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UFO DISCLOSURE Blocked by Government High Treason !

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 10:16 PM
you have said it your self, you have seen these demonic entities. so if they are real, then Jesus is real and everything He said and did is real.

these demonic entities run in fear at the sight and mention of Jesus. He has the power to squash them and inflict unbearable torment on them. if you side with Him, they will run in fear of you also.

so if you think of all the power on earth and wealth that these demonic beings bestow on their followers to further their agenda of destroying God's creation, imagine who much more infinite power God has.

whose side would you rather be on, the side that runs in fear from you or the side that runs in fear of God.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 10:17 PM
The OP is deluded in my humble opinion.
He/She has taken things to such a degree that any intelligent conversation will be useless.
I personally believe in UFO's and like to think some of them are extraterrestrial in nature.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 10:20 PM
reply to post by robinmorningstar

Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices, but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence and fulfills the duty to express the results of his thought in clear form.
Albert Einstein, quoted in New York Times, March 19, 1940

You reminded me of this, not that you are a mediocre Human, but, you, through your own statements, seem to be a wee bit educationaly challanged. I don't wish to sound arrogant, but, One simply can not learn enough from a single book. One learns from a lifetime of study and experience. And while neither of us has enough of that, at least I can point to a great deal of reading and study, even though I only have 64 years of experience.

When I presented the evidence that there are anomalies in my DNA, most could not understand. Some tried to show that it was in error. Unfortunately, all they could demonstrate was their own failings in the science of data analysis, and of course DNA Biology.

In the Occult sciences, demons are considered to be extra-planar entities. ET's are of this plane, the physical. Demons rarely manifest completely on the physical, and to cause them to do so takes a great deal of ritual work, and a mage of considerable experience. Other issues include; understanding the individual demons themselves, and what, if anything, they may have to offer the current situation. Demons, as a general rule, cannot "cross-over" unassisted. ETon the other hand can "manifest" anywhere, any time they please. ET quite simply does not have the same set of constraints that Demons do.

Peace and Understanding

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 10:26 PM

Originally posted by AnthraAndromda
reply to post by Getsmart

After reading your material; I find it wholly without merit. I was simply going to pass it by, but, you just had to try to include a subject that I'm quite expert in ... Magick.

Your comments about Crowley and Lam are totally out of line, and show a complete absense of understanding. In Crowley's diaries he clearly referes to Lam as an ET, not a demon. Though, in modern times there have been some lesser mages try to summon his kind, without success. ET simply can't be summoned via ordinary magical ritual.

Your attempts to associate Magick (the Occult ingeneral), Wicca, and Paganism is an insult to those who have REAL knowledge and practice. It is also an insult to the intelligence of the average Human.

I won't disagree that the withholding of information and technologies from the world at large is treason ... in that aspect; you are right.

However, Extraterrestrials are not demons. We're just people from another rock.

Peace and Understanding

I whole heartedly agree... It is man's selfish nature and man's need to control that causes evil actions. The release of technology is being held back by the illuminati to preserve cash flow and power. It is the view of the Extra Terrestial PTB to not interfear in to man's affairs at this juncture. The technology is in the hands of governments now. They choose not to release it... By doing so they would loose their grip on their subjects.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 10:33 PM

Originally posted by Cassius666
Okay just taking on the human genocide is cover for alien harvesting claim. Why dont aliens get their own humans and have them breed? And what about that in cases of human genocide mass graves are found?

Hi Cassius, Thanks for joining in. That's a pertinent question, only I think you've posted it in the wrong thread. Thanks for taking it to the one about Genocide. Thanks. GS

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 10:46 PM
Something else I wanted to add to this hypothesis is this.

Lets say that what the OP suggests is true. Can you not see a reasoning for there to be a need for a culling? What if there are a limited number of demons/aliens, lets say that number is 1 million. There goal is to possess human bodies and exist fully on this plane. There's one problem....there's billions of people on this planet and sooner or later we will realize what is happening and stop them.

Could this not be a reason that tptb have been instructed to cull the human population? The aliens/demons want Earth for themselves?

Using what the OP has suggested I can connect a lot of dots.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 11:08 PM

Originally posted by TrueBrit

You have it all butt backwards ! You are putting the cart before the horse sir! And heres why. First of all lets just agree to disagree shall we , about the link between deamons and aliens. Im not going to go into detail, but were deamon kin loose upon the Earth, we wouldnt be having this discussion because more pressing matters would require our attention.

Hi True Brit,

From this I see you've dabbled your share in contact with the demonic side? Do you care to share the experience? Or is that a secret?

Originally posted by TrueBrit

But in terms of just the element of accusing world leaders of treason for lying to us all this time about what is actualy happening, you MUST accept that the order of events should be the following :

Here you really need to wake up. Nobody here MUST accept anything you demand. This YOU must accept. An internet discussion board is a place for exchange of views, and nobody has any authority to impose protocol other than one of a modicum of courtesy in your social gestures, when they are the host.

Originally posted by TrueBrit

Absolute proof, of a physical and scientificaly testable nature is found for the existance of extra terrestrial , intelligent life, and its visitations to our planet.

Physical proof can be deceptive due to errors in instrumentation, improper selection of reference criteria, inadequate detection of signals, and misinterpretation of variables or of the process itself. History is replete with cases in which deductive theories without tangible proof are valid and accurate, only to be proven with supportive evidence decades if not centuries later once the paradigms have shifted enough to understand that the proverbial horse behind the cart was walking backwards..

Originally posted by TrueBrit

It is then proven that world governments not only knew about it, but have been conspiring with , or begging the silence of the alien for a few decades at least, to prevent the people gaining undeniable proof or knowledge of this fact for whatever reason.

If you desire such proof then you must set forth to find it yourself. This is called "research" in educated circles. Something which some ATS members happen to do from time to time, but seldom by dictate. We research what we see as valid, either as a possible assumption, a probable cause or a likely consequence. Human thought is strange that way, it moves along progressively until we get an idea we may one day venture to discuss.

Originally posted by TrueBrit

Once those two first events are done with will come a time when treason can be thrown at members of the establishment who might have had power in this subject, and ONLY then.

Please stand corrected. Justice can be doled out in many ways, and on many bases. In some countries it only takes one judge, ruling according to their own "intimate conviction". In other places or at other times Justice is more expeditive. For example, public opinion can render its own form of Justice, regardless of the penal implications, there is such a thing as "social death", ask Richard Nixon. The impunity you promote won't last.

Originally posted by TrueBrit

Throwing accusations around willy nilly, offering no proof either of research or of a physical nature, and generaly throwing your toys out of the pram will not change this one simple fact. Without proof of your version of events, acting as though you have done the hard work, by pointing the finger at people is a futile , and ultimately pointless manouvre on your part, and you would do well to think these things through in the right order in future. That way, the next time you point the finger, it will have some power behind it.

I note an apparent irreverence towards children, in your reference to the pram, maybe you should try tossing a toy or two as it might loosen up that TrueBrit rectitude? Also noteworthy is your aspiration for power of a finger, when that of the keyboard is far mightier. Fight as you may for your digital force. Others may choose to use verbiage as they deem fit, even if it doesn't meet the stringent mandate of pedestrian power politics you set them forth for them.

So I wish you good fortune in your campaign to exact the truth by demand, to impose procedures of thought, to respect standards of conveyance, and to banish whatever may not fit your square or be circumscribed by your compass.


posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 11:20 PM
reply to post by DZAG Wright

Now that is whole other kettle of fish! In all of my studies on demonology, such a notion has not come up. And, if we were to take just the cataloged Demons, the number falls way short.

There are also some reasonable documented cases of true possesion, as far as I know there has never been a case of possesion by a cataloged Demon.

If what you hypothesize has any merit, then there could well be reason for concern. It is unfortunate that most Mages are, shall we say, overly traditional. There is little if any communication with in our community. Although, one would think that if something of this magnitude was beginning, or occuring, that the word would get out. So, let us hope that 'no word' means no occurance.

I was just thinking about "how" to combat something like this. Gaining absolute control over the demonic hierarchy would seem a logical starting point. Unfortunatele, the "Illuninati" have studied the very same schools of Magick as I have. So, if I can think of a way to stop such a thing, then they can think of a way to instantiate it.

Peace and Understanding
[Etharzi od Oma]

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 11:38 PM

Originally posted by Pervius

Fascinated with Nikola Tesla I read everything on the man I could get my hands on. One thing really got my attention was the Ford Foundation tried to get Nikola to do Paranormal Research with them.

Nikola was working with directed energy. Why did the Ford Foundation want him then?

They wanted to either use directed energy and battle demons....or they wanted to harvest demons for power.

What we have JUST learned from the ghost hunting crowd, Demons don't like Ultra Violet light. You put Ultra violet light in a room and paranormal activity ceases. Also would explain why they don't come out in daylight.

Now why don't WE grab some Ulra Violet Lasers and start some inter dimensional warfare?

We now know those interdimensional entities are effected by UV light. Arm up.

Hi Pervius,

Thanks for bringing this into the discussion topic. When we consider that there is a higher frequency of both demonic manifestations and alien visitation at night, when we are deprived of the UV rays of the sun, then this might be something which shows at least a similarity in patterns of manifestation between these two types of beings. On its own it does not mean that they are necessarily one and the same, although they might be, but it does point to the fact that there is a similar pattern in relation to some form of radiation emitted by the sun. True, one category might shun a certain part of the spectrum than another, but the UV theory deserves to be explored.

While much has been written about Tesla and he was the object of many attentions from people in power as by agents of darkness - it has been alleged that Prescott Bush worked under an Alias as his secretary and his second son George Herbert Walker was so snoopy as to be nicknamed "Curious George" by Tesla - this is the first I have heard about The Ford Foundation's project. It has been reported that Tesla himself often attributed 'his' discoveries to assistance from other beings from elsewhere. I had assumed this meant extraterrestrials or inhabitants of the inner Earth, whether or not hollow, but it could have meant entities from another dimension. This would also help explain Tesla's involvement in the first phase of the Philadelphia Experiment he is said to have resigned from due to the risks incurred by the sailors on the Eldridge.

I also find it noteworthy that The Ford Foundation, which so happened to fund Barack Obama's upbringing, would have been interested in doing pretty much what demons have been blamed for since time immemorial, robbing them of their souls harnessed as an energy source. While battling demons can be well understood, especially if they prey upon us and obtrusively interfere with our perceptions and our affairs, harvesting their souls is another matter. For harnessing the power of demons is the object of many an occult black magick ritual, those at the top of Freemasonry being no different in that purpose. We can even wonder if this foundation, benefiting from the profits of the extension of the scientific productivity management of automobile manufacturing, wasn't seeking to use technology to 'industrialize' the process of black magick by operating a large demon harvesting factory?

So I would much appreciate if you happen to remember in what article or publication you learned of this or any further leads you might have. From what we know of Tesla he had a strong moral fiber and upon multiple occasions refused certain immoral applications of his inventions and innovations. So it sounds likely that he would not have followed suit, although one never knows.

I like the practical applications of your idea of Ultraviolet weapons to protect ourselves from demonic activity or maybe even to repel Aliens seeking to abduct us? If effective, no home should be without one, something to ponder for those interested in making them readily available. It certainly would be nice if we'd at long last have access to minimal protective measures against the dark side, whether in alien or demonic form. We are entitled to live normal lives, choosing at least for a certain measure how far we venture into the great unknown.


posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 11:53 PM

Originally posted by Essence

It could be that a lot of Aliens contacting people are causing problems, but it still doesn't mean that all Aliens are evil, if they exist. A lot of decent ones might be out there that generally leave us to do our own thing, or even inspire us in ways that we're not aware of. Seems wrong to tarnish them all with the same brush.

Hi Essence,

Whether Aliens or Demons, anyone or any being causing problems is going to be confronted with the 'solutions' to those problems. I am not at war with all non human entities, whether in physical or immaterial form. Nonetheless we are in a worrisome situation given the many accounts of people who are harmed in serious ways. Public Safety is one of the highest duties of any Public Servant. By this token, at minimum it would be a betrayal of that higher duty if a member of Government or an agent of an administration or agency knew of a threat and failed to protect the population or even warn them of an impending danger.

Regarding neutral or benevolent Alien beings or spirit entities, that sounds like a very interesting prospect and should they be present amongst us continuously or from time to time, why not. It isn't that there are beings which are different from us which is at issue, it is first the need to prevent harm, and secondly to compel those with the power to affect the situation to act in accordance with the duties of their function. What I fear, from what I know of our governing Elite, is that they are so entrenched in the occult echelons of power that they fail to take any salutary measures on our behalf because they are themselves compromised. This is what is meant by the call to raise their awareness of the implications of their self-protection to our detriment: awakening them to the fact that this constitutes a clear form of High Treason will go a long way towards amending their behavior.


posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 12:10 AM
reply to post by robinmorningstar

I capitalized NOT, so people would see i was saying that Aliens aren't demons. and didn't misread what i wrote...Chill brotha, dont be so quick to come at me with a snarky arrogant remark. Its the internet , it won't earn you social bonus points.

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 12:47 AM

Originally posted by OwenandNoelle


Very Interesting thread!

Unfortunately, because we, the general public, have been lied to so much (imho anyway) the matter of coming up with physical, tangible proof is very tricky.

Hi Owen and Noelle,

Thanks for the input, you touch on a lot of interesting points. For example the great power of lies in forming our reality. This is because lies not only form a perception of what is true, one which is purposely erroneous, but lies are more harmful insofar as they provide our very basis for exploring other aspects of truth. A lie will require evidence which corresponds to the lie in order to be validated as possibly being true. For this reason, lies are the greatest mind trick played upon humanity, whether by an immature prankster or the "great deceiver" of legend. So we must be suspicious of the excessive demands made by some that others provide Hard Evidence, Indisputable Facts, Tested Data and other measures of reality which have no logical attachments other than their correspondence with their residual prejudice. Truth stands on its own, without evidence, to later be comforted by evidence. It doesn't work nearly as well the other way around, unless you're seeking self-confirming evidence rather than to gain greater understanding.

Originally posted by OwenandNoelle

However, I do believe that the highest levels of the governments and military (and nasa) are aware of the ET presence. And I believe that it is entirely possible that ill-advised deals were struck back in the 1950’s.

I very much agree with you that the reason that the tptb have not disclosed the truth is because they’re protecting their own @sses. Without question in my eyes, they’re not keeping quiet because they want to protect the ignorant masses from massive social and religious upheavals or change. They’re keeping quiet because they are benefiting from the ET presence and want to hoard all of the knowledge and new technology for themselves. Furthermore, the wealthy are making too much money off of our backs to have any desire to want to change the status quo until it suits them.

We will probably find, in my humble opinion, that there is a relation between the ruling Elite's pact with the devil or, to use a less religiously charged metaphor, their fascination with the occult, and the alleged deals struck with ETs first by Roosevelt prior to WWII and then by Truman and Eisenhower, not to mention those of Nazi Germany or other nations we know less about in this respect. There is both secret knowledge as well as an agenda. The secrecy is what endangers us, because we are left at risk without minimal information for self-protection. The agenda is only a problem if it subverts official allegiances, promotes unaccepted principles or intends to unduly harm certain parties or the population on the whole. From what has not only leaked out from authors over the past century but also from increasingly transparent action plans engaged at an advanced stage, such as the UN's Agenda 21, it is evident that this agenda goes against the public interest targeting massive deaths.

Originally posted by OwenandNoelle

As well, like you said, if the public did find out what they were up to --- we wouldn’t just riot on the street ---- we’d be stringing the ****ers up. High Treason is a perfect word for what these people are up to.

"...if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched."

- George HW Bush in an interview with Sarah McClendon, December 1992

Yet they were left with an additional thirty odd years to do their worst. And this is but one of the mid-level families, not those in power behind the scenes. While some here find my thread title is too extreme, it is not an appeal to public unrest but rather a choice to bark loud so as to not have to bite. The Elite is gruesome in its occult excesses. Yet I wish nobody harm if it can be prevented, as long as a measure of justice is served. What is important is not exacting revenge, no matter how dreadful the crimes. It is to halt the inertia of the process in which humanity is oppressed.

Originally posted by OwenandNoelle

Still, I think that if there are bad ET’s out there, than it would stand to reason that hopefully there are benevolent ET’s as well. And you’re right --- there’s much we don’t understand upon the phenomenon. Some ET’s may be third dimensional like us --- but then many others may be much more advanced and exist in higher dimensions. (This might explain the reports of morphing crafts and how they’re able to travel so fast and move through walls ect. ) And if we are to believe in higher dimensions that we can’t see, then yes, it is very possible that there are entities that cohabit earth with us, but simply are of a higher dimension.

So in other words, they’re not all demons imho. Some are likely what we would consider angelic.

It is for this reason that throughout time demons have been differentiated from 'angelic' spirits, beings from elsewhere who are benevolent and for that reason quite the opposite of those bent upon our destruction. Not having had any form of contact with the "sunny side" of visitation, I cannot comment on whether they exist or not.

Originally posted by OwenandNoelle

But from everything that I’ve read about the Illuminati, I’d have to agree with you that if these fat ****s are involved with higher entities, than these entities can’t be good. To be quite honest I find the Illuminati to be scary as heck to me. On the one hand worshipping a Giant Owl seems pretty absurd --- I always think to myself when I see those videos “Really?” “Really, our political and royal have nothing better to do than pledge allegiance to an owl?” As cool as Owls are...from what I understand they’re not the sharpest bird in the animal kingdom. I would honestly think that playing on the wii or watching the Family Guy might be much more fun.
(On a side note --- one of the `screen memories`that some ET contactees state have been implanted are of....Owls)

But beneath their Owl worship --- is some pretty shocking, deviant behaviour. I do believe that the Illuminati are into some pretty sick stuff. And even if one doesn’t believe in evil spirits or the devil or whatnot, these freaks do --- and what they do in the Owls name or whatever the bleep they believe in --- is the stuff of nightmares. (I suspect anyways.) Honestly, I’d sincerely rather not think about it --- but what we don’t know --- I guess really can harm us.

You do well to consider the Owl which like Aliens and Demons is only active at night and seen in the Abduction and Possession investigations of the movie The Fourth Kind, and associate it with the veneration of the Giant Owl at Bohemian Grove in the context of human ritual sacrifice, burning the victim alive. The grotesque "clucking" noises made by those in attendance during the sacrifice are more disturbing yet than the screams of agony. And that is only the tip of the iceberg, we shouldn't conclude that for the attendees it is strictly a once a year occasion during which they check in their morality for the occasion. This deviance creates a bond of them against us. That we matter for so little that we may be sacrificed is used at the grove to exemplify the end of Care, signalling they need no longer care for the rest of humanity, only for power, lust and dominance.

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posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 01:06 AM

Originally posted by coolottie

Well, it is very clear that you are not a Contactee, or ever meet an alien, or probably never saw a ufo. But you put out info about them without ever having an experience or proof to back up that they are demons. It is just like here on earth there are good ones and bad ones. Even within the 57 different species there are good ones and bad ones. That is what's wrong with this planet now. Judging entire countries, societies, races, relegions as all bad or all good. I didn't mean to sound impolite, but judging others and not even know them is just so wrong.anc

Hi collottie,

I never said I was a Contactee, whatever gave you that impression? I did however have reason to construe that there might be a real Alien presence here and that it could be associated with ancient accounts of the Devil. If you are truly interested simply run a search with my name in the bottom box and using the word "sighting" and it should give a number of testimonials of that experience.

I am glad to finally have a chance to discuss the topic with a real Contactee, one who has met with 57 different species nonetheless. Did you meet one of each, was it upon different occasions, or were they all together in a single assembly? It does sound like something of a Federation, if they are so organized.

Regarding what is wrong with this planet, is not that people view things as good or evil. It is that evil people or their demons happen to manipulate others into believing that something is evil when it is not. The guiding principle of good and evil is a dialectic intimately linked to our vital survival mechanisms, otherwise you would eat excrement and have intercourse with a goat. Sure there are those who enjoy each of those activities but it is considered a form of perversion and abnormal behavior as it goes against nature. Similarly venerating entities which harm people can be considered evil as it goes against the natural inclination of species to protect their own kind. If you;re ready to serve as an experimental guinea pig to further extraterrestrial science, be my guest.

Just as there are those thrust into satanic cults who wish they could opt out but are trapped, there are certainly those among Aliens or dimensional entities who are not wholly bad and possibly actually quite good by human standards. So it is not about throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but ceasing to abide by a barrier of neutrality when humanity is apparently under attack. Untold suffering is foisted upon our brethren, and we are duty bound to react in any way we can to alleviate this suffering. That our leadership is complicit and possibly more deeply involved than we care to consider is cause for alarm, and should justify an outcry and a call to action. Sorry if that sounds prejudicial and unjust.


posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 01:10 AM

Originally posted by Getsmart
Hollywood is named after the Holly Wood, the wood used to make sorcerers' wands.

Originally posted by jclmavg
And the historical evidence for this is? What? All I read here is plain nonsense. Perhaps you should mention Harry Potter too.

Hi jclmavg,

If it doesn't make sense to you, I cannot be held responsible for your neurones or their connections. You may want to do a bit of leg work to investigate that which you don't understand - there are too many people on the Internet for me to be placed in charge of spelling out whatever you seek to have delivered for processing.You already know what you know and what you don't know, so nobody else is in as good a position to fill in the empty spaces.


posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 01:16 AM

Originally posted by superluminal11

You have heard the saying. What possessed them or folks to say that, do that, act like that.

Much of what you say is true..not good or evil...just simply true. I believe the illusion of good and evil is what continues to make us prisoners.

Pretty vs Ugly
Rich vs Poor
Smart vs Dumb
Black vs White
Light vs Dark
Evil vs Good
Worthy vs Unworthy

The name of the game is divide and conquer. The entertaining part is it manifests in movies as well.
Stargate SG1, Beings that feed on fear, Interstellar travel, faster than light speed, wormholes, ETs, conspiracies government, religious, science, MK Ultra, supernatural etc...Nahhhhh...thats just a movie of fiction we all reply
has no basis in truth whatsoever.

Hi Superluminal,

Assuredly oppositions are designed, engineered and exploited by those who want to manipulate us into false dialectics, but Hegel has a point that the confrontation of contraries can shed light, although there are many other ways of applying logic. Those outlined by you above show differentiation with attributed properties placed in opposition. Yet we remain free to juxtapose them otherwise, to attribute slightly or significantly different properties to each and then abstract knowledge as we deem fit. It is also a trap to outright reject dialectics because they can be used abusively by TPTB. Just as you won't reject food because it might be poisoned. Simply take care what you think just as you do what you eat, don't stop thinking.


posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 01:17 AM
I am confused about something in one the videos regarding phil streiber announcing serious statements in regards to the aliens and his involvement, however , he also states theories and facts concerning world trade center attack! Here is the problem how can that be if he was killed in 1996?

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 01:31 AM
if that is high treason, then what was 9/11? they have been commiting high treason like 4ever!!
since they are the prosecutors, who would prosecute them ?

dont ask or claim someone is hiding something when they will not be punished. Would ypu beat or lock yourself up in prison.
of course not !!

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 01:37 AM

Originally posted by robinmorningstar

Wow! Firstly, remind me to never piss you off, because when you answer someone, you REALLY ANSWER THEM!!! Secondly, I actually didn't read all your postings yet, but I'm actually inclined to believe what I see as your initial premise, and have thought so for quite some time. Now then, I'm a theologically minded, so I always view the events happening in the world through correlations that I then relate back to insights that I read and gain from the Bible...I guess you'd have to keep that in mind. Having said that, I have long since thought that UFOs and alien presence most likely represented a trans-dimensional presence rather than a distant universal relative.

Hi Robin Morningstar,

Sorry for coming off as antagonistic, but posting a strong claim such as the one made here places you in the line of fire. I really have not much pride, so I don't mind a bashing. However if others are at stake in more important ways it compels me to do my best to defend what I may erroneously perceive as their interest. In this thread there is the idea of the general good, that of the population at large, and the duty of any in positions of power to not fail them. It is not a thing of my own invention, each nation having it own understanding and legislation regarding such matters. However it has not, to my knowledge, been extended to the issue of Alien intervention, and that is where I thought this topic would be worth putting forth.

Unlike you, not only was I not raised in religion but had every inclination in that regard beaten out of me with warnings of brainwashing by manipulative controllers. What I discovered over time, however, was that this was not the real reason, itself being the presence at least in one form or another in all religions of an element of spirituality and a striving for good. This is the force that was being opposed, and not misleading dogma. Since, I have not espoused religion nor even what some term spirituality, although I have reason to believe we have a spiritual nature and a soul separate from our body due to a near death experience at a young age. That is to situate my own outlook in contrast to your own. So rather than structure, I find in religious scriptures of various origins more of a possibly historical character often dispelled with pearls of wisdom and moral teaching. It has so far not sufficed to become a ruling paradigm of our governing reality, otherwise I don't know if one would be so compelled to explore it here at ATS.


posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 02:22 AM
reply to post by condition9

There were attacks on the WTC before 9/11. 1992 i believe..or 1990, bombs, the entrance hall. Something like that i think.

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 02:25 AM

Originally posted by TrueBrit

No Getsmart, of course you arent one of Her Majesty's subjects, and you are not under my command. But you do have a duty to uphold your membership of this site, and contribute SOMETHING rather than what you actualy contributed, which was multi coloured fonts and NOTHING else.

I didn't realize that you were with the ATS membership police. Thanks for the friendly warning.

Originally posted by TrueBrit

You say you are under no obligation to furnish me with skill. No you arent, but you are under an obligation to stop wasting everyones time when you dont even have a proper theory , when you havent linked any of the disperate parts of your non argument together, and you do have an obligation to get those things right in the future. Just because some other posters get away with wasting peoples time with speculation and unproven prattle in capital letters, does not mean its right.

TrueBrit, I am not wasting your time. You are. Nobody has forced you to read this - have they?

Originally posted by TrueBrit

Ok , evoking demons is equal to opening stargates? Fine, so how does one go about that? Have you provided a source which specificaly states, with some form of gravitas rather than the usual (read pathetic) mewling from one or another spiritualist, that any of this is remotely true, or even possible?? Oh I can understand the logic behind what you are asserting here dont get me wrong,in order to summon a dark thing from beyond death, it is required to prepare the way. This is not a new idea. But , confusing a demonic portal with a star gate is a bit of a stretch without some detail as to WHY you think stargates and demonic portals are the same.

My, my, are you frustrated that, unlike your compatriot and fellow in the dark arts Aleister Crowley, you are unable to evoke an Alien Grey?

Originally posted by TrueBrit

Alien presence equal to demonic abuse? If you are seriously considering this as a possibility you have neither researched demon kin, nor aliens in anything like the detail required to deem yourself fit to actualy make a thread about them.

In case you didn't notice, this thread is about High Treason by our ruthless rulers, of which your Majesty the Queen fits the picture except that as she is your Monarch, you have only the rights of a subject, subjected as you are to her rule. Gotta admit you have a raw deal, no High Treason there given you are to serve her and not the reverse. Yet that is nothing to displease a TrueBrit, you might say.

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This one is my personal favourite UFO Activity equals Hell Unleashed. Have you any idea what hell unleashed would look like? Hell , no matter which religious persuasion you come from, is many many many times worse than any place on Earth, and it is more horrid and repugnant to look upon than the most ugly place on this world. In tradition it is a place entirely constructed from hellfire and brimstone, where nothing is plesant, where only decay , corruption , and pain have a place. It is a place where torment occurs in every second, a place where the darkest souls on Earth shall go when they die, and the place which keeps men straight and narrow by fear of it. It is a place where the dead continue to live in agony for eternity , caked in thousands and thousands of years of thier own decaying gore, and tortured still for all the days remaining in existance. The mere smell of the place released into the atmosphere of this planet would kill nearly everyone on it, and were hell unleashed upon the Earth, demon kind would pour over this world and gut everything that remained upon it, and make Earth a part of hell, every ocean turned to blood, every lake turned to sulphur, every life turned to death and ash, and joy utterly extinguished.

Wow! You seem to really enjoy that. Any special reason? Homesick?

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The most you get out of aliens, is the odd abduction and the even rarer harvesting incidents of them stealing organs. Again this is VERY rare. Near enough everyone who has ever been abducted claims that they were in a very clean area, a surgical place when they were examined, probed whatever. Either that, or they have no idea whatsoever.So, Hell actualy equals decay corruption venom and infectious death, and aliens so far as we can see have a monthly subscription to mail order cleaning catalogues.

What you somehow fail to apprehend, as of course place this burden upon others - you will notice I have not made such an imposition upon you to enlighten us with your own grand knowledge of all things cosmic - is that within the concept of the perception of Alien visitation there is a component which is related to the abductees mind. In the post-war period their craft were replete with large banks of magnetic tape devices, when today they have leading edge artifices corresponding with our current technology. Therefore there is an aspect to such experiences which has to do with forms of materialization in correspondence with the subject's paradigms of reality. To make this more simple for you to understand, since you like examples, if you were to be abducted the spaceship would probably be decorated with Union Jacks.

This means that while the experience is very real, witnessed as physical by many manners of perception and measure, it also has an interface with the reality construct of the contactee. That is why, if the contactee will have an unconscious claptrap of slime and stench such as yours demonstrated above, they will possibly find their environment less hygienic? Today's evil is quite hardened as the rough edge of excessive mechanization of our social and technological environment, reaching to the microscopic level of nanomachines. It is therefore plausible that this could be a factor of the UFO experience construct, a modern hell with anonymous creatures who care little more about us than those managing our credit card billing.

Another possibility for this discrepancy might be associated with the metaphysical parameters of trans-dimensional travel, making superfluous sludge of the kind you enjoy describing unfit for transit into this level of reality? While it might well exist as you so cheerfully describe it, possibly it cannot manifest here without pulling us into its depths? This doesn't mean that Alien Greys are not what the ancients referred to as crafty, deceptive and malevolent demons. But if you have more information you care to share about demons, and you seem to be quite a fan of them, do let us know unless that would banish you from some brotherhood of the cape or the crucible.

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Whats even more hilarious about your assertion that UFO activity is actualy Hell being unleashed, is that mere activity by UFO looks like a light in the sky , or a jet plane doing impossible things. It doesnt look like the puss ridden mouth of Cerberus chewing on your intestinal tract while eyeing up your throat for the next bite. The two could be said to be a little far off from eachother!

My, my, another mouthful for the lapping. You really should try a ride in a spaceship, you're making their anal probes sound like fun in comparison.

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Lastly of couse you have the allegiance to aliens section . Well, now on this I agree with you. If aliens were a dangerous group of space faring sociopaths with a taste for human flesh and the causation of suffering, then it would be treason in its highest form to co operate with thier demands , regardless of the consequences to the leaders of earth should they refuse.

Somehow I can't fathom how you venture to agree with anything I said. Oh, but that's because all I did was echo what most nations have legislated as treasonous, something which compelled your former King to abdicate - his "intelligence with the enemy" going so far as to marry a Nazi agent being swept under the cover story of having married a 'divorced' woman!!!

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This thread is evidence for my assertion that there should never be any relationship between the search for extra terrestrial life, and the religious groups on this planet. The reason is simple. The religions of this planet, wether twisted after origin , or just built wrong from the start, are xenophobic, and fear based. They are not based on irrefutable fact, they require no proof, they are incapable of explaining themselves adequately and just like Getsmart do not believe they should have to . They are in short patheticaly inadequate to the task of investigating in a serious and in depth manner, the subject of wether we are alone in the universe, how we might go about locating other intelligences,and the possibility that other intelligences either have been or are among us.They are even more impossible to use in this way when they are researched by someone who hasnt figured out what they are trying to convey.

Faith is something you show you reject, yet your own religion is science, in which you have blind faith. You might try having a bit of faith in your ability to discover the unknown, without it needing to be proven to you by measurement or calculation. Much of our world is metaphysical, and I advance that your methodology is grossly inadequate to address such matters with trivial attachment to inappropriate rigor worthy of scanning a microbe more than examining the universe.

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However right now, this very moment, there are many billions of dollars worth of kit and time being expended to observe exoplanets in orbit of stars other than our own , in the hopes of spotting planets with high chances for life . There are roving teams of exploring biologists and biochemists, learning from extremophile creatures , the lesson that life, regardless of the environmnent is capable of flourishing where ever it finds itself, with or without light, and with or without air, or obvious sources of nourishment, AND that life can suspend itself for tens of thousands of years in hibernation (something which was thought insane not to long ago). THIS is the method by which whatever remains out there to be seen, will be seen. Until fact and figure have had thier say, until understanding most exacting and precise has been gained about whatever or who ever aliens may turn out to be, religion should butt out. I have no argument with God, but his followers, and the zealots of a thousand versions of faith, should sit down, shut up, and just play cards until the people capable of logical thought have had a look at the situation.

I am not preventing you, or them, from playing with all those toys which are mere extensions of fractionary samplings by deficient means of observation without a clue what they're looking for. The lacking is in the premise, which every fundamental researcher knows only too well. You are not well placed to call others zealot when it with such zeal that you engage in your holy war against all religion because you have found the only true religion: science. It is your own delusion you project onto them, and you might gain a lot by re-reading your critique of their failings and examining how you may have been voicing your own doubts?


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