explanation. Add to that the fact that we KNOW the Earth's magnetic field is fading and that the north magnetic pole is wandering at a relatively fast rate, and it's an interesting combination: things are happening observationally that suggest a certain change in the Earth, and we know scientifically that that change in the Earth is happening, so it's not a stretch at all to fit the two together. (It is a stretch, though, to then suggest that this change represents the end of the magnetic changes in Earth's history have led to that yet.) People out there denying that the Earth's magnetic field could be the cause is like denying that a round peg will fit in a round hole. It might not necessarily be the right peg for the hole, but it certainly does fit.

And it's always comforting to know someone else has arrived at a similar conclusion independently. Unintended collaboration like that is a great source of confidence.

Speaking of 9/11, I did a similar analysis of that a couple years ago. It took 2 months, some of my sanity, and LOTS of dot-connecting, and, in the end, I believe you and I again came to similar conclusions. Are you sure you're not a multiple personality of mine?

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 05:17 PM
reply to post by CLPrime

hahaha, I might be, you'll never catch me

In all seriousness, my husband doesn't agree with the magnetic shift thing, but in all honesty I think it's simply because he doesn't seriously look into this kind of stuff. You know the phrase opposites attract? That would be us. I think he doesn't WANT to know, he would rather be oblivious, for the simple reason of fear. I think that's a huge reason why most people who don't believe, don't believe, they simply don't WANT to. So they don't.

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 08:30 PM
reply to post by Fenix777

Well, In a video that was aired in August of 2010. The History Channel seems to have known of the upcoming birdpocalypse

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 09:21 PM
I don't have anything meaningful to add except that when I take into account:

all of these animal deaths
the extremely hot summer of 2010
this extremely harsh winter we are having which is even worse than last year's
the devastatng flooding happening across the planet
the increase in earthquake activity across the board
the social and economic situations at hand

There is nothing normal about any of this occuring all at the same time. We are moving towards a critical mass point from the looks of it. What will happen next month, next year....not to sound morbid, but most likely all of us, everywhere, are going to be experiencing some really difficult hardships. I really can't see how anyone, anywhere, will not be affected to some degree.

It really is time to start making peace with our lives.

posted on Jan, 22 2011 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by RUSSO

Re your video post, thanks for that. Hmmm ... it could be a coincidence I guess, but it does seem rather uncanny, the timing seems terribly close. Suspiciously close I say, might be nothing but a coincidence, might be a big tip they were trying to send out. My guess is we'll never know.

posted on Jan, 22 2011 @ 09:34 AM

Originally posted by getreadyalready
reply to post by heineken

It hypersensitivity by the press?
Perhaps these things really are common and we just don't hear about them all the time?

I know, I don't believe it either, and the shoddy "expert" opinions for the causes don't help any.

Great thread OP! I have been hoping somebody would put all this together. Now can someone give us a map to go with it?

OK if that is the case they someone needs to pull records lest say the last 5 years. That should be back far enough to see any patterns.

posted on Jan, 22 2011 @ 05:52 PM
reply to post by Fenix777

Y'know, at the age of 22, I was hoping I wouldn't quite be this senile, but it must be hereditary, 'cause I reeeeeaaaalllly meant to mention something back the very first time you replied to me, but it's been slipping my mind like a politician slipping out of an embarrassing press conference.

Before I posted it here, I posted a much less detailed analysis on Facebook for the one friend of mine who might care to read, and I mentioned something about the government testing bit that I forgot (there's the senility again) when I wrote what I posted here. What I wrote was this:

- - -

In searching for another explanation, I came across a few conspiracy theories. The most popular of these is that a little US government project called HAARP (it’s real – it’s in Alaska, look it up) is being used to control the weather, and that a deployment of this program is responsible for everything from Hurricane Katrina to the earthquake and tsunami in South-east Asia in 2004. Now, it’s being blamed for birds falling out of the air. Needless to say, the government does some sneaky things, but global animal die-offs are no indication that the American government is controlling the weather. To account for the frequency of just the bird deaths alone, the people controlling HAARP would have to be trigger-happy, and, considering the other animals, I’d say their use of it would border on OCD. Conspiracy theories are fun, but they rarely have any truth to them. But, if you want to have some “fun,” check out…it’s an endless source of “fun.”

- - -

After I wrote that, I HAD to join ATS, because I'm just a "fun"-loving kinda guy

And, since then, I think I might actually favour the idea that our actions have had an effect on Earth's magnetic field, causing the rapid increase in magnetic anomalies (the fading field and polar wandering) we've seen within the last 20 years. I still don't think I'd consider government projects and such to be the main cause, for the reasons I've stated, but I would consider it possible that they're not helping things any. Earth is a remarkably self-stabilizing body, and I'm not completely convinced that we currently have the capabilities to really damage it to the catastrophic extent some people are suggesting.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by CLPrime

Well, I'm glad you did, otherwise I would have nobody that agrees with me that it's magnetic

I can't really ATS during the week as things just get too hectic around here, and besides, ATS just doesn't seem to want to work for me tonight, I don't know if it's just mine, or if it's an overall thing for tonight, but my pages won't complete loading (I have to play the guessing game on which little empty box does what
). In any event, I thought I'd leave this with you and anybody else, who might be interested:

I found it via this ATS link Credits to the original poster that found it: Human_Alien on the 21st of Jan '11

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 10:42 PM
reply to post by Fenix777

That's alright, if we're right and it is magnetic, then people will eventually be getting on board with us by the bus-load (maybe literally if we get evacuated somewhere) once it becomes obvious. At least at the moment the details of what's going on probably aren't too important, it's just interesting to try to figure it out, so people get to go down different paths for the time being. Besides, it's entertaining seeing all the different theories that people can come up with.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 07:03 AM
reply to post by RUSSO

Just wanted to add something I found this morning. It's about a seal die off in Newfoundland, Canada. I did a search of the site, but did not see it listed anywhere, and I'm too new to post this for myself. The die off of 300 harp seals happened early winter. What I find most concerning is not so much the die off, since I have read in various threads that some mass animal die offs happen every year, although I do agree that it seems like this year either there are way more deaths than normal or the media seems to be paying a lot more attention to it then they usually do. What concerns me the most is the fact that, according to this report and many of the other ones that I have read, the scientists don't know what caused it. According to the report, they have taken samples, and even whole bodies, and ran tests. Yet they cannot come up with a cause, They go on to say that they have not ruled out drowning??? Really??? Drowning seals.......which are aquatic mammals? Shouldn't a test of their lungs show drowning as a cause? I'm no veternanarian, or animal expert, but it seems to me that if drowning were the case, it should be easy to prove. They can do it with humans......Furthermore, what would cause aquatic mammals to die from drowning? I know seals require ice or land mass to sleep and birth on....they are not like fish that can stay under forever. So would it be the fact that there is no more ice left up North for the seals to rest on? I find it very concerning that the experts cannot come up with reasons for some of these mass animal die offs. Makes you wonder if they can't, or they did but won't release it!!!Harp Seal deaths in Newfoundland, Canada

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