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Why do we wear clothes?

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 11:19 AM
Too much sun 'switches on' the Melanoma mole, which will kill you given time, as will vitamin D poisoning, which is why the black races in Africa are black, cuts down vitamin D production in their skin, clothing offers some protection when you fall off of your horse, sand storms, walking threw shrubbery, the more you think, the more reasons you will find.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 11:22 AM
Here's my favorite question;

"Why do you not wear clothes ?"

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 11:22 AM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
reply to post by seedofchucky

The Bohemian Grove Annual Retreat is a event full of activities that last two weeks, with Alex Jones having 'snuck' in to video a portion of the annual "Cremation fo Care" ceremony as part of his usual half assed approach to 'painting' a picture, that is designed to support his often incorrect 'theories' that usually border on or all about 'fear' where he reinvents the actual meaning behind some of the annual activities that go on at the Grove some of the being parts of traditions that date back a 100 years, or since the annex to the Bohemian Club was oppened for the place of their annual retreat.

The truth is that the Bohemian Club originally founded by journalists during the California Gold Rush as a place where they could meet, create and enjoy entertainments not available in early San Francisco they had grown accustomed to enjoying in bigger more culturally varied East Coast Cities has changed from it's original membership to include some of the wealthiest by and large exclusively White Anglo Saxon Protestant corporate and business moguls of 'up standing breeding' evidence by 'blood line heritage that dates back in most cases to before the founding of the nation or right around that time'.

So two things are at play a sensationalist and showman like Alex Jones fails to always properly represent or consider.

One is many of the zanny activities that go on at the Grove have their traditional roots born from men who could not go to the Opera or Theatre or Poetry Recital or Orchestra because they had yet to be built in early San Francisco, so the earlierst members created their own entertainments that are part of these traditions.

When and ever possible Alex Jones likes to portray these as 'ceremonies involving a satanist kabal or form of occult ritual' which based on my own observations and personal relationships with people who attend regularly is simply a figment of Jone's propensity to 'sell' things in a way that make his theories credible to people who want to take Alex Jone's view of them.

However while resting and relaxing and joining what ranges from hoakey self staged productions and activities to some true world class entertainment by visiting artist, poets and intellectuals invited to the two week long festival to entertain their members and guests some very real networking does occure.

This networking is in fact little different that what takes place at a local chamber of commerce or kiwi club, except in this case the people networking happen to own huge national and international corporations, major banks, rail roads, shipping lines, media businesses and law firms that have a much bigger impact on society when the owners of General Mills and Kraft sit down to talk about things than they owner of Sal's Hardware and John's Pizza sit down to talk about things.

Sak and John talk about who they would love to see on the City Council that could give them so code and tax relief and better business enviornment.

Where as the owner of General Mills and Kraft sit down and talk about who they want to be President and Department Heads of Government and how they can influence the legislation process using their wealth and influence so there business like wise can get a more favorable tax code and business environment.

There businesses and desires and abilities just happen to be a whole lot more extensive with a whole lot more effect on every one else than Sal and John's are.

Yes some huge decisions are privately made at the Grove amongst people who are often friends and networking who belong to a social economic class where the decisions that they make do have a huge impact on everyone else.

Yet this is in reality capatilism as well as corruption in it's ultimate form as practiced by those at the top of the business and social and political latter, as opposed to the satanism and occultism that Jones presents based on an outsider's view as it's being forward to carve a niche audience he profits off of by captivating with the stories he tells and the theories he promotes.

As a showman the more sensational the better, that's what sells for him, that's what his audience buys.

However he has turned down invitations to see the Grove as it really is seen and experienced by and large by it's members who have given him the opportunity to see how it really functions and the bulk of what goes on there except those private conversations between concerned individuals with areas of mutual benefit they wish to privately discuss as part of their business.

Part of their business is corruption for the sake of power and control and profit, and while yes it's possible to promote that as being inherently 'evil' it's nothing different than millions of people are doing every day to a much smaller scale in places like the Chamber of Commerce and the Kiwi or Rotary Club.

It's just being done on a grander scale with much bigger chips on the board.

The people who go to the Bohemian Grove Retreat are albeit very wealthy and connected people while there chosen guests might not be wealthy or terribly well connected at all, but they are all none the less real flesh a blood people, that frankly Jones does a disservice to his audience by painting in the scions of evil demonic light he does where he attempts to convince other 'unworldly' sources aide and abet these people making them more powerful than they are.

Sadly misinformtion runs to polar extremes with people on both sides of the good/evil divide spreading it by design or accident either well intentioned or not, and while I know that the people who are members of the Grove are not particuarly well intentioned besides to themselves (as most of us are) I would contend that Alex Jones is no different in carving out and pandering to a small market niche for profit by painting a deliberately false picture at times in order to do that.

Your real friend lies not to either side of the polar divide, but you yourself, in a process that engages 'seeing is believing' where you challenge yourself to discover yourself the information you need as close to the source as you can get.


a) i know about alex jones tactics and fear mongering and exageration . The point of my post was to ask where the nudity of members comes in .

b) i know about the theories about what goes on at the groove but thanks for the refresher

c) i asked about your source of the nudity claim of members, and you said friend , i asked about your friend and you gave me another spwel about what goes on in the groove.

d) back to the point

nudity + members and circle jerking

what is the source of this ? who is your friend? what access does he have ?

you tell me nude members there , and expect me to take it without merit ?

what if i had said they like to circle jerk on tuesdays but a friend told me ? what would u say to me ?

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 11:40 AM
reply to post by seedofchucky

You don't know my friends, so who they are is absolutely irrelevant, so let's get that out of the way. I would no sooner reveal 'who' you are to people you don't know, who question how you live, than I would reveal to you who people are that don't know you who question how they live.

But even Bill Clinton has been known to say "The Bohemian Grove? Isn't that where all the rich Republicans hang around naked playing in the Red Wood Trees" which he followed with a "You should go sometime it would be good for you" when having a 9-11 truth protestor thrown out of one of his wife's fund raisers he was speaking at during the last presidential election.

Bill in fact would know this because those 'Rich Republicans' also help select and finance the Democrats who they run against in a political process that has been long corrupted by people who are often Bohemian Club Members.

Who often do plan together through their networks to carry out 'conspiracies' where they have conspired amongst themselves to use their wealth and resources to cause something to happen that benefits them.


Which really means the only evidence you will find of and for these things, is you yourself knowing the conspirators, because they don't all rush home to throw up a site entitled "What Chuckie would like a URL for, Absolute Proof for Chuckie!"

So if you really want to prove to yourself what goes on at the Grove I suggest you find a way to get invited as someone's guest, because the only way you are going to know for sure, is to go and see for yourself.

I am not here to convince you what goes on at the Grove which really does go on, whether you know about it or not, and will most definately likely continue to go on, as it has for well over a hundred years whether you know for sure about that and all it's details or not.

All I did was share what I have myself discovered through a process unique to my personal life which is called friendships, where yes friends who attend the grove love the functions that allow them to shed their clothes.

Where one of the common misconceptions this original piece is about 'clothing and nudity' tends to lead people who have no experience with nudity that it is always sexual in nature, which is what leads people to believe who only get nude to shower or have sex, to believe that any one who gets naked to not take a shower or bathe therefore must be doing it for sexual purposes.

In reality people who enjoy nudism do not enjoy it for sexual purposes they enjoy it because it allows them to exist in their actual natural state free of the restrictions and pretenses that clothes actually create.

This is why all nudists or those that take part in nudist style activities do in fact look forward to any and all occassions where they can enjoy aspects of the nudist lifestyle, which in reality is about the only thing you need to understand to really be able to validate what I shared about the people who attend the Grove looking forward to those particular activities.

Which is probably something you would never understand either without taking part in nudist activities, just like you will never fully understand or believe what really happens at the Bohemian Grove if you don't take part in that yourself.

Not the answer you want to hear, but all the answer you are going to get.

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 11:48 AM
I think it's from religion, myself. The only reason I wear clothes (other than to keep me warm and protect my body from the sun) is that it's illegal not to. And then I wear as few as necessary. I live in the country and many days in the hot summer, I don't have clothes on and if I have a chore that takes me outside, I don't get dressed. I really don't like clothes. But it's part of living in a society.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 11:58 AM
Just picture everyone of all ages going about their daily activities totally nude. Dropping into the office, going to the bank, stopping for a Bic Mac, getting pulled over for running a red light because you were distracted by the blond that just went by in a convertible, Mr. and Mrs. Tubbs in their seniors years looking over the produce at the grocery store. Need I say more.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 12:02 PM
mankind donned clothes to deal with harsher climates and better survive in the cooler northern hemosphere as they moved north. notice how much less is worn in african tribes... if any at all. there where nudist tribes in south america too. probably the little that is worn is to protect their junk.
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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 12:03 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Another post I'm scraping my soul off the wall from. Highly profound statement there. Thanks for it.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 12:08 PM
Got to also keep in mind the ways we live and survive today are not associated with natural ways. So yes we got public built places were we can get coffined and up close but if naturally existing like say other apes we would all be fine. Healthy from all the veggies and fruits and insects ingested not meat cancer causing ect.. Today's lifestyle is modeled around the knowledge gained. So we build with this knowledge to fit our clothing standards. Like the seating materials in the public locations, the spacing to commute around these places were all designed to fit a dressed community. That's why as many try to visualize it gets real messy because the ways we live are designed around how we are dresses. Streets unnatural not designed for a bare foot or foot clothed in animal skin ect. modern streets are designed for rubber type sole shoes see where I am going. It is a conscious related issue of being awake.

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

"Which really means the only evidence you will find of and for these things, is you yourself knowing the conspirators, because they don't all rush home to throw up a site entitled "What Chuckie would like a URL for, Absolute Proof for Chuckie!"

So if you really want to prove to yourself what goes on at the Grove I suggest you find a way to get invited as someone's guest, because the only way you are going to know for sure, is to go and see for yourself. "

First off if the place can be inflitrated by aj , or some randoms who like to tell its secrets to non members like your self , then how hard is it to get some evidence out ?

These are powerful men with powerful positions do you understand the implications of a nude photo among others would do for them ? Do you serouisly think they would jeapordize there role in powerful positions for a ritual like this which can clearly inflirtrated ? surley if alex jones is such a threat his face would be known ... but the man just walked in , no disguise or anyting and got video tape of it .

Now you have your buddy who goes there and has inside knowledge? Surley such a buddy would be high on the ranking list . Making such claims ? Extrodinary claims require extrodinary evidence ...

now lets say for one second your buddy is a liar ...... example ....

then we find out there never was any nude rituals , would you feel bad for misleading a couple guys on ATS even though there just average joes? would you even care?

i dunno about you but i sure would espically for such a claim like that , that you can't even really back up . How about this i even pay for your buddies micro pin head camera so he can actually get some evidence to back up this hearsay ?

clintons joke is not evidence its actually counter .

then you see middle of your post you tell me if i want proof to go get an invite . Now they won't let any tom dick or harry into this place clearly with the breaches ...but your buddy lucky has access. So why not help out your ATS buddies and ask for a favor ?

your long posts just cover up your denial

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 01:16 PM
humans wear clothes because they are ashamed of their ugly body. No i dont speak for myself.


posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 01:21 PM
Because I don't need every pretty girl I see, noticing how 'happy' I am to see them naked.

Nor do I want to place my nude behind onto a seat after someone else who clearly doesn't wipe just got off of it.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 01:23 PM

Originally posted by StevenDye

Nor do I want to place my nude behind onto a seat after someone else who clearly doesn't wipe just got off of it.

wet wipes please

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 01:35 PM
Because our fur evolved off of us (too far on many males
) when we lived in sunny Africa.
Too damned hot, all that hair in the sun.

Then, as we migrated north, it got a bit chilly, so we took the fur off of other animals, instead of letting evolution and Darwin solve the problem.

Instead of scarring, marking, punching holes, and such in our skin to give us social identity, we had to do it to our animal skin coverings.

Then came along structured and organized religions who taught that the flesh is evil in it's basic nature, and can never be redeemed.

But even in tropical areas, some clothing was invented.
Pockets, for example, are hard to carve out of your skin.

And certain----hmmm, how to put this---"floppy bits" were better restrained for hunting and other daily activities.

Just my dos peso's.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 01:59 PM

I have been in attendance at numerous nudist gatherings and have made 3 interesting observations:

1) If you are naked around a lot of other naked people, after getting used to it, the whole naked part ceases to be a big deal and it's just people interacting with people.

2) In clothing optional settings, because it is a choice, the clothes that are worn tend to be more decorative and individually expressive.

3) Most importantly, we wear clothes so that we can have pockets. Running around naked I either carry it or...
I tried using my body's natural pocket but I lose s**t out of that all the time.

Otherwise, social conditioning, body image shame, practicality and protection

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 02:04 PM
reply to post by seedofchucky

First off if the place can be inflitrated by aj , or some randoms who like to tell its secrets to non members like your self , then how hard is it to get some evidence out ?

First off the place was not 'infiltrated' by Alex Jones, he snuck inside for a very short period to video tape part of one activity that goes on there.

That's like saying if you sneak inside a movie theatre and take a picture inside the theatre you have infiltrated Hollywood.

Infilitration in the classic 'spy' sense, is entering a place and a system, where you now have total and complete access as to what goes on there and as such the confidence and trust of the people inside that place and system.

Alex Jones did not do that, because Alex Jones just ran in and out, to take some pictures he tells you are 'evidence' for a theory he wants to 'sell' you, and profit off of you believing.

Learning what actaully goes on in the Grove would require you actually having the confidence and trust of the people who are networking and conspiring with one another when they come together in places they can do that, often in a place where they are also being entertained with entertainments designed for their specific enjoyment in specific places that they create that are exclusive to them and those entertainments.

Now if you really imagine Alex Jones or anyone could learn anything about the details of what is transpiring in the Grove by sneaking in and capturing moments of a group activity that is meant to entertain the group in an out of context misunderstood 'moment' that they capture is really the way to find out and understand these things, well, all I am telling you no it isn't.

Just like busting into the club house of a street gang while they have a stripper there dancing is not likely to reveal the plans of their next premeditated arm robbery.

To find that out you would first have to have their confidence and a reason for them to share that with you.

Or the chance to plant some kind of listening device or spying device that allowed for them being monitored in a way that they were unaware of where through the course of their own process of sharing it's possible to find out what they are sharing, because no one or nothing appears to be present that they have a reason not to share, because there is someone they have no reason to disclose secrets that might inhibit or thwart their plans and success present.

So if you can't even honestly understand what Alex Jones did and didn't do, then you can't even understand the basic context of the situation you are trying to understand.

Further your assumptions that my friends weren't honestly sharing something they honestly feel and believe with me, simply for the purpose of encouraging me to join in with them. Which is actually the real context of what such people have told me, as well as whether I did or didn't join in with them.

So lets talk about 'joining' in with them, as many well known celebrities, authors, scientists, politicians and others do each year, as well as personal friends and associates of the actual members, who view the retreat as both an annual vacation, learning and sharing opportunity, rite of passage and privelege and ideal opportunity to network amongst themselves.

Do you really believe that these hundreds of men, and they are all men, who number in the hundreds, who are spread out in 1,000 of acres of permanent camp sites built up to lodge them during this time are incapable of seperating themselves from their guests, who might be a poet who they have arranged to give a recital, or a scientist that they have arranged to present a theory, as part of their entertinment to disucss alone among those who just need to know because they play an active part, the things that they are secretly conspiring on, much the same way you would at a large Thanksgiving Day Celebration when you ask two family members to join you privately to discuss the details of a surprise party for someone's birthday you want to give and have them conspire to help you do in a secretive way, where the secret's success is based on not the entire assembled group not knowing it?

So the fact that you have been invited to the Grove does not in and of itself make you privy to everything that is being disucssed or taking place there spread out over thousands of acres, in dozens of different locales, that not even every member who has no need to know, knows because they won't be playing a part in are told?

Further why you imagine in a private place, with some reasonable security, with a closed, hand selected list of invitations to outsiders that anyone participating in this process would see some value of taking a picture of people naked to sell to Alex Jones?

Further the fact that even if you did manage to actually infiltrate such a place successfully and productively by being able to gain full access to what is actually being said and by whom that a organization founded by members of the press does not actually control the press and use the press to ensure it's secrecy and success.

Do you think the New York Times is actually going to publish on the front page a bunch of wealthy naked men, because you imagine it has some great shock value that will now prevent them from being wealthy or naked?

So it would appear to me you are laboring under a lot of false assumptions that show in your obvious frustration in how you attempt to find answers that just 'sound about right' to you.

This process of trying to convince yourself, by hoping to convince 'others' who actually aren't laboring under the false assumptions you are, would not actually convince people who know better, becaue they know better.

Yes, I would agree with you, it's not likely you are ever going to be invited by a member to attend, and running around the internet using a process of discovery that includes a lot of false assumptions is not likely to ever endear you to a member to that point where they invite you either.

In short you are looking for answers that the evidentiary process you would like to discover them through simply does not provide them to you.

Being angry at me for what you don't know, and what I do, and hoping that you can unconfuse yourself by attempting to confuse me about what I know and how I know it, is probably not the soundest or wisest way to acquire real knowledge, but I think provides a wonderful example to people of how not to acquire real knowledge, and the rather frustrated and rude state it leaves confused people who look for answers in all the wrong ways in all the wrong places.

Good luck with that endeavor, and just like Bill and some of my friends have stated and suggested, you really should go sometime and try it, it would do you a world of good!


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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 02:26 PM
Well there's good naked, and then there is bad naked. Most people just look bad naked, unless they are in good physical shape and health.

We cover ourselves because we don't want others to see our naughty bits. We cover ourselves for protection and warmth. We cover ourselves with expensive clothing to show status, creativity, or individuality.

In some cultures they wear nothing much more than a loin cloth. They have beads to show status. They show status by how many cows or pigs they have.

A huge behind and hips are signs of good childbearing. Some people are fat, and that is a sign of wealth. No one has boob jobs, and most boobs are just hanging low because they literally flip their boob over their back, so their baby on their back can suckle.

I guess it it whatever you get used to. Those people see beauty in things we would find ugly. We see natives with big behinds and hanging boobs, they see beautiful women who are mothering their children.

It is whatever you get used to. If you saw people naked every day, you probably wouldn't even be aroused as easily. You'd be used to it by then.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 02:27 PM
I like clothes, I like fashion and the industry that surrounds it. Not surprising as I am a designer with a full line of accessories, jewelry, shoes, glasses frames, etc.

I also appreciate the nude form in an aesthetic sense. That being said, some people should never be nude except in the privacy of their own home.and even there I really don't need the image.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 02:42 PM
there is more than one reason we wear clothes (mind you I'm not advocating a requirement to wear them). I think that clothes can be fun, a decoration of sorts, a way to show off what you have (obviously I like things that show me off a bit more skin, etc). It also can protect you. Though nudity is awesome, I'm just not the type to be naked all the time...I'd miss my thongs.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by mayabong

I think the answer is this: We can't all up and move to areas of beach and walk around nude. Your risk of being bitten by a hobo spider black widow or a wolf spider go down if you have cloths on. Thus your risk of having a infection go down as well.

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