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Why would alquaeda hide out in a country with strong International military presence?

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posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 07:38 AM
reply to post by disaster123

The biggest problem on ATS with regards to Al’Qa’ida, is ignorance, its everywhere I have yet to read a thread on the subject that is not full of ignorance it’s so ironic its funny. I was once going to start a thread on the subject of Al’Qa’ida ignorance then I came to the realisation that there is so much ignorance it is impossible. I also saw that, the majority of the people on ATS don’t want to believe the truth, they want to believe the theorist on Al’Qa’ida that supplement their 9/11 and NWO theories so there is no point.

Lets start with what you said about the name, the most common source of ignorance on ATS, none of you even spell it correctly according to the Al’Qa’ida expert Abdel Bari Atwan it should be written as “Al’Qa’ida”. This has a number of different translations most commonly it is translated as the “Base”, “Database” and sometimes “foundation” but never “toilet” as some idiots on ATS have tried to claim.

It was not created by the CIA, again another common misconception is that Al’Qa’ida was created as part of operation cyclone. It probably wasn’t ,with a wealthy Saudi as its chief financer it is unlikely the group would have taken financial help for what was after all just a few stop over homes and a register of Mujahedeen. It is possible that Bin Laden and other people who are now defined as “terrorists” received training under operation cyclone but this was to fight the Russians (on the whole very little CIA connection to Al’Qa’ida). Once the Soviet Union collapsed the Americans left. The Al’Qa’ida you have described as being a organised hierarchical organisation with Bin Laden at the top only really existed from 1996-2001. Now Al’Qa’ida is a franchise, I hate when I hear the term “Al’Qa’ida linked” in the press because it is so misleading.

The reason Bin Laden is mentioned less on the media is because there is nothing to report, they haven’t found him and he might be dead. Even America does not have the absolute ability to comb the entire Middle East, let alone the globe, to search for one man who let’s not forget is not even wanted for the 9/11 attacks he is wanted for other crimes of terrorism such as the 1998 embassy bombings. However he was connected to the 9/11 attacks, he himself has admitted as much.

posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 08:06 AM
In reply to Ressurrection.

First of all, my reference to Al Qa'ida (thanks for the correction) meaning database in Arabic was the Arabic language.

Second, I did not make a correlation to Afghanistan and WMD so I don't know where you got that. I mentioned WMD's as being one of the US Governments main pretexts for going to war in the first place. My reference for that is the US Government. When they didn't find any evidence of Sadams association with Osama, didn't find Bin Laden and didn't find chemical or nuclear weapons, they started to look pretty stupid in the eyes of the rest of the world, and as such have now focused on fighting the Taliban.

I agree with your comment about only fighting an enemy if they come and invade you're country. But isn't that what the so called insurgents are doing? If another country invaded mine, I'd pick up a weapon too, as would you.
Any Government that uses unsubstantiated claims to invade a nation for its own agenda, and then gains the backing of a population largely through fear mongering, is in most peoples book, pro-war.

I have seen documentaries and websites, books etc that refer to the US governments use of people to discredit conspiracy theories in all sorts or mediums, including online forums. Again I made no association to this particular thread, so I don't know where you got that from either. You obviously believe what you do because you read, saw, or have been told it, as do I, thats what opinions are. Obviously you're angry and bent out of shape because my opinion doesn't match yours. It doesn't make it horrible, just different. We still have our freedom of speech in this country.

I made no insults to anyone, you're they only one doing that it seems. I am certainly not opinionated about military, I served for my country overseas, how about you? Bring all the troops home and end the war, its futile.

Lastly, I didn't ask anyone to agree with my opinion, you got that one wrong too. Seems to me you need to grow up yourself. Open your eyes and educate yourself while you're at it.

Kevinunknown is right, people are ignorant, and I don't think the real truth on issues such as this are ever fully revealed. I make no claims at being an expert and everybody is entitled to an opinion. Thats mine, take it or leave it.

edit on 15-1-2011 by disaster123 because: Spelling corrections

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