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UFO exclusive story, Very interesting

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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 07:12 PM
Just thought i would share this verbatim story a lady friend told me very reluctantly about a UFO encounter she had where she grew up in northern Ontario Canada in 1996. I desperately tried to get her to join ATS, but she wanted no part of it and told me never ask her again, i guess it freaked her out so bad she moved out of Canada and now lives in Puerto Vallarta Mexico where she doesn't have to deal with it.

Here's what she said verbatim and all i could get out of her.

Look, heres what happened..theres nothing I can do about it and you can make of it what you will. I do think its
important for people to speak the truth about it without a stupid stigma attached. Ive often thought...What if something really happens and all these years people were repressed from talking openly?

I was walking my dog through my own subdivision with my Boyfriend at about 11:00 pm. It was one of those beauty summer nights and we had been over at my brothers house sitting outside. I remember is was a starry night ( I love to stargaze) and the kids were having a sleepover.

Anyhoooo...we are walking along when suddenly Overhead we spotted a huge black triangle shaped craft with red lights. It was strange because as it moved overhead it seemed to be kinda covered in like fog, really it looked like a cloud. We could clearly still see the stars around the shape. I cant say I heard anything, but it felt like a sort of humming/vibration. The dog weirded out and she hit the ground whimpering and we couldn't move her... she was shaking and I had to pick her up. Her heart was hammering a mile a minute. It felt really strange I had this sensation of my bones melting is the best way I can describe it. As well as acute nausea. It also felt like I compressed or flattened in a way. As we watched we noticed a number of these "crafts" kind of join in a much larger triangle formation and then they seemed to recede and vanish In an instant!...very weird....

We both noticed the next couple of days it felt like a flu...but in my bones. I was very nauseous also. My dog slept for two days and would only get up to go over for water and go pee...she didn't eat and neither I nor my boyfriend didn't feel hungry either for several days. i kept having this lingering nauseous feeling every time i thought about it, and eventually moved out of the country because i couldn't live a normal life where i was living and where it occurred

To this day I cant explain what happened...I just know it was real, and really scary and i never spoke of it to anyone until now, other than my old boyfriend, which haven't seen for over 14 years.

I couldn't get out of her what town it was in, only what part of Canada and the year. as i said she was really reluctant to even speak about but i was happy to get this much and thought i would share

any thoughts or was anyone ever aware of this Sighting around 1996 in Ontario?
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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 07:44 PM
Does she realize that Mexico has had a lot of UFO sightings?

Arn't the black triangle UFo's man-made? Thought I read that somewhere.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 08:41 PM
reply to post by Night Star

she said she moved down on the warm beaches to just let it all fade away. i guess it traumatized her good enough she had to move out of Canada, because she kept thinking they would come back or something. if you ever met her you would understand she's not the type to fabricate things....too straight and forward... business woman

what she was describing we have no technology that splits apart or reconnects in the air and surely doesn't just wink out , if you know what I'm saying?

she reluctantly told me about it when we were all joking around about UFO's and she thought we were making fun of her somehow? it wasn't even directed at her. i asked her what was wrong and she kept hesitating then finally told me. i told her over the years i had seen UFOs but i never had that type of experience. she told me that was all she could remember about the experience and she wasn't interested in bringing it back up, which really sucked because i wanted her to share here and try to get more out of her from more experienced interviewers.

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