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A Simple Self Experiment (to do when meditating or in a relaxed state)

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posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 03:31 PM
Here's something I tried and found interesting. Sometimes I get bored and try meditating to clear my mind. I don't really have any particular methods or anything (to be honest, I'm kind of lazy about it), but stumbled upon something interesting. Maybe the old masters know of this since it seems similar to the things they talk about. (Chakras, Qi, and all that energy flow stuff.) Just consider this approach I developed an "idiot's guide" which I'm going to explain here.

Step one: The yawn. This seems to be the source of the sensation that can be directed. Call it chills or that tingle that's both warm and cold and is a unique feeling. So once in a somewhat relaxed state in a comfortable posture, force yourself into a prolonged yawn. You may scrunch your eyes shut or whatever. But once you get that "vibration" or "spinning" feeling, focus on that. You can kind of mentally control or produce it after a while.

Step two: If you've still got that feeling, force it down the back of your neck and into the shoulder area. I found that it's also possible to spontaneously generate this feeling in my left shoulder blade. Whatever it is, other than the yawn it seems possible to start it here.

Step three: The feeling is kind of weak, but now mentally direct it down your left side. It seems to flow either down your left arm or side of your torso at first along the outside. It seems funny, but at this point it's a tad weaker. This is ok though. Think of it as moving a smoldering ember to light a fuse. But the "ember" is this weird feeling you're moving with your mind.

Step four: Move that to the seat of your pants. Yeah, it sounds funny. But take my word for it and just do it. And keep it there. After a while you'll notice it getting stronger. (If it works for you like it does for me.) Then it seems to "light off". Almost like burners in an old boiler, whatever it is, you're cooking now. The feeling gets somewhat stronger and begins to spread out. It expands and progresses in stages up through your gut, and hits a few stages before it goes everywhere. It's a kind of intense sensation if you do it right. You'll get goosebumps and stuff and your hair will be standing up.

This isn't much of a technique nor am I saying or making claims that this does anything special. Yet whatever this is may be affecting the metabolism. Because when I do this, I feel more tired afterwards than when meditating or relaxing without doing this. No OBE's or any mystical stuff from it either, at least in my experience. Nor would I make claims that it has influence on such things. It just seems like I've figured out how to control something in my physiology that I normally haven't tapped into before.

So, what are your thoughts on this and your own experiences? Easy enough to do? Good/bad/no results? Anyone able to go into more depth on this?

posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 03:47 PM
The tai chi masters of old who cultivated their chi and stored it in the dan tien or centre of gravity naval area describe the movement or circulation of chi as starting with the inhalation and lung area then sinking down to the dan tien then transitioning through to the sacrum, then up the spine and finally overflowing down over the crown of the head.

They said it was easier to sink the chi then to have it rise up the spine. When this was finally achieved and the feeling or tingling of the chi came over the crown of the head and down over the front of the face it was referred to as the "Golden Rain". A great achievement and path to longevity and vitality.

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