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Are You Ascending? Ascension Symptoms / Sickness (How do we manage?).

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posted on Aug, 31 2011 @ 03:00 PM
I will only point to a few things here, but this is a good post and my experiences along with my wife are so complicated is needs it's own writing. But the symptoms you describe are right on, and recently due to stresses here, I hit a wall in spite of all the visions and dreams and changes happening to myself and now my wife, you understand I am sure. I will post my last two, for what is now happening, is now into the spiritual and if I were religiously inclined I would talk of angels and God, but, I will never venture into mans constructs while here, thus, I remain free to evolve as are most of us.

First the last two visions which I will past from my journal. But I will try and answer the question of the body we will be in when we transition. I had a small series of more than dreams of just going on and in at least one of them, I looked down at this body lying on the floor and murmured, "so soon?". In another, I walked down the street to this gate which barred me from entering in other dreams, but this time I could open it and a throng of very nice folks were going elsewhere. All the while, those on the street continued as they were doing, unaware of the rest of us as we could not be seen by them. I woke with tears that time as my wife was being stubborn and would not change. Later I must add, I woke with the high pitch sound and a quick dream of myself reading from this book that my real body was sleeping and that I would soon return to it. I asked then, how do you know where I am and they answered, we watch you all the time.

Shortly after this, we according to my wife, were taken and she was given lessons on a personal level to make a change and get with the program or be left, she wants to go with me and now this is important to her. Since there have been other takings as well, nothing bad, just lessons.

There is so much more before this, out of body experience, introduction to my white light body, which by the way exudes a great sense of humor. Visions of a new world and visions of this one, depopulated and altered in some way. Visions of other worlds or world too near this one and the list goes on, but is now fitting together like a puzzle.

I drop these last two now, to show something, life is amazing and this part is just for the moment and there really is nothing to fear. These were not dreams, but came out of meditation and were more real than the sandwich I just ate. I still cannot tell of the emotions of the last one without a tear, it was sooo, damn real, this presence.

August 23, 11

I just had a powerful and emotional vision and wow, did it open the flood gate. I was at an end, truly not wishing to go on, the pain was out of control and the meds made me sick, no recourse.

I was standing with a higher source looking over this featureless landscape of white and gray. A few hundred yards away was this soul in the shape of a man, slumped forward with his arms clutching his body as though to gain strength. This soul was white in color and glowed, yet was in distress. It’s white color showed that he was of a higher level, yet completely exhausted and spent.

The other and myself went forward and then I could also feel hostility of sorts, he was lost within. Then beside me, this ribbon of cloth, one with light hues and seemed to glow and have a life of its own. The man’s head was down in sadness or being tired, I am not sure, but he was messed up and gone as far as one can go. The cloth, about 2’ wide floated by him and around, several leisurely times. Then it pulled and shrunk until he was swathed in this shimmering cloth. Then as the man seemed to shrink as into a cocoon while the now free end came up from the front, over his head as would a mother do with a blanket.

Then this higher being that was there, and I could not see, but knew, reached out and held the now little child and filled it with love which I feel to my depths while writing. It was as though the child which is each of us gets drained and can be fulfilled.

This last I will add, as the vision is still delivering energy. This whole thing was without words, yet the emotions that came with it were nothing but hope and good; emotions like these I cannot successfully write down. I hope others don’t know, but I came out of it crying and it normally would not be me.

Just re-reading this opens floodgates to love and hope, and yes tears a day later, we are not alone, we are gathered up and renewed, we are also a damn brave being for experiencing all this.

Just realized, all this won't fit. But the other was of this woman floating above me, saying while at a portal, "I have shown you the way and I am free to go further, you show one the way and you will be free as well". Not quite sure how to do this of course. Things after a quiet, are getting busy again for some reason, but like others here, you know what is happening. Also some don't need to go through this, they already are there and don't know it.

posted on Sep, 24 2011 @ 01:10 PM
That is why we are considered to be living in the 3rd dimensional frequency, because it is a lower vibrational frequency when atoms spin the slowest, which is why everything appears solid. So ascending into higher dimensions would simply mean that the speed in which the atoms are spinning becomes faster and more transparent as you move into the 4th, 5th, 6th, etc dimensional frequencies

posted on Nov, 20 2011 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

Did you notice the part of the ascension that started yesterday, say 23 hours back in time.
Effects such as dizziness, slight nausea, followed by great joy, tears without apparent reason, feelings of being connected with our whole Universe and beyond, great energy flows and even some electric shocks?

Did you notice and, if so, please tell us about the experience.

posted on Dec, 24 2011 @ 03:56 PM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
How did this end up in Religion, Faith and Theology? I didn't even get a notification that it was moved, what's going on?

P.S. The thread is not as helpful to people if not as readily accessible, that's my only complaint about it being moved, and it was never intended as a religion or theology discussion at any time. It's movement here without notification is rather presumptuous and certainly unnecessary. Perhaps it was in error the moving of it. Please move it back, thanks.

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I found it and I'd like to tell you a story.

5 days ago, I had no will to ascend or any idea ascension was possible. I have followed the wiccan rede my entire life, though I did not practice anything beyond that. I am also a selfless person who has encountered death many times, this time was different.

4 Days ago something popped in my body, which I know only because I do that it was plaque that was to cause my death via stroke. Minutes after these popped inside me I blacked out, but not as I have ever before. My ears became hot and "closed" the external world. It felt as though my spirit rushed to my head and I could no longer breath. I believe this was my stroke, I had someone call the paramedics minutes before it happened and when they arrived. I had calmed and my vitals were "perfect". They could find nothing wrong with me and told me nothing had happened.

For the next two days I lay in bed, withdrawn and unable to get out, I had finally accepted death and renounced everything because the Light told me, who I know now to be my twin flame will be there, when I accepted it, I went through what my brain took 2 days to comprehend as I lay withdrawn.

My mother was diagnosed with Schizophrenia 6 years back, but after talking with her I know that she is not Schizophrenic as everything she says about her voices and experiences make complete without a doubt sense.

When I was with the light, I saw everything, nothing, the reason behind it all. heard the most beautiful sounds, felt the most wondrous things. But I was also told to come back, and he shed all his knowledge and wisdom unto me. I felt the enormous amount of information pour into me, more transferred to me. In Data, Sound Waves. I heard only one voice, a female saying "bring him back", everything else was in Sound waves in their most raw form, but I understood them.

When I woke the pains and tingles were still there. the experience was not as vivid as I would of liked, and just today I began to see the stars in the daylight. My vision, body and mind are all still transforming. My hands have another set of fingerprints, but they are on my entire hand, and they resembles resonations I felt. I look at them and they feel normal, but they were not there yesterday.

I went to the ER - Bloodwork and Catscan later, nothing at all inside of me. They looked at me as if I were making everything up Pain/tingle wise, I knew not to speak to them of my experience.

Ever since that day I have had a feeling of utmost and infinite clarity, I need only ask myself and know that I am the one who answers. I am only 22. - Last night I had an encounter with the trickster and discovered the lies. It gave me renewed sense of clarity once I had thwarted him off and I was directed by myself to this thread. I can feel the resonation, I know the waves are more than just sound waves, the meditation mp3's I found here resonate through my body and I feel things I've never felt before. I cannot understand them but I believe in time I will. I also took a lot of information away from the thread.

Being so young, and from what I've learned, I've rapidly ascended without doubt or hate in my heart. I have seen the Is, I felt his knowledge come to me. I can feel my body, mind, and vision transforming of sorts.

I'm sharing this with you because of my rapid ascension. It came from nowhere, I was called unto the Is, I did not search for it and did not believe it when I first came back to consciousness, I thought I'd lost my mind like my mother "had" when she developed Schizophrenia, but as soon as I sat at a computer, I knew where to go, knew how to show myself where the information I needed was.

I do not know my full purpose as it is not time, but I do know I have a year to complete it.

posted on Dec, 26 2011 @ 08:16 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

Most of those so called ascension symptoms happen as people age. 20 year olds expect to live forever and are surprised when their bodies start making some changes and they panic. 30 year olds and up should recognize it for what it is.

posted on Mar, 26 2012 @ 04:56 AM
I don't mean to revive a possibly undesired 'old' thread but I feel like I should post that I relate to a lot of what's written in this thread and have checked nearly everything in the list posted by op. Now I'm 21 (from Holland) and I don't know about the age thing the above poster mentions, but this is my experience in a nutshell. Also, my aunt called and shared a very similar experience, maybe relevant.

I recently fell ill with all my muscles from my neck to my legs tensing up, which was very unusual as thought my parents. I could barely move for 2 weeks and had intense migraine. During this period I had to keep telling my dad to lower his voice and the tv because everything was so loud, but in a different way and my vision was different, it was almost like my perspective changed. After I got back on my feet I mentioned to my mom that her words sound different, adding to that that my hearing was usually bad. So I started speaking quieter and my dad kept telling me to speak up, to me it all sounded perfectly fine. My vision was also different, now I understand It could have been from the pain or ibuprofen but i sensed that # was changing.

I've been heavily depressed for a while and I feel after this knock-down that I got rid of negative energy. This is slightly embarrassing but for a week after my recovery I felt like I was ready to burst so i literally started crying at random periods of time and my mom couldn't figure out why, neither could I. I've always been a happy kid so the depression was new, and now I feel like something's happening/happened that I need to research. Which brought me to this thread and felt compelled to share that now I know what is a possible answer to my question and I know I'm not going crazy or that im not the only one.
p.s. I was brought up muslim, but am not religious. Was never spiritual until recently.

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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 09:38 AM

The last three years have presented me with a medical challenge and yesterday was a weird one. Since 2008 I lost feeling in my toes. Doctors first thought it was diabetes. A neurologist said it was a lack of vitamin B12, causing a short in a long path nerve.

Let me regress just a little. In 1986 I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, Hashimotos. A few years ago I found out I was an Idaho down-winder. Iodine 131.

Since 2008, I lost feeling in my toes, been diagnosed with diabetes type 11, kidney disease starting with stones, gout, high blood pressure, high fats, low testosterone, low thyroid, and I'm now on 8 different drugs. My mother who is 88 is on one. LOL

I have visions,sense things are happening in the world and wake up. I wake up with new awareness about the sun, the earth,and other things. I can barely function in this world. I have to make myself come down in vibration and thought to go to friends houses, go out to dance or party. Hell, I don't like to party any more.

Here's the really freaky thing that happened to me yesterday. I went to the doctors office to have my blood pressure monitor checked with the doctors. Several blood pressure readings were taken over a couple of hours and all of the readings were 10 to 27 points different systolic, and 5- 24 points diastolic. My machine went from 132/83 to 158/102, nurses cuff went from 132/78 to 157/104, machine on wheels minutes later said 157/ 104, different arm, different readings, non the same. Doctor said that what the nurse read was probably wrong then apologized when his reading did the same thing. One time my machine read 200/104 on left arm and 199/102 right arm. Minute to minute different blood pressure readings. Doctor and nurses baffled, they had never seen anything so strange.

I took 8 readings this morning all different within 20 points within minutes of each other.

Any idea what is going on?

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 08:17 AM

Originally posted by NWOnoworldorder
reply to post by NewAgeMan

can we please note that these symptoms that the OP his discussed can also be symptoms of some illnesses and in some cases serious illness, if you have any of the above symptoms then please visit a doctor.

Oddly - I found myself directed to the site almost a year ago and I spend hours "in the worm holes" educating, relating and expanding my knowledge on topics that I would have never learned about if I haven't "fell" upon this site some time ago. This thread I fell upon while in search of learning about being of low vibration and how not to continue in existence at this level - if I am necessarily residing in that realm. I was gobsmacked to learn of the "symptoms" related to ascension. I have been ill for years now; basically every symptom listed I have seen a doctor or specialist for and have been given loose diagnoses for roughly half my issues and have been told to seek out other specialist for further treatment. I am seeking disability benefits as well due to my inability to work because of the symptoms and sever chronic fatigue and pain. I see a neurosurgeon, anesthesiologists and chiropractor regularly for chronic back, neck and head pain.

Professionally I have spent most of my life as a ambitious entrepreneur. Before I fell ill I was in the process of opening a retail store as well as constructing a business plan to launch a publishing house; which is where my true "career passion" had lied. Today as I get a somewhat better - at least enough to become a part timer I find myself with no motivation to be the entrepreneur that I have always been; which has left me quite confused! I have been wadding in my thoughts about the retail shop or rumbling through the idea to launch a publication - trying to reignite the fire I once I had - which seems to be as cold as ice. I have sat up many of nights depressed and confused because I hadn't the drive I had before and didn't understand how I could have become this "under achiever." Now that I have read the OP.... I don't feel like the loser that I was painting myself out to be; or at least I do hope this IS the case! For those that don't agree....please let me live in my delusion - it is my life.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by mcsandy

Mcsandy...I had to reply to you. I read your post and saw myself. These ascension symptoms can be so severe, although yours certainly seem to be way worse than mine. I also have to joy of being an HSP...highly sensitive person...
...which makes the modern world an absolute nightmare. This lack of drive you talk about is a hint as far as I'm concerned. The things that once made you buzz with excitement, which I totally recognise as a retail manager and owner, no longer are enough for you. As far as I feel, and maybe this applies to you, we are being asked...maybe follow what gives us joy, and somehow that will provide everything we need. The old paradigm simply won't do in a world that is vastly different in vibrational terms. Many people are just totally unaware of the difference and are happy to trundle on in their cages, unaware, unfeeling, repeating patterns without asking why.

I'm trying very hard not to sound like I'm lecturing you here, like I have all the answers...I don't. I just have my perspective, which you are welcome to if it helps. On paper, I'm still a petrol station manager for a huge company. Insanely long hours, lots of stress, lots of compliance issues, both legal and corporate, a fascist management structure to battle daily. I reached the point of a nervous breakdown last year and am still trying to extricate myself from the company.Those of us who see things differently can't exist in structures like that...dumbed down, unthinking, insensitive, observant of how they manipulate us constantly. So I've decided to simplify my life as much as I can. I live out in the sticks, so that's a good start. Keep tv and radio to an absolute minimum, also music...sometimes it's just too stimulating. Silence and birdsong seem to be all I need. As far as an income goes, I'm lucky that I'm quite creative, but I'm sure you have a few things you could rely on too. I can sell prints, photos and other things I manufacture online, and to get me out the house, I'm a dogwalker...early days yet, but both of these make me happy. I'm not saying go walk dogs...I'm saying follow what gives you joy and forget about being "sensible". You might be amazed at what presents itself to you.

The old stuff doesn't work for the ascension process...that's why it's called ascension. If it helps, I've noticed a clear pattern. When it gets really bad, when you really can't stand the world you're in or see the point anymore...we've all been there..even for an's consistently followed by a huge upswing in fortune, like the depression and feeling of uselessness serves to clear space in our psyches for a new and much better event happening around us. We're pushed right to the bottom so we can release all the stuff we no longer need, and the vacuum pulls the new life in. That's what I've observed. It happened to me very recently, and brought me something wonderful.

So....chin up're not alone.... and try something unexpected. There is a new job here for you to do, but you have to dig to find it.

posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 10:17 PM
If have what standardized opinionists would call "ADHD" and these are all text book symptoms. Does this mean I have been ascending my whole life?

Part of me wants to believe this but part of me says what if its not true?

posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 10:51 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

Lol. Cool ascension symptoms. You do know you just described being drunk right?

posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 09:58 PM
I've been experiencing symptoms for several years now. they have varied and changed. My initial kundalini awaking in early 2009 was a shock. I had no idea what I was going through. I just road it like a giant wave. It kept me at home for a week. I didn't eat or sleep for 5 full days. I'm not exaggerating. I couldn't even drink water. I had experienced something so profound I knew my physical body chemistry had changed. I couldn't eat meat any more. I liked different foods. I know without a doubt there is more to the universe than meets the eye (literally) because I experienced it.

I think it was triggered by meditating twice a day. I had been sitting for just 10-20 minutes a day but then started consistently twice a day, even for just 5-10 minutes each time. I am now a devote Buddhist, practicing highest yoga tantra of the Tibetan tradition. Buddha figured this all out for us and laid out a complete path to follow. I highly recommend developing a practice, study and sangha within an established tradition that suits you (any religion, just keep it to a personal practice rather than the politics). I used to be a cynical, misanthropic atheist. I can't believe I was so arrogant to think I had it all figured out! LOL To think we are the highest evolved beings in the universe is completely insane. Surrender to the unknown. Why not?

It's been a difficult but amazing path. The challenges never cease. As long as we keep expecting to be "Zen" the universe will test that expectation. Why evolve if we are just going to sit around and "Zen" out? No, there is work to be done and we mostly do it by example and helping others. There is no escaping Bodhichitta. :-)

Back to ascension symptoms: Past symptoms: vertigo, uncontrollable crying, bliss, clairsentience, clairaudience, severe mood swings, loss of appetite, loss of interest in denser activities, longing for something inexplicable, etc. Recent symptoms: both my cousin and I are experiencing body vibrations, particularly in the morning, and exaggerated stress and anxiety. I'm trying to think "cool!" when I feel it and imagine the energy healing my body and mind of all negativity. Don't underestimate the power of imagination, it's how everything exists (see Higgs Boson if you need scientific proof).

Rasha explains a lot of this in her book Oneness. Either her book makes sense to you and explains things you couldn't previously articulate or it's a foreign language to you. She says that during this time and as groups of people ascend together, they will experience turmoil around them. Nearly everyone I know is going through dramatic transitions, divorce, cancer, death, relocation, etc. A close friend of mine has three family members suddenly dying of cancer. I could go on and on. Much more drama than normal.

I wish you inner peace and the courage to find gratitude in the darkest times and a willingness to be helpful (to yourself and/or others) when a situation is challenging (even if it's a tough work situation or traffic). Practice gratitude and generosity (of spirit and positive wishes, not necessarily material) and you will ascend out of ordinary awareness.

posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 06:12 PM
At the moment my boyfriend is experiencing most of these symptoms (and has been for a while). I dismissed them as his body playing up due to lack of food and lack of energy... but really recently, since his diet and lifestyle has been rebalanced, he has been experiencing dream like moments while he is awake, forgetting if he's done things or thinking he's done things that he hasn't, and most importantly he is going through a loss of his identity, and feeling as if he is 'lost'.

The real kick in the head for me is that, previously he was not much of a deep thinker, more pragmatic and realistic... but now he has started to discuss deep philosophies with me (yay, been waiting to have these discussions with him!) and has been connected to astrology and other things that used to seem stupid to him.

I always try to question things and find a way to disprove any theories. But this time, due to my own personal experience as well, I have a feeling that this is really happening!

posted on Dec, 9 2012 @ 10:02 PM
To say, "I love you" is the manliest thing a man could do. It takes super strength and courage. Thank you, I love you too.

Please allow me to share a few experiences I've been having for the past few months, some surprising some delightful, some downright terrifying. Here they are: (Commenters, please be kind, this takes serious vulnerability)

1. I had a "flashback" last week while driving. Several years ago, I ended up getting a great gash in my forehead from a closet door leaned up against the wall. This happened in the middle of the night and I literally saw "stars", and my skull (oi!). It wasn't directly caused by the person I was living with at the time but I do know that his energy was overly explosive and it caused the incident to occur. Several months after the incident, I met a woman pastor who asked me if I had been doing any spiritual work and perhaps I needed to open my third eye. I had forgotten about that until this week when I had this flashback happened and all of a sudden it came together for me, I had to have that experience to move to the next level. (I've never had a flashback before and I don't do psycho-drugs)

2. My dreams have been so intense that sometimes during the day I get confused about my reality.

3. Sometimes I feel like I'm 14 feet tall when in "this life" I'm only 5'1".

4. I feel a desperate need for solitude and mediation, but alas, I manage a public facility and work over 65 hours a week, most weeks. I'm tired, exhausted, depressed and still, still have these amazing visions of the future, the past and the present all at the same time.

5. Experiences keep happening such as I will have a thought and in no time at all, someone will use a "keyword" as if they had the thought with me. This happens a lot.

6. Once in a while, I see a sparkle spiral over people's heads. It's absolutely beautiful. I had a vacation recently that involved much spirit work and the day I went back to work was the first day it happened and I said, "Oh, that's so beautiful, don't you see that?" Then I realized that this staff member was looking at me like I had simply lost my mind. But it was beautiful and I was stunned by it. I have worked hard to learn to keep my experiences to myself.

Ascension - I'm think I'm ready for it, but I am only a 3D human at the moment and of course skepticism and the potential for disappointment is real but somehow, I already miss my family.

Whatever this is, whatever is happening to me (and to you) I will remember love and I will remember being inspired by those who have the "guts" to put this information out there. Thank you. Love and Light.

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 09:57 AM
When people live in more of a 'awareness' state of being with the nature of good will for life on earth...synchronicities, dreams, experiences...are not uncommon at all.

But such is available to us at all times, always has been, and has nothing to do with dates/times or what people are calling ascension.

You can become more aware and become more harmonic in your being, so if you want to say you can at anytime work on the spirit of you ascending within you (building up) which will cause your nature to be more in service to the all/others, in which you become a beacon of light for those around you/in your life...we could say living more as your spiritual nature rather then your flesh nature is ascending....but a better word for that is 'becoming'...becoming/returning/finding again our true nature, which is of spirit, which is what makes us one.

Too much concern on personal ascension as in going to a better place, is actually a very misleading path for some. It leaves the conscious desire/thought/want for something for the 'self' in the end more so then being the path of others.

If you have gained what is needed here, there will be no worry or desire playing a part in what happens to the 'self'...but only a will to be of need and aid to what ever the Universe see's fit for the 'all' 'becoming' and 'being'.

No ill will...just sharing what I have learned through all of this path. The hope for ascension is no different for the conscious thought of the hope for self salvation through religions. In the end it leaves us with a look at our nature, weighing and measuring what we have understood. In the end both ideas shows what our nature was able to become while here or what our nature did not understand. If we understand, our nature will naturally be a path for others/all...without concern for what happens to the 'self'. The reason being, if we understand, there really is no 'self'...the experience here that we are all something separate is the main illusion and the last attachment we let go of when we do....understand.


posted on Dec, 15 2012 @ 06:04 PM

Originally posted by I.C. Weiner
reply to post by TruthxIsxInxThexMist

I have noticed a heightened awareness also, and I know what people are gonna say seconds before they say it, also I have trouble being in crowds (even the grocery store) because I can "hear" their thoughts. Prolly gonna catch some flak for that, but I know what I am experiencing.

Maybe you might encounter an experience like this one--seeing bacon being fried on a Television cooking show and actually smelling it, looking around the room for some sourse and NO. Or seeing black and white images being interpreted as/in COLOR. Black reads as Red, various shades of grey become other colors. There is a mechanism at work; of senses mingling, supporting each other to become what one single huge Telepathic Nation of brand new? (never thought 5 was enough even in the 3D).

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posted on Dec, 15 2012 @ 06:35 PM

Originally posted by someoneinnyc
I've been experiencing symptoms for several years now. they have varied and changed. My initial kundalini awaking in early 2009 was a shock. I had no idea what I was going through. I just road it like a giant wave. It kept me at home for a week. I didn't eat or sleep for 5 full days. I'm not exaggerating. I couldn't even drink water. I had experienced something so profound I knew my physical body chemistry had changed. I couldn't eat meat any more. I liked different foods. I know without a doubt there is more to the universe than meets the eye (literally) because I experienced it.
Sincerely; what happens when your kundalini fully awakens? I for myself know the process is happening to my body but as I've had no specific teaching I am clueless. I have the third eye spinning disk for 10 years now, I think the crown chakra is open-I have heard the openning of some of them is painful. Any thoughts?
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posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 01:31 AM
Everything on the list sounds like typical old age, menopause, or all of the mental illnesses that I have. Or maybe all of the above. I hurt everywhere right now, but that's because my herniated disc is flared up. I walk like a sideways hunchback, and I'm just waiting for the extremely painful muscle spasms to kick off sooner or later, just like always. Doctor put me on ibuprofen. Yes, ibuprofen. I can't even use it to end my worthless existence.

posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 06:01 AM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan

In fact, the whole world sometimes appears to me, to be "cute" (I cannot describe it any other way).

Oh yes. 'Cute' is a perfect word for it. Adorable. Delicious. Amusing and sweet.

Thank you for your thread.

posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 07:08 AM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

How do we manage?
The management of life has to go. The manager is leaving when ascension happens.
Who is it who really manages life when you realize that you are life.
Life is happening, no one is doing it.

All that lifts (ascends) is the idea of you. You as a separate entity is realized to be an idea - everything is an idea but this, this, that is happening presently.

All else crumbles, all else is destroyed.

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