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Grey Aliens and Earth

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posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 04:02 PM
Grey Aliens and Earth:

As I am constantly looking for information and reading things online I came across these boards and I was delighted to find people gathering and sharing information. I was also turned off however buy the rediculous rantings of people who claim to know such specific information as "how many races" have visted our planet or, "what councils" they have formed.

Briefly I would like to share what I have come to learn, and then I will draw my own conclusion at the end, to see how many people feel the way that i do.

Most ufologists started with studies of the bible and found many similarities and artwork which could be translated or interpreted as "alien" in context. During our time here on this planet (human beings), this idea was never fully endorsed untill cases like "Betty and Barney Hill" and those disclosed on the first TV Programs such as "UFO-Coverup Live". During my initial investigations I was finding as much material possible about these, "Grey" aliens. Which in fact were almost always tied in one form or another to our own US Government. As a child, descriptions of the large almond eyecoverings and 4 digit hands were quite frightening, as well as the stories of their paralysing glance, and the ability to abduct persons at their will.

As I continued my studies and talks with other people who shared my interest I began to learn new details about "the bigger picture", such as the Annunaki race, their existance on the 12th planet, their first trips here in crude rocket technology, etc. The most amazing things I was told about this race of aliens was their apparent "12 Strand" DNA. Human Beings, having 2 strands of DNA are in comparison, weak and un-evolved. These creatures supposedly have the ability to communicate via telepathy, control elements including mass, and time, all because of their physical makeup, their DNA.

Then came the talkshows and radioshows such as Coast-To-Coast AM, which spoke of "moon bases" behind the moon which gather souls, record the life of the individual, and send them back to earth to re-run the scenario.

Also came reports of secret government/alien co-operative projects, based out of top secret military installations such as Area51, S-4, Dulce, YY2, and many others.

Of course there are many more stories and concepts but what I have come to believe most firmly is this following:

The Grey aliens are in fact a real entity, from outer space. Their origin is not known but it is suspected they are from Orion, or Zeta Reticuli. If my memory serves Zeta Reticuli is an 11 Year trip traveling at near light speeds, which is almost feaseable with human (top secret) technology today. I find it VERY possible that if there was a race that lived there they would most definately possess the technology to travel at these speeds and possibly faster. Research into this type of technology whill show theoretical methods of controling the ether of time/space. So in short, the reason that the grey aliens are the most widely reported, most widely talked about and portraited type of alien, is very simple:

They Exist.

It is my belief that if you research you will find 100,000,000 different intricacies that will lead you to have to research even more information, but try to keep a focus. Just think about the grey aliens, and their connection to our own US Government, think about how they are so neatly being introducted via TV Programs like "XFiles" and such...

You basically have people screaming at the government WE KNOW! JUST ADMIT IT! But perhaps this is not even enough, perhaps the government and these alien beings still perceive mass panic. And the most important implication of all is the conflict of interest with religious circles.

They operate out of underground miliatary installations, only few human men have access to them, or their existance, and soon their purpose will be divulged to the community.

Our own human impulses of destruction and chaos are the only obstacles which stand in our way of understanding and revealation.

If you have any questions or would like further details please contact me.


posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 04:38 PM
Hi Grey,

Thank you for your perspective on the Grey-aliens, the most commonly reported aliens connected to abductions.

I'd just like to tweak your understanding a little if I may.

The Greys, under the Reptilians, form an empire that stems from the fourth planet in the Zeta 2 Reticuli System (a binary star system); that world is referred to by many here as Zeta Prime, Reticulum 4 and Zeta IV. This is corroborated by a number of sources -- check the website link at the bottom if interested.

They may indeed have settlements/bases in Orion. According to one governmental insider, they have in the area of a dozen underground and underwater bases here. It is not much of a stretch to consider that they probably have bases elsewhere in the galaxy.


I haven't found any evidence that they can do any of those things. What does occur is that abductees are implanted with "screen memories" that often influence a belief that the aliens have godlike abilities like mind reading, telepathy, the ability to walk through walls, teleportation, etc.

This is clever psychological propaganda. Abductees who believe their captors have godlike abilities are less likely to resist them or attempt to escape.

(If they could truly do the above, I know from a number of personal close-call experiences that I would not be around today.)

There are reports of abductees that they are taken to underground installations and see uniformed US soldiers working alongside Grey aliens. This governmental collusion with the Greys is a key reason for never allowing open disclosure. The other reason is because the government knows that they would lose control over the general population -- according to the Brookings Report in the early 1960s.

The only way that open disclosure will ever occur is if the government was forced into it, which of course would mean a civil uprising. Even then it is not a given.


Moon bases...probably. Recording the life of the individual and then sending them back to earth...highly unlikely.

They are not our spiritual masters.

posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 04:44 PM
one has to wonder why the hell aliens think we are so special tho ?

they set up moon bases , underground bases , mars bases etc etc

that to me points to they are very interested in us - surely they have better things to do than us ?

maybe life in the universe isnt as common as we think and its very rare so that they think we are worth it - but i doubt it

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posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 05:33 PM
Starting to get really bored with people talking about these subjects like they know everything about them but cannot prove there excistance.To put the "what is out there" in prospective if you reduced our universe and all the known universes each to the size of a pea together they would fill the entire space of the London Albert Hall
.If there was alien life form out there it wouldn`t come in the form that we would no.Every description of Alien forms are similar to the Human form this would be wrong.We can only imagine things that we no already excist on our planet.Matmatically the chances of life forms being the same as us makes this impossible.

posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 05:42 PM

Perhaps our perception of our worth is different than that of the aliens' perception of it.

Secondly, it stands to reason that if they do it to us, they are probably doing it to other worlds of lesser technological development to their own.

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posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 06:26 PM

Thanks for the feedback, I just would have it known that the main focus of this thread was merely to acknowledge their existance.

A point I tried to make (which it seems i have failed) is that the most aggrevating aspect of The Grey's is that once you begin to speak of them (and have accepted their existance as fact) you can begin to enter countless intricacies and theories (where they came from, or what their purpose is) however, as you stated, they are (supposedly) a subordinate of the Reptilian Species.

If we can stray a little from the main focus, perhaps we can focus more on what is known (or assumed and believed in faith) of the "Annunaki", from which my information says they are in fact, "Reptilian" in appearance and makeup.

One correction in my post, when I spoke of the 12 Strand Helix DNA model, I was speaking in regards to information relative to the Annunaki, not the Grey's themselves.

I do not believe the Greys posess those powers at all (12 Strand), but that they are mearly a clone species serving another higher species (reptilians), nevertheless a species in their own respect.

It is my assumption that the greys are in effect, a "middle man" between our humankind and the races higher on the ladder.

Thank you again for your feedback,


posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 06:35 PM
Has anyone seen a grey?
Taken a photo?
Shot one?

I wont truly belive until one comes a knockin'

posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 06:39 PM
Hi Grey,

You're welcome.

I agree with everything you stated there.

Additionally, there are reports about the Preying Mantis or Insectian aliens who are also allies of the other two races. Then we have the Nordics (genetically-engineered Homo sapiens) that abductees report seeing on Zetan spacecraft serving as the standing army (security) for the weaker Greys -- in protecting them against their Terran prisoners.

It is best to judge them (or any aliens for that matter) by their actions against innocents (abductees) and not by their propaganda through them.

Granted, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the difference but it is nonetheless imperative to do so.

posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 06:50 PM
Let's Dabble,

I had a conversation once with a very interesting individual who seemed to have been interested in these types of ideas and information long before I was even born, so when I spoke with him initially about UFO's and ALIENS, he immediately began to pour a fountain of informations he has obtained through numerous mediums such as books by "authorities" in this field.

He (alex) began to get very in-depth with the Annunaki, and from what he told me I gathered this:

The Annunaki are Reptilian in nature, their DNA consists of 12 Strands vs. 2 (human double helix), this enables them to accomplish things not humanly possible such as telepathy, even mind control or mind reading, controling of elements such as wind, water, earth, and the possibilities are very god-like.

He told me that the Annunaki were esecially what would best be called "Creators" and this is what makes them gods (in a sense). Taking a look at Humans, we ourselves are only Co-Creators, since we Procreate. The Annunaki however, had the ability to create life itself (genetic engineering and cloneing) way before humans even existed.

During the talks we had he told me that the Annunaki came from the planet we now call "planet X" or, the 12th Planet in our solar system which follows a very strange orbit which brings it within range of Earth and other planets once every so often (many many years, 20,000 or something like this).

He said when the Annunaki originally came to Earth, their physical space travel technology was not as advanced as it would be today in this time. He told me that they merely had Rocket Technology, similar to what we have today on earth. He said this explains why they were only able to reach our planet during the time when planet X was closest to earth, using their rockets much like we would use ours to get to mars during the closest window in 2014.

He also made references to what they did once they landed here, and what they found. I was told that ORIGINALLY the Annunaki that landeded here came within a specific window of opertunity which made it Impossible for them to ever leave, so they were permenant residents until their death.

Also what I was told is that for one reason or another, they needed GOLD, it was used as a form of energy or some driving force in their technology. From what I understood the Annunaki originally mined the gold from the earth themselves and this started a controversy among them which lead to the next situation.

I wish I remembered the names but he spoke of two brothers (one being the leader of the annunaki who was more "kind hearted" than the other) and he said that they had arguments over the controversy of mining the gold because the brother who was not in power suggested that they use their genetic engineering capabilities to create a half-breed from the existing humanoids (perhaps homo-erectus/early ape) and their own DNA.

He told me eventually the younger or less powerful brother won (also because their people were tired of mining as well) and there was a race created from these apes and their dna, who's sole purpose was to mine GOLD from the earth (Humans as we know them today).

Eventually even though some of the Annunaki mated with our Human (half annunaki/half ape) females, they began to die off of old age.

The story continues that as the last of the Annunaki died off they left their knowledge and trust with the last humans to have contact with them which later ended up becoming the first kinds and rules of the contintents and lands here on earth.

This theory definately gives a simple solution to the "missing link" problem. Also, explains why Kings and Queens were deemed "rulers" and accepted as such since they were the last people to be in contact with these "recognized gods from the heavens".

This also follows the principle theory of the roots of Religion and how it was basically an early form of police and control once these 'godlike' beings were no longer here to control us.

If you read on this topic you will find additional information to support this such as the basic human need in all of us to be controlled, or be given direction. This portion gets very in depth.

In short, as the last of their race died off, and the earliest rulers who were the last in physical contact with these beings died off, so died their legacy and the understanding of who they were or where they came from, merely remembering them as "angels" or, "God". Much like a game of telephone, where people sit in a circle and whisper a phrase around and it changes from "Orange Grapes and Juice" to "Horace chases Fruit" by the time it gets to the end.

In short they would basically be labled our creators, and whats more, is that their planet has been on a path headed back towards earth for, some time now.

Its not conceivable if they have advanced their technology in such ways to be able to get here currently or if they are still waiting for the return trip to come and "check up on us".

In any event, its food for thought.


posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 07:33 PM
A moon base that collects the soles for some check and send them back down for reborn into human bodies. Possible but why the "Grey" aliens? if they got that sole collector technology running on the moon they could have alot of bodies to, maybe there is not many different races visiting earth joust different bodies(different models).
I think we should look at a more widly spectrum than a single dot.

And what Goverment are you reffering to????
(btw The possibility that the ETs have any connection whit some goverment is 0%)

posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 08:18 PM
well what the heck is yy2 the rest of your stuff all sounds good to me.

posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 09:48 PM
No offense but I think all of this sounds like bits and peices of sci-fi movies and tv shows I have seen. No Aliens have ever been documented by the public. People could just be dreaming this stuff so you never know.

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posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 01:14 AM
My opinion on how they move at incredible speed and this is my opinion so its got its possiblilitys and its mehs...

The propulsion is forced off by electrical genorators that act like magnets bending gravity to make such long trips seem short
when passing over a spot its like they just got there becouse the gravity bends and forces alot of power forward
when pushed forward (reason for the short burst stops turns) they have no manuverablility whatsoever but when they stop the can imediatly turn and propulse forward again

now on the fact of grey aliens you seem to be right there nothing i can complaing about

I would also like to add that through my theory there is yes races but they arnt all the same... saying your grey aliens come from one place others come from others
I think we are a newer race and are still perfecting our technology to match theirs while they are older and more advanced

Also we are aliens to
dont forget they are most likley confused at a new species

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 01:51 AM
Where the hell do people get this info from?
One person explains a story to another then they tell it further to someone else who has spoken to someone elsethen they write a book and make lots of money from it. God humans can be so easily fooled

And l bet you couldn`t post a photo of one of the many creatures on this thread that hasn`t appeared anywhere else on the net.

And l bet you will ignore me as people tend to ignore questions that are raised on this subject asking proof of there excistance.

Sorry if l write disrespectfully but people write with so much knowledge and when questioned on there proof they get all defensive which really defeats the purpose of this site.I want to no more to make a judgement but l am blessed with an open mind which causes me to question the validity of the subject until some creditable evidance can be seen.

And for Italiano

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 02:21 AM
Weirdo I just wanted to know what you would consider Creditable evidence. Do you need a alien body or some part of a craft that has metals not found on earth to say its creditable. Or say if someone of great respect and importance came out and said ufos are real would you believe would you consider that evidence? How many times do you think the testimony of a police officer have sent people to jail but if a officer claims to have seen a UFO no one will believe him. Do you need the murder weapon in a case if 3 people seen the defendant pull the trigger.

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 02:30 AM

Originally posted by ShadowXIX
Weirdo I just wanted to know what you would consider Creditable evidence. Do you need a alien body or some part of a craft that has metals not found on earth to say its creditable. Or say if someone of great respect and importance came out and said ufos are real would you believe would you consider that evidence? How many times do you think the testimony of a police officer have sent people to jail but if a officer claims to have seen a UFO no one will believe him. Do you need the murder weapon in a case if 3 people seen the defendant pull the trigger.

Yes all the above and more, but out in the public domain.For the people who gather this knowledge but are unprepared to expose it further or to have the evidance in the public domain would be a start.To use the excuse the govt would cover it up is to easy to use as a reason not to provide the evidance.People say they have seen shape shifters yet the only info on the net is so not plausable.People like Michael Moore would jump at the chance and l believe would have made a deal on this if it was a possibility.

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 02:55 AM
hehe i told you it was my opinion from gathered information from people who looked most truthfull and people who werent acting like me when im hyped of sugar

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 02:58 AM
I dont claim to know any secrets about greys or any aliens. Aslo there is no definitive evidence like what most scientist want before they will take it seriously. If we had a alien body why would we need any scientist to say hey they are aliens. I think there is enough evidence to have the scientific community take a serious look at the subject.People have gone to the chair with less evidence.This topic is still a career killer in many fields and most people wont touch it for that reason even if they think there is something to it. If we put 1/10th of the effort people put into the Monica Lewinsky scandal we would already know the truth.

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 03:20 AM
Here are some links you should probably check out.

Some of the famous Bob Lazar story -- more links at the bottom of the page

The Zeta Reticuli Incident -- Betty and Barney Hill Story

Human Origins Info here

Or just visit Paul_Richard's site listed in his sig, because that's how I found all these great links.

Be warned though, it's not in condensed format



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posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 03:27 AM
Hi (The Grey and others),

Something that I have learned while studying science over the years, and I am by no means an expert, is that this material universe is remarkably intricate and ordered while simultaneously having inherent chaotic elements, ie quantum mechanics. What I am driving at here is that I have a hunch that it would not be huge stretch of the imagination to consider that the human genetic blueprint, more or less, might not be just a local phenomen, but rather a commonplace development throughout the universe or galaxy as a progression of intelligent development in the mammalian blueprint. And just as well, the development of bipedalism (two legs and upright) would be even more prevalent as a means of harboring intelligent life.

But I digress, intelligent life could probably take innumerable forms. Here is a creation story that I read some years ago in a book called "UFO's--Friends and Foes" by ufologist George Andrews and saw recently on the website, "Black Vault" in the "Matrix Papers"--a good read! (I tried to search that website for the link but I couldnt find it!?)
The Nordics, from the Rigel system, had an advanced civilization a few hundred thousand years ago and had visited Earth finding a less developed humanoid species--Homo Erectus. Desiring to tinker with their advanced understanding of genetics (which we are becoming more adept at) and desiring to create a being with some properties that they didn't share, a strong respiratory and vascular system, they wanted to create a new race with what they thought would be the best of both worlds. There brains and our bodies. Now this, of course, apparently took place about 150,000 to 200,000 yrs ago around the same time modern humans showed up in the fossil record. ((Interesting to note--where is the missing link? Current and verifiable studies of the mitochondrian DNA (I read in Scientific American special issue) report human origins as an original 2000 or so humans suddenly on the scene in Africa about that amount of time ago)) According to the story, or history, be it as it may, the genetic cross didn't go so well and we had psychological problems from the incongruity of the brain-body cross. Over time they tried tinkering to improve the genetic code, but as the story goes they started to experience major problems of their own at home--the story says it was a bad karma thing. They had a civil war and destroyed their civilization with nuclear war. A few escaped to settle in the Pleides system while a great majority of the rest were devasted and irradiated severely. Yet they survived but they were severely harmed genetically. Their form changed over the course of several thousand years and their DNA degraded severely leaving them without a functional digestive system. Guess what they turned into. That's right--Greys. Having lost the necessary physical properties (proper DNA coding) to house a healthy soul matrix, or psyche, they lost individuality and converted to a hive mind collective and developed themselves along strictly technological lines. Having lost their ability to properly digest real food, they have taken to a vampiric lifestyle of stealing cattle glands and human glands. According to the story this also explains their need to abduct humans for DNA, since they share some of the same DNA sequences, in order to attempt to improve their own situation. Because of their limited mental abilities, ie lack of individual thinking and wellrounded psychic powers, it leaves them vulnerable to control from other less well-intentioned races like the Reptilians and Mantises. So, according to the story some Nordics have been captured by them and are being used by them for their purposes, while other Nordics are free, basically good, and opposed to their agendas. Not saying they are saviors or anything, just that they don't operate from a malignant mode like that.

Now I am saying that this story or anything close to it is gospel, but I do think it makes alot of sense in many ways. I also think that alot of the other creation stories (with ET's of course) are also valid. I wanted to throw this one out there for continued discussion and sharing of ideas.

One last thing I'd like to pipe in. Whatever the creation story is, the fossil record doesn't tell lies. We showed up on the scene about 150,000 to 200.000 yrs ago without a smooth transition of predessors like many of the other humanoid lines of succession...if such a dramatic genetic shift can occur like that, as the established science community would like us to believe, then why haven't we changed appreciably over all these years? Chimpanzees have 10 times the genetic variability in their own family then any two unrelated humans have. Weird.

Has anybody read "Forbidden Archeology" (I haven't), and what kinds of weirdness is going on those reports?

About the propulsion--I watched a Bob Lazar video a few yrs ago--he said it was a form of gravitational manipulation that folded space, not making you actually physically travel in a linear way faster than light but making you effectively get from one place to the other faster than light can travel? Any ideas on that one? Not saying I believe Bob Lazar is absolutely credible or anything as I dont know much about him.


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