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ROUND # 2011....Hate and Fear VS Love and Joy

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posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 06:39 AM
Happy New Years to everyone. May you all be blessed with many years of Love and Joy.

Sadly there are many wars being waged right now. But not just your typical wars of weapons for oil between governments and world leaders. There is also an internal and emotional war being waged inside all of us. It's a war of behavior, a war of words, a war of feelings and of thoughts. It's a war against the Soul and against the Spirit. Against God and against Yourself and even against the Earth. It's the oldest and longest war ever fought. It is a war for your mind, in your mind and even coming from your mind itself. It is the war of Hate and Fear VS Love and Joy. The metaphoric battle of Good vs Evil, Light and Dark. Of God and the Devil or Man vs the Aliens.

I believe we all can agree on few simple basic facts of life. We all need to eat, breath and excrete waste. Then we all need warmth and protection from the elements of nature. We all have physical limitations within our physical bodies. We all are born from a Mother and Father. We need Love, family, companionship and Joy. We all need to have a purpose or meaning of life. And I think that most would agree that we need these things or else we probably wouldn't want to exist without them anymore anyway.

Now some might say that we need to have a Spiritual side to our life. Some might say that we need to have a Creative side to our lives. Some might say that we need to have God in our lives. Some might say that we need to experience the negative sides of life to have wisdom, knowledge and balance in our lives. And some might just say that this is all bull and that these things are all really just wants only wants and not really needs at all.


Anyway, back to the title of this post now. It's ROUND # 2011 folks the battle rages on and the sh*t is about to hit the fan. Ok maybe it is and maybe it isn't. Maybe it will and maybe it won't...LOL But regardless of that we all can see that the pile of you know what is getting pretty big and pretty stinky. Well I want to talk about the ongoing and everlasting battle of Hate and Fear VS Love and Joy. Now Hate is a pretty strong word and maybe I should actually call it Anger. Hate is more of a human creation where we hold on to Anger for a long long time.

In nature it's more like instinct and survival. We wouldn't call a Lion evil and hate it if it killed and ate a Zebra or if a Shark killed and ate a sea lion. But we might call them evil and even hate it if they killed and ate a man or a woman or especially if they had killed and ate our own child. Many things have been called evil over the centuries. If a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake or a volcano destroyed a city a long time ago. It might have been called an evil act of the Devil. Today we call those things acts of God or Mother Nature or HAARP ...LOL.

The World today is pretty messed up. We all need to and should try to do our best at fixing the problems we encounter. And also try to not create more problems ourselves. At the very least let's try to not make things any worse than they already are. I think it is very important to actually think. But it is even more important to actually think about how we actually act. And to actually think about how we actually feel. And to actually be true and honest when we actually think about our actual feelings within ourselves and also in how we actually express those feelings outwardly to others.

I also wanted to share some personal thoughts I was having in regards to the conspiracy theories of the pop music industry, television and Hollywood movies being controlled by the Illuminati and the occult. Some people think that Satan worshipers or the Illuminati is controlling music and movies. I think that that is just not the case. At least in most of the examples that I have seen people offer as evidence. Just because someone puts an Illuminati symbol or makes what some people think is a devil sign doesn't make them Illuminati or a devil worshiper. I mean just cause a 7yr old girl draws a Nazi sign in art class that doesn't actually make her a Nazi now does it? Or if a young boy makes an evil face that doesn't mean he's possessed by a demon right?

It is all supposed to make us think. A lot of people seem to have forgotten how to think for themselves I guess. We all still have to make decisions for ourselves. Both good and bad, light and dark, love and hate. They all can be used as either tools or weapons for both good and bad purposes. We each must figure it all out for ourselves. Figure out what is what and what is right and wrong. And what works best for us and what we want and don't want out of life. Hopefully you think about what you want to give to life also. We all must make our own mistakes and learn our own lessons. We all live our lives according to our own free will and we all make our own decisions. We all make our own choices in life and we all have to accept our own Karma or the results of those decisions, the outcomes and the consequences of our actions, our mistakes, our failures and our triumphs.

Depending on how we perceive those failures they are either lesson learned or a missed opportunity to learn a lesson. Depending on how we perceive those triumphs in our lives they are also a lesson learned or another missed opportunity to learn. Sometimes a triumph can lead to a failure if you don't learn the right lesson. And sometimes if you do learn the right lesson a failure can lead to a triumph.

Good or Bad we decide in our head. Good or bad we decide what we think. Good or bad we decide what we feel. Good or bad we decide how we act, how we react and what we say and how we respond. If you think it's bad you will see it as bad. If you think it is good you will see it as good and sometimes we are wrong about both. I think we need to think positive. Not don't worry, be happy. But be happy and don't worry so much.

If a movie or artist makes you think it's good even if it makes you sad, mad or scared it's meant to make you think. And if you think then maybe you learn and learning is good. I think too many people are not even aware of the Illuminati or things like the New World Order. If a movie or artist has symbols of the occult or the Illuminati then they are bringing about awareness not brainwashing. If say the word devil does that make me a devil worshiper? Some ministers and priests talk about the devil and some even act like the devil. Does that make them the devil?

Many ancient tribal Shaman used to do spirit dances and ritual ceremonies to purge the evil thoughts and feelings of man. They believed that if you didn't purge evil thoughts in some way, preferably creatively, that the evil thoughts would manifest themselves into reality. So they used art and music, costume and dance to purge these thoughts and feelings. And that would help them find their true nature and back to the Self and to the Spirit. Love and Joy. Many older cultures actually celebrated death and instead they cried and mourned birth. Because death was a release from the pain and bondage of the physical world. While birth is the beginning of a long, hard journey and sometimes painful struggle between good and evil for that little baby.

Life is hard and we all have tough times. What helps us get through those tough times quicker is thinking positive and our friends and family. We all need to help each other more often in this struggle and journey. We're all family even if we're not all friends. It's not a rat race. It's more like a nature hike. Pace yourself either way. Stop and smell the flowers. Help an old lady across the street. Give a homeless person a smile and a buck if you can afford it. We must let Love and Joy conquer Fear and Hate or else Fear and Hate will conquer us. But the nature of Love and Joy is not to hurt or kill so even though we defeat Hate and Fear with Love and Joy they will probably comeback again someday to try and battle us again.

Like Rocky Balboa said and the Terminator said. "Yo', Adrian"........"I'll be back"

What do you all think about the battle of good and evil both in the World and in your own head?

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