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Earth's Human infestation [WRAP]

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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 07:39 AM

Originally posted by andy1033
reply to post by SLAYER69

Being 35, i know from life experience and i found out early, 90% of humans have never known what is right or wrong. All they know is about how to destroy and kill for there needs and pleasures.

Scum, and i am just glad i will never bring someone into this world.

Oh no there will not be a person to be killed by police and gov, while organising lies about anyone they want down pubs at weekend, while police and friends commit any violence they want and any crime they want.

This last paragraph describes society today, and what neighbours are like, real life murderers, and you think what they are doing to anything they want.

Well here we go...this is good stewardship. Textbook of todays upside down thinking and belief systems. Does this sound faimiliar in lieu of recent events here in America??

This is why I often speak of people with a television and movie public education. High on emotions, expectations, and entitlements and not much on solutions. 90%....Wow!!!

Down at the Pub??? I am thinking this must be a UK or Conintental post.

I am also often stating that someone out here want to model us here in the States after UK and Continental templates. Think this one through.


posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 07:48 AM
good read lad, i enjoyed your opinions.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 07:52 AM
Wow... Man your so right about this...But who can shift the change in the world.. We all know deep in our guts that something soon is going to happen even we walk away for moment of this madness thats going on.But we cant loose the guilt. And we all want to save the world.. But we can't because the normal daily living soul that is on this earth in this time and space will have to bare the sins of the major multinational civilization of greed and money. And they will sit back and laugh at us in there wealthy shelters. And will say ( they created us and now when its to late they want to turn tide!)

Lets hope someone will show up and bare the sins we did see coming!


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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 07:56 AM
Are we not enjoying the fruits of an enlightened society?
Hasn't the industrial revolution given us all the junk we think we need?
Regardless of who we are and what we have it seems we all want more.
How did we ever get so addicted to "stuff"?
If you haven't seen George Carlin's rant on "stuff" you really should:

Sadly, stuff is a replacement and substitute for other things that we are missing from in our lives - relationships, skills, deeper meaning and satisfaction from the things we do. We take jobs doing things we don't enjoy, settle for relationships that could be better, allow ourselves to be "entertained" by tv and movies instead of doing things ourselves.
Our entire society has been built as an inverted pyramid where those who own nearly everything do as they please while being supported by those who have little or nothing.

In the end, we live longer lives and get more things than humans ever did before but is that the measure of progress? I would submit that it is not. Life shouldn't be about quantity, it should be about quality. Give me one real friend over 1,000 facebook friends, One bite of real food over a buffet of tasteless GMO crap. One real wildlife encounter over a national geographic show.

Gradually we have forgotten what is real and what is important.
That is the true danger we pose to ourselves and our world.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 08:07 AM
reply to post by SLAYER69

I was also thinking that this thread and your presentation was world worthy Slayer, this is 'your' piece and should be spread far and wide with proper attribution to the original source which is a win win for everyone. I will place this on my facebook for sure.

I know of many other things which 'amp' you, but this was a complete and total surprise, one which makes me appreciate our friendship even more and my respect for you immeasurable.

Carry on...

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 08:12 AM
reply to post by SLAYER69

I wish I knew how to give stars and flags. You'd get hundreds for the simple CCR appearance. Great post man!

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 08:17 AM
reply to post by SLAYER69

Nice Work Slayer69

As my favorite comedian would say Earth will shake us like a bad case of Fleas!.. A Surface Nuisance!
basically he tells it all ! about Pollution Extinction diseases Virus to Magnetic Pole Reversal etc...

George Carlin: Earth Day

For your First Video The Crying Indian ( Keep America Beautiful) I Like what represents
But i have a problem with 100% Italian-American ACTOR Iron Eyes Cody Playing as a Indian

Mel Brook looks More like Indian in Blazing Saddles
Mel Brooks, Indian Chief

why couldn't they have a Real Native American Actor ! ? like from the same Time Period 1971

Like these Great People of The Earth ..
Jay Silverheels

Chief Dan George
Floyd Red Crow Westerman
Burt Reynolds !! ( Navajo Joe Gun smoke) His Father Half Cherokee ?
Or my second Favorite Will Samson didn't act until 1975 tho..

Great post i like it Good way to spread the Truth and to Visualize it all! to People who would not bother

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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 08:25 AM
The root of the problems is ignorance, and THE primary manifestation of ignorance among humanity is its immensely monolithic (to understate it) comfort level (overall) with secrecy-BASED government in general - including and especially many of those whose mere meaningless WORDS will CLAIM to be against secrecy. Hence the very NAME of this site that implies, "secrecy is normal." The PSYCHOLOGY of secrecy runs much, much deeper than basically anyone will acknowledge. Absence of rule BY secrecy results in greater scientific knowledge for ALL people, where humanity would have been able to figure out how to avoid the gargantuan ecological problems probably a long - or long, LONG - time ago. Rule by secrecy equals rule by FEAR, and very many of those who CLAIM to be "forward thinkers" or even "revolutionaries" or the like are, at least essentially, equally among the fearful. The fearful have no one to blame but themselves for their inevitable demise... That doesn't mean I'm in favor of wiping out ALL of humanity, or too many, or where there isn't enough racial-ethnic diversity, and hopefully there won't even have to BE any kind of cataclysm, but unfortunately, I wouldn't bet on it (rightly or wrongly).

So, if THE ultimate objective (by definition) Truth means finding out that there is no God and/or whatever other mind-bogglingly huge revelations, wouldn't it be indescribably great if there were enough who could put on their grownup pants and DEAL with it like a reasonably intelligent and mature species? THE problem is that there are too many various (religious and political) true BELIEVERS, and not nearly enough DESIRERS to learn more than the political world as we know it allows. Beliefs alone equal fragile, eggshell egos and psyches. Period. Beliefs are a house of cards built on a foundation of styrofoam. We need something infinitely more durable.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 08:32 AM
While I do not dispute that humans had better smarten up and fast, your approach to it is very "anti-human".

What's next? Eugenics? Forced population decrease? Abandonment of human rights?

I understand what you mean but this generation's attitude scares me. Many of you are watermelons. Green on the on the inside.

I've seen how this general philosophy can get very dangerous if it is not tempered with reason, science and compassion.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 08:49 AM
You might be interested in this story. Many people including governments are starting to see how the way they live is unsustainable and are trying to fix things.

Although i have this sneaking suspicion that only the poor and middle classes will be required to leave a more humble life while the rich live the life they have as usual, maybe this entire thing is a futher con to keep the rich living as they like at the expense of the less well off.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 08:50 AM
You are absolutely right, slayer...

...but I'd like to add a clarification -- it's not the Earth that's under siege as much as the Human Race on Earth is under siege -- the Earth will be fine in the long run. Even if humans don't cause their own extinction, we probably WILL go extinct though natural processes in less than 1 Million years -- which is barely a blink of an eye to the Earth.

Man may create an Earth that is no longer fit for human habitation, but I don't know if the Earth itself cares that we create the means of our own destruction -- The Earth could probably take us or leave us. One billion years from now, humans will be extinct and something else way take our place (perhaps intelligent ancestors of dolphins who have evolved to live on land again?) ---

--- and the Earth will live on as if humans never existed, and with the human race being long forgotten.

So I would say humans are ruining the Earth for the habitation of humans and other creatures living today, but not necessarily ruining the Earth itself.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 08:52 AM
reply to post by Chett

I am curious, all of you folks cheering this thread on ....what are you doing personally to make it better? Do you recycle?

Of course! we have 5 recycling boxes at home - one for plastic, one for aluminium, one for other metal cans, one for paper/cardboard and one for organic material.

Oh, we have a small box for used batteries as well!

So I try to seperate as much of our waste as possible.

Aluminium soda/beer cans and soda plastic bottles I take to the grocery store where I receive some money for each can/plastic bottle.

(the cans and bottles are then shipped off from the grocery stores back to the soda can/bottle producers to make new cans and bottles)

Other bigger things like electronics, household gear, old ice hockey skates, old bicycles and other stuff etc etc... I bring to our local recycling center where they process and seperate the things further - some functioning stuff that still work can be bought cheap there by others - machines, power-tools, old skates and skies, children's bicycles etc.

So I am all for a sustainable recycling society, and I'm trying to do the best I can to a good EU citizen and support this development.

Do you pick up trash you see walking down the street?

Sometimes yes, when there is a rubbish bin/wheelie bin or waste container nearby I pick up the trash on the street and put it where it belongs.

And those months I'm in Spain every year, you can probably find me having a strange morning ritual strolling down our local beach with the dog on my morning walk, picking up trash, cigarette butts, empty cans/containers, ice cream wrapping paper etc putting it into the bins - if I see something laying in front of me when I walk on the beach that is.

Do you research the environmental impact of things you buy?

Unfortunately not as much as I should and want to do really, I'm a bargain hunter and like to save money where I can see opportunities to save some by buying cheap or sometimes in bulk.

Do you take public transportation?

Actually yes, quite often! at least in our European cities where the public transportation system is rather good!

Sometimes in the bigger cities is actually faster to transport yourself with public transportation than to take your own car and then be searching an hour trying to find a parking place on our crowded small streets.

Do you use reusable shopping bags?

Yes, I have doing that for a couple of years now - we use several 100% cotton bags instead of plastic shopping bags of any sort.

And so far, no one has yet looked at us as if we would be crazy for doing so! - I guess it is quite acceptable and encouraged to use your own bags around here.

I stand by one person can make a difference .... but by example not preaching.

Yes, I agree! this change starts at home with your own family - and hopefully you can perhaps influence someone else to do the same.

@ Slayer69


Very great thread and very well written man!

I think this is one of the most excellent threads I've seen for a long while! And one of the best which I've seen that you have authored here as well, there's some important stuff here!

I've been an outdoor & wildlife guy my whole life, one who loves to hunt & fish in our beautiful and clean nature and want to preserve it that way if possible.

Being away from the city out in the nature and wild life under the stars and a clear clean skies is a spiritual thing for me, and my soul really need its dose of nature each year to stay healthy.

Now, will you all excuse me while I'll go and hug some of our snowy trees!

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 09:04 AM
There is a saying in the north of england
that goes "You Don't Sh^t on your own doorstep".
Well....we did did'nt we.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 09:25 AM
There are probably solutions to these problems, as the ad says we created the mess, we can clean it up. The problem is that no one is prepared to make the necessary sacrifices that would be required. It would require a whole new global system, based on producing only the essential needs that humans require, our consumer lifestyles will have to cease and replaced with planned economies. Providing life's essentials but no consumer goods. Tackling the damage created would require the same resources as those of a world war.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 09:53 AM
Do any of you that are giving stars and flags to the OP realize that in order to reduce the human population to a half million, that the majority of us would have to die? That means you and your families! If that's the way you really feel then why are you still posting on the internet and continuing your existance as 'parasites'?
I'm not saying that the earth should not be cared for, far from it. But we can do it without calling humanity parasites and without a mass human die off.
Did it never occur to anyone that TPTB allowed this environment mess to happen so that people would be ok with mass human extermination? Are you ok with your families and children being killed? Because that's what you're talking about. Don't think it doesn't mean YOU

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 09:58 AM

Originally posted by randomname
there must be a conspiracy: orangic food which is supposed to be better for you is always 2 to 3x more expensive that the regular item of the same food. i've seen organic hamburger buns, 6 pack for $9.00.
organic cabbage $4.99 a head depending on season etc.

it doesn't make sense, if it's organic it should be cheaper because there is less overhead and cost to produce them. you don't need chemical fertilizers, herbicides and insectides, which traditionally for farmers have been the most cost consuming part of farming.

You have to look at who gets farm subsidies, tax breaks, etc. to truly understand this one. This is an article about "The Omnivore's Dilemma," a book that looks at industrial & big organic food, a small farm, and hunting your own.

"The Industrial machine has been fine-tuned to produce vast quantities of processed cheap food. But its cheapness is deceptive. Corn, a farmer tells Pollan disdainfully, is the "welfare queen of crops." Every bushel of corn currently enjoys a 50-cent subsidy from the U.S. government, the result of a spike in food prices in the early 1970s that caused the Nixon administration to switch free-market tactics. "We've been supporting agriculture since the Depression, but we've changed the way you do it — from essentially supporting the farmers to supporting the crop," says Pollan."

Organic has just become another label. And don't even get me started on how MUCH people think they need to eat. Reasonable portion sizes of natural food that actually has nutritional value (a very important thing here folks - GM food is not good for you) means we don't need as much. We don't need 2 lb steaks, that is glutenous and disrespectful.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 10:11 AM
reply to post by SLAYER69

One of the best layed out Threads I have read. Thank you for the many hours you put into this to bring shear realty to us. I remember the indian crying commercial I was in my 20`s when it first aired. It brought emotional tears to my life, such reality. That commercial was the biegging of my understanding nature and its requirement for us humans. I can say I am not ontop of not waisting, I have been striving to change the entire me concept. I need to change a few places in my life, I can walk a mile therefore I need to walk that mile. I am somewhat a waister therefore I am a waister...You brought a new insight into my mantaility, thank you, I promise to improve my waistful lifestyle and will help others more. extreme reality just slapped me hard.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 10:14 AM
reply to post by Gamma MO

how can you disagree with facts? we are destroying earth and hence mankind? what part of destroying our very palnet and earth needs scientific background, look around it is everywhere, watch the news it is everywhere.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 10:19 AM

Originally posted by Chett
I am curious, all of you folks cheering this thread on ....what are you doing personally to make it better? Do you recycle? Do you pick up trash you see walking down the street? Do you research the environmental impact of things you buy? Do you take public transportation? Do you use reusable shopping bags?
I stand by one person can make a difference .... but by example not preaching.

Well, I recycle all cans, bottles, glass, etc. I have a few chickens who eat everything (and I mean everything, even chicken!) from the kitchen. I have a garden and trade squash for berries with my neighbors. I don't use paper towels or napkins. I think very seriously about buying anything with excessive packaging. When I grocery shop, I often go to farmers markets or try to buy local at my store, also trying to stay with what's in season and been raised respectfully. I take my own baskets and don't put fruits and veggies into yet another plastic bag. Let the apples roll around, I say!

I think about every purchase, do I really NEED it, or do I want it. I do most of my buying at local businesses as much as I can - my little hardware store instead of Home Depot, the local coffee shop instead of Strabucks, etc. Yes, screws and nails cost a smidge more, but I have conversations with the owners who know me, offer advice on the project, and it makes me feel good to support them. I also leave with exactly what I went in for, not spending an additional $$$ on impulse buys.

I bunch up errands and wait a few days until I'm going "in that direction" instead of popping out at every instant that I "need" something (I like out in the country so no public transportation). I drive an efficient car and keep it tuned up to run well. I've built relationships with locals and enjoy buying my pumpkins, hay, squash, etc. from them. I get my juice from a local orchard and drink a small glass instead of guzzling 20 oz, so I'm fine with the $3.00 cost.

I turn off the lights and unplug things when I'm not using them. I dry my laundry outside when the weather is good, and never put heavy stuff like jeans in the dryer. I wear my clothes a few times before washing. I keep my heat set to 68 and put on a sweater if I'm cold. When its 98 degrees, I go for a swim and dream of snowy winter days - no air conditioning for me.

I read books that educate me about the environment, our food supply, oil dependence, raising animals for food, etc. I made the choice to change my life, leave the city and move to the country. This isn't the path for everyone, but it suits me beautifully!

And I do my best to be present every day, aware of my actions and choices.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 10:31 AM
Awesome read the death clock sounds a bit messed up all so bad moon arising toped it of

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