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Dem or Rep?

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posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 04:43 PM
Political Quiz! Lets see who can tell the difference between a republican, democrat, and who said what!

1st part of the quiz will be true or false?

1 The rate of deficit spending was higher under Clinton than under Reagan or Bush Sr. True or False?

2 The warmongering republicans were responsible for US involvement in Korea and Vietnam. True or False?

3 The democrats were the first ones to make anti-abortion restrictions after Roe v. Wade. True or False?

4 The federal deficit has grown under the Clinton Administration. True or False?

Next part is Who said that? Your choices are…

At the time Governor George W. Bush
Senator Edward Kennedy
Newt Gingrich

1 “We need to end the abuses in the current immigration laws that jepardize the jobs of American workers. At stake are hundreds of thousands of good jobs that should be available to AMERICAN workers.”

2 “We should be as open and enthusiastic as ever about people who want to enter America as LEGAL immigrants.”

3 “We will tolerate no bashing of Mexico or any immigrants. Candidates who bash immigrants will be asked to pay the price.”

Next is for the win, Who said this?

“We wanted Power Rangers here because they’re multiethnic role models in which women and men play equally strong roles.”

Big Bird
Hillary Clinton
Michael Eisner
Newt Gingrich

Well, lets see who gets them right. Some answers will surprise you.

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