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"Oh, I don't focus on negative things like that." What? Blissful ignorance while everyone else

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 10:31 AM
Yeah, that's the question; what does it take? I guess it takes an awful lot. The problem is the culture is bred into everyone not to care, a culture of apathy, and it's even cool to be this way.

Originally posted by Plugged
Just after watching the short film "The American Dream" with my girlfriend, I look at her and ask, "So, what do you think about that? The federal reserve is definitely stealing our taxes." She counters,"Baby..I just don't care.." How can we possibly "wake the masses" if most people just don't care? It's not enough to inform someone anymore, you have to completely change their thought process and MAKE them care, and apparently the theft of our taxes isn't enough for some.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 11:34 AM

Originally posted by DaveakaRNG
I have to imagine that's how the Elite think. I understand the frustration, but tearing down the majority of humanity is in turn tearing yourself down.

Originally posted by davespanners

They are oxygen thieves of the highest order and should be culled like lame horses

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Thank you DaveakaRNG...this is what I was thinking. Yes, it's one thing to educate yourself and then try to inspire others to educate themselves but if one thinks that just because they are more informed than others then they are in some way better, well that really burns my toast. It is arrogant and selfish to think that way. So are we going to cull the sheeple? Have a world of ultra-informed people and that will make the world a better place??

There are some people who choose to be uninformed and I say, shame on them..but there are people who don't have the capacity to understand the big picture, others may not have the resources to help them learn. But just because someone is blissfully ignorant doesn't mean they are a waste of a human! We all have our parts to play. Every human being has value and has the right to live.

Sound like intellectual elitism to me.

To the OP - yes challenge them, inform them, educate them...sad world we live in where ignorance is cool...

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 11:38 AM

Originally posted by Whiffer Nippets
I don't discuss anything esoteric unless I feel the other person(s) would be receptive and/or understanding.

Negativity aside, I have noticed that I am *met with* much negativity, as well as shock and confusion simply for living a somewhat "alternative" lifestyle.

No, nothing exotic
Boring really, for the most part. I am seen as *strange* simply because I chose not to go down the path of house in the 'burbs, Corporate Paper Pusher Job, 2.5 kids, SUV, cheering on the locally preferred Sports Team.

Because *I chose not to* go down this path I am met with everything ranging from bewilderment to outright hostility.

OK? And that's not engaging in discussion, it's hostility just for being who you are. And - even 'who you are' is nothing overly odd - it is just *not them* - so I guess that is what pisses them off?

It is seen as "rejection" of what they chose, I suppose.

People can be jealous as well - of those with intelligence. Or those who are intelligent enough to even try to question things and seek a different path. They may be jealous of the "courage of your convictions", wish they had sought another path, etc.

It is not easy to 'go against the grain'. You are met with hostility.

This resonates so deeply with me, as if you put my thoughts to words.
I would like to thank you also OP.

I am a Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, it changed everything about how I look at the world, from Religion, to the status quo, to relationships . . . just everything. Some would lable this PTSD but I am glad for the change. I slowly (after many years, because I got back from War years ago) went through a profound readjustment. I lost many friends who just "couldn't go there with me" or who were shocked by the changes in me. Now, I feel at ease because I have let go of so many that were hostile towards me for my world view.

I remember one instance where I was riding home with a woman from Bible Study who was all pro-life and wanted to raise money to stop abortions and when I said to her - how is this War you support any different? She responded "Well we have to defend our country we can't just lie there" to which I responded, but they lied to us about the Weapons - and the hijackers - none of them were from Iraq - and now those people we went to "rescue" are the ones killing US Forces - and besides that - I told her the "Holy Spirit" (or maybe my inner Ghandi) came to me in the desert and told me it was WRONG - the war was wrong. If she wanted to coach that as a message from Jesus, I told her he doesn't want us to kill period, not babies and not Iraqis, that he came for the "Kingdom" and not the USA despite what your Preacher is spewing at you. What was this Bible bangers response to all of this, she got livid at me . . . anyway, no more rides to Bible Study, and a long friendship was lost. As was this type of faith perspective for me, nothing like the "Religious" to kill your faith.

I still have a few friendships of many years I try to maintain but it is very difficult. I don't sit around telling war stories - but I do feel keeping a general sense of awareness about the world at large is important, and responsible. I can discuss things from the perspective of wanting to understand them, despite the fact things do go on in the world and life that are uncomfortable. I am NOT all doom and gloom as some would suggest, at the same time life is more then skittles and rainbows.

Oddly at the same time I maintain a sense of being informed - I practice a lot of non attachment to the material world which also puts me at odds with others. I really do have my "monk" thing on, or maybe I should say my "nun" thing on. A lot of this behavior we are shunned for by the bulk of populace would be accepted on that narrow path (of what ever faith set of your chosing) - I am glad for the internet, and people I am blessed to have the chance to meet who help me to learn more each day about how not alone I am. This thread is an example of that.
We are all small travelers really - trying to find our way in this world, a world that is difficult and complex. Accepting the reality of it all of it while staying in balance is the key in my view. Or has been to my "enlightenment" in any regard. I am glad to be aware and in balance.

I find most people that cannot adjust to the reality of life and respond to me with statements about wanting to not think about those things . . . are in actuality the ones with the most dysfunctional lives. I think reality is overwhelming for most people . . .
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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 12:40 PM
I tilt my head to the side, staring at them silently with a half smile on my face for an uncomfortable moment. When they start to squirm, I ask them how they feel they can go out and vote with a clear conscience. That's about the time they turn and walk away in frustrated silence.

But seriously, voting isn't a popularity contest like the media made the last presidential election into. How do people so removed from anything but their inner reality which totally focuses on them, vote?

Being aware isn't negative, it's confronting reality for what it is. You notice these are the same people that have everything handed to them on a golden platter? They never seem to have to *work* at anything, it just happens for them.

I used to tell my husband that I wished it was like that for us sometimes, but the alternative to is to be blissfully ignorant, and I wouldn't want it that way.

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