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Something Nice, for The "New Agers".

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posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 07:51 PM
Hello, I just want to welcome anyone that might happen to stop by. It's a nice way of doing things!

I am pretty much going to address that so called, or boxed folks known as the "New Age Folks." I just wanted to be clear about that right from the beginning so there are no discrepancies later on.

(Now that the disclaimer is out of the way...)

I think most New Age thinkers will agree that water seeks its own level. So for those that ride this common wave, this is for you.

For those of you that aren't real sure about what New Agers are, well, I don't think we are real sure either. We just seem to know what we know. How we arrived here is so many different paths, to many to even try to put here in a nutshell of how, but we got here.

It is kind of funny in a way, we are almost like BillyBob that was just out huntin with his dogs when he saw that crazy glowing thing in the sky justa dancin around. lol He even took pictures with his cell phone and posted them, only to have folks say he caught the (insert your favorite here, ie., swamp gas,flares,battery powered plane,Golden Knights, etc.). Thing is, BillyBob Knows what he saw. Heck even the dogs acted all kinds of weird!

He knows what he Saw, we know what we Feel.

I am not going to get all long winded on this aspect of New Agers. I am here to share with my friends something interesting I came across today. Oddly enough, it has a crazy synchronicity to it. Just this morning while I was at work I heard one of the people presented in the videos below on Coast 2 Coast. (Patricia Cori, author of Beyond The Matrix). She was interesting and the first time I have heard of her. Who knew I would hear here again later in my day eh?

Anyhow, the other two folks you will see in the videos below are, Geoff Stray, author of, " Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Ecstasy", and Chris Bourne, author of, " Five Gateways: Our Journey to Ascension.

Im assuming some of you folks may know who these people are. If not, thats ok too, always nice to meet someone new I think!

I know some questions have come up on a couple threads of assension pains etc. I know sometimes myself with all the reading I do around here, I tend to stray and question and wonder. The search is always on.

I think, the most important answer to the search though, is the heart and what it knows. It knew when it arrived, and it will know when it leaves. Sometimes a little pointer for us that Know that, but get a little lost, just need a little nudge to remind us of what we know. I find it fortifying I guess, for a lack of better word or words...!

So, if you are into the Myans, History, Science of thought, and so much more, and just need a little reminder of what your heart knows, these three videos might help!

I hope some kindred spirits show themselves...

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 08:00 PM
Thanks alot watched the first few mins of it. Gotta watch the facebook movie with my girlfriend.
and when i'm done I'll watch this.


posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 08:11 PM
reply to post by onehuman

Hi, lovely to meet you,

Great post. The only pain I get lately is lack of sleep, that seems to be a real pain in my backside. But then I am used to it. I did go through a stage of 16 years of insomnia. Funny the things we have to put up with when we become aware. Great videos and thanks for sharing. Namaste

posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 08:38 PM
Im so glad you folks are enjoying this or intend too. I didn't mean to be rude and ignore you, Im just busy going back and forth here, trying to prepare for this blizzard heading my way! lol The Other Reality.

posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 08:49 PM
Thanks for the post......... it's all good stuff. A lot of what they've said has come to me from someplace I don't know. But the higher conscious is coming, I've felt it more and more the last few years and more so recently.

posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 09:12 PM

The New Age

, by NewAgeMan..

Is a gateway to new pasture, from which we may freely come and go, which is a good thing, because only a righteous person, or a person filled with righteousness accounted them by their faith alone (hey no one's perfect eh?), can tread that ground, and yet, at the very same time, when storing up treasure in heaven "home is where the heart is", and what's so beautiful imho, to say the least is: Somehow, we were given, by design, evolution or divine providence, or all three, this space within, from which neither thief can remove, nor woodworm, destroy. And that's a real a marvel. That's the ocean pearl of the new day of the dawning, of a new age, an age of both reason AND spirit, an age of truth and light, of increasing awareness, increasing love, and therefore, increasing mutuality for the greater good, while bracketing a purely "rational self interest" within a Darwinian "might makes right", survival of the fittest and strongest (law of the jungle).
As Terrance Mckenna said - We've seen the dying throes of that dead and dying civilization, and while many of us are attempting even still, to suck the very marrow out of its dead bones, we are fast coming to realize, that the bones were already long dead, and without any nourishment of any kind, and that the Golden Age is here, now, in the willingness to take on the suffering of the world, and dissolving it in our midst, according not to our words, but by our actions, since it is the action, towards both ourselves and our fellow man, which bears fruit - it needs expression by the physical body, even if only in listening to our neighbor commiserate with us, and thanking him for giving us the honour. So many timeless moments, even in excercise or team sports (I play hockey), with a lover, moment sublime with our families, that's the kingdom life, the good life, the happy life, the creative life, and even the suffering life (provided it's a worthwhile suffering), but can we take it the rest of the way, relative to whatever and whoever we hate, to starr dissolving that as well and move those moutains too? I think we can, I think we ARE, and this is the new movement, not the "911 truth movement" but the REAL new age movement in which Christianity has a strong chip in play, as Terrance might say.

The camel, has made it across the desert, and a new sun is dawning, we all know this - the circle is slowly being joined, but it's being done so in the Bhadisatva way, in pursuit of the one lost sheep - me and you!

And what an awesome awareness it is!

It doesn't even require any conscious thought, and it's not an imposition on the mind of man either, that's what is even MORE marvelous about it! It's both simple and easy, why were we so afraid, to walk over that bridge, or to approach that gate? Maybe there were gatekeers now stepping aside, to be replaced, by doormen like me.

What'ya expect given my avatar - only the highest performance for a thread like this, a type of spider web of sorts for me, you knew you'd catch a NAM with it I'm sure. (the theme for spiderman is running through my head now).

Love and light!

Good is good for goodness sake, and love is it's own reward.
~ Anonymous

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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 05:35 AM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

Thanks for sharing that, I enjoyed it. Humans sure like to take the hard road don't they?

Sometimes I think it is kind of funny when others laugh at the new age folks and all our hookie pookie and ascension stuff as they call it.I can't help but think it will be because of people like ourselves that will bring this world around and back to it source of peace and love. So many think that it is just not possible.I believe with all my heart that it is. Even the greatest warriors come to know their greatest strength is their peace. Perhaps some could even learn from nature that there is always the eye of the great storms and what resides there, but peace as well.

Things are changing. One who is often pointed out by many, Nostradamus, has mentioned there could or would be a 1000 years of peace, yet that is so often overlooked. I guess because it doesn't serve the gloom and doom, yet oddly enough, that is the One thing that really sticks out for me of all the things he passed on. Maybe just the fact that it comes at the end game makes it best.

Why people fight in the name of their Gods Ill never know. It makes no sense to me.

Anyhow, nice to find some kindred spirits here, It is always nice to walk the path with company. As they say, the more the merrier!

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