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Dream I Had at Age 12...Still Haunts Me

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posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 09:18 PM
I've been lurking and occasionally posting for several months now. I have been a bit reluctant to post anything about my own precognitive dreams etc., but I feel the time has come to share one that had a tremendous impact on me...and still does. I have no clue as to the interpretation of the dream..whether it is precognitive or just reflected my emotional state at the time.
Ok, here goes:
I had a very lucid dream when I was 12 years old. The year would have been sometime between Christmas of 1961 and Easter of 1962. In the dream, I was in our living room and looked out the window. Slowly, driving down the street, was a large black Cadillac or limo. It was moving very, very slowly and the occupants were staring at me. Inside, were several Arab looking men and a woman, in the front seat, in Arab dress, with a veil over her face. She was holding a baby in her arms. As the car passed by, I was filled with fear and dread. My final memory, of this dream, is of seeing the license plate. The plate read "Al Fatah." Of course, back then, I had no idea what this term meant. I woke screaming and had to be calmed by my mother.
Several nights (or's hard to recall) later, I then dreamed another very lucid dream of the moon with a crescent star next to it. Again, I woke screaming. Remember, I was just a child, in an isolated area of East Texas and had no cognitive knowledge of Arab culture.
Lastly, I dreamed, within another few week, of there being two suns in the sky. Again, I was filled with fear and dread. In fact, I was so scared by these dreams, that I thought the end of the world was imminent.
My upbringing never focussed on millenialism or Armageddon, so that is not a factor in my fears.
Anyway, I posted this dream on another site several years ago and was basically told to "post no more...because of the implications."
Hopefully, you will read this with an open mind and help me to interpret it. It has been about 40 years and the dream still lingers with me. I've never had a repetition of the dream.
I'm not posting this for attention or to start any conspiracy theories, I only want to understand what this all meant...if anything.
Thank you for your open mind and for listening.

posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 09:36 PM
would the site you originally posted on still be open??

interesting dream.

posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 11:05 PM
The site was a yahoo group site. I haven't posted to that site in about 5 years and I no longer have it bookmarked. I also posted it to and one of the webmasters (I think) noted that it sounded like a valid prediction. However, I have tried to access that site and can no longer access it.
The original posting, on the yahoo groups site, was the one where one of the posters emailed me and told me not to discuss it further because of the implications.
I really don't know what the heck he meant.

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 08:01 AM
I find your dreams fascinating! I had a precognitive dream when I was 15 about my mother's death and it panned out exactly as I'd dreamt it 21 years later. I've had tons of precognitive dreams, so I've learned to pay attention to those crytal clear/vivid dreams.

The fact that you were 12 when you had it is especially interesting. I learned to trust my dreams, and it would seem you might as well.

The 'two suns' has been talked about in other prophecies (some think it was the Venus transit.. but I don't think so). And I believe Edgar Cayce (America's 'sleeping prophet') took a trip to the future and saw New York destroyed. ("Before Los Angeles, even" is part of his quote, I think).

Seeing a license plate with Al Fatah on it is pretty amazing.

I think you ought to post more dreams
Phooey on that person that sent u an email and told you to stop. Brother... what happened to 1st amendment rights?

*Just found this link online after googling for 'Al Fatah':

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posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 09:19 AM
Interesting thread, I have this DVD of this man called David Mandell, hes a retired lecturer in the uk who claims to have dreams of the future, the freakie thing is, he paints his dreams and then goes into local banks and has a photo taken , with him holding the picture standing next to the bank Dated Clock. its really interesting as he painted the WTC's and things like that before it happend. also some future events not come true yet. If anyone is interested in this, i will Xvid or Divx it for them and try and host it somewhere? as i recorded from SkyTV onto my Stand-alone DVD recorder and have the DVD-r sitting in front of me right now in work, with .6.6mb of Bandwidth at my fingertips.

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 12:24 PM
right now you dont have to worry about cos texas is not the place to be any attacking by the terrorist anyway.but in to my research developments most of other part of USA is totally nature and other just by the attack of terrorist so out of 50 states just only left 13 states,most of this states is governing by the top brass in us millitary power who ll becoming the president anyways.

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 02:21 PM
Whoops: Clarification: I dreamed all of this in the early 60s, as a child in East Texas, now I live in Phoenix AZ. So, I don't know if I'd call myself "safe" or not ..according to other predictions etc. Of course, in today's world, "safe" is a pretty relative term.
Thanks for the input on the dream everyone.

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