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China's president Hu: Dollar-Based System 'Product of the Past'‎

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 11:34 AM
I was thinking that this could be good as stated in my OP. China pollutes the hell out of everything, they do not give a DAMN about the ecosystem.

China makes their people work like slaves. The good of this will be China will no longer be able cheat the way they have. America is not perfect, but the American government sure as hell treats us better then China.

If people in the USA can work they will work. When jobs are here for any willing man and women things will be fine.

Right now people who want to work can not. If we can have jobs here where people that only have a high school degree can work it will be better. Not everyone is smart enough to exceed in college. A lot of Mexicans are not college material but THEY WORK HARD! Good work is not some thing of the past. Being a good worker is A GOOD THING.

Just because people are not smart enough to excel in school does not mean they can not be productive.

China will never TAKE OVER THE USA or occupy it. There will be nuclear holocaust over it. Not many would live. EVERYONE IN THE WORLD better hope China does not attack the USA. Because there will be NO WORLD LEFT!! My whole point is, I do not think this is bad. If we can regroup, restructure, we will be fine.

I'm looking for a factory where a man can feed his family, not worry about them closing the door and shutting it down. Land of the free home of the brave seems like I woke up one day and it was gone.
America can do this, WE ARE THE USA!
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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 12:35 PM
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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 08:33 PM
Ok, I realise that what I'm about to post is impossible for most Americans to accept. It'll be the same as when I 1st joined ATS & my opinions were scoffed at. Strange that many of them are now accepted as requireing no corroboration... Nevermind. I dont need anyone to go back to those old threads & type "yeah BD, you were right." & I'll not be putting much effort into this thread b/c, quite frankly, I'm bored of butting my head against a wall thats painted to look like bricks but is actually blancmange. Here's the unacceptable face of reality:

Mr. Hu has, by these comments, signalled to those world players who can actually do anything (G8, G20, Bilderberg Group, The Vatican, The Federal Reserve, The Saudi Royal Family, The Sultan of Brunei, Queen Elizabeth II, et al.) that he is coming to Washington to hear the proposals for American surrender. This has nothing to do with Mr. Obama appearing weak, its b/c America is weak.

The entire basis of modern American wealth is having taken over where The British Empire left off, but without the understanding that the necessary infrastructure to maintain & increase profits cannot be left to private enterprise, b/c such investments cost a vast amount & show little return in the short term.

The unspeakable truth is that the USA was bankrupt around about 1990 (thank dear old Ronny Raygun for that). When Mr. Clinton decided to balance the budget, Americans got more interested in what he was doing with his penis than their money & accepted "the idiot son of an asshole" as POTUS (the asshole having been a primary architect of the disaster). By the time Obama got placed in the hot seat to put a different face on American economic warfare & extortion, there really wasn't much he could do except go along with the PNAC-style strategy that the USA had been locked into back in the late 70s. That was a bad idea... The Cold War didn't end. Its just that the tactics changed.

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