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Near Death Experinces (Has anybody had one?)

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posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 12:13 AM
I am a pediatric critical care transport nurse adn I have had my share of deaths over a ten year career. I was wondering if anyone has had a near death experience and remebered it? What did you feel, see, hear etc.

I firmly believe that our patients may feel more that we know esp. when they are being coded / dying and I wanted to try to change our policies to take that into consideration. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.


posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 12:29 AM
Well, when bush came into office I .... just kidding, I just thought some humor never hurts don't forget to laugh every once in a while.

posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 12:05 PM
My dad, who is 44, had massive pulmonary emboli (blood clots in his lungs) in july of 2001. both lungs were 90%+ blocked. the doctors eventually went in through his jugular vein and fed a catheter in there to drip blood thinners directly on the clots.

during all of this, my fathers blood pressure balanced out to 40/40, which means that there was no pulse, and he was dead for 1 minute before the doctors revived him.

I badgered him for months after all of this, trying to find out if he had any visions, or NDE's or whatever, and he said no.

He was under heavy anesthetic, so maybe that has something to do with the lack of a NDE, or maybe he did experience one, but can't remember due to the anesthesia.

I guess i'll never know... maybe we'll try to have him give hypnosis a shot, lol.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 02:58 PM
2004 I got very sick with a very bad case of food poisoning. I had e coli, shagala, and another biggy. It started with the usual symtoms of food poisoning. Basicly without being to graphic, every fluid in my body was being forced out. I was also running a fever. I went to bed that evening feeling very horrible, just wnated to rest. Ended up haveing avery rough night. By morning, fever was at 106. My wife wanted to get me to the doctors. She would try to talk to me to get me to get dressed. I would hear her talk but couldnt make out the words. Finally at one point my wife asked me if she needed to call 911. Knowing me, she thought this would motivate me in to getting dressed and to the doctors. When I turned to her and said, Yes, that is a good idea. Then I blacked out. Even though I was up walking and talking, I dont recall anything said. My wife said that when EMTs arrived, I could not answear basic questions. Getting to the hosptial, I was projectial vomiting, and had a fever of 108. They brought my wife back to were I was, thinking I wasnt going to make it. ( my wife is very hard headed and Im sure she fought like hell to get to me) This is what she saw. My body was covered with ice, and in the busy ER I was the only thing everybody was working on. Nurses were at my hands and ffeet punching them trying to get a vein. I flat lined. Nurse jumped on the bed to give me cpr. This is were I left my body. I remember looking around the ER room and trying to talk to my wife, telling her I was ok, and Im right here. It was then that I started to back away from the scene, until it got smaller and smaller, reminded me of an old TV being turned off, kind of goes small until it is a small bead of light.
There was no tunnel of light, and there was not a party of passed friends and relatives there to meet me. My experince is abit different. I found myself sitting on a big red couch. Looking from side to side, the couch went on for miles and miles, no end in sight. The feelings are the most important thing. I felt as if I had just came back home from a long journey, and was glad to be home. I was also surounded by the most amazing feeling of love, love that you never felt before. Take all the people that have loved you and combined that into one moment, and it would be a 10th of what I felt. There was 3 beings with me. I did not see them, but I could hear them and feel them. They began to tell me things about my life, they knew me very well. The conversation is mine. I will not share that with anyone. At the end, I was told. "You have been given a great gift." I responded, "Great, tell me what I've won." They laughed. They said "you can continue on with your journey, or continue on with your work". It was at this point I thought about my wife and son, and how this would affect my son, ( four at the time). I guess this is what made up my mind to come back, because I was slammed into my body. At this point the doctors had stopped working on me. I sat up in bed, took a deep breath and laid back down. The Doctors and nurses all went back to work on me.
This is my story. I know what happened, and know were I've been.

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