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How to have Fresh Air Indoors: closed-loop Air-Support System

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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 10:07 AM

Originally posted by Darkice19
If you fill your apartment with just normal plants you will get the same effect. They will filter the air for you naturally. Rainforest plants work best. But you need high humidity.

yes but you'd need 20 tree size plants minimum per person.
and then you'd probably want some reserve on top of that.
If you have plenty of extra money and floor space that's a viable option.
Also note that ground plants also require regular watering and repotting.

Even if such plants only cost $30 each, with 2 people and some pets,
that would be 60 trees totaling $1800,
and that's not including cost of pots, soil, trays.
If I had 60 trees in here, there wouldn't be room for people.

However for those of us that live in apartments,
where space, money and perhaps time is at a premium,
an aquarium is an affordable and effective option.
that requires comparatively little maintenance,
and it will also boost humidity.

also you only need 20lt tank,
and 28 lt fits in a cubic foot.
I'd recommend having at least 1/3 reserve,
so a 20 gallon or 72 liter tank,
where 5 gallons is soil.

of course you could get larger also.
the more the merrier. lol
oxygen high.

unlike with oxygen-synthesis from water,
it would be safe, as plant would stop producing oxygen,
just as soon as the carbon-dioxide levels were low enough.
well within the safe limits humans are accustomed to.

But this whole chemtrail thing is bogus. As a former Avionics tech i can tell you that there is nothing out of the ordinary being sprayed into the atmosphere. The chemtrails as people call them are just water vapor condensing on partials coming out of the exhaust.
It’s a normal phenomenon and I have seen it up close while flying in formation with my own eyes.

those are contrails,
contrails dissipate almost immediately afterwards.

chemtrails are the ones that stay in the air and form clouds.

Yes I know you like air-planes Avionics technician,
however you haven't sampled and chemically analyzed the chemtrail exhaust.

If someone shows me absolute proof of chemtrails then I will believe. But from all my years working on all types of aircraft I can say that i have seen nothing of the sort.

well if you don't believe chemical analysis from videos I posted previously.
as government is interested in concealing the information so their labs my falsify results.
I recommend that you collect your own rainwater and have it analyzed by an independent laboratory.
if you want to get a fuel sample, make sure it's from military chemtrail sprayers.
obviously again, you'd have to get it yourself or through a friend you can trust.

edit on 12/1/11 by lowki because: aquarium dimensions

In case you don't want to go through all that hassle of personal verification
here is a good clip of an Australian who did get their rainwater analyzed,
they even list the symptoms associated with the various toxins.

edit on 12/1/11 by lowki because: already analyzed

edit on 12/1/11 by lowki because: plant cost

edit on 12/1/11 by lowki because: safe limits

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 09:29 PM
What a great thread. I see all these people arguing with you about how it would not save you in an apocalypse type setting. But i have to disagree,if apocalypse happened tommorow,this along with plants for fresh oxygen would be one of the first things i would want. Again,no matter how logical these people may think they are,you just cannot argue against fresh oxygen.

posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 11:56 AM
I think this is an excellent proactive step towards living. If coupled with a solar PV set-up, you'd be well off. You can't argue with algae. You can get enough nutrients to live from it, it puts out oxygen, just little growing bits of life, a great friend to us humans, I think. I like the idea of having other plants which have various uses in the tank as well. Makes me want a huge tank for such uses.

Reminds me of another excellent thing which would be hydroponic gardening. Very efficient!
Awesome thread! nice.

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 02:00 PM
Great article. Air quality, indoor and out, are vital to all living things. Another good way to improve air quality is reducing dampness in buildings. A Water Vapor Reducing Admixture in concrete can be huge to eliminate dampness by the free water in concrete and VOCs that cause bad ozone for the outdoor community.

High quality materialsmaterials. in the home help as well.

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