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Columbine and Tucson Congresswoman shooting!!!

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posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 02:11 AM
You remember how Klebold and Harris were immediately characterized as "White Supremacists",
then eventually it turned out that Klebold was Jewish? Shepard Smith and FOXNEWS stated the TUCSON SHOOTINGS were an assasination immediately, even before the police conference suggested second accomplice. and the press started accusing him of being a TEAPARTY nutcase.. and WHITE SUPREMECIST is somewhat synonymous today with what lots of people claim the TEAPARTY is about.

so now its being reported LOUGHNER IS JEWISH..

many think klebold and harris were professionally handled by covert operations. applying what we know now of columbine, may be helpfull to understanding TUCSON and LOUGHNER

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