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Do most americans dislike the british??

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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 12:35 AM
Hello from the colonies. Honestly, in my part of the country I have never heard a bad remark said of the Brits and in general are considered and equal and friendly ally on most issues. We shared the rock and roll invasions along with other type of invasions. My dad served in WWII in the navy and only had good memories from there in a very bad time in the North Atlantic and he was wounded twice.

Where I'm from, a British lilt will get you a round at the bar or a crowd of admiring folk wanting to know more of the culture and to hear the foreign chatter .

I served in the military years ago and the Brits complained of their equipment and we complained of their different allowances. Never met a more hardier, hell bent people in my life that drew respect and a little awe from what we were accustom to in our system.

If I Met a Brit today in my hometown I'll consider myself lucky for the encounter.

Super power is a term tossed around like a medal at the Olympics as England should well understand. Its not one against the world and rub your nose in it, its about preserving the ideal of of a people of the world in a democracy on common shores. After all, we did come from yours.
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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 12:40 AM
I am extremely fond of the British,wish I could vacation there yearly! LOVE the accents , people seem to be wonderful and friendly , great sense of humor and I could go on

I am American born and bred and actually pissed off at my government.....we humans need to stick together !

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 06:57 AM
I have read through all the posts in this thread with interest, because unfortunately like many other countries, you never know how your are genuinely perceived by other countries, only from what you read in the tabloids. It's normally difficult to know for certain how others view you, especially following the BP oil spill. It's never nice to see a tragedy like that, to which I can account for pretty much everyone I have spoken to hold a great deal of empathy for those affected. Then, to see Obama chastise the British for the spill, really grated against me (especially hearing him call BP "British Petroleum, given that BP has not been a British company since the 90's).

Anyway, as a Brit (from England), I can fully understand the reason why the Irish / Scots and to a lesser extent the Welsh have a sore spot against us. I can't personally blame them, either.

On the subject of US/UK relations, there hasn't been a single person who I have spoken to who have had a bad word to say about the states, with the exception of the stereotypical overeating comments (unfortunately shows such as Man V Food don't help this stigma at all, if you know what I mean

I have only visited the states once, on my 30th birthday trip to Las Vegas last year (and going again in February) and I must say that I never met a single person who wasn't courteous, friendly, and generally fun to be around. I also dig the accent, too!. You guys contributed a lot of awesome stuff to the world, such as the Corvette (the new one, I mean - the old ones drive as if the steering wheel is lodged in a bag of cement), Family Guy, Apple, Chris Tucker, including some awesome films such as the Godfather, Casino, Goodfellas etc.

On a side-note to this, I still find it hilarious that it was a Scot who invented the US Navy

I think, that if I had one exception, it would be that I found a lot of Americans had no understanding of their surroundings; I lost count how many people would be walking in front of me, and then suddenly swing their arm around to point to go in the opposite direction, nearly punching me in the face!

Historically, we are related in one way or another, and we have had troubles in the past, however I cant think of anyone better to have as an Ally when the sh!t hits the fan. You guys have a friend in me!

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