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Would the world be a better place if Hitler had won the 2nd World War?

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posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 11:39 PM

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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 11:01 AM
reply to post by Plastered

If one looks at modern Germany today its strength through German ingenuity, hard work and efficiency, from that perspective one wonders how the world would be different. Would we have craft for space travel etc efficient food production?

I am not covering the emotive Hitler side of the WW2 except to say my family would be turning in their graves if the profiteering out of WW2, and who by, became known to them.

Although people join the armed forces becaue its a good career for them as individuals,no argument against that, I wonder if, on a world wide basis, you would be able to get away so easily with a few elite non-fighters (bankers) profiteering again. Without the money to build and buy weapons you can't get the war-machine up and running.

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 08:27 AM
Sorry for the bump, but was reading this and found it interesting to think about.
Can't say whether the world would have been a better place, and I disagree completely with his attempted extermination of the Jews, but I don't think he would have wiped out all but the Aryans as some people are saying. For a start he'd die before he could complete it, and probably be replaced by a more moderate leader. Secondly, I don't think he would have bothered with Africa, and left it to the Italians. He may have been interested in the Middle East for oil, but he had some ties with the Arabs I think? He was allied with the Japanese so don't get where people are saying he would have exterminated all Asians, I think I read somewhere that they planned to divide Asia between them from India.
It's interesting to think what would be the outcome if Germany had succeeded in Europe, you'd have a powerful Japan, Germany and America. I don't think the German/Japanese alliance would have lasted, and the Japanese themselves were very racist. There'd definitely be some form of Cold War, with neither the US/Japan/Germany powerful enough to take each other out, unless the combined, and even then it would be a massive task having to attempt an invasion over sea with no forward base to attack each others homeland, and which would lead to more disagreement after the war had been won.
In Europe itself, puppets would probably be put in power in the areas Germany didn't need for Lebensraum, particularly troublesome places like the Balkans, shielding German soldiers from the worst effects of insurgency, however millions of Slavs would probably be killed, or at the very least forced off their land. It's hard to know what would have happened with Britain, the Germans may have accepted peace, not sure the British would be willing to give up that easily and have their power diminished. Italy would probably be given the Meditterreanean and Africa. Turkey maybe would have joined the war after the defeat of the Soviets looked inevitable. All this would probably put considerably less pressure on Germany itself after the war.
Not sure what would happen with South America, I think some were pro-German at the start of the war, some not. Central America would surely be under the American sphere.
In terms of if the world would be better, it may be for some, but there'd be a lot less freedom in Europe and Japan, which wouldn't be good. Maybe there'd be more medical and technological advances, especially when the Nazi's and Japanese had no qualms about testing on humans, but its hard to know, the USSR weren't exactly angels either, and even some American experiments weren't what the most sensitive. Maybe the people would have been happy under Germany/Japanese fascism, especially if they turned their industrial might to produce consumer items, or maybe they'd be locked in a Cold war with even more chance of going hot.

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 09:53 AM

Originally posted by krs678
Good evening all
This may sound controversial but would the world now be a better place if the war had gone in Germany's favor?.......
My take is that since we couldn't make any other choice than the one we made in WWII without committing cowardice and breaking from our allies then we will never know whether Hitler would have been a good thing. It's like asking what would happen if we let all of our criminals out of jail. Maybe it would be good in ways we can't even imagine but since it would be ethically wrong to do that we will more than likely never find out.

Now the question of whether Hitler's ideas or the ideas that the nazi's had for the future are a good thing or not is altogether a different one. I'd say that the majority viewpoint is that their ideas would not be good for the world, but as history has shown even consensus opinions can be wrong. Nazi's are like hot potatoes and nobody wants to touch them or even be seen touching them. So if there's anything good there it'll be hard to find it. My suggestion is just to look elsewhere because there're lots of good ideas that don't attract the same hostility.

No matter what you do remember that being a minority is not easy.

I will admit that sometimes I wonder about the UFOs. I wonder if Nazi had a saucer program that never got off the ground... but the russians took it at the end of the war along with most of the scientists. The US and their allies got the rest of the german scientists. Sometimes I wonder if the UFOs are manmade and were the product of WWII technonlogical wizardry. But then I come back down to earth and realize that if it were true they couldn't hide it from modern science. Modern science would know about it by now.

On the other hand, maybe it was like the nuclear dilemma that stalled research into space propulsion. We could have made nuclear spacecraft but we didn't because of the weapons proliferation issue (bomb making materials) and the anti-nuclear lobby (nuclear waste and meltdown fears). Perhaps having nuclear spacecraft like that would have unlocked technologies that can only be developed in space or god only knows what might have resulted?

Perhaps the secret that allowed for the UFOs to be functional is similarly dangerous in the wrong hands. So maybe there's a concerted effort in the establishment to keep the technology and science behind it secret for reasons of national security. This would mean denial and misinformation and tight lips to keep it secret. So only top secret or secret societies (a separate human nation that broke off from public view that has the UFOs?) can use this technology.

So maybe this hypothetical human nation (that made the UFOs and uses them) looks down on us from their spacecraft with a yearning to reconnect with us since they're our brothers and sisters, but at the same time they also see us as backwards like how we see people in tribes in south america. Maybe they feel that separation is good for both of us right now and that in time we will both advance ourselves. I mean, stop for a moment and think about how you feel about people who live in tribes in south america. It's a primitive lifestyle, but would you forcefully throw yourselves on them and integrate them into the modern life? Probably not.

It's hard for me to take this possibility seriously since I can't imagine them being that advanced that quickly (in a span of 65+ years). More than likely, they're a much older human nation that existed before WWII OR they're living among us and members of some kind of secret society that isn't separate but right here with us just hidden from scrutiny. This idea is hard to swallow too because it's hard to accept that they'd keep their mouths closed, but on the other hand, the military can keep secrets if it's serious enough. Still, it's difficult to believe it. Bottom line there's no evidence for any of this it's just speculation.

But lets say we're at war with aliens from space. Maybe this secret society of UFOnauts is helping to protect us by piloting our own handmade UFOs and researching technologies 50 to 100 years down the road to speed up our defensive capabilities. Since it's all top secret and an issue of national security we will never know about it until they want us to.

But my top picks for the humans that hypothetically built the UFOs are the germans or the russians. Not to say that the US hasn't built them. Maybe so. Maybe, who knows. I just have to wonder how they'd keep this all secret. Still, hypothesizing that the UFOs are manmade is somehow comforting. It would give us humans some points on the scoreboard.

I said all that and yet I sit back and ponder aircraft carriers, space shuttles, atomic bombs, nuclear power plants, nuke subs in our oceans, satellites up above, transistors the size of a few atoms, all sorts of crazy sciences and technologies, and you know what? I haven't seen any of them in person. NONE. Yet, I believe they're there becuase of what I leanred in school and what I see on tv and in books. But the reality is I have no factual proof these things exist. I haven't even met Obama so I can't say he's real. So maybe... maybe reality is far, far more than we could ever believe. But that's getting so fantastic it's too much to seriously consider. And yet I ponder...
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posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 11:19 AM
I believe the world would be a 1000 times better.
I think over 90% of what we have been told of the Nazis is lies, and zionist war propaganda brainwashing which still continues today.
I do think we have to consider the context of the time and place, and not forget in term of racie and enthnocentrism, the USA, and other nations were having a socially conflicting time with it as well, and I do believe in time, Germany, like the other nations, would have progressed intergrationally as well.
But, Germany would have had a social standard, which the other nations were afraid to have, so they would have advanced in all areas way faster. They say Germany then was 20+ years advanced beyond the world, I think if they had won, by now, they would be maybe 200+ years advanced compared to the rest of the world that is sinking into thrid worldism.

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 11:32 AM

Originally posted by ayoss
If he won, the jews would be gone, and NYC and/or DC would have been nuked. Who knows what would become of Europe or the US.

Nah. You think they couldn't have had atomic bombs if they wanted them? Lol! Meanwhile, Churchill wanted to drop 30,000 anthrax bombs on Germany. FDR talked him out of it (not because he was opposed to the idea, but because it might make them look bad in history). Meanwhile, the US dropped an atomic bomb on the only Christian city in Japan.

posted on Apr, 28 2011 @ 12:16 PM
reply to post by starwarsisreal

You kinda need to get your facts straight there.

posted on May, 1 2011 @ 08:23 PM
reply to post by RizeorDie

Piss off psycho. Look in the eyes of the survivors and spew your apologist drivel. I dare you.

posted on May, 18 2012 @ 12:17 PM

Originally posted by GammaRayBurst


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Originally posted by GammaRayBurst
Lets see.... Hitler won the war, which means he completed his final solution, less Jews in the world, no Israel, peace in the middle east ..

Hell Yes the world would be better off..!!!

and exactly how is this off topic? ATS Nazis... I might have to agree with Gamma...

Forget WWII... If Germany won WWI the most philo-Semitic nation in Europe, Germany, would have remained so. Six million Jews would not have disappeared, as Hitler would have remained a failed artist and nothing more. The dynasties would have survived, which means there would have been no communism with its 20 to possibly 100 million victims. Hungary would not have been chopped up by Romania and Slovakia and Yugoslavia would not have become the unnatural federation it became. The Ottoman Empire would have lumbered along, Iraq would not have been created, nor would’ve Israel, Lebanon or Jordan. Russia would have joined the modern world–eventually. The world would have been led by England, Germany, France and the United States, and Africa would have never become the slaughterhouse it is today.

Despite all its horrors, the Brits insist there was a moral case for fighting WWI, but they would say that, wouldn’t they? Britannia did not wish Germany to spread her wings. But that was manifest destiny, pure and simple. So Hitler came to power because of the Versailles Treaty, and I guess you know the rest. Woodrow Wilson, a well-meaning man but criminally responsible for Jimmy Carter-like naivete, has a lot to answer for. Oh yes, I almost forgot, there would never have been a man called Mussolini lording it over the most pleasant land of Europe. Finally, socialism, the great cancer that has befallen us, would have remained a dream among hirsute intellectuals on the Left Bank of Paris. The struggle between good and evil that was WWII would never have taken place.

Even in the far Orient, things would have been for the better. Japan was the only combatant nation that achieved its aims by joining the Entente. It gave her a free hand to pursue her ambitions in Asia. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese would not have been slaughtered, and Mao would have remained a chainsmoking peasant, unknown outside his village. There never would have been a Vietnam War. Sure, Churchill said the Germans are either at your throat or at your feet, but that was just war rhetoric. The Kaiser was a civilized man, as were the Germans, and had the Allies humored him and allowed Germany to pursue her destiny, we would today be living in a far, far better place.

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