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Secret Cobinations in the USA

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posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 04:30 AM
A good article that says a lot of what we already know but with a clear message and a one that I believe should be spread far and wide - I've read many books and articles as I'm sure you have too however, it seems to me it's finally coming out in the open without the usual ridicule from the sheeple.


posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 03:15 PM
The lay view of language is replete with ignorant and baseless myths. This one portion of the author's article is what I plan to dissect here. The English Only movement bases a lot of its claims on such myths and I see overlap in this article.

Here is a summary about language death/endangerment from Wikipedia (naturally Wikipedia is not the greatest source, but I can stand behind this quote with my own knowledge):

Krauss goes on to define languages as "safe" if children will probably be speaking them in 100 years; "endangered" if children will probably not be speaking them in 100 years (approximately 60-80% of languages fall into this category); and "moribund" if children are not speaking them now.

Now let's see what the author states in your article:

A single language (English) will be replaced with a myriad of languages (the tower of Babel all over again). They will replace the American culture with the blasted multiculturalism.

Myriad of what languages? Certainly not Hopi or Navajo or Tohono O'odham or any other indigenous languages that have, for the most part, been replaced by English, Spanish or French in North America.

English is no where near threatened in the near future. American culture? What exactly is American culture? Certainly one will find differences between the South, the Northeast, the Southwest, the Midwest, the Great Lakes, etc. Certainly one will find differences in speech in all of those places.

There will be no American borders, no single language, and no American culture.

The surest thing about English in the US is that one day, perhaps 1000 years from now, people in each of those regions will be speaking completely different languages, though related. For historical perspective on this, please research "Romance Languages" and the myth of Latin as a dead language.Latin is still alive and strong and Mexicans speak one of its daughter dialects.

Direct human intervention can only slightly affect language change. You need not worry about some total control either keeping English in its current condition, or altering it into something else - an international English. In fact, it is the every individual who speaks the language who is ultimately guilty of affecting the language in his or her own little, gradual way.
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