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The Credit Crunch and Swine Flu Conspiracy.

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posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 04:23 PM
OK, we've all heard of swine flu, we've heard of avian flu, and we've heard of seasonal flu.

So, what's the difference?

Basically it's just different, mutated forms of the same Influenza group of viruses, which cause many similar symptoms.

So, what makes Swine Flu different?

Well, there's a few things, but perhaps in this context, it is the date it was "discovered", the subsequent media blanket coverage, the WHO breaking their own rules regarding what constitutes a "pandemic", and the way it has been used as a tool of deflection.

So, first things first - as of right now, there have been relatively few deaths from swine flu, compared to "ordinary" seasonal flu, which deaths number in the hundreds of thousands each year.

Swine flu, in comparison, has kiled relatively few people, just as the H5N1 virus killed relatively few people.

What it does though, is make for a good news story - swine flu, bird flu are nice catchy titles, easily imprinted in the public consciousness, so there's a little bit (or a lot) of marketing being done here, via the MSM.

Let's also look at the WHO - they declared a pandemic, based on relatively few deaths worldwide, and broke their own rules regarding calling it a pandemic, because it is not, and never has been, a sustained, multi country outbreak of sufficient seriousness to be called a pandemic.

It's just another Flu strain - but it's catchy...

The term "Swine Flu" came into being on or around the 28th April 2009 - and that date is significant, because TPTB already knew the credit crunch was coming.

The start of the credit crunch has been the subject of much debate - dates range from early May 2009, to August 2009.
The one thing that is certain is that TPTB knew well in advance of the impending financial crisis that it was going to happen.

For example, Tony Blair resigned from office in June 2007, and walked straight into a "consultancy" role with JP Morgan at £500k pa - JP Morgan subsequently survived the crash, and indeed made a lot of money from it, in one way or another, which would seem to indicate that Blair knew the crash was coming (as did many others) and sought to profit from it.

So we come back to the "crunch" eventually reaching the ears of the public, who had no inside information.

Banks bailed out by governments, homes re-possessed, job losses, in fact the biggest finfancial crisis since the wall street crash of the 20's/30's.

Emergency measures were introduced, taxpayers money was used to prop up failing banks, and in any other time, there would have been rioting in the streets.


People now had a new worry...

According to news reports from the MSM, swine flu was going to decimate the globe, people were walking the streets in surgical masks, chemists sold out of flu treatments (we know they don't work, but hey).

The WHO were particularly complicit in feeding the "scare" and appeared on new bulletins with great regularity.

It is my belief that TPTB put pressure on the WHO to call an "emergency" when it was nothing of the sort.

It is my belief that TPTB saw an ideal opportunity to distract people from the financial crisis, and put pressure on the WHO to decalre something that went against their rules.

It is my belief that swine flu has been used as a tool of deflection to take peoples attanetion away from the real crises facing us today, and to further deflect attention away from bank bailouts and the crisis that occured in the financial sector, but which was of their own making.

One of the things we saw, was de-regulation of banks, and once that happened, bankers started out creating false wealth, lending irresponsibly, and basically building a house of cards.

But of course, TPTB do NOT want us to concentrate on this, and never did - they needed something to deflect away from the crisis, and they found it with swine flu.

It may be that the bird flu scare was a dry run.

It may even be that swine flu came from a government lab, and had been held for just such a moment, when TPTB needed it to deflect attention away from what they and the bankers had done.

It is my belief that the swine flu scare was manufactured by certain people, and that they put a plan into action to stop discontent and civil disorder amongst the populace - and what better tool? people were discouraged from meeting in large groups, many people were scared to leave the house, and everyone wanted to keep away from this "killer virus" which claims less lives every year than seasonal flu - hundreds of thousands less lives every year.

I am NOT saying that swine flu doesn't exist.

I AM saying that this relatively rare form of flu (where ever it came from) is far less prevalent than TPTB would have you believe, and that it was hyped up, and blown out of proportion to deflect and distract from the reall issues that were happening, and still are happening.
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posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 04:57 PM
This is very believable.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 05:51 PM
It's more than believeable - I am convinced of the truth ot this.

Our last UK government had a habit of "spinning" stories, and trying to bury bad news in a kind of sponsored "infomercial" about various scares.

They learned this from the US government, as did other European countries, although to a lesser extent.

The rub is this - they want to carry on business as usual, and take our attention away from the fact that nothing has changed.

Swine flu was the perfect MSM weapon - think murdoch, and then think how many alternative sources gave swine flu the same credence and spent so much time reporting about it.

Also remember that Murdoch (and other media moguls) regularly meets, "in secret", with government heads at places like camp david and checkers, for private dinners.
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