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Who's Umami?

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posted on Jan, 14 2011 @ 05:07 PM
Is fat in our foods really the problem? We seem to think so, even with all the sugar and starches, and other additives and flavor enhancers. I am not nutritionist, no more so than the average guy that has to rely on himself to eat right. So in that respect it seems we all are expected to be enough of a nutritionist to watch after our own diet. But I have my doubts that dietary fat is the real culprit, fat satisfies and a little bit is quite filling. So it is natural then that fat tells us we're full. I think the real culprit in our obese society is umami, or at least the flavor enhancers that mask junk food to fool our systems into thinking it is good. Let me tell you a story.

Who's ya Daddy?

Fat. That "fat" guy with the schmaltzy tongue, he's the one we most often want to blame for all our weight troubles. Very satisfying what he is saying to us, apparently, because it seems we all like what he has to say. It's obvious we don't trust him completely and we try not to invite him to dinner, but he seems to be the one who most reliably lets us know when we've had enough.

On the other hand, it's umami who keeps urging us on past the brink. "Come on, have another bite. Just one more, OK?" And we trust her completely. But it is her that is going to get us in trouble.

Who's umami?

Umami (IPA: [uː mɑː mi]), popularly referred-to as savoriness is one of the five basic tastes together with sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Umami is a loanword from the Japanese umami (うま味?) meaning "good taste", "deliciousness".

In its basic form we can recognize it as the universal flavor enhancer, MSG, almost pure umami. MSG had a bad rap but we forgave her. It's perfectly OK in moderation, we're told. But it is for the purpose of immoderation that it is added. It is the non-descript flavor that is put there to get you hooked and keep you coming back for more. Have you ever tasted MSG by itself? Bleccch! Better grab something to wash it down, and something else just to be on the safe side.

Umami is the flavor put in potato chips and other junk food that makes it addicting. "Bet you can't eat one," she taunts. So we do, then another, and another, then we turn around and blame the fat schmaltz. Before we get to the bottom of the bag he's already told us we've had enough, but then umami urges us on again, "Aw c'mon. Just one more." So we do, then in short time it takes its toll when we look in the mirror, disgusted by that extra flab, and then we blame it all on fat.

Ol' fat daddy tells you, "Enough!" Perhaps he is the one you should have listened to after all. Don't blame him for what umami done to you.

posted on Jan, 14 2011 @ 05:20 PM
Carbohydrates are an addicting food type, well the refined ones and starchy ones and sugars. "Researchers at Princeton University studying bingeing and dependency in rats have found that when the animals ingest large amounts of sugar, their brains undergo changes similar to the changes in the brains of people who abuse illegal drugs like coc aine and heroin." Link aine_heroin_stu.html. Fat on the other hand (the non man made ones) are used by alot of cells in the body, the regulate hormone production and do a lot more than i have time to get into. Adding msg to the stuff only makes it worse. Im not a promoter of atkins or any other fad diet, but i do believe a lower carb (not none carb) diet with a higher protein/fat content is the best way for humans to go. My best advice for good health and avoiding all this crap is to grow your own crops, the good kind, not that modified bs, and just eat primal (i.e. what we would be eating without all the fast food and packaged foods. Fresh fruit veggies and meat/fish) Good post, more people need to be aware of what they put into their body.

posted on Jan, 14 2011 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by Thesickness

Thanks for the comment. The MSG is often added to carb foods to make them addictive like that. Sell more junk and the heck with what it does to people. I'm not positive but I think natural umami flavor comes from proteins. As an additive it is probably signalling your taste receptors to think you are getting something you are not. That too may be why you don't get the sense you've had enough, because you're not, you're not getting enough of what your taste receptors signalling what your body is craving. You end up eating a bunch of "empty"calories loaded with junk.

Not sure I have the mechanics worked out correctly but in practice it seems to be so.

posted on Jan, 14 2011 @ 06:51 PM
I am wondering if I should have posted this up in ATS as it really addresses a conspiracy by the snack food to manufacturers sell more of their products to the detriment of the consumer. I am sure they have knowledge about the health risks associated with consuming their chips and snacky cakes. It is not just them though, it seems almost all the major fast food chains and other food manufacturers do the same.

The consumer pays the price off the shelf and pays again with their health. Obesity has become a problem in society and I am sure there are people that know why and what is not being done about it. It really is not all the fault of the consumer, they are just being suckered in. The people less susceptible to these additives have no sympathy and many will side with the manufacturers to put whatever they want in their products and that it is the obese consumer's problem to deal with. How many understand what is being done. This thread just scratches the surface.

I doubt any of the moderators would move a thread in the other direction but on second thought I should have posted this Above. It is not a recipe for a meal but a common recipe for a disaster happening in our society.

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