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Kerry/Edwards won't show city hall's bush bashing contest & funny article

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posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 11:09 PM
Just curious but how could they be for free speech and freedom of press when they won't let go of the video that was taped last night at radio city music hall?

Just on the news now they showed Kerry's pre speech and kerry and edwards singing this land is our land with all the other liberal entertainers..

If it's classy and opinionated why won't they let the public watch it???

All I can say is it's a double standard and hypocritical at the same time...

Please, correct me if i'm wrong...

And here is a really funny article about edwards...
I don't think i've ever read an article so funny in my life...
In one of the many stratagems Democrats have developed to avoid telling people what they believe, all Edwards wants to talk about is his cracker-barrel humble origins story. We're supposed to swoon over his "life story," as the flacks say, which apparently consists of the amazing fact that ... his father was a millworker!

That's right up there with "Clinton's stepdad was a drunk" and "Ted Kennedy's dad was a womanizing bootlegger" on my inspirational life-stories meter. In fact, I'm immediately renouncing my university degrees and going to work for the post office just to give my future children a shot at having a "life story," should they decide to run for president someday.

What is so amazing about Edwards' father being a millworker? That's at least an honorable occupation as opposed to being a trial lawyer. True, Edwards made more money than his father did. I assume strippers make more money than their alcoholic fathers who abandoned them did, too. This isn't a story of progress; it's a story of devolution.

And then there is Dick Morris who knows an awful lot about the dirty tricks these people in the liberal party play..

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