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What we truly are and how to experience it (Blog I made)

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posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 06:31 PM
As I am looking within my heart and feeling the presence of my true self within observing me and giving me it's wisdom this is what I type from the heart:

I no longer have the desire to explain myself to anyone or for anyone to understand me. I do not have the desire to "fit" in nor do I have the desire to worry what anyone else thinks. For this I do not need as I know what I truly am. I am an expression of god's love and god's will.

God is love and love is god. That's what I am and that's what you are to. We are this amazing Cosmic Source. We get lost and separated in this world coming into but later on in life through experience and feeling we come to learn our true nature again and even again in another lifetime. God has always been there inside of you.

You can't look for it because that love is already there. That divine love is all you need and when you find this you won't desire any type of fear as you already have this divine truth that was and always within. It's already there waiting for you! Your higher self is just sitting there patiently waiting until you are ready again to give you the truth in life for it has always loved you.We are this physical manifestation of god.

Don't you see dear loved ones that you are god? Don't you see that you are life? Don't try and force it or think what it is, instead simply feel what it is. Look around you at the people, the sky, the trees, the rocks, objects, the sun, the moon, mother earth and you will see who you are. Pure divine love.

Love is more than just a relationship, love is more than just any type of sex, or feeling from a drug, love is more than just the love that is shared between a father, mother, and a child. Love is unconditional and your pure and natural state is this unconditional love. All of life is this unconditional love of god, it's god's manifestation of love.

You grow up letting others tell us what you should or shouldn't do feeding our ego and making our ego and mind seem like it's a bad thing. You grow up in bad experiences and it makes our ego think that this is what life is, Hate and negativity. You become scared and emotionally scarred. You dear ones then take it out on everyone around you to try and let your fears and insecurities that you developed through bad experiences onto anyone or anything around you.

You instead choose to look outward instead of inward and blame everyone around you for your suffering instead of yourself. You let life problems get you down. When the bad is just experiences for your development. You are in this moment of now instead of before. So why can't you let go of what happened before? Your memories are just simply memories and even they can scar you or make you happy.

Do you not understand loved ones that you can truly create your own life and what happens around you through demanding that it will happen and let go of all your fears? Can you truly not understand this?

You can not know who you are by simply seeing or thinking. Your 5 senses are not you, they are just physical manifestations to express love physically. Through feeling, letting go of your desires and turn them into positive ones, letting go of your mind and just going with the flow of life will you then be able to know who you are. It's not even knowing because it is there already. Ready to embrace you with open arms! You already have the divine knowledge of god already within!

God is divine, love, strength, power, creativity, knowledge, masculine, and feminine. God is understanding and forgiving. God is you and you are god. But when you hear god you think of god outside of you. When you hear the word god or say the word god you think and feel as being powerless that god is greater.

But you fail to realize that you are one with god. God is just a word and that's all it will be, because god is greater and I mean far greater than just any word we could use to call god. God or this Cosmic Source has always been within waiting for us to worship it through loving it and loving others. God has always wanted you to see "him".

To realize god within yourself you have to act and be as god in all moments of life. You can not be dogmatic about it what or who you are to other people. When you realize god you will understand this. At first you will find it sad and wonder why people can't realize this and then you will meditate on it or even ponder on it and realize it's not yet their time. They still need to have this experience their selves. It can not be rushed and it can not be forced. Your mind and ego will go through phases of understanding this and will eventually come to understand. You will find it difficult.

Realizing god will be a difficult process. People will try and make you believe you are wrong for your beliefs, people will try to bring you down to their level of fear and insecurities. Work and busy life will make you feel as if it will be hard to do so making your ego feel this negativity and you began to ponder on it and try to rush. But just relax don't rush it. It will come! You will feel this higher self presence within you giving you the answers to life.

You will then realize why people are the way the are because of their ego not being taught through love, not being taught the right way and you will love them and forgive them. You will understand them and even at time feel sorry for them. That's ok because you yourself are still learning! Overtime you will begin to know and feel what they think simply because you love them and realize that we are one and not separate. But do not let it stress you out.

Let go of every thought that arises within you and question them as well until the slowly dissolve. Let them go. Just enjoying being as you are and listen to the beautiful silence around you. Question yourself with Who am I? Do I need to go anywhere to know who I am? Do I need to get away from "Society", life, and people to know who I am? Do I need to go anywhere at all to find god or know who I am? Look within your divine heart and ask these questions.

Tell mother earth and father sun that you love them each and everyday through the heart. Send them love from your heart and tell them that you truly forgive yourself, you forgive all life, and all people. Tell them that you love all of life through your heart chakra, or your (divine)heart. Open and heal all of your chakras. Clear your chakra's of negativity and heal them. By doing so you will become strong, loving, wise, forgiving, and understanding.

Do not be afraid loved ones. People aren't going to understand you and some may even hate you for your beliefs but realize its all going to be ok because it's not their fault as they were once like the you that had held these fears, doubts, and insecurities in within you. They just have some unresolved issues they need to workout within themselves. You are taking a step that they aren't yet ready for or they believe they aren't ready for. But realize that it's not really as hard as your mind may tell you it is.

We are all ready for it and have been. You just have to experience it.

There are many gods, goddesses, and demi-gods by many names. But worshiping these demi-gods will not get you to the true source of God Head, as there is only true Source of God Head. You will only get stuck in these demi-gods wishes and desires and not the true divine god of love, the one cosmic source. Now I am not telling you what to do or shouldn't I am just telling you what I learned from experience.

You can read from many books, whether new age, occult, or books on wisdom but not all will help you full realize who and what we are. They will give you greater knowledge and insight perhaps but not the full truth. Because words can be tricky even if someone tries to help their words can be misunderstood. You have to read in between the lines. Ultimately feeling is the key!

Just imagine the world we could live in, if we are all one and all realized this together! There would be no fast food, no banks or businesses saying you owe them money or you are in debt. There would be no disease or dying. There would simply be people loving each other as god and as a whole instead individually. Through the love of the divine heart you can heal all things and everything will be possible through love!

So dear ones love all of life and you will to come to have this experience as you are destined for it. If not this life then the next.

Just remember dear ones there can be love outside of you and in many different forms. At times you will feel separate from this love but you must realize you are not separate from any kind or form of unconditional love. It is always there. It always has been. The greatest of all love is the divine love that is there already within yourself. So do not get discouraged and feel that nobody loves you or many hate you, because you are loved and loved unconditionally and divinely. You just have to realize it.

You try to separate yourselves away from truth and away from life. You make up words and languages to hide from everything to feel as if your better. You create boundaries from one another and make up names for different places calling them countries. You make up names for the color of your skin calling it a race. When im truth dear ones the color of your skin or where you are from does not matter. All of this separation does not teach you who you really. You create what you call this madness. There is no separation. The color of your skin only comes from adapting to different environments of this earth. So stop running from yourself by thinking there is separation. Stop hiding from everyone. This is not the real you.

Love is unconditional. We have evil people and evil things that happen in life. But they happen as an experience to teach us this unconditional love. People who are evil are here to teach this and it is us who know this unconditional love to help the evil people realize this love. For they were not taught it growing up in the situation that they are brought up in. Love is all of life. We are this love.

When you love unconditionally you begin to realize why people are the way they are and you automatically understand them and no thought of forgiving them occurs because you already forgave them through understanding.

When you realize this you will know who you are and who other are and you will not care if they are gay, black, white, mentally, ill, call you out of who you are because they do not know themselves. You will not have any negative emotions. You will love them unconditionally no matter what because you will see yourself and all of life around you as this unconditional love.


posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 07:10 PM
Ok. But a part of being god also means seeing god in others, not distancing yourself from them. Even the Buddha, the king of dis-attachment, had a wife whom he loved and most likely made love to, a lot.

As beautiful as life is, I wouldn't want to experience it without the love of MY life. But that's just me.

As for ego, I leave you with this.

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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 10:19 AM

Originally posted by 4KAAN
Ok. But a part of being god also means seeing god in others, not distancing yourself from them. Even the Buddha, the king of dis-attachment, had a wife whom he loved and most likely made love to, a lot.

As beautiful as life is, I wouldn't want to experience it without the love of MY life. But that's just me.

Yes dear one you would see god in others! Your ego is a good thing. When you focus in your spiritual heart and surrender into it, it will cleanse your ego and your body of all negativity. For we are this feeling within our hearts this feeling of un-conditional love. When you stay here in this center you will bring it out unto everything around you and you will begin to see god in others and you will have this un-conditional love you have been searching for all your life. It is your life.

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