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Why the Elites hate white culture more than any other.

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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 09:17 PM
This whole thread is just stupid. There is no such thing as white culture or black culture or hispanic culture.

There is human culture because mostof the peoplealive on this planet are alive and anything they becomes a part of the human culture.

MLK Jr is just apart of the Human Culture as George Washington.

So why do you feel the need to show pride in White Culture as opposed to Human culture?Do you think there is anything different between White People and the rest of the human population on this planet?

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 09:49 PM

Originally posted by ReptiusSo why do you feel the need to show pride in White Culture as opposed to Human culture?

I think in this thread the OP is using white interchangeably with American culture - majority of Americans are white; thus the special status of minorities.

Seriously, people want so desperately to be unique and special! Being an American is not good enough anymore.

To deny that the cultures are not separate and distinct is naive at best; about the issue in general here in the US somewhere kids are getting the idea that to just be who you are if white is something to apologize or feel guilty about. I think that place is school and the media.

I am all for us just being Americans but the minorities are the ones who want to hyphenate themselves and demand to be treated as special and separate. Respect our culture!

Fine, I'm all for one's freedom to dress speak and conduct oneself in whatever manner you chose until it infringes on the rights of another.

However, to constantly cry out, “I am special. Look at me!” by ones dress, diction and mannerisms then cry foul when people point out the differences seems a bit hypocritical to me.

Originally posted by Reptius[/I]Do you think there is anything different between White People and the rest of the human population on this planet?

Yes! Don't you?

Surely you can see the socioeconomic differences in the relative success and failures of the different races in the world? It can't be the institutional racism any longer; even with all the legal advantages minorities enjoy - especially blacks in America, they seem to be going down the ladder instead of up.

The glass ceiling has been broken a black man in President - what other reason is there for the disparity than culture?

The special status under the law is the major issue with race in America.

Until we get past all this special status and protections under the law and start looking at each person as an individual rather than a member of that group we will never have true equality - sorry. Can't have it both ways.

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posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 07:02 PM
reply to post by squandered

Your are doing a good job of expanding upon the reason why I wrote this thread.

It seems to be consistent battle within civilization for those who succeed in grabbing positions of power to work further to enslave the masses, and of course there are always those eager to help those in power to enslave the masses, looking for a spot up in the hierarchy.

For the most part of European history they were not slaves. Roman Catholicism managed to turn them into slaves, but that grip had never been all that strong, and much shorter lived than history would like us to know.

Elites being people in positions of power, I would say that we do have a well organized group of elites here in the U.S. actively working and planning to take away our freedoms, and enslave the masses.

I think you make a good point "outside influences" are very much involved in helping to bring down the success of the first world nations. They believe in slavery, and will be happy to reinstate the institution should they be allowed. We have one silver lining in the cloud. They are running out of black gold to finance their schemes.

I also think you are right that that while racism is being encourage against whites from the top, it isn't being embraced by minorities at the bottom. A great number of minorities see what is going on. Race relations continue to improve in the U.S.. Something that isn't talked about enough, is that blacks are suffering from the impact of run away immigration into the U.S. more than any other group.

I think you describe the situation very well in this last paragraph.

Those at the top who endeavour to publicise white racism, an evil history etc are interested in placating the minorities, referring the blame away from the themselves (the real perpetrator) as well as simply making money from migration - more, more, more migration - no one to stop them when the cultural identity is banished - disagree with unfettered migration? = YOU"RE RACIST - you know the tune.

Even immigrants see the quicksand that is our current levels of immigration, because they are sinking in it just like everyone else.

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posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 08:22 PM
reply to post by poet1b

Thanks for your reply

For the most part of European history they were not slaves. Roman Catholicism managed to turn them into slaves, but that grip had never been all that strong, and much shorter lived than history would like us to know.

My theory about slavery dates long, long before that. I'm talking about what I assume is a constant turn over of slaves / enslavers over 10,000's of years in North Africa and the Middle East, notably Ancient Egypt. Another theory I have is that the enslaved, over time, have conformity bred into them and in turn because the enslavers because they are good at getting the job done, smarter and more efficient etc. I don't really know how long we can date our linage back into the history of slavery. If you go far enough it's not necessarily about skin colour, however Europe is made up of tribes from the Middle East and Nth Africa who migrated back there (and they had been there before), when the climate was liveable - when the Nile dried up or as war refugees. I also think that hunter gatherers moved upwards to fill the gap because I can't see how the area that was home to the most advanced civilisations for 10,000+ years has so many nomadic tribes. NB: In North Africa there are white people who are believed to have been there over 70,000 years, the Amazigh.

As people with a history of slavery, Europeans didn't revert back to hunter gatherers. They became less tribal and more religious. Slavery didn't end. We are little more than slaves now.

The only thing I'd like to add to my theory about slavery is that we have had mass culls of troublesome non-conformists people, for example the witch hunts. I think it's safe to suggest that when the climate gets nasty we've killed off the less desirable people more than once. I mention this with Asia in mind. Japan in the Edo period killed off anyone who wasn't totally subservient. China has committed genocide against many 'races' (except the women), over the past few millennia and with all the wars over turf, the losers are finished for good. With all this eugenics... here we are in our modern world, scratching our heads.

What I see now is the iron law of oligarchy "ultimate power corrupts ultimately". Americas position as the world superpower, mixed with Britain's rule has provided unprecedented stability and peace (with 2 huge exceptions) and this is how we find the power elites at the top. I think that most people have already given up the hope of real freedom. I'll start ranting if I talk about nationalism. Here goes...

It's a competition we can't avoid.
Countries want the largest multinational corporations and the wealthiest people. China is rising because they are one big corporation. India is the most enslaved country on the planet and the hierarchy is creating billionaires, so people will give up any rights to get behind them, regardless of the rampant corruption. There is a war brewing over natural resources and with it, there goes even more freedoms from us all. We see the rich getting richer, sure, but most people just understand the basics of competitive nationalism and / or racism. There is a definite feeling of "might is right" these days and people are scared. Misinformation and propaganda is on the rise. Most of the world is used to this. We are used to working for each others benefit and don't like where this is heading.

I think you make a good point "outside influences" are very much involved in helping to bring down the success of the first world nations. They believe in slavery, and will be happy to reinstate the institution should they be allowed. We have one silver lining in the cloud. They are running out of black gold to finance their schemes.

Yep - America is a focal point for haters because America is the world celebrity. Everything you guys do gets propagandised.

The most dangerous countries aren't running out of anything. As yet they can't take it for nothing. We've (all 'races') already taken over all the natural resources that were easily had. China can buy whatever they need. Our politicians only care about their careers. Corrupt countries sell out for bribes. I've never feared the Middle East, well anyone in Australia will tell you China is where it's at... however I've had this discussion and argued that America is far more powerful than people want to accept and Europe is a rising powerhouse (despite current problems).

A great number of minorities see what is going on.

Yes, but certain minorities are becoming more racist. They are angry because they have realised what they could have had.. in hindsight and it's encouraged by blame shifters. Racism is on the rise in non-multicultural countries, along with nationalism and they are affecting the local political spin. It's very tangible in Australia. A lot of migrants come here hating white people because of the rise of nationalism in their country. They grow bolder because want to stamp their authority based on who they think they will be and they want revenge against the commonwealth... maybe I've encountered too many trolls on You Tube, but this is something that won't go away as long as we assert our territorial claims and have the resources they think they need to make their dreams a reality.

Even immigrants see the quicksand that is our current levels of immigration, because they are sinking in it just like everyone else.

Something I agree with in general. Not many people here are racist. We don't have an underclass of poor minorities and as such people mix freely and see everyone as being the same.

There is a push to slow the current rate of migration. The argument is that we don't need more people. Things were easier with less people. Now if you voice this argument to people from certain countries they will scream 'racist' in your face, suggesting that Australia belongs to them and we have no right to say who can live here.

I fear that Australia can completely lose it's sovereignty, simply by gaining a large enough non-Australia voting block. I've heard way too many times how our small population has no choice but to take in all and sundry from overpopulated countries who will bring in their own kind and displace the home grown Aussies. They shout this at us in order to bully their way to special rights. This is where I get angry.

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 12:03 PM
reply to post by squandered

Most of Northern Europe is made up of Germanic tribes, Celts, Gauls, Goths, Saxons, and of course the Germans themselves, and Scandinavian tribes, who migrated out of Central Eurasia. While they did take slaves, the Slavs of Eastern Europe is where the word slave came from, it seems that they abandoned the practice of slavery at some point in history, and it has not been a permanent part of their culture for millennium.

Catholicism worked to change European culture. It was the Catholics who established the divine rights of kings to rule over the masses, and thus a rigid class system of nobility in Europe, but the more I learn about history, the more it seems that this system put in place by religious doctrine never took very well in Europe, and as we know, was eventually broken. It is clear that a war of ideology continues to this day.

I would add that I think the view that pre-Christian Europe was primitive is a lie, and that this mistruth about history is one of the biggest conspiracy that continues to this day.

A great many people choose to be slaves. They want to be told what to do. This includes doing terrible things to others. This is the biggest part of the battle to remain free. This is where the real competition comes from.

It is diabolical that in our current state of excess, in this disposable society created by corporations, we are fighting for resources, when we already have far more than we need.

I see racist attitudes against whites being taught by our institutions. Historically, whites have broken free of the institutions of slavery, which is why modern institutions are promoting hatred against the mores of what creates white culture.

It is those who prefer to be slaves who are eager to lap up this hatred of white culture, or to deny its existence.

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 12:46 PM

Originally posted by poet1b
reply to post by American-philosopher

I wouldn't disagree with you on that. I think it takes a seriously flawed person to do what ever it takes to become wealthy, and once again, study history, most of the super rich earned their money through some pretty dirty tactics.

I just think elites see whites as the biggest threat to their positions, because of European history.

what do you know about actual wealth? are you at least a millionaire? did you personally walk in a millionaire`s shoes? many mom-and-pop shop owners are worth millions, yet still work their backs off in that old little business of theirs literally until their last breath. many of them live in 3d world-ish towns, albeit in better sections. they go to the same filthy local bars anyone goes. wear old "work clothes", rise with the sun to go open the doors of whatever business they have. they build their wealth bit by bit. sweat and blood. i know such people. many such people lost a lot during financial crisis like anyone else.
maybe these multi-millionaires arent what you call wealthy.

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 12:50 PM
reply to post by delicatessen

No, I wouldn't call them wealthy. I am talking about NBA ownership wealthy, multiple mansions, private jets wealthy. It is a whole different class.

You are describing people who are upper middle class.

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 01:28 PM

Originally posted by American-philosopher
I disagree I think the elites hate everyone. If your not of a specific bloodline or have a billion dollars. I think they hate because they believe were a useless sucker of resources. And we either need to be wiped of the face of the planet or become a serf and serve them.

You are correct in that assumption, friend. We the People are called, collectively, dissenters and useless eaters. Some of the more sinister ETs call our bodies "containers." I reckon there is nobody that loves us anymore. I say we cut our losses, wait for the Big Event that will kill everyone, and go out and start a new world, one without THEM in it. Agreed?

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 01:34 PM
Uh oh, here we go again.

How come people like you always hate it when anyone else pulls "the race card", and then turn around and start bitching about poor, oppressed white people. Those poor whites sure got the short end of the stick throughout history, havent they?

What a joke.

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 02:53 PM

Originally posted by poet1b
reply to post by delicatessen

No, I wouldn't call them wealthy. I am talking about NBA ownership wealthy, multiple mansions, private jets wealthy. It is a whole different class.

You are describing people who are upper middle class.

so you were talking about "blue bloods" and most definitely show-offs.
how about stocks instead of NBAs? but that`s aside a point. there is no clean-cut vacuum between Warren Bufffet and run-of-the-mill business folk- there are many shades of wealth in between. it`s actually possible to day trade high volume on stock market online between mopping the floors of your shabby old store. it only depends on your business acumen and whether or not you want a Jet and multiple mansions. (who in the blooming heavens would want to pay property tax on 4 humongous mansions? i know some people are just greedy
) that`s what most people do. you talk like any big wealth is a result of some unlawful activity. i wonder what kind of flawed character Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page would exhibit and what kind of illegal shyt they did to become billionaires

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posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 10:00 PM
reply to post by delicatessen

Try looking at this from a more reasonable point of view, instead of like the binary judgmental attitude of the poster just above this post.

Most wealthy people, which is what we should be talking about here, 100 mil plus wealth, have probably the same amount of jerks as the rest of the classes. The ones who made their own fortunes, are often extremely talented, amazing people, albeit with a higher degree of ove developed ego which also gives them the drive to succeed.

The super rich I am talking about are the kind who pull the kind of scams that have swamped our economy over the last decade, sold junk mortgages as sold investments and all that. The problem is that when the super rich screw up, they screw up entire economies. The sad thing is these people intentionally do a lot of horrible things, because they think they are better than everyone else.

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 11:44 AM
Good thread, nice OP. I admire the kind of courage I see here, where one knows up-front what kind of beating is in store for them, and yet they go for it anyway!

I'm late to the party, I see the PC brigade showed up pretty quick. I went through all four pages, kinda funny how some simply want to drop in and make it known that they are not racist!

Is a person "racist" because they see "race" as an issue, and then chooses to speak about it?

How many of us do not see race? I know, someone will now begin boasting that they are the noble exception, that they see no color, blah, blah. Well, maybe they're blind, so it's possible.

And yet, as we well know, such a boaster should be immediately dismissed as a fool, in all likelihood. ALL of us inherit a reasonable modicum of what we might call "racial recognition", and to deny it is silly. It's true that not everyone grows up with a strong racial "identity", and these may truly feel "above" such an issue as "race", perferring to simply be "human", etc.

Isn't it interesting though that those who seem to lack what I have called racial identity are mostly "white" people? Why so? Has it always been this way? I can tell you this (NOT from direct experience BTW), that those who feel no racial identity have never been to prison. In prison, there is no "default nothing", you are forced to decide "what" you are, regardless of sticky problems such as having a mixed background. In prison, if you look into the matter, you must choose, and often you will do it based very much on appearances. Do you "look" Mexican? Well, you may actually be American Indian, but you will thank whatever god you believe in if you also took some Spanish in high school! Are you really more "white" than black? Oh my, you're very educated, and despise the loser subculture as much as Bill Cosby? Tough luck. You will find out pretty fast that the White Power crowd considers you "black". That being the case, you best be practisin' yo Ebonics, jive turkey!

Folks, this is reality, whether we want to face it or not. We can joke about it (well, not you PC racists, you're not allowed to, so go back to your televisions for further instructions, after you report me for racism that is), but what does this microcosm of the prison teach us about our world? Even the PC crowd should at least make some attempt to answer that, at least for themselves.

The OP proposes that some of what we're seeing regarding race is perhaps by design, that a powerful elite has seemingly taken a position against white people, due to fear that they could become unmanageable, and therefore challenge their power. Could this make sense somehow?

First, we should agree that "whoever" is in charge, would probably like things to remain that way. Logical enough. In order to ensure that this happens, this "elite" would certainly want to arrange things (perhaps "manipulate" things) to that end, to the extent their power allowed. Clearly, they would begin this process by identifying potential threats, and then moving to either neutralize, or even eliminate them. I hope that can be regarded as a reasonable chain of logic by anyone.

So why "white" people? Are they such a threat to those in power? Are there other groups that could pose a threat as well? What about the Jews? No one has (dared?) mention them yet! If so, how would "we" perhaps go about dealing with such groups, if we were the ones attempting to preserve our power? What kinds of things might we do to combat these perceived threats?

I like to sometimes put aside too many hypotheticals, in favor of what we actually see happening around us. No, we may not agree on "why" exactly we see the things we see, but mostly, we should be able to agree that some things are happening, by simply looking around us. Is the world today different in some pertinent regard than it was a decade ago? Three decades ago, etc.? If significant change has in fact taken place, how did it happen? What tangible things can we point to that seem to explain the changes we observe?

If we're not even asking these questions, if we don't want to believe that we live in a world largely a result of those in power, who have molded what we experience to their liking, then we shouldn't expect good solid answers.

For the sake of getting to the bottom of these issues, I think we all need to put aside our "agendas", as best we can, and really make a solid effort to see things like "Massa" sees them. I realize people just hate it when I start with that Massa business, but we slaves have a lot in common, regardless of our outward appearances. And I might even submit that we have a common "enemy", an elite that may not like white people anymore than black, and is pushing an agenda that might scare us all, if we ever found out what they thought was "best" (for them).

If there is another "enemy", besides our elite masters, it will be found in the mirror. WE can be our own worst enemy as we fail to recognize that our strings are being pulled, as we submit to primal hatreds, and we close down even our common sense, in favor of PC madness that actually hurts us all (not just white people).

The PC attack is especially vicious, and we should all fear where it may one day lead us. Political Correctness is nothing less than a prostitution of the mind, a thing that has the power to change that mind into a servile mess, eventually fit only to take orders.

To ALL my brothers and sisters, whatever your background or appearance: Let's fight the Good Fight!!


posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 01:30 PM
reply to post by JR MacBeth

Don't you think that prison is an extreme example that possibly weakens your argument? Most of us have not been imprisoned and it is not something that most people can anticpate.

My 2cts

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 05:13 PM
reply to post by JR MacBeth

I really appreciate your points about PC. Well spoken!

I've been dealing with more of the anti-white brigade and thinking about what they serve. As yet I can only isolate a wanton desire to attack someone and in the arguments I've had, I keep seeing minorities armed with propaganda that always suggests white people are somehow bad and must brought down to avoid them being their usual evil selves.

It's particularly obvious when you see Americans try to instil a moral objection to Australian white people who are wilfully breaking their taboo's (the line they draw in the sand), because the catalyst for their objection isn't present (different history), but they assert the right to redress the balance none the less. EG KFC ad, Black Face Michael Jackson routine. In essence they're striving to create a self serving imbalance based on race, against white people based on race - to fight racism... whah?

In that case, only white people can be racist. This is American exported culture to me (in the above context), and more and more it's beginning to stick. It's creating racism where there was none.

What I find is that white people are the only ones to take any blame and compensate people. Therefore, our kindness is seen as a weakness and there's an overwhelming amount of propaganda being promoted in the media that supports the idea that white people invented racism and any racist reaction is warranted - but it's not racism if you're not white.

So fear has been projected and pointed in only one direction - towards the success of white people at the expense of some (and benefit of quite a lot), I can see the impetus, but I don't know why it has legs.

I just don't see how the elite are connected to this. It all appears to be the product of jealousy. The white people who give it power are 'yes men' to me and though I can see how it's beneficial for corporations to promote sheeple I don't know if I have understood why the effort is so concrete and formal.

Where is the gain in targeting white people? If we are such a threat then where is the fight back? What are they really afraid of?

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 05:58 PM
Unless I have misread my history...

The wars and struggles, tyranny vs liberty, etc, have never been based on culture.

Always the same, controller vs servant.

You go to any culture, any nation, any race....same thing.

One group gains control, makes the rest slaves/servants...slaves revolt.

Sometimes the slaves win, sometimes they loose....always the same game, always the same players.

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 06:11 PM
reply to post by peck420

The more backward cultures might dare to differ.

It's a turf war for resources...

It's all about your family group > your tribe > your clan > your village > your ideology > your race

The business of profiteering came afterwards.

PC is ethnocentrism gone wrong.

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 07:26 PM

Originally posted by tiger5
reply to post by JR MacBeth

Don't you think that prison is an extreme example that possibly weakens your argument? Most of us have not been imprisoned and it is not something that most people can anticpate.

My 2cts

Thanks Tiger5.

I've learned that it is in the "extremes", as you put it, that we often learn the most.

Take a man who has never been camping before, and add rain, and then snow, etc. Miles from anything warm, we may begin to see a side to this fellow that we never would have otherwise. Is the man any different than he was before encountering physical discomfort? No. And yet, now we know him all the better, and see that he is a wuss that we would never invite on a more challenging adventure.

How this might weaken my argument, I don't know, but I am certainly open to hearing why you might think so.


posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 09:05 AM
reply to post by JR MacBeth

I live in a very multi-ethnic area, where huge numbers of immigrants have been brought in, to the point were they have replaced the population of people who developed the area in the first place. On a certain scale, it really is a replication of what Upton Sinclair described in "The Jungle", except not that bad, yet, and hopefully, never.

What you have in these companies, where middle management and what is left of the hourly people have been replaced by immigrants, is a division among departments, very similar to what MacBeth describes as taking place in prisons. These are often well educated people, the creme of the crop from the nations where they came from.

Yet they divide their departments by ethnic groups, like prison gangs.

Maybe natural social and economic trends have recreated the kind of economic manipulations that existed at the dawn of the Industrial revolution as so well described in Upton Sinclair's novel, "The Jungle", but everything I have watched developed since the seventies demonstrates to me that this is social engineering.

Promoting racism against whites is part of the process. It makes it easier for non-whites to discriminate against whites, while serving the corporate interest.

It is amazing how cruel people can be, under the claim that they are only doing what they are told. Corporate entities can't straight up tell people to discriminate against whites, but they can certainly encourage the practice, and that is what is happening.

The situation is not completely hopeless. A great many people see through this lie, that encourages racism against whites.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by squandered

It is funny how ideology takes on a life of its own.

I don't think we could point to certain group and say, these are the ones doing all of this.

An ideology "gone wrong".

It might be further said, that the term 'elite' doesn't refer necessarily to the super rich. More accurately, elites are the people who feel they are above everyone else, and that they should be in control, so they work hard to get themselves into positions of authority, where, with like minded individuals, they work to impose their will onto others.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 09:22 AM
The elites wants a world, or country filled with uneducated Mexican yard workers, whom they will lead to vote for them, so they retain their eliteness, and the poor uneducated masses stay down.

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