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mind frequency and pi trying to unlock the inner mind.

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 11:28 PM
let me start off by saying that I'm no expert in the field of metaphysical thinking, astral projection, whenever you want to call it but I thought of an interesting concept and would like to share it to see with some of you think about it. First off I should probably tell you why this thought came about I'm in college and taking courses that have to do with frequencies. While reading the book I came to the conclusion that everything has frequency that everything vibrates this is well known so I looked into brain frequencies the first one was alpha frequencies range anywhere from I think 10 to 20 or so then beta which is like 7 to 8 then theta which is lower and said to be where people have the weirdest experiences like astral projection. Then it hit me maybe all the weird things started to happen probably around PI frequency in brain waves.They say Pi is the language of the universe it's in every thing. if I'm completely wrong please tell me I'm welcome to honest feedback I'm no expert in mathematics I just thought it was an interesting concept to think about.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 11:38 PM
Frequencies are an interesting thing

Corresponding ATS thread

As far as Pi goes, well, i would say what you seek in that is what the number itself is representative of, and not necessarily our conceptualization of it through mathematics (unless you want to get involved with the mathematical form of "search"). See also, the golden ratio Also, the concept of a circle being plotted over time results in a sinusoidal wave. Those are fun, conceptually and mathematically

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 11:46 PM
Yeah i've recently been checking out some frequencies to help with meditation and to help if it even does with lucid dreaming. I've come across Isochronic and binaural tones that have different effects but haven't experimented with them too much yet. It's seems like some interesting stuff though.

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 12:40 AM
reply to post by pcrobotwolf

I was also thinking maybe you can get pi frequency if you overlap 3 or more different signals in sound form. as a possible way to induce the effect. I know people have been able to get pi by overlapping squares i wonder if the same can be said for sound waves like ripples in a pond that overlap and at the center is Pi? I know people have tried to calculate the end of pie maybe you could test it out in the center to see if it goes along with the calculations if it did then you would be able to produce pi in sound form and maybe just maybe after listening to it your brain waves would lock onto the frequency and mimic it producing the crazy effects such as astral projection.

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 01:58 PM
You may find this interesting, not pi but phi, aka the golden ratio, see: golden ratio

and these on quantum brain dynamics and quantum consciousness:

Quantum Brain Dynamics
Quantum Mind

and this:

Abstract The principle of information coding by the brain seems to be based on the golden mean. Since decades psychologists have claimed memory span to be the missing link between psychometric intelligence and cognition. By applying Bose-Einstein-statistics to learning experiments, Pascual-Leone obtained a fit between predicted and tested span. Multiplying span by mental speed (bits processed per unit time) and using the entropy formula for bosons, we obtain the same result. If we understand span as the quantum number n of a harmonic oscillator, we obtain this result from the EEG. The metric of brain waves can always be understood as a superposition of n harmonics times 2 F, where half of the fundamental is the golden mean F (= 1.618) as the point of resonance. Such wave packets scaled in powers of the golden mean have to be understood as numbers with directions, where bifurcations occur at the edge of chaos, i.e. 2 F = 3+ f3. Similarities with El Naschie’s theory for high energy particle’s physics are also discussed.

from here: The golden mean as clock cycle of brain waves

which quotes this study: Temporal Interactions between Cortical Rhythms that found the golden ratio between the frequencies of brain wave oscillations, and states in pertinent part with regard to your proposal:

At the most basic level, if different frequencies are generated by entirely different local networks it is reasonable to suggest that the purpose is to keep activity coded in each frequency band separate – i.e. to minimise cross-frequency interference. But how best to achieve this? The pattern of neuronal connectivity within a single cortical column is extremely rich (Binzegger et al., 2004; Thomson et al., 2002), making it likely that even local networks in completely different laminae may readily interact. A solution to the interference problem can be found if the ratio of frequencies is ‘irrational’ . In this situation the two rhythms never fully synchronise and the phase relationship between frequencies constantly changes. Coexistent gamma and beta2 rhythms in association cortex provide an example of this method from minimising interference. The two rhythms are generated in different cortical laminae and survive physical separation of these laminae. The ratio of modal peak frequencies is approximately phi, resulting in a periodic pattern of change in low-level synchrony between laminae with period equal to the sum of the two periods of oscillation present. This phenomenon can occur, to some extent, with any pair of co-expressed frequencies. However, in using phi as a common ratio between adjacent frequencies in the EEG spectrum , the neocortex appears to have found a way to pack as many, minimally interfering frequency bands as possible into the available frequency space.

Amazing isn't it? Good luck with your studies.

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