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Absolute Proof of Conspiracy in progress!!!!!!

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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by hapablab

Signal of sorts? To other outlets? I know it sounds far-fetched & I may be reaching here. Interesting if the frequency of these alerts, would correspond with occurences in those areas at the time or close to it.

Multiple possibilities...
Peace all!

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by CitizenAlpha

I noticed the same thing. But not now, it was happening 4-5 months ago. I swear, every freaking day was a weekly or monthly emergency test system.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 11:53 AM
This has had me thinking, deeply. Thank you. I believe that 'conspiracy' is a form of reality and possible reasoning and opinions of others, for several reasons and one being that it's a word that describes what is not known for certain by the masses though assumed. Perhaps it will remain a conspiracy for some time because of how the mass public reacts. Panic. If our government were honest do you honestly feel most of the public wouldn't panic and our entire country collapse because of the downward spiral the panic may cause?

Which is worse? The truth or the delusion? Often the truth is worse than what we are coaxed to believe.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 12:05 PM
reply to post by baddmove
The TPTB are protecting the Gas and Oil Companies as usual. There are over 1,000 gas wells put in within a 50 mile radius of Beebe, Conway, Guy. I live in Arkansas and the 500+ earthquakes in Guy we knew was the Gas Co "Fracking" gas wells. It causes 2-4mag quakes. Also causes gas to shoot up out of the ground anywhere in the area. It is also a dumping area for the chem poison water used in 'fracking', they pump it back into the ground. Gas shot up that night, enough to knock the birds out and they fell and died on impact. It won't affect the people because it goes straight up. Fish were bottom feeders, gas coming up underwater stays at the bottom. Different type of fish feed on bottom at different times. (why only drum fish). google articile: "Fracking the Life out of Arkansas and Beyond" incl. maps. Also BP in Gulf were fracking that well, Wall Street Journal: google "Fracking may have caused BP". They refuse to even talk about it on the News here.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 02:51 PM
I live on the Quebec/Ontario border, there was a quake of 3.1 ..then few days later dead birds a few hour drive if you dont think these 2 are connected then thats your own deal,but im telling you they are.. and i dont know why or how.. but i do not trust HAARP, for i feel they have the power to cause both these incidents

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 04:39 PM
"The Elders, Native Americans told stories of a time would come when entire species of animals would choose to leave this world one by one, then we would know to watch the skies."

Thats a spiritual perspective.

A logical perspective would be how they are choosing to leave would leave one to believe there is defiantly something going on.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 05:33 PM
reply to post by Trublbrwing

So... Because this Hungarian website had no information when it had information before, that proves there is a conspiracy?

Going to I can see the information that shows historical data and it hasn't been wiped. When something is "sanitized", it means that ALL information is eradicated.

Maybe the website has a data reporting issue? Maybe they lost some server side data? Maybe a network connection to the site they get that data from? Maybe their database tables are messed up?

And THOSE are just the tiny few problems on the data side that may happen to cause this issue. You're creating boogeymen where they don't exist, friend and anyone flagging this is jumping on your bandwagon and is contributing to the panic you're trying to instill.

There could be a TON of reason for the issue you're reporting, but it's not absolute proof of anything other than you're easy to panic and anyone flagging this is showing a lack of judgment as well.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by grahag

That’s an interesting map--there sure are a lot of blue incidences, it’d be nice to know what “other” is! I also notice that clicking the link within the dialogue portion of your map, a chart appears. There seem to be many incidents on that chart, like the recent 1/3/11 blackbird die-off in Louisiana, that aren’t on the map. It’s also interesting to note (using the chart & MapQuest) how many die-offs occur proximate to the Mississippi River.

I wish I could flag this post again because you really have me pondering the conspiracy behind the oil spill dispersants. I really appreciate the heads-up.

edit on 12-1-2011 by OlafMiacov because: I'm grateful!

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 09:10 PM
reply to post by Trublbrwing

A fishy web page in Hungary is proof of a conspiracy? Are you serious? If someone is trying to sanitize sites that document mass wildlife kills then they have a long way to go. One site is a grain of sand in the Internet sandbox. They better get busy.

BTW, there is no increase in mass kills. They happen all the time. We, yes, that's right, WE have been causing them for decades. With our energy emissions, drug laced urine and feces, chemicals we rinse down our drains and dump in our trash. And don't forget the way WE pollute the air. Stop trying to blame govt. WE make it happen. WE let the PTB rule by participating in their idea of society.

Time to wake up and share responsibility people.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 09:30 PM
reply to post by Trublbrwing
just got news yesterday about more bird deaths on highway 101 near Healdsburg California north of San Francisco

will get link in a minute

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 09:32 PM
reply to post by ArcheoAstronomer

They are blaming the red tide.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 11:00 PM
Whether you think the recent die off of animals was caused by HAARP or the changing of the poles, I think you're either wrong or you are creating misinformation which helps mineral companies involved in "fracking"....

I've heard the blunt force trauma was caused by massive blood clotting inside the birds. The fish in Arkansas had raised welts around their mouth. Both did not show signs of poisoning. One of the chemicals used in the process is Hydrochloric Acid mixed with water. This mixture can get heated up and turn into a gas, by contact with the heat of the interior of the earth (recent earthquakes could help this). This would create a plume of Hcl gas which would take different paths to the surface. Just like our chemistry teacher told us. Never mix acid and water. You get a reaction!! ( and probably a big noise...(see booming sounds))!!! The bottom feeding fish would have been burned by the reaction of acid gas rising to the riverbed, at the bottom of the river. The birds, if they flew into a plume of the Hcl would have inhaled the deadly mixture and clotting could have occurred. In both cases, there would be no external poison found, because Hydrochloric Acid is a natural occurring compound in animals. I think I have some in my own stomach, to aid in digestion.

The clues are in front of you. Don't believe hype. Study Facts. And most importantly...Don't let energy companies poison you!!!!!

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 11:00 PM

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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 11:24 PM

Originally posted by Trublbrwing
reply to post by villunder

They put the mass deaths back up but the icons are gone for good I think. As for new events you won't find any on that site, they are doing just enough to keep the pressure from both sides to a minimum. The site has been compromised and their neutrality is in question.

I stand corrected. The site IS up and IS posting current events.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 11:53 PM
reply to post by StarLightStarBright2

The comment about your mother really got to me. I tend to think pure logic and emotions are really never part of the equation for me, that is a serious charachter flaw I have.
Is my posting this information beneficial or am I going to upset people for no reason. If this is cataclysmic and unavoidable knowing so in advance does no good, ignorance is bliss in a case like that.
But what if the powers that be keep information hidden or deceive us in an attempt to keep the wheels of commerce turning until the bitter end and prevent chaos?
Perhaps there is a young Einstein in a village somewhere who doesn't know greed or hate and could solve the puzzle and avert disaster. Does anyone on earth have the right to deny us that opportunity?
I think I'm going to keep typing.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 12:08 AM

Originally posted by Chadwickus
Seems more information has been added to the Beebe link:

Situation Update No. 4
On 12.01.2011 at 03:56 GMT+2

Large wildlife die-off events are fairly common, though they should never be ignored, according to the U.S. Geological Survey scientists whose preliminary tests showed that the bird deaths in Arkansas on New Year's Eve and those in Louisiana were caused by impact trauma. Preliminary findings from the USGS National Wildlife Health Center's Arkansas bird analyses suggest that the birds died from impact trauma, and these findings are consistent with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's statement. The State concluded that such trauma was probably a result of the birds being startled by loud noises on the night of Dec. 31, arousing them and causing them to fly into objects such as houses or trees. Scientists at the USGS NWHC performed necropsies—the animal version of an autopsy—on the birds and found internal hemorrhaging, while the pesticide tests they conducted were negative. Results from further laboratory tests are expected to be completed in 2-3 weeks.

"Although wildlife die-offs always pose a concern, they are not all that unusual," said Jonathan Sleeman, director of the USGS NWHC in Madison, Wis., which is completing its analyses of the Arkansas and Louisiana birds. "It's important to study and understand what happened in order to determine if we can prevent mortality events from happening again." In 2010, the USGS NWHC documented eight die-off events of 1,000 or more birds. The causes: starvation, avian cholera, Newcastle disease and parasites, according to Sleeman. Such records show that, while the causes of death may vary, events like the red-winged blackbird die-off in Beebe, Ark., and the smaller one near Baton Rouge, La., are more common than people may realize. And Sleeman should know – he directs a staff of scientists whose primary purpose is to investigate the nation's wildlife diseases from avian influenza to plague and white-nose syndrome in bats. "The USGS NWHC provides information, technical assistance, research, education, and leadership on national and international wildlife health issues," Sleeman added.

According to USGS NWHC records, there have been 188 mortality events across the country involving 1,000 birds or more during the past 10 years (2000 - 2010). In 2009, individual events included one in which 50,000 birds died from avian botulism in Utah; 20,000 from the same disease in Idaho; and 10,000 bird deaths in Washington from a harmful algal bloom. Mass mortality events occur in other animal populations as well, according to the USGS NWHC. For example, prairie dog colonies in the West can be destroyed by sylvatic plague, which can then kill off the highly endangered black-footed ferret that preys on prairie dogs exclusively. The USGS NWHC is involved with developing vaccines, delivered through bait, which can immunize prairie dogs against plague. In the 1970's and 1980's, most USGS NWHC die-off investigations involved large numbers of waterfowl deaths from avian cholera, avian botulism, and lead poisoning; in the 1990's, the USGS NWHC was highly involved in investigating the emergence of West Nile virus in North America. In 2008, the USGS NWHC discovered the cause of white-nose syndrome, a fungal disease that has devastated cave hibernating bat species in the Northeastern U.S. Public reporting of wildlife mortality events is important, and in 2010, the USGS Wildlife Disease Information Node initiated an experimental reporting system to facilitate this.

Read paragraph two, he says such events are common and lists starvation, parasites and disease. Every factor he lists to support his argument that this is normal actually contradicts it. The three factors listed cause mass deaths over a period of days, weeks and months and the dead would be scattered over a wide area.
There is a consistent pattern of official statements designed to mislead and deceive the press and the public.
A review of these official statements also reveals the consistent use of terms like "unusual" and "not normal".

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 12:12 AM
reply to post by Rickmac33

Methane is the way some science folk around here are leaning. It's not likely viral because deaths don't drop flocks instantly like that - in fact, sick birds rarely leave the ground; freezing from HAARP pockets would result in tissue shatter; Radio weaponry would create internal bleeding. These birds drop like canaries in mines, so we think it's probably methane pockets. Most small birds drop dead on the spot and larger birds flail a bit and then die. As stated elsewhere, it's lighter than breathing air and could conceivably be in pockets, unseen and not smelled to be avoided mid-air.

Sudden airborne flock death rates seem to be accelerating since 2006, and most happen around December/January with one incident in November. It may be related to the oil spill, but we tend to think it's tectonic movements or perhaps excessive drilling/mining leakage.

But the fact that it's generally a winter event might indicate terraforming of some kind. We're pretty sure it's not firecrackers and it's not normal. And it's worldwide.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 10:01 AM

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posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 12:43 PM
Could anyone here build a map pin pointing every bird and fish mass death that recently happened with the "excuse" for each one. Maybe a google map thing ?? I don't have the skills required for tat but maybe someone here does.


Maybe if this works we could overlap the older reports and compare???

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 12:58 PM

Originally posted by iceblue20-12
Well done.

And for those that think this is normal,SHOW me where so many die offs have occurred world wide in such a short time.Yes we have die offs,but show me anything on the scale we are seeing now.

Check this out:
Lots of wildlife die-offs in the past nine months or so.

Check this out:
Die-offs going back to 1995:
Click any of the links on any of the dates, and you will see tons of wildlife die-offs.

America's Recent [Wildlife] Mortality Events Map:

In my opinion there is no conspiracy at work here since this stuff apparently is nothing new. In my opinion, there is no media blackout (there's just nothing new to report and a Congresswoman getting shot by a mass-murderer five days ago is a bit more newsworthy than a bunch of birds dying two weeks ago).

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