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All the secrets revealed.

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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 03:44 PM
reply to post by SonofGod25

If you read the chapter the real reason for the war in Iraq, you will see that the man who calls himself "GOD" over the secret mind control project installed a map of the universe in my head. There are 9 dimensions to the universe and a ray of light orbits them all. This ray of light is the real God. God enters our mind through spirit, giving rise to a spark of conciousness, which represent the divine spark of creation that the real God which is simply a ray of light.

Watch Learn Listen ! Music Video! Illuminati Zion Universe Through the Key words !

Madonna Ray of Light ! 2006

Zephyr in the sky at night I wonder
Do my tears of mourning sink beneath the sun
She's got herself a universe gone quickly
For the call of thunder threatens everyone


And I feel like I just got home
And I feel
And I feel like I just got home
And I feel

Faster than the speeding light she's flying
Trying to remember where it all began
She's got herself a little piece of heaven
Waiting for the time when Earth shall be as one


Quicker than a ray of light
Quicker than a ray of light
Quicker than a ray of light


And I feel
Quicker than a ray of light
Then gone for
Someone else shall be there
Through the endless years

She's got herself a universe
She's got herself a universe
She's got herself a universe

And I feel

Quicker than a ray of light she's flying
Quicker than a ray of light I'm flying

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Could it be ? According to this site they think she is
Madonna as Victim of Mind Control in Entertainment

"Quicker than a ray of light she's flying/trying to remember /where it all began"
the influence of the micro-chip implants and the elimination of human organicity. "she's got a universe inside her" the human microchips connected to a universal tracking system

" she's got a little piece of heaven/ waiting for the moment EARTH SHALL BE AS ONE"
one world govenment brought on by the bait of immediate fulfillment of human desire and need through implanted mico chips.

"and I feel like I just got home, and feel like I just got home ... quicker than a ray of light , she's got herself a universe, etc. "

you come home when you accept the chip which can fulfill your every desire.

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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 03:57 PM
reply to post by SonofGod25

I finished reading about half now, and I can't wait to read futher but I feel in my heart/spirit that you are truth. I have had a horrible 10 years of minute to minute tourture now gradually getting better, but I am thankful for what happened to me because it took away the reality I was stuck in, an ego based reality of selfishness. I have developed a way to calm my self enough to ask questions that my heart/spirit will give me answers to, if I can let myself feel the answers instead of thinking of the answers. Through this I know your are true, I can feel your truth/love.

Thank You
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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 04:00 PM
reply to post by RighteousDude

He could very well be a bored youth having a bit of fun. You just never know. Best to err on the side of caution. Now eat your veggies and get your feet off the coffee table.


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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by SonofGod25

LOL after.

What are you trying to say?

In fact, a genetic predisposition to schizophrenia emerged as a significant risk factor for psychosis in our study, with the brain injury presumably bringing out a vulnerability.

Schizophrenia-Like Psychosis Following Traumatic Brain Injury

On page 20 of your opus:

This was not just schizophrenia, which I have slightly suffered from before

Son Of God's book

You take Modafinil, a drug which messes with your dopamine and norepinephrine levels. You recognise yourself that there is a connection between your perception and the taking of this drug :

It also helps unlock the subconcious part of the brain.

post by SonofGod25

So, you got whacked on the head, you have a predisposition to schizophrenia and you take a drug which interferes with your neurotransmitters (and let's not forget Bob's little helper); these are all relevant factors.

Don't expect everyone on ATS to take your word at face value.
Seek help.

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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 04:35 PM
reply to post by kera1337

I dont agree Galad... There are people that can help, we can try all we like but somone this far down the psychosis (the first stage of shizo) will not listen to anyone, and iff he gets help im affraid it will be against his will or with a blessing or two he will try and challenge the authoritys on his behavior to proove him wrong... thats where the meds come in, and I HOPE HOPE HOPE it isnt late for this young soul.

Yes you are right....But before all that he needs to realize that he has a problem, and before he realizes that fact he needs to begin to channel or get rid, his personal demons to sort of say...And to do all that he needs to make a path for himself to get back to were he once was or were he wants to go. If all that is not in agreement then he will always be fighting himself, and would not listen to anybody that would try to help him...So you are right, but to a degree he is the only one that can help himself, all anybody else can really do is point out a way or a finger leading to a way, you know... just don't concentrate on the finger. The med's are not the be all and end all of things, but in his situation I think they would help.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 04:40 PM
Oh it's one of THOSE threads. No sense to be found beyond a sincere wish from people for the OP to seek help.

I'm not hanging around for some ABC agency guy to turn up and post some trigger words in this thread.

Oh and OP my story's better than yours coz it's got dinosaurs and transformers in it. It also has beautiful women in it that are completely allergic to all clothing except lace bra and panties.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 05:22 PM
reply to post by Misterlondon

I agree with misterlondon.
OP if you wish to have people read this, put it on your personal blog.
We can read it from there.
Did anyone catch anything from that site? Check your registry for the date you clicked the link.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 01:16 AM
reply to post by youthsavior

We are supposed to trust ourselves. The bible speaks of discernment. The inner man/soul/Sovereign Integral Self..whatever you choose to call it speaks to us through our body. Gut instinct is what this comes down to. Trusting the inner voice and that basically is what discernment is. To use the feelings in your heart solar plexis, or the feeling of just simply knowing on a gut level when something is true or false. One must learn how to discern the truth for themselves, not to look for answers outside of ourselves. This is why the teachings of Islam are against believing in miracles accomplished by others. We must learn how to read any scenario based on our inner most feelings. Each person is at a different stage of the path. Until we are all at the end of this path together and ready to go to the next level, we are all in this together. Whether in body or out of body. The "prison" we live within is in our human mind syndrome. This can be viewed as a prison or an opportunity to experience each of all of the possibilities as our own reality. This happens at different points in one life and different points in the combination of lives that we believed in different realities. So, rather than ask someone else what your reality is...Make your own choice and when/if you find that your reality only brings about negative reactions then remember your reality can change. Through quantum breath techniques, the intention to break through the system and living by the "rules of the heart" (appreciation, understanding, humility, compassion, forgiveness and valor) we can come face to face with our inner self. Breath is the pathway home the heart is where our true home lies, within each and everyone on of us is our true selves and once fully acting in the ways mentioned above will we find ourselves in each other and everything other thing ever created by the First Source/Creator and one with that conciousness living in the soul carrier and the human genetic body. The cycle of reincarnation does not remove us from the matrix/prison/human mind syndrom. We are merely more aware that we can create with greater ease by mere thoughts. Which, we can do here. This is how we can completely change our lives, today/tomorrow/yesterday as all is happening simulataneously. Understand that we accepted to be placed into the matrix. Some would say it was a devious trick of the Annunaki, another may say it was no different than a greater challenge that gave us more distance from our creator consciousness to experience live in the material 3rd world density to it's fullest.

I do not know you OP, I didn't read your 200 page book. Simply by reading your attempts at clarification in your replies I am familiar enough with what you are discussing to say that you may well be telling the truth of your experience in full recall but without the true purpose as to why it happened to you. If it did happen, and I have read a great deal of people's personal experience online with such things, , listened to who knows how many whistle blowers through project camelot just to name a few areas where i grew to gain more clarity to these possibilities. I do not think most people are prepared to consider these things are a possibility, much less a reality. It is too frightening for them because you have not clearly offered a solution on how to handle such a thing. As, it appears that you have yet found the solution for your own situation.

Visualization/Imagination is not only good to draw comic book hero's and 4G video platforms. It is for the purpose of creation. Even as the Creator, created by thought and breathed life into it through word. Word is the meant to reply to the vibration of sound. As we are made up of mostly water, water responds to vibration.

Live your reality to the fullest, until it threatens your joy. This is when you know you have created thoughts that are not from the true Consciousness of the Creator that resonates in each of us. Even those of the dark forces are not completely dark and evil. Even Lucifer holds the light of the Consciousness of the Creator. He has simply buried it beneath many misguided thoughts and words. Even he is about beginning to awaken to the reality of his self deceptions.

Have faith in your true selves. Even Jesus spoke of us being capable of doing everything he had done and that we were truly the God's that we chose to ignore and find false idols and worship them. He did not want us to believe that we were going to have to ride his coat tells home. When we won the battle for our very souls, he would come to walk beside us on the reunification. Not save us from ourselves. Even Jesus could not do that. This is what the Resurrection story is truly about. Yes it speaks of trials and tribulations but it also speaks of reunification of the mass of light barriers (those with what many refer to as a soul). Those alien factions that have been here trying to observe, interact, control are not part of those who are trying to ascend into this coming event. They will be left behind.

We can choose to learn the hard way and experience every possible option. Or we can choose to bi pass it. As, a mass of Creative Consciousness we can choose to alter anything that we as a majority do not wish to experience. Or, we could chose to experience it knowing that there is no right nor wrong way to experience life in the human experience. However, it would be my personal desire that we reach even further into ourselves and know that we have throughout a thousand life times have already experienced death in the most horrific ways possible and do not have to experience it again. We as a majority have the power by our mere thoughts of unity and living in the 6 heart virtues can alter our reality into something joyful and triumphet. As Americans do we not love a movie with a happy ending? Has it not been shown to us a million times how this is our ultimate dream? I think we should begin dreaming of life as we would enjoy it to be and accept what the mass conciousness chooses to experience exactly what we want to. Think about what you want to see as a reality in your own life, hold onto it and regardless of what you see, know that your dreams always come true when you hold onto them and not allow anything to make you loose faith in that dream coming true. Do not think only of yourselves, but of the mass of consciousness' goal. I know it's easy to get caught up in the drama. Oh how we love it! That's what made movie stars and magazines sale.

There is a lot out there for you all to research and review as you try to find your own truth in another person's experience and truths. But, be aware there is no time for distractions if you want something different then what the elitist of the world have painted on murials for you to visualize. Try the technique I mentioned above, do it daily and in every moment. If you fail to be compassionate, appreciative, understanding, humble, forgiving or valiant in every moment, think what you would tell a child learning how to ride a bike. You might fall off, but get right back on and when you finally get it down you will be able to fly down hills with both hands off the steering wheel with your feet of the peddles and the wind in your air as you scream I did it!

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 06:45 PM

Originally posted by autowrench

Originally posted by FIFIGI
I think it is too late, because there are alien/human hybrids among us - apparently 5% of population.
They look, dress and act like us. There is no way to tell if the "future humans" are not hybrids.

Trust nobody. Only your hart (or as you say - spirit).

I can tell you it is a fact that human/aliens live among us. There are many "hybrids" that live and work on the surface, and more that work below the surface, attempting to undo what the original Earthlings have done to us, and to Earth itself. And it is more than 5%, more like 20%. Children are being born faster now than at any time in the past.
The child you hold in your arms may be a being from another world. How's that grab you?

Considering the first age of civilisation started in Ancient Summeria where the current war in Iraq is being waged, because of a star gate, I think at some level, many more than 20% of the worlds population have had their genes modified by Aliens. The being that tranformed, for a split second, in front of me, turned into a 7 foot tall woman with clear blue eyes. I think this was what is termed in the bible a heavenly being that walked amongst us and breeded with the normal humans. I think it is these beings that gave rise to the blue eyed, white skin mutation.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 06:48 PM

Originally posted by GhostLancer
Hmmmm... Seems unusually written for someone who claims to have worked in the classified world.
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I never claimed to have worked in the classified world. I have simply said I have being on Stanley McCrystal or the man who calls himself "GOD" personal mind control project for several years, because the wealthiest, right wing Zionists fund him to put me through conspiracy after conspiracy.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 06:54 PM

Originally posted by youthsavior
reply to post by MR BOB

You should probably keep to yourself too, after all, if this is real.. Well, he's offering some good insight and advice. It all makes perfect sense, no matter how far fetched it sounds... As far as i'm concerned we should hear him then $@^# out, if it is, well s#$t! I'd be more than happy to have heard it from him first..If it is a bunch of bologne, well,... it was intriguing and fun!

I simply couldnt make it up. People are free to critisce me, but they have no clue what the secret government, extremely right wing, mostly Zionist Jews, have planned for this planet. The diagrams where the supreme being has drawn images of the magnetosphere shows that Stanley McChrystal is using his self proclaimed "harpoon gun" in an attempt to charge up the magentosphere that could result in the Earth being torn in two. Dont forget, according to my book he has already killed 1.5million Chinease people with this HAARP technology, and is know using it in a plan to possibly destroy the whole world before 2012.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 07:01 PM

Originally posted by jeremiah8401
reply to post by SonofGod25

Not to be the negative nancy in all this, but I have yet to see any valid proof any Reptillians exist. I'd like to believe that you're right, but there's no proof. People see what they want to see, but there's enough problems in the world and there's no need to add to it. I got a buddy that believes in all this and he tries to convince darn near every time we hang out lol. His biggest argument is that no one would take the time to make all of this information up, but people get paid to make things up all the time. It's called books, movies, and video games. World of Warcraft created an entire world with back stories for every race and history between the races. Lord of the Rings is the same. J. R. Tolkien made an entire world up too. The only difference between these examples and the stories I hear about Reptillians, Greys, etc. is that those people aren't claiming it's true. But hey I could be wrong and if you feel I am and you have valid proof I'd like to see it. Don't show me youtube videos with a news guy's eyes glowing because that is easily explained. Or a picture of George Bush or Clinton with shadows on their face claiming it's creases from their fake skin. I want valid proof not a 214 page document from some guy claiming he worked for government mind control.

Lol please make correct judgements before making a conclusion. I never worked for Government mind control, I have simply being on Stanley McChrystal personal mind control project for around 5 years, on the financing of the wealthiest Zionist Jews in the world, simply because I "joked around" on the internet one night pretending to be a terrorist. They own extremeism is plain to see, they work without a conscience all thinking they are going the same way after death.

They put some parts in films and mass media that are real, because then, if any one discovers the truth, they are ridiculed, stating, "You have just watched (X) film."

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 08:34 PM

Originally posted by OptimusPrimate
reply to post by SonofGod25

'Forth Dimensional Technology' - Like Montauk?
Is that a forth dimensional technology? Maybe these beings have a 'prime directive' so that they can't interfere with a planets populace...But then if thats the case, why have the greys been working with the government?
If they are as truly enlightened as you describe, why aren't they working with our spiritual leaders? I don't think that MOD and US Miltary generals are the most spiritual people on earth.

Surely these beings would use their technologies and powers to HELP free us and transend, or at least, accelerate the process to make us ready for said 2011 robot genocide?

Just thoughts is all.

The "Greys" are not spiritually enlightened at all, they work only on the values of logic, lacking any sense of morality. I am informed through the secret mind control project that they have had these star gate operations going on since the 1950's. Thus, we can see why sociologists say, "the world has lost its moral compuss since the 1950's." This is because the real "illuminati" and the classified programs of the U.S military have sided with the "Greys.," and is the reason for the amazing technological programs advancements since the 1950's. I am informed by one illuminated person that the secret mind control project was the real reason behind the texas chain saw massacre.

The classified programs have being researching this mind control project, run by I am told, the worst type of "Grey", the "small Greys," on there own citizens. This has being happening to me, as I have being on S.M own secret mind control project since about 5 years ago.

Whilst some of your critiscms are valid, that this is disjointed, you have no idea of the attack that has being waged on my mental health by these people running the secret mind control project against me.

The "Greys" want to prevent the prophesised spiritual age from occuring by using technology. If you read the maps that the supreme Paladin being has drawn for me that resides outside of the Earths atmosphere, you will see S.M is using "Grey" technology to charge up the ionosphere and magnetosphere, possibly with the agenda of cutting the Earth in half, and wiping it out forever.

We can see how McChrystal and his two collegues, Mayweather and his son, have lost any sense of morality to the "Greys." The last thing that I think relevent to point out is that McChrystal is currently casing the atmosphere in some type of iron material, as I said, the sun has being replaced by a thermo nuclear device with discs that fly in front of it, and it is this process of him creating an artificial planet that may possibly, prevent our spirits from leaving this planet and will, prevent us from evolving into our true concious creators, the heavenly beings or Paladin spiritual form.

McChrystal and his two collegeus lastly want a war of us, versus military robots, or fake aliens, that has being planned in America since the 1960's. This man and his two cronies must be stopped, but it is exactly the compartmentlisation of information that could cause mass genocide, because no one in an official position of power seems to be able to stop S.M using this fourth dimensional technology in an anti human way. Despite him being sacked recently, he is still fufilling this anti human, possible mass genocide where one thought sent to me said, 95% of the worlds population will be wiped out, that motivates me into writing.

You have no idea of the luciferian, anti human agenda of these three individuals. As said in the book, one secret mind control communicator, "wants a planet for Jews only." It comes as little coincidence that the highest levels of the "illuminati" are made up of extremely right wing Zionists, who are sponsering this attack to take my mind, body and soul, and are lastly, preparing to blame this mass genocide on me, saying I have contacted these aliens, when as said, they have being reasearching this star gate technology since the 1950's.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 08:42 PM

Originally posted by RedHarvest
This thing reads like Schizophrenia to me. It has all the classic earmarks, Auditory hallucinations in the form of "voices" in his head, Delusions (Paranoid and Strange), his writings are heavily disorganized and he says this began at 19 when the disorder usually manifests. The structure of the "Book" is severely unorganized and dis-connected almost but not quite word salad.

I knew a diagnosed schizophrenic called "Satellite Dave" and this sounds similar to his claims. The OP could be diagnosed based on the voices in his head alone. OP unless your just making this up in order to gain attention or possibly money I highly suggest you see a Doctor.

I know this is real, but what you dont know, you dont know. Everyone knows about schizophernia, the secret government keep all knowledge of the secret mind control project and knowledge of Alien life classified.

The rise in mental illness since the 1950's, correlates with the U.S classified program same development of the star gate research program. It is no coincidence I have seen in one fake dream installed in me, that the "Greys" are lowering the natural reasonating frequency of the Earth which makes pregnent woman more depressed, in a bid to ease what people in power term, "the world over population crisis." It is this 'crisis' that makes them intend to have mass genocide with the prospect of a fake alien invasion led by highly classified alien "clones," or military robots.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 08:44 PM

Originally posted by AceWombat04
I absolutely respect OP's right to express his beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. And as a skeptic, as always, I cannot assert that anything in the documents posted "is not true" unless I have absolute proof of that, which I do not. However, neither does anything in the document posted offer the claimed, quote:

conclusive proof about 6 different types of E.T, darlics under Mars, fourth dimensional Reptilian that send the computer race of the "small Greys" here through star gates which is the real reason for the war in Iraq that work closely with the various classification programs, Paladin or "heavenly beings," time travelling future humans, and a type of E.T race that is working with the military space program on board one of its space stations, lastly, an Annuki, which has being used to attack me on several occasions as I slept.

There isn't "conclusive proof" of anything in these documents that I can see, let alone all of that. Now, again, please don't take this the wrong way. I am not asserting that anything posted here is or isn't true. I can't and won't do that without proof one way or the other. I am open to the possibility that it is true. I am willing to consider that possibility. I simply see no "conclusive proof" of it.

However, in light of recent events, I am going to make a request you, OP. That request is for you to at least consider the possibility (I am not not asserting the certainty or even the strong suspicion, just asking that you consider the possibility) that some of what is stated in the posted document may (not "is," but "may") potentially be indicative of highly disorganized, and possibly unhealthy thinking. Again, this is not an assertion, or even intended to be an implication that you are in any way mentally unstable. However, as I am willing to consider the possibility that what you are saying, amazing though it is, could be true, I ask that you likewise consider this alternative possibility.

In light of recent events, I would rather risk being seen as potentially close-minded or be disliked by people than refrain from at least trying to be responsible and make such a suggestion. Again, it's only a request that you consider the possibility, just as I am willing to consider the possibility that what you have posted is true. (Although, as I said, I see no proof of that, nor, it should be noted, any proof of what I'm asking you to consider, either.) There's no harm in considering a possibility, right? Especially if you truly feel you have proof that all of this is true, to your satisfaction. So, again, I simply ask that you at least consider whether some of the lines of thought and professed experiences within the posted document may not be entirely lucid or healthy.

I would not be a responsible or concerned member of ATS given current events if I didn't say this, in my opinion. I hope that is in some way understandable. And again, I intend no disrespect. I hope that is understood.

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Thanks for your feedback but I doubt I could make all this up.
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posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 08:57 PM

Originally posted by FPB214
reply to post by kera1337

Actually, according to Edgar Cayce the "spirit of the individual existed before their soul was created", not saying I believe every single thing from EC, it's just he was one of the most mysterious individuals of the last century, who was contacted by presidents, and had an unusual power.

Also what we're you talking about when you mentioned the blue/light beings?
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Yes I have come to realise, what with having a conspiracy primarily funded by the most wealthy Zionist, a well known computer enterpreneur, it is this, conclusion that spirits, not souls, are eternal, that I have come to. However, I am worried with what S.M is doing to our atmosphere, in that the heaven and hell that I have being guided towards during the chapter my concious journeys into space, hell had an iron atmosphere. Now S.M is using fourth dimensional technologies to create an artifical planet, with an iron atmosphere, fake sun that could possibly prevent our spirits from leaving the Earth after death.

As the supreme Paladin being that resides outside the Earths atmosphere showed me, they are digging across the fault line west of L.A. I hope this is with the intention of preventing Earth quakes in 2012, however, I presume because of the elites fearful nature of what will happen after 2012, and there obsession with a world over population crisis, that they are actually planning to intensify the disastor, by creating Earth quakes and having a thermo nuclear device as a sun, which will explode, whilst they all hide away in underground bunkers.

Yes it seems that all prophets of any age have had some supreme being encounter, from Enoch spending 200 years with "God" or what I suspect to be Reptillian beings, to Jesus being beamed up into the sky after death. Eric Van Daniken, Chariots of the Gods gives a could explanation of this theory.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 09:01 PM

Originally posted by RedHarvest
This thing reads like Schizophrenia to me. It has all the classic earmarks, Auditory hallucinations in the form of "voices" in his head, Delusions (Paranoid and Strange), his writings are heavily disorganized and he says this began at 19 when the disorder usually manifests. The structure of the "Book" is severely unorganized and dis-connected almost but not quite word salad.

I knew a diagnosed schizophrenic called "Satellite Dave" and this sounds similar to his claims. The OP could be diagnosed based on the voices in his head alone. OP unless your just making this up in order to gain attention or possibly money I highly suggest you see a Doctor.

It seems no coincidence that mental disorder have risen sharply in people since the 1950's, and the U.S classified section of the military has been running a star gate program, based on researching and fufilling the "Grey" agenda since the same time.

The "Grey" agenda is anti human, as the time travelling future humans are warning the classified programs to stay away from the "Greys," as they want our planet some time between 2000-3000 years, I am led to believe.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 09:07 PM

Originally posted by kera1337
reply to post by FPB214

Im sorry I dont understand what youre asking friend...
I have been contacted by aliens in the form of Light (light-beings), thay looked like only outlines of little meditating men in david-stars, which I later found out is called the merkabah, flower of life, chariot of god, wheels in wheels etc.. thay were blueissh/white light...

Understandably this changed my life, perspectivces, religion, the way I think act and present myself...
Iff this is what you were asking me.


I have no comment on this thread, I would really like the OP to try and take intoo account he has all the symptoms (delusions of grandeur, hears voices, paranoia etc...) of schizofrenia..

Out of ALL the questions that I would ask, instead of wasting my time I will only ask why in gods name would thay want too blame the next hollocaust on him, and why this makes sense in his head?? why does he find himself that important?

Why would somone put "microscopic gray aliens" in him so he would let them out in the atmospheree, why not just let them in the atmospheree?

I feel stupid even asking this, because somone this far down the line of psychosis, and even conteplating, assuming, and findig this atall possible is surely not gonna listen to anything anyone has to say, this is now a case for doctors and meds, im sorry iff you find this offensive, but you are SURELY not the only one with this problem and shouldnt take this to heart my friend, and with a little luck you will be laughing at this (with us) some day.

This is serious buissines my friends this is a mental disorder, and is nothing to be made fun out of, and im glad I was let intoo his world for a moment to experiance this delusion for myself.

Each one of us has to find his own truth in life, and I trully hope this truth you have found for yourself isnt finite, and there is time and hope for you.

May love, and light guide your life... Peace
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According to some, they are trying to blame me for the whole bloody thing.

Youre brain obviously doesnt logically deduce very well, when you can see its a Zionist conspiracy to take my mind, body and soul, because of what I posted on the internet.

The wealthiest "Zionists" are sponsering McChrystal and his two colleagues into to say I am a terrorist who has gained access to their most classified programs, the "greys", and am using these to wipe out the human race and cause mass genocide. This is actually "their holocaust" they have had planned since world war two, and has being researched in the American classified programs since the 1960's.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 09:19 PM

Originally posted by SonofGod25

This 214 page document contains information that gives conclusive proof about 6 different types of E.T, darlics under Mars, fourth dimensional Reptilian that send the computer race of the "small Greys" here through star gates which is the real reason for the war in Iraq that work closely with the various classification programs, Paladin or "heavenly beings," time travelling future humans, and a type of E.T race that is working with the military space program on board one of its space stations, lastly, an Annuki, which has being used to attack me on several occasions as I slept.

That's a lot of topics garbled together tossed in one huge run along sentence. I'm not convinced that there is conclusive proof "about 6 different types of E.T" etc. Not that I doubt there are other intelligent species in the huge universe, but I doubt they are here and have introduced themselves to us. I would consult a specialist about your paranoia, too much of it may be hazardous to your psychic health. No, I really-really doubt an "Anunaki was being used to attack" you while you slept.

Originally posted by SonofGod25
I have being on the former head of classified mind control program for 4 years because as he communicated to me, "I made a direct attack on Zionism," when I was only messing about on the internet.

Hm, not sure what you are saying there and I suspect English is not your first language (mine neither). You have been under watch or in a mind control program for 4 years, because you mad a direct attack on Zionism? Does not make any sense to me, but hey, what do I know?

Originally posted by SonofGod25
I have being through several conspiracies, most notably being subject to the most wanted mans in the world mind control project and being through the time travelling future human program when the old head of classified mind controlled the people running the future human program into thinking I was a time travelling future human.

No, definitely, not! I don't buy it and I can only repeat my advice: seek professional help immediately.

Originally posted by SonofGod25
Most worringly, I fear a mass genocide is planned, for the "elites" to solve the worlds population program. However, in order to sustain and grow the worlds population it is possible the religion of the future is introduced, based on the peaceful workshipping of technology.

Everything is possible and impossible is nothing! (hey, that was Greece's logo when they won the EURO in 2004) But is it also probable? ... not really. Get a grip on reality!

Originally posted by SonofGod25
It is vital people educate themselves about what is really going on in this world. They have already deleted this four times, thus, proving its genuinity

Who are they and what have the deleted four times? As I said you don't make any sense to me. You know, working as a moderator elsewhere, I can tell you that occasionally we delete stuff, but it is never genuine stuff. If you post the same thing all over and over and it gets deleted, may be the problem is at your end. I really don't see how deleting makes something more genuine or proves that it is genuine. It's more probable that it's just garbage that gets deleted ...

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 09:32 PM

Originally posted by RighteousDude
Okay, somehow, this morning I perceived this rambling as the efforts of an idled miscreant whose meds weren't hitting their mark. I checked in from time to time and even threw a cheap shot. Now in the evening, I see mom comes on line and throws down the schizoid card and goes off molly coddling.

I have over the years crossed paths with the practicing schizophrenic and it is at first interesting, then tedious, then creepy and then out and out scary. Especially when they won't go away. Is this really a schizoid display to the world? Can reality be bent this far?

I was far more comfortable this morning with my perception of the isolated, depressive, idle little boy crying for attention. That is something I am very familiar with. I live in a rural area and tall tales are always on tap with just about everyone you meet. If you aren't busting somebody's gullible chops, you're throwing down a doozy. It just a way out of the doldrums.

That said, I apologize for my cheap shot and join the faction that is saying, "Get help Opie, your cheese ain't even hitting the cracker."

To all those who say I am paranoid, dellusional or have a brain injury. I challenge your ignorance, and say what you dont know about, you dont know. It is this ignorance led by the official Government denial of all alien knowledge, and a competition thought process where people compete against each other for resources, which drives the real illuminati to keep knowledge of "Grey" alien life secret, and the paranoia of classified programs that I have experianced, which compartmentlises information so that only those at the very top, such as S.M, have a fully rounded knowledge of what is going on, that keeps people trapped in the instinctive thought process cycle.

It is this ignorace amongst others, that is axactly the attitude that will allow this mass genocide to occur.

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