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Will Bush Dodge the Bullet? Rethinking Tecumseh's Curse

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posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 03:29 PM
I have a little theory regarding Bush dodging Tecumseh's curse. First, what that curse is:

Tecumseh's curse
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
The term Tecumseh's curse or Zero Year Curse is sometimes used to describe a chain of events that began with the death of United States President William Henry Harrison from pneumonia. Commonly attributed to Indian chief Tecumseh (and sometimes to his brother Tenskwatawa, aka The Prophet), who was defeated in the Battle of Tippecanoe by Harrison, the "curse" is said to have proclaimed the death of all presidents elected every 20 years. Indeed, all American presidents elected in a year divisible by 20 between 1840 and 1960 died in office:

1840 - William Henry Harrison, died of pneumonia in 1841
1860 - Abraham Lincoln, assassinated in 1865
1880 - James Garfield, assassinated in 1881
1900 - William McKinley, assassinated in 1901
1920 - Warren Harding, died of heart attack in 1923.
1940 - Franklin Roosevelt, died of cerebral hemorrhage in 1945
1960 - John F. Kennedy, assassinated in 1963.
Zachary Taylor, the only other President to die in office, was elected in 1848 and died in 1850 of "acute indigestion".

It is worth noting that Franklin Roosevelt was in his fourth term of office when he died, and Abraham Lincoln was in his second.

The exception to this "curse" was the presidency of Ronald Reagan. He was elected in 1980 and survived an assassination attempt during his presidential term and therefore did not die in office.

Regardless, the "curse" is taken seriously by some Christian groups, who have called for prayer to avert catastrophe from Presidents Reagan and George W. Bush in the election years 1980 and 2000. The group Intercessors for America believes they have broken the curse through "warfare prayer" in 1980.

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My Theory

Ok, this is just a hypothetical scenario, so kick it around. I don't have a crystal ball, just a sometimes very active imagination.

Some say Reagan broke the curse. Some say Reagan actually died on the operating table and came back to life, as so many others have. Either way, who knows. I personally don't believe in curses, but the above is pretty strange, even the most skeptical must admit. My best friend in the Army was a Navajo Indian. James told me that a Navajo curse levelled at me would not work because, as a Christian, I do not buy into it and am protected by the Holy Spirit anyway. I liked that thinking.
But, I digress. Let me get to it.

What if... being that George W. Bush was not actually elected, but SELECTED by the supremes, the curse flows over to the next lawfully ELECTED president - President John F. Kerry. Forget for a moment the ending in zero year part. The case can be made that Bush was not elected and therefore, is not truly the president. Kerry would be, winning the popular vote and electoral college.

Now, we still have a handful of months and anything could happen with regard to Bush. Think about this: his NeoCon handlers are so blood thirsty and power-mad, not to mention cornered and desperate; it is not inconcievable that they would take him out - blaming it, of course, on Al CIAda - Osama's big revenge. That would be a wet dream scenario for them. Cheney would take over and because of the outpouring of sympathy, he would get easily elected. Or, he would just suspend the election altogether due to a "state of National Emergency." Or hell, Dumbo Dubya may well just break his neck falling off a scooter or die choking on another pretzel. Who knows with him.
At any rate, the curse would be self-fulfilling.

So anyway, I was just curious to hear what all you thought of this.

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