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Exclusive: Obama may cut Social Security, Sen. Sanders tells Raw

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posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 03:20 PM
Your take on social security makes the most sense. Convert it to welfare programs and if you got money your just outta luck. Something has to happen. The boomers are about to hit retirement age and a big wave of new folks filing claims will burst the system.

As for wars overseas I am a firm believer we went into Iraq to stop their oil bourse to stave off the collapse of the dollar. Sadaam played his cards with the UN and lost that one. WMD was a convenient reason to get the public onboard and a viable one too but we wouldn't have gone just for that reason. Same reason we are in Afghan right now is the bounty of rare earth elements needed for the global warming car batteries and so everybody can have their fancy smancy Ipods and phones etc. Can't drill for em here so we either get em somewhere or start drilling all over and for oil too.

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by mnemeth1

it's not the trust that is broke, it's the gov't!!!!
all those iou's that the gov't has been trading for the cash in the fund are real treasury bonds, more sound than the ones that they are peddling else where...and they are payable on demand...
so, well, get your facts right...
the trust if fine, it's our gov't that is broke!!!

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by HoldTheBeans

Yeah we went to war for two reasons:

1. Saddam was going to sell oil in euros so he had to go.

2. The Taliban had shut down opium production in Afghanistan so they had to go.

Of course, there were other ancillary reasons, like our military industrial complex was agitating for more contracts.

But the big two are those I just listed.

Turning socialist security and medicare into flat out welfare programs will help, but ultimately I don't see them being viable for any kind of long term duration as the population ages.

The government has to find a way to cut the programs completely, and it has to do so fast - like within a year - in order to stave off a dollar collapse.

The dollar is already in the process of collapsing. Commodities are rising at 11.4% per year right now due to the money printing. At 26% and above, we have reached official levels of hyper-inflation.

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 04:24 PM
Cutting Social Security would be political Suicide.

For that reason i hope the democrats do it.

AARP will take care of the rest.

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 04:27 PM

Originally posted by ANNED
Cutting Social Security would be political Suicide.

For that reason i hope the democrats do it.

AARP will take care of the rest.

No one is going to cut anything.

And that is what Austrian economists call national suicide.

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 04:36 PM
at this point in life my only concern is that my aging mother gets to finish out her life without the government messing with her social security. as it is she only gets a little under $600 a month, but she lives in the cheapest part of the country and her home is long paid for. as far as I'm concerned I'll never see social security anyway, so its a non issue in my life..i made other arrangements
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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 05:16 AM

The reserves that are held in social security as treasury bonds are as sound as the debt we owe to china and japan. and, from what I get out of the article, the balance sheet for the trust will continue to grow, even when the amount of taxes going into the trust is overcome by the payout. it's the gov't that is broke, not social security.
matter of fact, I would venture to guess if it wasn't for social security, all of our taxes would have doubled or tripled over the past decades....
because the gov't sure the heck ain't gonna quit spending!!!
so what do the talking heads encourage the masses to do...scream for them to quit their useless spending, na....
they get them to scream to do away with social security, and thus ask the gov't to renag on their debt!!
what happened to the "you should pay your debts" bit?? or is that only good for the peons in the world? I mean, most of the houses that I see going into foreclosure are in the higher end of the income spectrum, but for the rich, it's more of a strategic move, isn't it....
for the poor, it's just low morality!!!

Let me put it to you as simple as I can.....
I've gone for long periods on just one meal every couple days, because their wasn't enough food in the house for a family of 5...
I've gone without medical care while I watched my foot deteriorate to uselessness...
I've put up with my kids getting tormented and harasses by neighbor's kids for being "poor" when those kids where being fed by taxmoney that my family was pitching in!
I've sat in a cold arsed house, just to walk outside and see neighbors windows all opened up...airing the house out..why not, it's our taxdollars paying for it!!
I've been stuck in that little gap...the too rich for any help, too poor to really live for most of my live!!
and ya know what??
You are completely, utterly nuts, if you think I will be continuing on like into my 80's or 90's or whatever.....
you don't want to pay back the debt that is owed to the trustfund...I don't want to, never have wanted to pay for these silly girls, and the father's of their babies, stupid mistakes! or much of anyting else this stupid gov't has been doling out the cash for....
fine, don't pay the social secuirty...but then, don't expect me to be working my arse off to pay for the medicaid, the child health plus, the student aide, the aide to businesses, drug research, and oh ya, the bridges to nowhere and the grammies!!! matter of fact, don't even expect me to be working for that pittance of a wage so my boss can enjoy his yearly vacations to europe....
just don't expect me to work, at least not for your benefit!! I'm retiring in my 60's...if I can't find a way to live in your society...I will just leave it...and you, to pay out the arse for the stupidity....

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