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Off-switch for Anxiety Discovered?

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posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 10:19 PM

The team of scientists, led by Dr Suresh Jesuthasan from the A*STAR/Duke-NUS NRP, showed that disrupting a specific set of neurons in the habenula[1] prevents normal response to stressful situations. In their experiments, Dr Jesuthasan's team trained larval zebrafish to swim away from a light in order to avoid a mild electric shock. While normal fish easily learned this task, fish that had a specific set of neurons in the habenula damaged displayed signs of "helplessness."

I am not completely convinced it is simply down to the habenula being "dysfunctional" although I only hope we can get closer to solving the mind & bodies mysteries

posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 10:23 PM
Or...if you're in a hurry and can't wait for the science to catch up to the concept you could always reach for a Xanax...

posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 10:25 PM
can't be worse than vodka and xanex

which i do not recommend

if they did find a cure, would big pharma let it out....doubt it

be good

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 12:13 AM
what i have discovered is that drinking coffee or caffinated drinks sneaks up on you and makes you jittery and anxious but because it sneaks up so insiduously you are unaware of it

recently i started counting the number of caffinated drinks and foods I have and I find that I can control my anxiety without the need for prozac

I suggest that people start observing what they do to add to their anxiety problem inadvertently and may that help someone out there reading this


posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 06:14 AM
Displaying helplessness would surely be more in keeping with having anxiety than the sensible thing of avoiding the cause of stress?

Anyway, there's an easy way to stop anxiety - a nice, quiet cup of tea, preferably while curled up on one of those sofas with cushions that swallow you whole.
edit on 12/1/2011 by TheWill because: did I really just write cuppa?! extra DIV

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 06:47 AM
God created marijuana for the same reason (?)

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 06:50 AM
Only thing that ever aleviated my anxiety effectively was Tequilla

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 06:50 AM
There was already an off switch discovered by the chinese like 8 million years ago. It is called controlled breathing.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 08:12 AM
I find this very interesting. And I will keep up on this thread for more information.

But I must say, I got a little giggle thinking of the movie "Stepford Wives"

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 08:15 AM
"The experience of pain gives way to one of peacefulness if it is consistently and dispassionately attended to for a sufficient time. Once the reactions to the pain--the horror, outrage, fear, tension, and so on--are separated out from the pure sensation, the sensation at some point will stop hurting." -Mark Epstein (on meditation)

The cure is stop running from the sources of anxiety; have the courage to experience them so you can comprehend them.

It's all-natural too.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 12:36 PM
In my opinion I think it all has to start with the mind,internally how the person perceives any given situation at hand.
if the experience is negative(or believed to be negative in nature) and the individual literally accepts and believes it to be true,the natural reaction of the body is going to be anxiety one way or another.

Now of course every single individual is different in their own right,speaking personally I know sometimes be it instantaneous or over a slower,longer period of time,problems can mount up within,needing to be expressed.

I look at it on an energy level,the energy(positive/negative) has to be vented,expressed and hopefully in the most suitable,positive and self sustaining way possible
as I like to say: "when the pot is boiling,it eventually has to overflow"

It is all pertaining to perception,belief and reaction.

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