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Still Think Climate Change is a Hoax?

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posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 04:54 AM
Of course it is a hoax - when have you ever known politicians to take expensive preventative action en-mass, to solve a problem that doesn't immediately affect them - unless it suits thier ideological agenda.

In the first instance they sold this to Margret Thatcher - as a way to close the coal mines - and deny the labour party a huge union power base - the Uk was developing the North Sea oil and gas fields at the time and a switch to natural gas was becoming economical - which also had much lower Carbon emissions, which is why they signed up to all these European carbon reduction quotas - it didn't cost them a thing, it provided an excuse and justification to close the coal mines, and it also helped to force the other Euro nations into expensive commitments rendering their economies less competetive.

Plus of course they got to position themselves as being environmentaly responsible and eco-friendly, as opposed to the labour party desperately fighting a losing battle to keep the mines open.

Meanwhile - progressives across the world, realised this whole boondoggle was just a wet dream for them, they could use it as a stalking horse to achieve everything they ever wanted!

posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 05:00 AM
reply to post by StlSteve

Haha, *crap*? sorry but it's fact, and some people don't like to agree with that, this is documented all over the internet, and i've posted a link for you so go and read, if you can prove this wrong, that weather stations have not been reduced, please provide some sourcee like i have.

Kind regards.

posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 05:09 AM
The scientists at NASA’s GISS are widely considered to be the world’s leading researchers into atmospheric and climate changes. And their Surface Temperature (GISTemp) analysis system is undoubtedly the premiere source for global surface temperature anomaly reports.

In creating its widely disseminated maps and charts, the program merges station readings collected from the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) with GHCN and USHCN data from NOAA.

It then puts the merged data through a few “adjustments” of its own.

First, it further “homogenizes” stations, supposedly adjusting for UHI by (according to NASA) changing “the long term trend of any non-rural station to match the long term trend of their rural neighbors, while retaining the short term monthly and annual variations.” Of course, the reduced number of stations will have the same effect on GISS’s UHI correction as it did on NOAA’s discontinuity homogenization – the creation of artificial warming.

again.... the creation of artificial warming.

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posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 05:10 AM

Originally posted by StlSteve
It's always the case. Global warming is BS, and it's always posted in the winter. What better time to defend your position. Again, here's the link


Ah, okay then. Like that is it?

Sorry but currently it is NOT winter here in the southern hemisphere....We start summer in December. Spring was Sept, Oct and Nov. Winter is June, July and August

Australia......Meanwhile, mean temperatures in 2010 were cooler than those for the previous eight years, with an average of 22.0 degrees Celsius, 0.19C above the 1961 to 1990 average of 21.81C.

Nationally-averaged maximum temperatures were 1.23ºC below normal for spring, making it Australia’s 4th coldest spring on record. Most of Australia had cooler than normal daytime temperatures, except the western coast of WA, the far tropical north, Tasmania and the far southeast of the mainland.

Note that it is 1.23 degees Celcuis not F.

December snow for the Alps
Anthony Duke, Saturday December 18, 2010 - 17:41 EDT

Cold air from the south in an upper level trough and widespread cloud cover has caused temperatures across the southeast to plummet. On Saturday, day time temperatures across Victoria, South Australia and parts of NSW were around 5 and 17 degrees below average.

In South Australia Moomba Airport just reached 19 degrees, 17 below average. This is 3 degrees colder than their December minimum average.

Elsewhere the places were in the Victorian Alps where temperatures were as cold as those seen in October. Mount Buller only managed to reach 2 degrees, 13 below average. Falls Creek warmed to just 3 degrees, the coldest it has been in December for 19 years.

Yep, snowing in SUMMER in Australia, which is not unheard of in that mountainous region but "is still out of the ordinary..."

Brisbane soaks in wettest year since 1974

Overall, the maximum temperature in 2010 averaged 25.8 degrees, which is around a degree below the long term norm of 26.6 degrees. Overnight temperatures remained slightly above the average of 16.2 degrees due to the increased cloud cover

But just to show you I am not totally biased

2010 hottest and second driest for Perth
Friday December 31, 2010 - 19:41 EDT

Perth has experienced its hottest and second driest year on record.

The city recorded 503 mm of rain in 2010, well below the average of 868

A record warm year for Hobart and several extreme events are the highlights of Tasmania's weather over the past year.
Warm and extreme - Tasmania's 2010 weather
Thursday January 6, 2011 - 11:02 EDT

However, the facts are that overall mean temperatures in Australia in 2010 were COOLER than average just like I said I observed - with the sources to prove it. From what I understand it has been cold in the northern hemispere too.

La Nina certainly can't be forgotten though.

...I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains....

Except from peom about Australia by Dorothea Mackellar written in 1908

Here's that link again from Climatologist Cliff Harris and Meteorologist Randy Mann who predict cooling followed by record temperatures in 20 or so years.

Global Temperature Trends From 2500 B.C. To 2040 A.D (includes graph)

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posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 05:11 AM
Global warming is bull#. Then they changed it to "climate change", and it's still bull#. "Climate change" was the term used in the book "Our Global Neighborhood".

Now if you wanted to talk about pollution, or the cancer epidimic, I'm all ears, only it's too late for that now, because the Western world is about to collapse.

posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 05:20 AM
You might like to take a look at this very interesting article regarding with the weather stations in the US being *unreliable*
and a quote

Each station has been assigned a CRN rating based on the quality rating system provided by NOAA. We found only
3 percent of the stations surveyed meet the requirements of Class 1, while an additional 8 percent meet the requirements of
Class 2. Stations that don’t qualify as Class 1 or 2 have artificial heating sources closer than 10 meters to the thermometer,
a far cry from the gold standard of 100 meters. This means 89 percent – nearly 9 of 10 – of the stations surveyed produce
unreliable data by NOAA’s own definition.

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This is how a weather station SHOULD be:

But most of the weather stations are near artificial heat sources:

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Where has steve gone? he said he would get back to me.... his "hottest year on record" has been shot down in flames, why? because the data used to come to this conclusion is BAD and people are too lazy to do any real research, they are spoon fed dodgy information.
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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 02:31 AM
This is looking more like the 'we need to sacrifice a virgin every day - otherwise the sun won't rise' scam everyday!

THE term "climate change" could be replaced by "climate challenges" if a federal commissioned marketing study is taken onboard. The study of attitudes to climate change among farmers, commissioned by the Agriculture Department, found only 27 per cent of those surveyed believed human activity was causing climate change, compared with 58 per cent of urban dwellers. As well, primary producers are "very resistant to carbon trading". "It fills them with dread, and there were strong negative reactions towards it," the report says.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 03:12 AM
reply to post by GenerationXisMarching

they would much rather wait untill supply started dwindling (ironically when its the most expensive) and then boom "we solved the energy crisis, so the world wont perish in darkness as we thought, we have what will ressurect our society!! oh by the way, its not cheap"

So funny, because it is the most probable, logical (judging from history) thing they would say if they ever did come out with such a thing.

Bottom line IS the bottom line. Buisness is buisness. Next will come a tax on misery!

But I think alot of the current conflict on global Warming/Climate change (whatever the flavor is this week), is because the old guard (big oil and its associated petro-chemical food chain) is on the outside looking in to the new. They are spending $$$ to keep the change to a new energy standard from happening now, having to be dragged kicking and screaming into a new future.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 03:20 AM
reply to post by CitizenAlpha

So i Guess what we said two years ago wasnt at all possible seems to be Openly clear to be true, I just hope after all this we learn from the mistakes we have made, Im not saying we caused this to happen Cause Lets be real we havent been around Long enough to know that type of thing, But what is claer is that the world we Know and love is Changing, that means We will have to change as well...

I think this is very well put, and very sad. Because I fear it is true, the cause is moot, is there anything we can do?, cause change is afoot.

More and more people will come to the same conclusion. We all have to find our inner peace, to face the change.

Lets roll.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 04:56 AM

Originally posted by Kryties
You've completely missed the point.

There are those who claim anthropogenic (man-made) climate change - and there are those who deny anthropogenic (man-made) climate change. NOBODY is denying that our climate is changing - the only thing people are denying is whether man caused it or not.

I'm one of those.

I mean, lets be real. Government and "experts" have told us that we're to blame for extreme weather etc but wait a second. Did the mammoths have cars that polluted when the last Ice Age struck? Was Moses spraying too much deodorant to cause the Biblical flood?

Extreme weather and climate happens in cycles and while I always believed man made climate change was bogus, since joining ATS I'm actually thinking that the determination to make us change our ways could be a way to control us somehow.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 10:34 AM
I don't think its a hoax
just a natural process that happens every few thousand years or so.
being exploited for some greedy agenda.
imo still something we need to worry about but nothing we can do to stop it.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by CitizenAlpha

Alright, I will try to tell you what the issue is.

Climate change? Sure.

Weather change? Sure.

But why are big corporations and government planning to tax and regulate the average joe when it is them who are not changing their ways, sticking to fossil fuels, wasting so much? Why are they not paying? Why do YOU have to pay the price for climate change but those who steer you get off the hook without a struggle? (I won't let you guess; the answer is: They are tricking you into guilt)

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 11:47 PM
It se3ems the weather every so many years makes drastic changes. But i do fear pollutions effects on the world

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 11:40 AM
Yes the proposed idea that mankind through the burning of fossil fuels is causing massive changes on the planets atmosphere is ridiculous and is continually being proven wrong, but thats not to say we cant or shouldnt clean up our act.Think about it, if they brought it into effect, do you really think al gore is going to pay the tax?
I dont think so...

You guys in Queensland hang in there,i hope the rest of Australia is helping you through it.

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 11:45 AM
Of course it's not a hoax. It's a reality. Global warming/climate change/whatever you want to call it being used for profit or fearmongering doesn't make it a hoax..that's just humans doing what they do best...taking advantage.

Whoever called this a hoax did our planet and humanity a great disservice and took our focus off something that's definitely happening and we definitely need to prepare for. Makes me so angry.

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 12:03 PM

Originally posted by StlSteve
And the hottest year on record according to NASA is..........2010. And 2nd place 2005, and tied for third 1998, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2009.


Except in the British Isles where it's been the coldest year since 1986 apparently averaging 7.6 DegC.

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