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Lucid dreams

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posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 02:04 PM
If you lucid dream is that a way to block out things your mind is trying to tell you through dreams? If so then should you not lucid dream.

posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 02:09 PM
Read Robert Monroe,

All your answers right there.

posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 04:13 PM

being lucid in your dreams you can get answers from dream characters you encounter or you can even look up into the sky and ask out loud: " what do i need to know/do in my life now?"

another good author is are Stephen Laberge

look up anything you can find about the the Senoi tribe, all of their art & music come from their dreams
they fully integrate their dreaming into waking life.
there was a very good book called Creative Dreaming or something which is where i 1st discovered the Senoi dreaming method.

also Tibetan Dream Yoga for the advanced practitioner

As your lucidity in dreams increases so will your lucidity in the waking world.

don't let yourself be frightened/fooled by people who tell you that LD is dangerous or of the Devil
these are the same folk who live in the kingdom of the blind and will mob you in order to blind you too

if your worried about JL loughner having been a lucid dreamer, don't, that is most likely BS or his "freind" may have thought it had something to do with it,probably without ever giving it a try himself

pleasant dreams.
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posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 03:46 AM

If you lucid dream is that a way to block out things your mind is trying to tell you through dreams? If so then should you not lucid dream.

Personally, I prefer taking my own dreams as they come, mostly for the reason behind what you say, that communication of unconscious contents to the waking consciousness is mission critical.

On the other hand, some dreams are spontaneously lucid. So, I take those as they come, too.

Many people conflate lucidity with "control." If I am lucid in a first-person dream, then I am more or less forced to "control" the dream character who represents my waking consciousness. But I wouldn't even try to change other elements of the dream.

A very frequent report from conscious-effort lucid dreamers who do try to exercise control in their dreams is failure of that control. This takes several forms. Maybe they lose lucidity during the dream. Maybe they maintain lucidity but find they cannot control things any more in that dream. Maybe they lose the ability to control any dreams for a while. Maybe they have a nightmare which convinces them to stop trying to control their dreams.

The unconscious functions seem to be "compensatory." If the waking consciousness is being too unbalanced in some direction, then the unconscious steps up and points to balance. In some cases, the unconscious can enforce balance. So, I think that thought control freaks will find that they will be frustrated if they "go too far."

But mission critical or not, and speaking only for myself, the idea that my waking consciousness is a better "filmmaker" than the source of dreams is a joke. As it is, I spend 16 hours a day trying to produce the "films" that I cook up with waking consciousness. I am not going to spend my vacations doing more of the same. I am certainly not going to bust a gut trying to impose work on my vacation time, lol.

posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 03:51 AM
OK, yes I've been dreaming and relalized while dreaming, that I was dreaming. I would have shouted to the sky about why, and all that crap, but hey, their where chicks in my dream

posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 07:14 AM
I,m not sure that I actaully believe in OOBE however i think I,ve been doing this since i was 18, about 25 yrs, It only happens during an afternoon nap and only when I am laying on my back, I have experienced all of the normal stuff floating around, touch, smell, sight sound all very apparent, however here latley I have experienced some pretty scary stuff. Yesterday I fell asleep and I new it was gonna happen, but there was a sense of something very heavy preventing me from leaving my body, I could here my hubby return home, I could here his footsteps but i couldnt see him even though I had one eye opened. I wanted him to wake me since it is very hard for me to wake myself when in this type of sleep. Eventually I gave up and tried to move my arms and legs I could see my arms lift up but they where not flesh they where more like a hmmmmm smoke impersion of a skeleton, weired, then I heard a voice tell me I had to stop doing this and the pressure I had felt holding me down got stronger. Then I was in a room, a lime green room w/orange curtains and cats everywhere, it was an ugly room and the voice said "if you dont stop this, everytime you look through the window you will see your husband working hard so he can come and see you in the hospital laying in a coma and you will never talk to him again"and then the voice said "the cats are wild and they will claw at your feet" what the heck did that all meen?
I have had some pretty crazy experiences in this type of sleep im just not sure wether it is dangerous or not. Any advice would help.

posted on Jun, 3 2012 @ 04:26 PM
I sometimes think that lucid dreams are a pathway for a entities to communicate with you. sometimes a lucid dream can also tell you the future. I have had lucid dreams for a long time. A variety of different kinds. Some very emotional, fantastic and some petrifying. My lucid dreams happen almost every night. I usually get to see what is happening within my family. If someone is sick, in financial distress or having problems. Outside of my family, I only ever dream people who I consider close to me. I usually dream the person as their personality is. A friend of mine i dreamt as a sixteen year old pouty girl. She is very much like that. Through my dreams, I have developed a very good perception of others, which has worked to my advantage.
Since you posted about your out of body experience a while ago, I hope you still visit this thread. I think that what you experienced is not a lucid dream but a form of spirit travel. The voice that was talking to you could very well be your guardian angel. In this form of spirit travel dream though, you see things as they are with others. I have had those too but I think they are dangerous because literally your body is unoccupied and something could possibly occupy your vessel. I heard in one of them, my heart beating slower and slower and then I willed myself to return to my body. Very dangerous! You should pray if ever this happens again.

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