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Be Prepared for the Cognitive Infiltration of ATS in the Wake of Arizona Shootings

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posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 10:05 AM

Originally posted by Jason88

Originally posted by tristar
I respect what you have typed and must also accept that particular persons observations. Obviously ats does carry alot of weight, far greater than people realize and many posts and threads do find there way into areas of the law that are simply looked at, categorized and re visited for a possible links to future events. This obviously is a common practice and should not be thought as something new. Its done countless times will be done countless times.

As for ATS carrying more weight than members realize, especially content from the seasoned folks, I point you to this recent article in the The Atlantic regarding mass bird deaths, John Wheeler, military testing and one grand conspiracy theory. Apparently, Chinese media is using information from sites like ATS (my guess is the author is sourcing ATS) to influence its populace.

Chinese Media Join the Wheeler-Conspiracy Bandwagon

Anyone following this story is aware that there has been a parallel discussion, at sites I'm deliberately not linking to, that has resolved all mysteries with one sweeping conspiratorial explanation. To sum up this (far-fetched) view: it is "no accident" that Wheeler died around the time of the also-mysterious mass death of birds in the Midwest. The birds were the victim of a military poison-gas test (or leak, or whatever); Wheeler, a one-time Pentagon staffer and a recent Mitre corporation employee, obviously "knew too much" about the evil plans; and so he was eliminated near the headquarters of (naturally) the DuPont corporation, which manufactures exotic chemicals.

I shouldn't have to say this, but I will: such reasoning is nuts. And so far it has not crossed the barrier from fringe websites to "real" media in the United States. But in China, it is quoted today in the very popular and proudly nationalist Global Times - Huanqiu Shibao 环球时报.


I encourage members to read the full article.

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As you have pointed out and yes, ats is a source of news for various other sites and for cross referencing particular pointers within replies to threads. In short, its a small small world and its only going to get smaller.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 10:09 AM

Originally posted by trekwebmaster
reply to post by tristar

LOL you think I am a Govt Disinfo Agent? LMFAO

Yeah like I went to college for 10 years, learned the ways of the force to do good, to defect to the Dark Side? Are you serious?

Lord Have Mercy....

I guess the caps lock now (LOL) is what might also provoke me when people assume that i am, or perhaps i may be what you have typed.

But i am curious as to why would you think that all or any gov orientated people are as you say it " Dark Side" .
Everyone has similar concerns and problems with life, we do not differ in any shape way or form, for we are as human as can be.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 10:11 AM

Originally posted by FreeQuebec86
I came here because of my search about the killer i admit.

I'm very left for you ( im from canada xD, in Quebec, so my english suck ). And i like to debate !!! And i'm psy by the gun mentallity here !!!

But i like Aliens and conspiracy !

But some conspiracy are hardcore here xD Like the H1N1 vaccin ! And the birds deaths !

And mind control too !

I like conspiracy because it's more fun then reality xD !

Welcome to ATS, enjoy your stay and exits are located at the front, sides and rear.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 12:43 PM
reply to post by tristar

Actually many well intentioned people work for the government. Who in fact sometimes do things that do benefit or protect us in some way.

However they also help perpetuate a lot of horrible things done to others who pose no threat or risk to anyone, but simply because they live under a system in a place that is not under our power and control and our system wants it to be.

So often these people are used to indiscriminately murder anyone and everyone who they deem as a threat to it, and to us by confered extension, and sadly to the people who control this system, anyone who is not living under their control or independent of it, is a threat to them, and any one who has any valuable resource that they don't own or control is a threat to them, because ultimately the whole system of control is based on control of the resources at the top.

So the sad truth is that all of our Law Enforcement and Soldiers enable this system where everything is passed up to the top, so they can pass less down than we all need, so all of us have to take a part in the system, based on their rules, ways, and thinking to get any of the things we need to stay alive or thrive, or fight them for them.

The sad truth is they never pass enough of these resources and oppotunities down the line, to where some of us are not going to end up having to fight for them, by disobeying their rules, or trying to gain the things we need to survive the only other way, through taking them and stealing them from the people who were numerically lucky enough to be able to labor and perform for them under their system.

So yeah, it's great when Law Enforcement protects and serves those who have honestly acquired something through this system, but the system is actually designed so that will always happen, that some people will never have, and that those who have will always need protected from them.

The truth is you are only free to follow all the laws and rules they make, labor only at the opportunities they provide, or the ones they tell you that you can create under their guidelines, or yeah these rotten armed henchmen we are trained to praise for getting puppy dogs out of trees, or saving us from a mugger, or calming us down after we got robbed and insuring us we are 'safe' now, because they are there, are going to come out, find you, shove a gun in your face, make you prostrate yourself on the ground, bind your limbs, kidnap you and confine you until one of the judges in the system decides what the heck happens to you next.

Yeah it's great you got my kitty kat out of the tree, but no it's not really great this rotten system of hording and rules for control, leaves none of us free to do anything other than we are told to or allowed, or well, hey, that kind kitty kat rescuer will be there and he won't be so kind.

The truth is the armed henchmen of the state do not serve us, they serve the state, and the state serves the enterprises that use the state to acquire all the resources, and formalize and legalize the system that allows them to horde, lord over us with, perform to their expecations and tasks or face the might of their armed and violent force that exists everywhere and lose our liberty or lives.

I appreciate the favor, really I do, because in reality, it doesn't get you anywhere but in trouble by saying you don't.

What is right about the police and military in no way shape or form justifies what is wrong about the police and the military and the system that they are perpetuating and expanding based on using lethal force and imprisonment of any one who defies it, challenges it, disobeys it, threatens it or has something it wants.

I don't hold it against those who become armed henchmen for the state, we all have to try to survive in this ugly system we all lie about and make excuses for in some way, but the truth is until you stop making excuses for it yourself, and insisting you are worthy and deserving of praise for serving these control freaks, murderers and theives, we are always going to be stuck with this rotten dehumanizing freedom robbing, soul wretching system.

Don't look for sollace here, or excuses, not only will I not worship the beast, I won't feed it and it's appendages.

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posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 02:04 PM
I have been off and on, with ATS since about '06. I --recall-- there used to be some pretty formidable challengers on here. They really know their stuff. You were actualy afraid -- to display too much bs crap (if you were one of those so-inclined little parasites) this is what I recall, maybe it's off. I have been (innitially) unknownly navigating INFESTED minefields loaded up with pranks and very old info and pictures being shown as very new, with sky-is-falling alarmism attached, then the rug gets yanked out from underneath. Or what appears as accutely emotional baiting, drawing the 'game' into the politics-divisionism tar trap. (I am ignoring those). Some created I have no doubt, by some NSA employees, FYI, be forewarned at your own peril. Or justice.........I guess I will have to only rely on what the mainstream media says.
Well, wait. I can't rely on them as well.
I was thinking, "I will back off." ( on - off - on - off - on ----- off )
I learned from this site that there is technology that can make a video of an important official saying something which sounds like "the ET aliens are here". I can't keep up with deceptive technology.
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posted on Jan, 14 2011 @ 10:16 PM
THEY may infiltrate by deception:

or Cognitive dissonance:

Driven by hunger, a fox tried to reach some grapes hanging high on the vine but was unable to, although he leaped with all his strength. As he went away, the fox remarked, 'Oh, you aren't even ripe yet! I don't need any sour grapes.' People who speak disparagingly of things that they cannot attain would do well to apply this story to themselves.

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posted on Jan, 14 2011 @ 10:34 PM
I especially liked your link that begins '' I wish that people who are put off by the innitial sound of that, would not....well, be put off by the innitial sound of that. Good meaty deep stuff there. I copied this out of it, I found it reaaaallllllly ****disturbing******.

Woodrow Wilson said, "Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it".

posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 01:35 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

The dying birds is the thing that triggered me to research. Of course, there are things in our society that always seemed kind of 'funny' to me, but were easily shrugged off with all the nice distractions in life. However, there are some things that cannot be unseen, unthought, or unheard. Over the past few weeks I have been reading and doing a lot of research. For some reason my brain has been like a sponge, and I have found some things that hold merit, and some that are here-say. It's the internet--you'll have that. Also amidst my readings I read a lot of cognitive infiltration. It's sort of odd, don't you think, when there are webpages dedicated to only the argument of contrails vs chemtrails, and only being able to discredit one scientist's aluminum measurements over multiple others. They want the false info out there, and they don't care how it gets there. It's so easy to call us kooks because while it discredits us in a sense, it also scares the sheeple away, and they go back into their little trances. I think it's sort of funny that they're actually getting worried about the crazy people! Afraid we will actually disenchant the masses.

Of course I have to agree with the fact that our news and discussions is confined to a smaller group, but you have to look at the source and whether or not it is credible, or at least reliable. Also the audience. Any news source is likely to be telling one group of people or another exactly what they want to hear. If it comes from Fox news and says aluminum is safe afterall, even though no conclusive evidence can be shown, should we believe that? I want evidence and I am not going to trust you until you show me some that will stand on its own-- I don't care who you are. We're smart enough to see through the BS, and most of us do so much researching on a daily basis that we let our common sense decide for us. It's all about the sources, sources, sources.

posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 07:17 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Hello there friend,

Once again our logic and rational interaction is something i enjoy and try to interact as many times as possible but since time is so limited due to various obligations i do tend to reply late and that perhaps might come across as either a non response or simply that i am not interested, but obviously you and myself already have shown one another on countless times that respect and constructive dialogue is the key factor for myself in interacting with you and with as many other members who choose to follow such a path.

Getting back to the topic at hand.

I am sure many of us have or know an individual who works for the government (law enforcement) on various levels. The sad truth and obvious one is that amongst those who do sincerely try to create a safer and more positive interaction within a social order are prone to overstep their or should i say their interpretation of the law based on their intellectual comprehension of the law. What i usually tend to ask is " Is the glass half full or half empty" it is purely a matter of interpretation and comprehension.

However, those who are lets say invisible or simply not listed and are currently or formerly employed by such agencies, are more or less required to follow a path that at some point in their career was offered to them as an opportunity. Some may have taken that opportunity and excelled to a higher ranking position with or without the public's eye as a prerequisite, some and i assume often enough decide to demote themselves as the pressure is either to high or it simply goes against their ethics.

But i feel i must point out that within today's society and this also applies to all nations based on my interpretation is the fact they we are all living in a dangerous world were sadly, mistakes are made and sadly someone needs to give an order were under different circumstance it would not even be considered as an option. I often find myself many times furious with news of military or police who have made the wrong call (so to say) and they simply do not take that extra step in issuing a statement apologizing. For me, this is the most effective and obviously wrongful along with negative way in promoting community interaction with local or on a federal level. Lets face it, on one hand and on countless threads we have seen people abusing the police for wrongful acts throughout threads, but then again in real life, when a crime is perpetrated upon them, they tend to dial their police for protection. So i guess everyone lives in a catch 22 world. In my humble opinion, we all, must try to improve each and everyone's community so as and i assume you or anyone would enjoy a walk at any hour of the day or night without the thought of " i need to arm myself in the event of dangerous situation "

Last but not least, there are those who simply feel they exist by defying anything and everything that represents a social order. This isn't something new, this ideology existed thousands of years ago and will continue to exist, although those who decide to take that extra step forward disregarding innocent civilians lives with the notion of you to are guilty as your also are a part of the system are in my words "simply to dangerous for an ordered society". There are countless videos of how traffic police stop for a routine check or traffic violation or under the assumption that something isn't right and end either as statistic or at best hospitalized while on duty after a gun fight. You see, when a person has that thought embedded within his mind that he will not go back to jail while already well aware that he/she is breaking the law then this or whoever, is that one extra step closer to an armed confrontation. These people in my opinion are far more dangerous that what the police represent, for they have no distinction between law and civilians, they purely represent themselves as individuals who decide to live within a society that has in some way turned their back on them, or, who simply cannot understand that within this rat race, one must sacrifice alot inorder to improve their lives, for nothing is given for free in life, unless one chooses to live in some isolated mountain and take what the land offers them in respect to food and shelter.

As i work countess hours to provide a sanctuary for my loved ones, so too will i defend it with all resources at hand, for nothing was given to me, on the contrary, i often found myself when i was younger that my day to day life was a matter of wise choices and throughout those choices, sometimes i was wrong and sometimes i was right but given that i now need to provide for my loved ones i feel obligated that along with providing a financial haven i must also provide a safer community for i too am a part of that community.

P.S. If i have missed any points you would like me to expand on, please feel free to ask.

posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 10:28 AM
reply to post by tristar

I appreciate not just your considered response and the time you took to craft it, but as always you yourself, and the desire to share those things which your insights, experiences, position and discretion allow you to.

Yet the truth is that while my previous post in part revolves around those who serve the state as an armed employee of it, it really had much more to do with the nature of the statist beast than the people who serve it.

While most of us do not doubt what you have so eloquently in part confirmed to be a unique truth to you that serving it can lead to many compromising decisions that make some question the personal human toll of always following them as a career path is an ongoing struggle, my original comments were in fact aimed at the fact that it is a system that does cause many of the people who do serve it to at times, and some of us would say far to often, carry out actions that they have been ordered to that do compromise the individuals better judgment or assessment in order to obey the chain of command, retain their position, and opportunities for advancement, and learn some how to grin and bear the systems occasional ‘mistakes’ and excesses in the process.

My intention was and is not to portray the people who serve the state as mindless sadists drunk on the privilege and power invested in them using it simply as a means to satiate the sometimes darker aspects of human behavior.

But rather to honestly address the role that such people play in perpetuating a statist system that one might typify either as one prone to make mistakes of poor judgment to excuse those harder to quantify and carry out acts it decrees through it’s edicts that sometimes as you say leads to a ‘moral dilemma’ or one of ‘personal crisis’ as being not really accidental or a mistake, but a deliberate contrivance of an ever expanding state seeking to expand it’s power and control in all things to have total right in all things against the rights it wishes to eliminate of all other things through a power that is based on dominance that employs violence to achieve that dominance in a cold calculating way where the violence is being used simply to achieve power and control for the state in its ongoing quest to have all rights in all things against others.

We know in times past that when a State takes this to its ultimate excess in examples like Nazi Germany that it’s armed employees often seek to negate their personal involvement as one of ‘just following orders’ yet we also know that ultimately that in such extreme cases that this offends the basic sensibilities of humanity who often then does hold them to account, insisting that they had at some junction or juncture the moral obligation to refuse to follow orders, because they certainly must have known the cruel dehumanizing violent nature of their actions served nothing but a state seeking to gain absolute right against everyone and everything in all things.

It is my contention that many of us exist now within states who have as so many states often do, evolved to that point to expand and perpetuate itself it now requires and desires to achieve that status of having all right against everything and everyone for the sake of it’s power and dominance and that it is most often achieving it through a very similar process of violence, violent intimidation into submission to it, and threat of lethal force or imprisonment for failure to comply.

We in fact see this evident in many things that the TSA does, and Homeland Security does where citizens once presumed to be innocent are now assumed to be guilty who must now upon the insistence of armed employees of the state undergo intrusive questions and searches designed to prove they are not guilty in a non-courtroom setting, where there is no reasonable suspicion, where there is no due process, and where failure to comply results in an escalation of armed aggression by the state’s employees that can include physical violence, detainment and imprisonment.

So in essence the State has in fact exceeded its mandate and it is doing it with the armed employees it uses to do that, who it does direct to do that, and does train and teach and order to use violence and intimidation to carry that out.

So while as always the propaganda arm of the state seeks to make that a reasonable process that all should accept, it is not a reasonable process that all want to accept otherwise the state would not have to carry it out with the threat of violence and imprisonment for failure to comply.

So we have reached that ultimate moral crisis of state, where those who serve it, must for their own benefit as well as the people and the state begin to question and challenge it themselves or they risk the absolute ruin of the state and themselves when it carries through with those excesses that typically lead to the state being stopped by external sources that will then hold it to account in it’s actions through first ruining and dismantling the systems that the state did to do this, and then holding those to account who survived that process that enabled it, in it’s most aggressive acts.

The people who enable it in its most aggressive acts are the people tasked with carrying out those aggressive acts.

So no this is not the bad rogue cop abusing his position that I still do not hesitate to lodge a complaint against and redress, this is about the bad rogue state that has run away from the will of it’s people to exercise it’s own in it’s quest to expand it’s power and dominate all things through a violent and dictatorial process to give itself the right in all things against all other people and things to perpetuate itself.

We know that in such states as Nazi Germany that ultimately many of the armed employees of the state chose to serve it out of fear, and fear it they do too, for loss of position, or liberty or life for that refusal to serve it, aide or abet it, when it takes on that beastly scope that far exceeds it’s intended mandate by the people, and no longer serves the people but seeks to compromise them in every way shape and form.

Which my friend at that point and juncture puts to the test the notion that those who serve the state do it for the benefit of us all, and bravely risk life and limb for the benefit of us all, because if at that point they take the cowardly way out of not fighting against the thing that most threatens the average person and all things, which is the state that employs them, the truth then is known, that they serve the state because it serves them individually and not us, because they will not risk life and limb to serve us and protect us, when there only reward is the actual deed and knowing what ever sacrifice they had to bear was only for us, when it means loosing the financial rewards and the protected status that they have achieved through serving the state, that only claims to serve us, which it always does well after the point it knows it no longer serves us.

So as always then it comes down to that ultimate test of service to self or service to others, with service to self, serving the state that does a disservice to others, and service to others challenging the state that wishes to and does employ those it arms to carry out the disservices to us.

This is what my post is about.

I know you know that, and pretending that our society is ideal, is not at this juncture, has any remedy or desire to correct itself, and any real hope that it could, is really jut a form of denial and avoidance of the much deeper darker and more ominous things that are at play.

History provides some real examples of those who dared to speak out early on when the writing was on the wall and there still was a chance to avoid these tragic recurring moments of insanity and tragedy when a state grows into a monster with a life and will of its own.

Will we learn to break the cycle by learning the hard lessons of the past that task us with the hard decisions of today, will we take the easy path of denial and avoidance that leads to the hardest path to utter ruin of death and destruction and dismantling of the state through a violent process that consumes it and most in it, or will we take the hard path to true social responsibility and honesty that leads to the easy path in the long run of restoring a state to a balance that gives both the state and those that dwell within it rights of recourse against each other, for true crimes instead of those it simply wishes to be crimes or legal to have every right against everyone and everything for it’s own benefit.

That is the million dollar question I am putting to you, one that has nothing to do with the trooper gunned down by a violent criminal, but one that ultimately in the end, leaves the trooper the violent criminal in expanding and protecting the right of the state against that innocent person who did not carry out a crime of violence or act of aggression against it, but simply said no, I have a right not to be dictated to and forced to comply with every last edict you wish, when it degrades me, dehumanizes me, seeks to willfully slander me, and falsely represent me, because I will not accept it should have every right in everything against everyone.

This is what I am talking about, just in case I have not made it perfectly clear.

The ultimate dilemma, the ultimate question, to those who serve this system, do you really serve us, do you really serve them, or do you really serve yourself, and who is it you really want to serve because lying about the nature of this beast might lead you to serving something you truly will be ashamed to have done at the end of the line.

It’s all about choices, choices we all have to make every day.

We all know something big bad, terrible and ugly is happening that revolves around the state.

It is the most valid and topical question therefore one could pose.

Thanks my friend.

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posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

As always a great pleasure,

As society expands in all directions and as physical borders are in my opinion a virtual border since we are at that junction were we can conduct warfare on multiple levels without the need of any physical movement unless to conquer as you and almost 2 billion who live on this planet have seen in the recent decades. I too am aware of a beast that is at play, a beast that will stop at nothing to achieve it's dominance with various methods of deception far beyond what 95% of the global population is able to comprehend. Society has been so cross referenced to believe and feel multiple angles of assertion that it ability to identify " it " has simply been accepted as " life ".

I was within a thread were a debate was ongoing if carpet bombing or tactical bombing a city was considered humane. The mere notion of bombing a populated city in our day and age is at the threshold to be considered as a normal part of warfare since tactical guided weapons are ever so improving and at an alarming rate with surgical strikes as a surgeon would conduct an open heart surgery. Once again, and through the use of simple but extremely effective methods our current children or children at the age of 5 are being exposed and if you look very very closely at the companies or should i say share holders you will begin to find a common denominator.

In short, yes, it so seems that throughout the world, many so called democratically elected leaders who were placed in office by individuals over two decades ago are silently slipping away as their natural life is at an almost end. So this is paving the way for the later generation who are currently the 30-40 bracket, who are active in many fields and institutions to impose one way or another upon it its citizens that " we know whats best"

Prime example is what has happened in the U.K., Italy, Greece, S.Africa, Malta, Spain U.S., China, A.U., Cuba, Brazil and so forth The use of audio and visual means to supply security to its citizens against an attack has been the main push and purposely over exposed for perhaps a far greater plan than simply to gain money or political power. Globally everyone has seen a surge in unrest from either corrupt politicians to corrupt use of religion regardless if one is christian or muslim and at the same time, regardless if its a western nation or an eastern nation its citizens are feeling that something is simply not right. Could we be the generation that many have spoken about that everything is similar or should i say, heading with parallel precision to how the world was in 1909 and that we are to witness a repeating of history.

As you pointed out in your last paragraph, the term "innocent until proven guilty" simply does not exist and to make things clear, i to have had the pleasure without the individual knowing who and what i am about. I allowed it to drag on way beyond what should have been a simple 5-10 verbal questions, it did result in a formal apology but not through any public means but simply on a face to face value. So to make a long story short, when i asked that individual, why was he so aggressive, he did sate, " i had an indication that you were not who you were presenting to be" , my response was, " i guess next time regardless of your badge and rank, i to and perhaps in the future might return the favor" His facial expression was one of bewilderment. So i can see and feel how disgusted many may feel when they come across such individuals who in my open opinion should be removed and never hold any such position of authority let alone the ability to question any citizen of any nation regardless of race , creed and color.

Life and society has definitely taken a turn for the worst and certain people respond with acts of violence as we all have seen recently. It is those people who in my opinion are a threat to all far and wide and sadly similar people with that frame of mind are within agencies that do go on that power trip. All i can openly say, is the way citizens are being watched so too should the citizens watch back without any reservation for it is a combined effort.

The beast you mention is in open view, "it" is very much real, "it" deceives and alters reality minute by the minute, "it" has already embedded itself within man, woman and child. Thought altering techniques are all around and in open view through the use of advertising, music, social internet interaction, color coordinated stimulation, technological advances proposed to improve standard of living, sports icons, religious motivated talks when looked at and dissected are anything but teaching peace and spiritual elevation but are purely for financial gains or to stimulate frustration and blind faith, all these mentioned do not amount to 1/100.00th of methods used to guide the masses into doing what obviously is not natural.

posse ad esse

posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 07:50 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler
I am a little late reading this thread but find it very informative ..way to go proto ..I was reading a new post over at
could this be at least a support for Cognitive Infiltration groups ...It seems that I might be trying to connect dots that are not there but they just might be ...peace
snip.. I am concerned about this new apparent big Green EU AGW PR and media machine swamping any sceptical voices with instant rebuttals and twitter mobs. They would appear to have very experienced PR, Media and Communications professionals at work now, with all the tools of modern media management, all the funding they need and briefed to follow the European Climate Foundations’ agenda.

If you take a look for example at the Carbon Brief’s Twitter profile, followers already include The Guardian’s environment team and editors, The Times’ science editor, Greenpeace, the Green Party, 10:10, 350, Transitions Towns, left leaning think tanks like the NEF and IPPR. Basically the whole ‘consensus’ media, NGO, politicians and lobby groups seem to know about it.

And they will twitter and retweet the Carbon Brief’s tweets and links propagating the ‘message’ to their thousands of twitter followers (remember key media people) and the ‘climate change’ activists will no doubt descend on the sceptical blogs and comments section to ‘troll’ the articles.

posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 08:38 AM
reply to post by the2ofusr1

This seems to be the wave of the future (though it's actually been with us a little while now) my friend, where it's no longer about trying to gain a majority, it's all about convincing people you already have and are the majority.

No use crying over sour grapes, and being a spoiled sport, just go along with the herd, no dissent needed, that's just the complaining of 'dangerous and unstable' elements of society don't you know.

There is really only one way to battle this and that's with sound arguments.

No number of people arguing against a sound argument can accomplish one important thing...a sound argument.

So make sure you have the sound argument, make sure you keep your cool presenting it, make sure you understand that the people and now software that is arguing against you are going to look for any flaw in your logic or aspect of your behavior, or style of your presentation to do nothing but attack you.

If they have to resort to becoming the spelling police they will, if they have to resort to claiming you weigh 500 pounds and hide in a closet wearing a tin fold hat they will, if they have to rename you Abdulla to make their argument they will, and that if you can keep your cool, your poise, your core presentation all intact then eventually they do to themselves in fairly short order what they had hoped to do to you.

Their tactics alone show the dishonesty and weakness in their arguments, and their own lack of real faith in them.

Keep the high ground morally, and with the logic in your argument and honest people, will see what they are doing and what you mean.

Fight the good fight my friend.

Thanks for sharing.

posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 08:53 AM
I wish I could delete my previous post up there, the one defending skeptics (from only----ONE month ago??!!) (Hard to believe, seems much longer ago). I'm pretty certain I was talking about people who would just merely provide the solid data to show that something posted was old or -obviously- not legitimate or relevent. I have since felt and observed the accute trauma of those 'skeptics' (not this forum only but another forum I was in briefly, which is all skeptics) of being gone after by a pack of wolves seeking to shred you, if you do not provide their idea of what is legitimate proof NOW, not even in one minute from now, or they will write about what a liar and fraud you are to the whole world (blackmail and extortion) like this one who -demanded- my personal military personnel records asap, "Or it didn't happen." When I expressed hostility back to his hostility, he used against me, threw back in my face, a (mistaken) disclosure I previously made of a malady which befell me. (Ridicule).
FOR THE PUBLIC RECORD: I WILL NEVER DEFEND SKEPTICS AGAIN, they are hysterical bloodthirsty fanatics.

(The type of "skepticism" I'm referring to is, i.e., "I don't believe your testimony of that unusual thing.")

*****Sorry if this post might be deemed off-topic here, I -needed- to obsolete an ignorant mistake.*****

Perhaps what could be -relevent- here, is that the tactics and techniques I observed and experienced, could be used to QUASH something vital and true, by sinister forces.
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posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 10:10 AM
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Actually I think it's great you are learning through experience, no embarassment in that at all.

I think it displays the power of information and being able to network!

posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 10:31 AM
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Thank you very much for that, with thee most heatfelt sincerity, it means a lot to me. I was afraid that I would be viewed as what pundits used to say about politicians like John Kerry, "flipflopper" becaused he was "for the war" and now is "against it." People should not be ridiculed for that, because they may be coming from a place of ignorance via a lack of enough information.
Another thing Proto, is that I am a skeptically-oriented person, who HAS HAD experiences that you yourself would initially probably not believe. One (of the many) being bizarre Men In Black along with another witness (Thank God, otherwise I would have questioned my sanity) BUT I for example, am skeptical of these Astronauts making wild sounding claims, like, "There are at least (X) races of ETs visiting us" but this is because they disclose info like, about the Intelligence-world persons around them telling them (the ET 'truths') (to parrot to the public) but if one of them (Astronauts) were to say "I spoke to a real ET who told me" I find I would believe it moreso!!!
So, I am by nature, a skeptic who's life has been like 'The X-Files'-meets-'The Outer Limits' and being in anomalous phenomenon hobbying is like I am walking on a narrow balance beam while whirling like a gyrascope. It's complex, and -I- am complex, and my whole life has been -exponentially- complex.

I was thinking about other skepticism, and skeptics, and it is these new aggressive techniques that caught me off guard. Maybe skeptics were always like bullies, (Phillip Klass) but I have only noticed recently, these mindsets and tactics. They are very very aggressive, ***intimidating*** and give 'no quarter'. Also meanspirited, inhumane. I wonder if it comes from the mindset of torture. "We will waterboard this middle-eastern guy, until he tells us that he is Alquaida" So it's like with ufos, this new paraqdigm says, "Lets take that whistleblower and turn her upsidedown and shake, and if only coins come out, then we will bloodlet her, to see if ufo truth comes out with the plasma....."
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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 03:47 PM
Hmm... I'm afraid that not only was the OP correct in his warning of a cognitive infiltration, but unfortunately also fell victim to it..

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