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Antarctica obfuscation: pyramids, ziggurats, missing bases, alien faces?

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posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 06:58 PM
reply to post by FlyInTheOintment

Not to bash, but did you read the entire Wiki section?:

And incidentally, your wiki source only detailed flights across Antarctica in the late 70's and earlier.

Referring back, and to Qantas:

Flights from Australia stopped about 1980 but resumed in 1994.

The link, there takes one to "Croydon Travel"s website, where they write:

Antarctica Sightseeing Flights is operated by Croydon Travel, in conjunction with Qantas. Croydon Travel and Qantas operated their first Antarctica flight in 1994. Since then we have operated 87 flights over Antarctica and have taken more than 30,000 people to experience the world's "last great wilderness".

Air New Zealand DID terminate the service, after their tragic crash into a mountainside. (Mt. Erebus) in November, 1979. Air New Zealand only flew for about two years .... looks like both airlines started roughly same time, in competition.

The routes were similar, as described here:

The DC-10 flights flew from Auckland to McMurdo Sound, with later flights flying down the middle of the sound and over Scott Base rather than over Ross Island and near Mount Erebus.

Based just on the current map, from Croydon Travel, seems to focus mostly on the NorthEast coastal areas.

Anyway - seriously, do you know how big Antarctica is?

Yes, of course. Is why I suggested you correlate the areas that YOU have found in research, with areas that may have been on tourist see if they are close at all, or completely unrelated. (Noting the reference above...).

Secondly, regarding the must also consider the climate too. When supposing any sort of sustained complex operations that must remain (for whatever reasons) "hidden" ....though, can't imagine why....why the digital images would be altered (because, IF it were true, well....awfully easy for people nowadays to spot, eh?).

Seems that, much as very effective camouflage (to "hide" from direct overhead views of satellites) is used in desert environments; as simple as a fabric netting, or even a more solid would be dead easier in an area of such little contrast, overall....being snow-covered all the year. Depends, I assume, on snowfall amounts too...but, that would seem advantageous....

You mentioned "Speculation" your reply, also.

THAT is good, since it's why I pointed out the thread about Mars...and THAT member's apparent obsession with "seeing things"....because, most of those (and at Skipper's site, too) are digital artifacts....just poor image resolution, and that is an area to explore as well. By those here on ATS who are very expert in those fields.
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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 03:17 AM
reply to post by metalholic

if you cannot answer that question maybe your not meant to know!
Maybe a better way of saying this is "if you cannot answer that question maybe your not CREATED to know! "

I never said I didn't know. I never said I did. All I did was ask a question, and a good one at that. I don't feel like joining a secret society just to be kept in the dark and fed bull.

In as far as knowing the grand secret, again, it all depends on how you view it, and who it really belongs to.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 03:26 AM
reply to post by FlyInTheOintment

I have also noticed a lot of obscured things on google earth. If you go to HAARP's website it gives exact coordinates. When you enter them you can see part of the site, but part of it looks like osme of the images you presented.. patchy and blurred in some places. Altered..

Just my two cents.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 03:50 AM
reply to post by weedwhacker

I deserved that bash, no worries! Having been suitably humbled, I can say that at first glance, the majority of current flights wouldn't cross over any of the areas of interest, by several thousand kilometres it seems.

I appreciate your point about the more simple elements of ground-based camouflage; many of the apparent items I found are quite literally massive; many kilometres in length, width and height, some 'complexes' measuring in the tens of kilometres.

Any ground-based camouflage might involve the standard elements of netting and natural cover, but I would suspect that basic visual shielding (at the very least) would be incorporated in the form of reflective optical trickery... At least, that's where I would start if I wanted to hide something big in a snow-covered/desertified environment. Arguably, such would be easier to achieve in a snow-covered environment, especially with the natural obfuscation effects of the weather.

As to the question of 'why'? (Here's some more speculation...) I'm currently researching the potential existence of a Nazi presence in Antarctica - though currently it seems that much of the 'legend' is word of mouth, author speculation and so on. Some of the 'crazy' elements of that story include reptoid / Aryan ET alliances, but again, in my world I tend not to discount things for simply being 'beyond the norm' (see note in final paragraph).

Any such presence of a contingent of Nazi scientists (with or without 'alien' help) for over 70 years, effectively acting as an independent island nation, allegedly with high technology to keep snooping people at bay (or to barter with) - any such presence could conceivably have begun advanced construction processes, perhaps even utilising 'future tech' such as nano-machining. For what purposes? Possibly the beginnings of a space-faring nation. Just think of that for a moment - our first truly intergalactic human representatives might be Nazis!

The other idea that seems popular is that Antarctica hides the remains of an ancient culture which is being kept under wraps; the story is generally that an alien culture (or highly advanced humans) had inhabited the continent prior to glaciation (with full glaciation/ 'icing over' occurring no later than circa 10,000BC from memory, though I might be getting my dates mixed up somewhere).

As an 'aside' perhaps worth mentioning as a backdrop to better understand my 'life experience perspective', I'm curious about the idea that certain people are 'hard-wired' to perceive dimensional anomalies / 'ghosts' etc, and to have 'spiritual' experiences (in actual reality - I'm not suggesting that some people would see something in a photo that others wouldn't). If there's anything to the idea that a 'spirit molecule' or 'spirit gene' exists, then I firmly believe that I express such within my genetic makeup.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 03:57 AM
reply to post by Whitbit

Thanks for your contribution - I am of a mind that Google Earth is unashamedly obfuscated. They can look at my car, house and garden from space, but they can't even show a mountain range in Antarctica? Hmm...

I'll be sending the remaining images to Zorgon soon, and he will be adding them into the thread on my behalf, seeing as my ability to upload pictures is still (suspiciously) revoked/blocked.

When you look at the closest zooms/ enlargements, it becomes easy to perceive areas where obfuscation has apparently been easily achieved with simple layers of smudge and blur.

It's an overused expression, but (in general) 'nature abhors a straight line'. When you see some of the pyramid/ ziggurat images, the enclosed compounds and seemingly artificial mountain-top plateaus (with structures built upon), you'll see why I got a bit excited in creating this thread. Not what you'd expect to find in a region of the icy antarctic wilderness...

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 07:08 AM
This thread has died a VERY premature death. Mainly due to the strange blocking of my photo upload facility.

Zorgon has a couple of the pics I intended to post but as yet hasn't loaded them on here; whether that's down to a lack of time to do so or a disagreement over the nature of the content I don't know.

I don't know whether it was a random coincidence, but I can only describe the experience I had - my computer seems to have come under a coordinated attack at the point in time when I started to write the thread and upload images. The anomalous and seemingly erratic behaviour of my computer when setting up the thread has led me to believe that 'someone' would prefer I didn't lay everything I discovered out for people to see. Strange error messages, massive bandwdith restrictions and apparent 'remote control' of certain aspects of my desktop (links being highlighted when I hadn't touched the mouse in ages) are just a couple of examples of the high weirdness factors involved. These problems ceased once I'd more or less given up on carrying on with the thread construction.

Why interfere with my computer in this way? Who might have done it? Why so many external distractions arising the very moment I started to compose the thread?

I have no idea of the answers to those questions, as it would have been very easy to send in the dogs and derail the thread as per normal practice when something needs to be kept quiet on ATS. If the chance for me to upload everything and then discuss my conclusions had been available, perhaps others might have been convinced. Perhaps that's why the whole thing's gone to pot in such a perfectly coordinated fashion.

A final thought then, before I lay it to rest for now... Nobody tried to explain (or 'debunk') the obvious manual obfuscation of the polyp-nodule demarcations in the first few images that did get uploaded. That alone convinced me that something (whether an alien face - or whatever) was being hidden. Despite asking twice, nobody has said anything about that simple fact of manual obfuscation/ image tampering. It cannot be explained away as the orbit of a satellite, or different weather conditions on different days.

I will let that aspect of the thread stand for itself. Draw your own conclusions, and if you are interested in seeing the full details of the obfuscation being employed (by 'someone'), please await my future thread on the subject - and also have a close look at the USGS data to see for yourself. Check the Central/ South-Eastern regions carefully and you might see what I saw. Independent verification might be the best thing for this particular subject. There's obfuscation of stuff going on all over the continent, but I saw some phenomenal things in the part I just mentioned...


NB - the direct link to the map itself curiously doesn't work. You have to click on the embedded image next to the first body of text in order to access the main map for viewing the data. There is no other direct link on the USGS page to that map, it can only be accessed by clicking the embedded image. Again, it seems strange that you have to go in via a side-door, instead of having an advertised link directly to the map itself...

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