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Man this centrifical! DUH

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posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 06:35 PM
so what is the deal ?? just kidding anyways seinfeld joke anyways, Why does FOX, CNN, MSNBC always report on Anything that has to do with Above-Top Secret and violence? They never report anything good about Above-Top Secret, what seems the more they report negatively on the internet sites the more That they seem to be advocating against free speech through the internet. i am more likely to take sides with the actual evidence of a supposed mental ailment, over a conspiracy theory website!

it seems that most people on this website arent politics and that most acts commited by people who are affiliated with this website arent always completely composite on their thoughts i add however that the general point as far as i was aware was that the community on this website are generally open and are willing to discuss everyday topics and topics in general regarding these issues.

so is the problem the people on ATS, the Website Itself or the fact that there are alot of people that do a lot of stuff around alot of people that people dont generally percieve as normal!!!

Hey I've watched FOX CNN and MSNBC. and i dont go waiving around a Main-Stream Media flag shooting people...

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