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Executive Order[WRAP]

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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 07:11 AM
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Executive Orders
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I am going away for a while. I can't take part in this anymore. I know my path now.

They want us to think that there are those asleep, that we( awake or aware etc etc.) are few and that the sheeple outnumber us and are many.

That is what they want you to think.
That they are in control.
That they are everywhere, in every system.
That they hold onto everything that you hold dear.
That is what they want you to think.
And you are thinking it.
We are already dividing amongst ourselves, The Sheeple and Us, you and I.

They, the PTB are no system without participants. WE ALL PARTICIPATE. You and I.
There is no control, it is merely the illusion created by the absence of action. When we discard our apathy and with it the terms that divide and cripple us, the illusion will be revealed.
We are literally everywhere, they are not.
When we have no fear of losing everything, and we are willing to put everything on the line- we will win. When we forsake our small dreams born from advertisements and the manufacture of wants, then we may see what is indeed really needed.
Then they will not hold anything that is dear to any of us, and we will be free.
We will have no fear.

Revolution is just the word.
But are you its action?

Are we just pining for the way things used to be now that things are much tougher. Are you bitter because you have not been given what you have been told to think you deserve?

We need personal revolts as much as any other. Personal revolts. That means you and me, and everyone else. We need to look at how we participate, at were our apathy strands us, at how we support and prop up the system we claim is controlled by the few. We need to look at how we provide the foundations for those we describe as the elite or TPTB, and at how we let fear control us.
Sometimes I think it is not actually fear, but a senseless chase to eradicate or avoid all that we imagine to be fearful. All that we are told to be afraid of. Constantly fearing fear. It is so tiring. I am tired of it.

Sheeple, NWO, Elites, PTB, the Awakened or the Aware.
Just terms.
Propaganda. Division. Dichotomy. Dialectic. Classes and Symbols.

Look at how we let the thought of loosing things control us, cars or jobs, or houses and manufactured dreams(that in many cases we borrow heavily for) which enslave us in a cycle of debt, of fear, that traps us in a continued cycle of participation.

Look at how we the cloak of patriotism isolates our interests and our beliefs as being more significant then many other peoples of the world, and inflates our own needs as being more important and worthy of killing others for. I want to be proud of my country, but because we are loved by others and not merely by ourselves.
Look at the way we have let this be used for the justification of War, and our participation in that.
Insulating ourselves in ignorance via the MSM, TV, the Internet of inane entertainment and distraction.
The list is much longer.
It is my list and it is yours.

I know our partisan activism is nice, and it feels empowering, but complaining about a few power elites and creating excuses for ourselves and how we participate by pointing the finger at the Elites or the NWO is no panacea, especially when it is an illusion. The cure begins within us all.
Revolution is just a word.
But are we its action?
Revolt against ourselves. We are citizens in the New World Order. Over throw what you are!

Just because we think we are awake does not mean we are not still dreaming. How different are we from the sheep we like to differentiate ourselves from?
We are Sheep that think we are not sheep. That is all we are when we still act and participate like sheep.

When I look in the mirror, I see where the struggle begins, where the real change can be wrought.

Many battles have already begun, and we can see them here and there. My battle begins now.
I hope I can win.

All my love.
Peace and good luck to you. I hope we can win.
I hope, I can.

I am no longer your President, for I am awake now.

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