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Its Time

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posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 11:47 AM
Well its a fairly short story, badly written and very poor use of the english written language that would make any true story writer cringe and probably will do, just hope the story is itself upto the standard expected


So the time had come, i never thought i would live to see this day actually happen in my lifetime but bugger me its actually here, i know i tried my damndest not to believe in it also.
i sat on the damp ground looking at him sitting on his wet rock with his arm crooked around a large staff as we watched the ghostly, pale light figures walk past us huddled together in an animated and excited manner like children on their first trip to the beach, if i closed my eyes and face these figures i could feel their warmth and happiness just emanate, surround and fall away from them touching my face like a gentle feather and in their happiness i could feel something that ...... well that was pleasant a feeling that i have very very rarely felt in my whole life.
It seemed a gentle passing of eternity as i sat and watched the last finally disappear into a soft white cloud, the rain had stopped and the sun began to peep through the heavy clouds above warming my chilled and wet clothes which in turn began to warm my body up, i shut my eyes grateful for this simple pleasure saying a short prayer of thanks only to hear a mumbling of voices gathered in conversation, i opened my eyes to see a group of men and women dressed in garbs from ages past in deep discussion, i stood up faced the sun in all its glory savouring for the last time its precious gift of light and warmth then hoping to catch the man with the staffs eye to wave goodbye i looked into the small crowd only to see him busy with the others, i turned and faced the nightmare before me, my back to the crowd of those with him i looked deep into a a dark place of despair and started to walk ready to face my judgement and true place of belonging, i could hear the occasional shriek of hopelessness from the land i was walking into and my heart sank deep for them i reached out to those poor souls and offered them the food of light what little i had to give them only to watch some run deeper into the dark lands away from it but one or two drink it and run fast in tears to the crowd falling to their knees a bitter sweet moment for me.
I continued my walk towards the dark place feeling its chill and hopelessness begin to envelop me and slowly the small gift of light and joy i had begin to wain and the tiredness i was so used to begin to re-take me as i welcomed it as a long lost friend.
In the border lands and just beyond i saw the terrible figures of the tortured, these where the ones who refused to be bathed in the light these were the ones who would not accept responsibility for the suffering they had caused to others, in the light you saw who you truly were and these refused to.
I mused at the creators compassion on how he would create a place for those he loved so much that they had the choice to live in such a dark and horrible place where he would never show his self in any way whatsoever and they would never bath in his light and see what they had done and what they became.
I felt them the dark ones begin to gather before me ready to torture me in the way they have done for that moment of eternity before he came to ask me to watch the passing by and ascension of the others, they began to hiss their torments and lies and i let them wash over me like a wild wave upon the sea readying myself for their onslaught, i looked into their eyes one by one staggered also by how few there were now and feeling a certain pleasure that this was not going to be as bad as it was before, now i had a chance to fend them off and as this thought passed through my mind a hand in one shocking moment held me back by my shoulder and the familier gentle deep baritone voice i knew said “ where are you going “ ?
“ back there my Lord” i answered “ to where i belong, i have judged myself and am found wanting “
He laughed a gentle laugh which i savoured ready to take with me deeper into the dark place.
“You judged yourself hmmm ?, and who gave you this authority ? “
“ i did” i said.
“ Aha i see, well your judgement is found wanting my son and so is your reasoning” turning me around he added “ my friend”
“come” he said, “you do not belong here, let me take you home”.
I fell to my knees in dis-belief and tears fell down my face trickling and i wailed and doubt washed over me and all i felt was his arms lift me like a child and in that moment i was a child my head buried deep in his chest sobbing as i sobbed and released and eternity of grief.
After a time i felt light, washed, cleansed and at ease .... i felt happy, “ how odd i thought, but i like it”
The man put me to the floor as a child and then i stood before him a man bathed in the clouds of light i saw the others walk into before what seemed an Eon past.
Puzzled i looked at him and asked “ why, more to the point how” ?
With a gentle smile he answered “ even in your darkest and most evil moments you still prayed for your brothers and sisters in trouble, asking that they could avoid the worst of you and even move out of your reach into my presence, you came before me as the time came and you sat with me and i saw you grieve for your past actions and was glad to see those that you prayed for even those you hated your perceived enemies make it to their true homeland, you unwittingly forgave yourself in spirit it was just your mind that needed to see this and that i can help you with a little but you still have some work to do, so i propose this ..... in the world you are to come there are cities and mansions, forests, seas and lakes, there is peace, loving ,living and eternal learning but for you and a few of your brothers and sisters there are the borders, if you accept this offer in time you will move closer to the source our beloved creator but we need you to do a little thing and that is help those who have not been human ever to rescue those that still live in the dark place but have moved closer to the light, you only have to talk to them first, re-assure them, counsel them and help them cross the fence that border which in their minds stop them crossing over to their true home, you see my son it is they and the rebellious that built that fence to draw a line between them and G-d and said do not pass it was not us as the rebels say, will you do this for me “?
“ I will my lord” i said and through the cloud i walked and i saw a wondrous sight.
As i climbed over the fence back home and felt the peace and eternal love of our creator a horse trotted to me and greeted me and on its back was a saddle that carried a satchel, in this satchel was a blank parchment and a golden pen, i sat and wrote this for you reader then folded the parchment and threw it over the fence for anyone to pick up and read, i then mounted my horse and began to ride the borders of home watching and waiting for you, just to talk, to re-assure you and offer you gentle counsel and bring you home.

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