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750 African Greys die ... pre January 1st mass bird deaths

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posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 05:56 PM
reply to post by TheWill

Hi TheWill

Thanks for your comment and your patience for my reply

As for your rant, that's fine, you must hear me sometimes. Hubby says I get on my high-horse, and even named it poncho, can you believe it?
I get very passionate about the way that animals are being treated as well.

I have defend poor Advantage though, he is getting the brunt of it, but he did say his two were rescues. he didn't go and look to buy em, order em or anything like that. I have a husky, she's a rescue. If we didn't adopt her, she would have been euthanized (sic). As much as I can not stand they way that people do unnecessary breeding, or capturing of the animals, purely because humans want to keep them as pets, I also can not stand the idea of putting an animal out, because it's been domesticated, can't adapt back into the wild, and now can't find a new home. It's previous owners, either neglecting it, abusing it, or simply deciding they're having a baby, time to get rid of the pet or it gets taken away by animal services, or it simply runs away.

If you have spent time with an African Grey, you will find, that what Advantage said, is indeed true. African Greys are not your average bird in the wild that flies a way when a human or an animal comes near. They are like Advantage said, like children, and completely trusting. How else you think they managed to capture that many in the first place?

Animals caught and shipped in the wild die in vast numbers. It happens with reptiles, corals, fish, invertebrates, amphibians, and birds

This much is true, but you need to keep in mind, that these African greys were in quarantine for the weeks leading up to their deaths. They were being moved to another quarantine facility at the time. And the other two crates on the other plane, which were from the same batch, were fine.

I thank you for the S & F. The horror of these deaths in our animal kingdom, is the reason I am so fixated on finding the truth of what killed them. But I don't want to let my emotions about how I feel about the senseless murder, from getting to the bottom of it. I know myself, once I let my emotions rule, I'm going to zone in on a particular culprit, which might be completely wrong. The state of our mother earth, is just as important to me as the animal kingdom, the raping of her body of anything that we could possibly find a use for, drilling kilo meters of tunnels into her. It must be like getting a live root canal. The poison that we put out in the air, choking her to death. This while she is literally the hand that feeds us, which is why I call her mother.

Please take a look at the research I put up for Scampy, you will see, that if it was the pollution that did all these mass deaths, then earth should literally already have no surviving birds. The deaths were too sudden, too much at once too specifically timed, therefor doesn't correlate with the facts I was able to find out. It can't be the pollution.

Whilst saying that, I am by no means denying pollution, not at all. It is very real, and worse than people realize. All I'm saying is just like the pollution happened gradually, the deaths then should have happened gradually as well. It didn't it happened thousands at once, over a very wide spread area and I can not find any correlating data or images to support the pollution theory. I wish I did, because then I could just simply blame people.

But what if we just do an auto blame on people, and it's something completely different, and so much bigger than we think. Like a complete outside source? Don't you think we should know? I mean we can't when tshtf suddenly turn around and say, "oh dear, sorry people of the earth, this time it wasn't you, it was the sun, or it was the aliens, or it was gamma rays from the whatever star system, pole shifting (purely examples), or whatever". And what if it was something we could have stopped, if we had taken a moment, an afternoon, or a couple of days, to simply find out. Not everything is due to human error, some things are just natural. Disastrous, but natural, maybe even stoppable, but natural nevertheless.

If it is human error, then we should find out exactly which error, because we HAVE to fix it, and quickly. It won't help to fix pollution when the bird deaths are caused by fluoride in the water. Yes, we have to fix both, but, if the rate of mass death continues, don't you think that, that should get priority, to prevent extinction?

That's the reason for this thread, to try to find out, what caused it, and then to find out, how do we stop it. If enough people do this, I honestly believe, we could change the world. So I'm in a positive mood tonight, what can I say?

ETA: Sorry about the ramble, I've just got so much going through my mind on this at the moment, so many thoughts, I feel frustrated plus it's 2AM. But you'll forgive my ramble, right?

ETA again: Gave you a star for caring about the animals, their rights, and how they feel.

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posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 07:18 PM
reply to post by Fenix777

Well done for a cogent reply at 2AM! I'm struggling at 1AM!

I was attacking Advantage's quote, not (insert appropriate gender neutral possessive pronoun hear) menagerie. I'm all in favour of keeping - and even, perhaps especially, breeding them - provided that the animals are kept in good health, both physical and mental (environmental enrichment is seriously underrated in non-mammals), and that they are not damaging to the local ecosystem.

In case you're wondering, my primary interest (in life) is captive breeding of species from endangered environments, which does, obviously, demand that animals are taken out of the environment in the first place to start such a project. But in small, sensible numbers, sampling each population rather than, in this case, taking the whole one.

With African Greys, I have spent less time than I would like with them - when I was very young, my father had one that had been his mother's when he was a child, and the bird was besotted with my mother. My parents used to joke that the bird had a broader vocabulary than a lot of the people in the area. Later, after that one passed away, our family was lumped with a wild-caught one as a "thank you" gift - and it was quite a different experience. A very unhappy animal, altogether, and with parrots being highly social and extraordinarily intelligent, I'd say that wild caught parrots are likely to remain unhappy for a considerable period of their lives, because they will remember the stressful event that first brought them into regular human contact. Heck, I have a dragonet (a marine fish not bigger than my thumb) that hid from me for six months after I had to dissemble and move the tank to a different house. If a fish that was previously - and now is again - fascinated by anyone coming up to the glass, can be stressed out from a single event for that long, imagine how long these parrots will remember?

This upsets me, I'm sure you'll understand.

And yes, I do have a dogma when it comes to humans. I take it to be a safe assumption that we're causing the damage, or at least contributing, because through what I've seen of humans, that's virtually all we do. It's not all we can do, which makes it worse - I know that humans are capable of doing wonderful things for the planet, and yet we do terrible things instead. If we couldn't help being terrible, I couldn't blame us - but I know that we can be better, and I know that we've known how to be better for so long, and yet still, we don't.

This upsets me, too.

Thanks for a very interesting thread, and I'll probably be back tomorrow to see if what I've written makes any sense whatsoever.

posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 11:58 PM
Even if mass die offs like this are a common thing, why haven't they been reported sooner? Just because its "common" doesn't mean its no big deal!

Somethings not right here....

posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 07:40 AM
reply to post by TheWill

Good afternoon TheWill, yes it's afternoon here, I decided to sleep in this morning, and I'm probably going to kick myself for it tonight when I want to sleep, but boy did I enjoy the sleep in
Very much worth it in my opinion.

To get to your post, I agree with you 100%, if we are talking about breeding for those purposes. You get some excellent facilities that do this that are equipped for it, ie the animals are not being kept in small cages, and are encouraged to take care of themselves, in a protected area. That way, they can be set free when the time comes.

The breeding of animals purely for resale, and the conditions it is being done in, is atrocious. The capturing of thousands of animals from the wild, because somebody wants it as a pet, THAT just gets under my skin. It's like rich people coming out from all over the world to Africa to shoot one of our big 5, simply to be able to say, he did it, and the prize. It's sickening.

At the same time, and by saying this, I am NOT saying that's it's right, I need to explain to you, the situation in middle Africa. We are talking about countries that are failing. People are hungry and desperate. Years ago, if you took a drive through Zim for example, it was so rich in wild life. It was an amazing experience. About three years ago, hubby had to go up on business, and they decided to take a drive. The business was actually being conducted in the DRC, so it was a long drive, but hubby was looking forward to it, as he hadn't been up in years. I didn't see all of this with my own eyes, but I can trust his word on this. His description, was that it was heartbreaking. There are no more wild animals roaming around in the bush. They're all gone, probably hunted for food and whatever they can sell. Which is why places like the Kruger National Park, has military protection now. Poachers come to hunt the animals, take the meat, and sell what they can. The gorillas from gorillas in the mist, you know the movie, up in deep dark Africa, military protection.

These people are desperate, and hungry. If you saw your child starving day in and day out, would you not go out and do anything that there is a market for, to feed your child? In the same way, as we can't blame the general public in America for what their government is doing, we also can't blame these people based on the same reasons.

Again, I'm not saying it's right, I'm simply saying we need to fix the situation. I'm going to send you a PM, as this post is once again getting too long, and what I have to say, leads to going off topic.

posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 07:51 AM
reply to post by xanaoded

Hi xanaoded

Thank you so much for your interest

I agree with you completely, this is what I'm saying too, if this was a regular natural occurrence, then we would have heard about it by now.
for seeing the complete illogical reasoning of those that believe that this is a natural regular occurrence.

posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 10:12 AM
reply to post by Fenix777

Ok, Fenix it appears that you have researched this quite extensively. I therefore stand corrected and would still like to know what killed the AG's.

posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by SCAMPY

Yes, so would I, and I actually think it's important that we find out. I just saw a new post, which I haven't had a chance to read yet, about the death of 200 cows? I hope it's not another mysterious mass death case. It will have to wait though, I've got a family to feed, and a household to run

I was thinking, maybe I should do a search on ATS for all these cases and post links to them here, it might help us in trying to figure it all out. The answer must lie in the facts that are in each case.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 04:12 PM

Please everybody, these are not my threads, so if you want to say something to the creator of those threads, please do so in their respective threads. Credit goes to all the creators of these threads. I am simply putting them here for a short list of the top reasons being given in order to explore them further. Thanks.

I tried to get all of the different ones, and went back quite a lot of pages, let me know if I missed another. You'll also see, if one was chemtrails, for example, and I came across another that also lists chemtrails, I didn't list the second, as chemtrails is already on the list of possible reasons.

I will after this, post a thread of all the different cases that have also surfaces regarding mass deaths. The idea is, to go through all of them, and gather as much facts as possible, then explore and research each one, and by so doing, come to the cause of these deaths. It's going to take some time, though, as time is limited during the week.

Anyway without further speeches, here they are:

mag pole shift unleashing poisonous Hydrogen cyanide
Chemtrail Death Dumps
Weather radar shows
Dead Birds in Three States Flew into Cloaked UFOs?
I think China has figured out why birds are falling all over,
Prophecy Of Birds Falling From Sky & Fish Dying In Water Made Several Hundred Years Ago
Birds Died In Romania Because they were Drunk ! Testing Of Pulse Weapons.
Are Thousands of Dead Birds and Dead Fish the result of Fracking in Guy, Arkansas?
Hollywood Warned Us About the Birds and Fish and ElectroMagnetic
Dead birds and fish, the WRATH of Jehovah God!
Birds and Fishes and Earthquakes - Oh My
Expert: Storm likely killed thousands of birds
Is NIBIRU Killing The Birds?
Top ten thories on dead birds and fish

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 05:05 PM

As with my post above, these are NOT my threads, so please post in the individual threads if you want to add to those. Credit is given to the creators of those threads. I am simply posting them here as well, to get a better idea of how many mass deaths has happened to date in the last couple of weeks. For the people that still want to claim that this is a natural regular occurrence. There is a possibility that some of these might be double posts it was really impossible to tell, especially with the bird and fish threads. I did however find others:


People, this is spreading to other species as well now, this is so much more important than anybody realizes. Just the magnitude of posts alone on this in the past two weeks, is numbing. We HAVE to figure out what is causing this, and if we can, make it stop. To make it stop, we first must find out what the cause is.

Also, maybe it's time we creating reservations and start taking animals in, in an attempt to keep them safe from harm. I am very much against mass capturing animals, but I think it might become necessary in order to ensure their survival if this continues. BUT big but, we MUST do it in the most humane way possible, and not cause trauma AND where we take them, HAS to ensure them the maximum freedom possible whilst protected, and they HAVE to be able to still behave in their natural way. It's a very tall order, I know, but we have to do what's in their best interest, it is our duty as the only living being that can think and reason for itself.

Here's what I was able to find:

200 Dead cows
7000 Dead buffalos and dead cattle
Trees dying off
Birds Dying in front of Our eyes!!
371 Dead Birds Fall from Sky on LA's
First dead birds, then dead fish ... now crickets
Another Day of Dead Birds.......This Time In Boonie Doon, Canada
Birds die as botulism thrives in New Zealand
10,000s of Birds found dead in Manitoba
ATS Street View 04: Birds Dying Around The World!
Bird's crash into ground floor window!!!! Image enclosed!,
1000+ birds dropped dead from the sky
Hundreds of dead birds... this time... in Sweden!,
Birds Dieing All Over The World!
100 dead birds California + dead fishes in Chicago + dead fishes in India + dead birds Romania Jan11
300 birds fall dead in Alabama [video]
Birds dying all over this weekend! Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago??
Massive Earth Kill Off... WHAT IS HAPPENING?
500 More Blackbirds Die in La
Birds Dying In Italy: Thousands Of Turtle Doves Fall Dead From Sky
16000 dead birds in Idaho, 20000 in Utah and other cases
Flock Of Birds Found Dead In Wilson County Tennessee
Hundreds of dead birds .... now in Taiwan January
Birds, bees, frogs, and fish. All dying. Anyone else worried?
Here's one for August last year already, we really should have seen this coming
Dead Birds Found on Modoto Island off Louisiana coast,
Birds/Fish Deaths are the next 9/11 Fear Trend
It's raining Bats , birds and frogsHaiti Investigates Dead Fish Mystery,
1000 dead fish in Folly Beach(south Carolina)
Thousands of Dead fish wash ashore in Folly Beach SC,
40,000 dead crabs washed up on Kent coastline
Dead Birds in Quebec City
300 Blackbirds dead in Athens, today
Dead fish reported in south wales,
Hundreds of dead seals in Labrador, Canada
2 tons of dead sardines washed out on beach
200 cows found dead in a field

And now, I bid you all goodnight. Although, I honestly think, I am having a monologue with myself here. Nobody is interested, what will it take? When it happens to them? Oh then it's no longer a lowly matter, then it's HUGE
Never-mind the animals, and nature that's falling apart, it's not important as long as us humans get our daily dose of whatever. Apparently we don't have time to take care of the animals and nature, we're too busy, it can't fit into our day planners. too many meetings to go to and money to loose if I bite off 5 minutes to try and do something for a lowly animal that can't fend for itself, not against us and the crap we pull anyway. Next you going to say, animals and nature should go out and work and fix their own world, as you don't have the time to do it, and stand to loose too much if you do.

Ok, rant over, goodnight ATS'rs

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 12:13 AM
This news of the African Greys makes me so sad. They are such intelligent birds. I had the opportunity to know one quite well, she had a 1500 word vocabulary, and was such a funny bird!

I think one of the problems with all these animal death articles is the lack of in-depth reporting. We aren't getting all the facts, or having any of the questions posed that we come up with here on ATS after the incident. Also, there are hardly any follow-up articles on any of these cases, which is so frustrating.

If I was independently wealthy I'd fly to some of these places and do some investigating on my own, unfortunately the only avenue I have to research these events is the internet, well, and all my pals here on ATS. I'd just like us to be able to get to the bottom of one of these cases and solve it.

And, yeah, the REM song keeps going thru my brain's soundtrack.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by Praxilla

Hi Praxilla

Thank you for your reply.

I agree with you, the lack of in depth reporting is not helping anybody. Which is why I am doing this. By taking all the cases, and the info we CAN gather from them, then maybe we can find some answers right here. I can't travel either, and even though I am in SA, Durban is not exactly a hop skip and a jump. It's seven hours from where I am. I would also love to know what happened. They are truly lovely birds. And like I said, for somebody to take over 1500 of em out of the wild, is beyond cruel.

These things are very much like people, the news I mean. There's always two sides to a coin, one side will tell you this, and the other something else, the truth is usually in the middle, because without fail, it takes two to tango. In other words, we must take what they ARE saying, and analyze until we are blue in the face, and then we'll find what they're NOT saying, which is the truth.

I believe, that we can do something right where we are, by doing this. What we do with those results, however, will have to be big, and somebody that can lead will have to take charge of that. I'm no good at leading I'm afraid. I'm not a follower either, I just do my own thing. For this, to do it right and fix the problem, we'll need somebody that can be an out there person, that will be able to handle being the face of what we have found.

Just like Open Source is so huge and so successful, it's because so many people, just like you and me, are prepared to sit down, and develop something so that every one can use it. Open Source is just the face of thousands are very intelligent people, sitting behind their desks, making the world a better place.

In the same way, we can do this. THEN the biggest problem will be, what will we do with our results.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by Praxilla

Me too, it's been weeks! And like the other poster also mentioned, there are other similar themed songs going through my head, songs I don't even like, but this one is at the forefront. What is it about this song?

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 02:13 PM
I think I might have just stumbled across something that might be a possible cause of all this havoc, whilst looking deeper into the beached whales thing.

Sonar. The killing of whales by sonar
Hunting Red October - UK's Sonar Top Guns
Sonar wiki

Ok so I'm thinking Sonar and Sodar is old news, they've been using it for donkey's years, why would it suddenly effect the animals, then decided to search new technology in those two fields and found this. Note the date:

Partnership Tests New Remote Sensing Tool for Evaluating Energy Potential of South Carolina's Offshore Winds

So that's not giving me enough information on how exactly this new technology works, what could that possibly have to do with all of this. At the bottom of the page of the above link there are under: About Second wind Inc:

Key products include: Nomad® data logger and tower systems; Triton® sodar systems; SkyServe® satellite wind data service and Phaser® power transducers.

I took those 4 key products that is part of the new sodar technology, and looked for info, I struck out on all of em except for Phaser power transducers. That one was not a link, so I go and scroogle "phaser power transducers. And come across this:

Phaser wiki

In there there's a list and a couple of items in the list is of interest:
The phaser effect
Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response rifle (Here I am actually more interested in the actual technology and what it does, than the weapon, it seems if they have already developed this technology, doesn't it make logical sense to use it in other areas?)
And lastly
Shepard tone

What bothered me, was in the article where they first speak of the tests being done for the new remote sensing tool, you come across words like:

Study the impact of the ocean’s acoustic environment on the station’s operation
what exactly does that mean? How? It seems that to do this they would have to use this phaser technology (in their own list of key products that is part of the new system), in other words they are sending out weird sound waves? And we all know that animals can hear different audio levels than us, so ... ? And yes people, SA has em too.

Really? Is it possible that this could be causing all the chaos? Or am I jumping to conclusions here?

Interestingly enough, Sonar also has some new technology going on, the The multi-beam sonar as of some time in 2009 article is in August of that year.

Then this beauty Continuous Active Sonar technology note the date 29 July 2010. They were probably focusing on this because of the Chinese sub popping up right in-between American subs in American water, and American didn't have a clue they were there, some time I think in 2007 if I remember correctly. Read that whole article people, it's very interesting how the dates align and what they are planning.

Environmental groups have voiced concerns over the potential effects of active sonar on marine mammals

Ok, so we have the dates alignment, so what's new that could be harmful? Scroogle Continuous Active Sonar (CAS);

If anybody can figure out these papers on how it works, fantastic Me I'm looking for somewhere else for a more layman's way of description. It's a PDF by the way.
More info on how it works
In the above link right at the bottom, it gives you how the new technology works, but me, don't understand half of what they were talking about, so I start looking up terms, so I can understand.
Vector sensors is used to measure particle velocity in water ok so what is particle velocity then? Seems I'm just getting more confused on how it works

Particle velocity is the velocity v of a particle (real or imagined) in a medium as it transmits a wave. In many cases this is a longitudinal wave of pressure as with sound, but it can also be a transverse wave as with the vibration of a taut string.
Particle velocity wiki Ok, understanding all the way up to sound, what is transverse wave?.

These phenomena of simultaneous motion in two directions go beyond the kinds of waves you can create on the surface of water; in general a wave on a string can be two-dimensional. Two-dimensional transverse waves exhibit a phenomenon called polarization....
Electromagnetic waves are also two-dimensional transverse waves...
You can think of a ray of light, in optics,as an idealized narrow beam of electromagnetic radiation...
Examples of transverse waves include seismic S (secondary) waves, and the motion of the electric (E) and magnetic (M) fields in an electromagnetic plane wave, which both oscillate perpendicularly to each other as well as to the direction of energy transfer. Therefore an electromagnetic wave consists of two transverse waves, visible light being an example of an electromagnetic wave.

So wait, let me get this straight, they are using a wave of pressurized magnetic waves, to create polarization to pick up images in the form of light-rays in a narrow beam of electromagnetic radiation. Is that right?

Then lastly found this:
Improved Airborne ASW Localization to Attack Using Continuous Active Sonar The want to use this transverse wave in the sky?

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 02:30 PM
reply to post by Fenix777

Why are all these animals dying? Is it a sign of what is to come for humans? And why, in particular, were these parrots targeted? did they have something that they would reveal if they were kept alive (remember, parrots talk) all seriousness, the dying animals of our planet pose questions of concern...

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 02:34 PM

10 000 head of cattle


Updated list thread
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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by punctual

Almost missed your post completely

I don't know why all these animals are dying, it's really scary. I want to try and find out though. Thank you for your reply. The parrots, I'm not sure whether or not they are connected to the other mass deaths, the timing is very odd though. And you are right about the questions that come up with these deaths. It seems however every avenue that I explore, brings up a whole new set of questions.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 03:18 PM
sorry to make this even more complicated, but my hubby brought out a very good point. Bear with me, we're going to dive a bit into conspiracy theories here

Missiles were shooting off all over the place a bit back, right? Yes they were missiles, he is from the army, and saw those pics, he says, only a missile leaves a streak exactly like that. Ok, here's the thing, where did they go? What goes up, must come down, right? In one of the articles I read at the time, it said that these were orbital missiles. So what goes up, didn't come down. We didn't hear of anywhere being hit by the States and Canada, right? So where are they? They're still up there, of course.

Why? Good question.

His next part actually takes something we read here on ATS in a thread regarding the E.M.P. around the same time. I think it was in weaponry forum. We read the article linked in the thread. Basically, The U.S. has successfully developed the E.M.P. The article says that they put it in a projectile, so they can launch it off, and then fire the E.M.P. far enough away from themselves, so that they don't get harmed by it, but it will do some serious damage to the enemy. Around that time another thread appeared somewhere here on A.T.S. about the ship that went dead in the water overnight. Ok, now let's look at this projectile business. If you are in a real life situation, you are not going to have a clear path between you and the enemy, so your projectile would crash before it actually reaches there, right? So where do you go with it that you do have a clear path? You go up.

Now listen, my thing on the sonar, the transverse wave, is an electro magnetic wave ... it's an electro magnetic pulse.

And they took their invention up, to orbit the earth via the missiles. From there they can get to anywhere they want, never mind the distances apart. Getting cold shivers yet? I know I am.

His theory, not mine, so I don't know how it all would work. But there you have it.

posted on Jan, 22 2011 @ 06:27 PM
Without (just yet) posting on all the other bits, as per the cause being the revived bacteria -

I don't find it hugely likely that the bacteria is responsible for the deaths, because most bacteria are, after all, either free-living and completely harmless to animals, or even beneficial. There would have to be some sort of US complicity in this, because with the range of animals it would have killed, it would also be killing humans, including the scientists studying them, and there would have to be serious deception going on as to how viable the bacteria are - from the reports, they're not exactly undergoing a population explosion of the sort that would spread across the globe in minutes.

That said, they could be a broad-range pathogen that attacks a very fundamental protein - perhaps involved in glycolysis - in many different organisms, and could even have been responsible for the late Pleistoecene mass extinctions or suchlike. I don't find it particularly likely that, of all the bacteria that it could have been, it would be the worlds' greatest superbug, but that certainly doesn't make it impossible.

(if the cause is a disease - any disease - it wouldn't necessarily have to be fatal to otherwise healthy individuals - the disturbed weather of this last winter, combined with general overuse of pesticides by humans, means that there are an abundance of individuals around who aren't in good condition, and their already weakened systems would be especially vulnerable to any broad-spectrum bug).

posted on Jan, 22 2011 @ 07:29 PM
reply to post by TheWill

You are right, and I agree with you, I don't think it is the bacteria. I added it as a possible cause, because it was listed as such elsewhere, and felt that to do an in-depth analysis, then I have to look at all the angles.

Conclusion that I did reach that seems the most likely to me, is magnetic, it's on this page as well, a loooong essay of an analysis a little bit more than half way down the page (err ... if this reply goes over to page 3 then obviously it's on page 2). If it's not magnetic from where I came from, then it's magnetic in the form of the polar shift, somebody else did that angle in an in-depth analysis. I'll give you the link to that one:

Look for CLPrime's essay analysis post, it's his first post on ATS in he starts his post with that it's his first post on ATS

What he did, is what I did, I just didn't do it all in a thread I did it in word so I could work on it in the evenings after our school-day, I only posted the one that I got from my analysis is the most likely cause and how I got to my conclusion. That said, I'm not claiming to be right, but I'm pretty convinced that it's magnetic, and can even say that CLPrime could be right on target as well. I find it interesting that both of us came to the same conclusion of magnetic, whichever way we got there and from whatever angle, it still comes to magnetic. We both did an in depth analysis, did research until our heads hurt from information overload, well I know mine did ;D which is something I don't see other ATS'ers do, everybody is asking what's causing it, but they're not trying to find out, and when you tell them this is the most likely cause, hardly anybody has a comment to make. Then I find myself wondering, then why did they ask? CLPrime's analysis, if I remember correctly, covers the poison angle as well, so you might find his post very informative.

Let me know what you think. of both.

I'm no longer listing updates here, except if it is in Africa, as that thread is keeping updates on all of them too. When I find something then I post there too now, it's an update thread.

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