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Help Me! I Know, But I Don't Understand...

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posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 04:06 AM
I know all about the NWO and the groups that are fostering and slowly bringing about this change in the world. I see insanity all around me in the world. I see rich bankers below richer bankers below the richest bankers below the insanely rich bankers. I see it, you know I know about TC, BB, Club of Rome, etc etc I know and can acknolwedge the dumbing down of the people, the deliberate poisoning of us through vaccines etc...

I understand the end goal is slave-state, one world, one choice, one currency, no rights. But IDK...

It makes me mad..

But I don't understand. Who is the head-head-head-honcho. Who is at the top of this pyramid and I mean at the very very top? Rothschild? Rockefeller, probably not... Who is it? What are their motives? Money? They have it. Power? Fun for awhile, everyone loves power once in awhile, but these days and with the kind of money they'd have you could go on insanely nice vacations, travelling the world, heck you can play a video game these days and experience similar power to what these men have in the real world, and it's fun for awhile. But again, I don't see any continued motive here. Is this just some evil evil game? Let's see how much we can bleep up the world? Isn't this a world they live in too? I mean sure they can dodge the poverty and the vaccines, but don't they have to live with some of the crap that goes on? Like drinking flouridated water out of drinking fountains, pollution, crappy television and news. Surely anyone with that much power wouldn't lay low either, eventually it would just get stupid boring, with that much power and money, the only thing left to do would be to use it. So why don't we see this topdog with a cruiseship like that Russian billionaire? Or is he only choosing to exercise power? In which case he/she is being very subtle, though if you look around it is evident, but they are certainly laying low themselves. Who inherits this position lol? etc etc etc

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 04:39 AM
reply to post by wildshoetwt

It sure is a mine field. Ive been reading up on them for years so it would take me forever and anyway it sounds like you have it pretty much sussed. This is all about bloodlines that go back many many many years and cross all countries. Wives and Husbands VERY carefully chosen in order to continue the bloodlines. Yes it is the Rothchilds and Rockefellas right at the top of this pyramid. It is about money which is very 're allvery close to the English Royal Family - they all related. But it's also about control and keeping the right ones in control because that's the way it's been for hundreds of years and they're not about to give it up.
Keep researching and Good luck. If you are anything like me you'll need good eye sight I've gone through some glasses over the years lol
Good Post Thanks

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 04:51 AM
I understand what you're feeling man, it's definitely not an isolated thought after digesting what is happening in the world. Add to that the craziness here on ATS and it can really get you down if you let it.

But to answer some of your questions:

No one really knows who the top dog is, my money is on the Rothschild family empire. They got started around ~1700 AD or so, and today control over all but 5 nations' central banks in the world. It is argued that the Rothschild family fortune is easily the largest fortune in the world. The Rothschild family have had a hand in almost everything banking-conspiracy related. I could dig up link after link, but it's late, and I'm tired. You probably have 100 threads about or relating to the Rothschilds here on ATS.

Why power? For generations, these folks' entire lives, cradle to grave, can be defined by unimaginable wealth. There is absolutely no challenge in gaining more money. Your means are so unlimited that beginning a new venture is essentially guaranteed: especially when your ancestors created and perfected the financial instruments that continue to feed your fortune.

Power over nations isn't something easily bought though. To plan, and scheme, and machinate over generations to build and seat yourself in the World's throne...That is a goal that could keep men busy, a goal that presents a challenge even in the face of the massive Rothschild fortune.

If anything, mankind needs to be busy at something or we stagnate. Too bad these folks are hellbent on such an evil course

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 05:08 AM
i know whos in charge of everything, the top dog. Satan.
His goal isnt power however, its winning souls. By gaining power he can distract and deceive you in countless ways. You will be so focused on things of this world, that you cant focus on Christ.

Oh and who does Satan use here on earth as his VP. I dont know, but i bet whoever it is, no one has even heard his/her name before. I bet they are 100% consealed.

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 05:11 AM
There have been numerous psychological studies of people with wealth, who then go on to seek power, and where they go from there when that has been achieved. As suggested in the OP boredom does set in - and as we all know the bored child is the 'naughty' child. (or when in the growed up world - psychological deviance).

'Some evidence also suggests a physiological component: that powerful people experience an adrenaline rush, not unlike that of someone in an emergency who is suddenly able to lift an automobile. Research on monkeys indicates that their levels of serotonin change when they move into the dominant alpha position.

“Disinhibition is the very root of power,” said Stanford Professor Deborah Gruenfeld, a social psychologist who focuses on the study of power. “For most people, what we think of as ‘power plays’ aren’t calculated and Machiavellian — they happen at the subconscious level. Many of those internal regulators that hold most of us back from bold or bad behavior diminish or disappear. When people feel powerful, they stop trying to ‘control themselves.’ “

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posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 12:13 PM
We know some of the names of the top players for decades, centuries, even millenia it seems. But now and then some new upstarts come along, some middle-level players that have managed to gouge out a big piece of the action for themselves and want to start adding some of their own rules into the game. That keeps some of the old-timers on their toes and sharp at their game.

It would become boredom to just have it all sewed-up so these new upstarts add a little spice to keep the game interesting. But in order for these middle-level players that have risen in the ranks to make it nice for their buddies they have to meddle with the economy so that those who know what's coming can have a little of the action.

This past decade was a big payday for many folks, they are farting through silk now but they know they can't play it till everyone else is out of the game. So at the moment some are re-thinking their strategy because they just about dried up their best milk cow. There are still a couple of other good milkers out there but they are working for other dairies in other parts of the playfield. Things are getting just a little dicey around the card table at the moment and some of the players are looking at their watches to see if it is time to call it a night. If they do call it, that is not good for us. We need them to keep playing.

The first decade of this millenium had a lot of upstarts really starting to show their skill at milking and thought they had some place to go after the game but it seems some of their opportunities were closing. Bummer, they may have just cleaned out their favorite casino and have to try their luck down the street where it is less friendly.

I have been watching the game for awhile. I absolutely hate some of the players, especially the upstarts, but they made their game so obvious I had no choice but to play along and bet on their action. I have done alright for myself by just paying attention. Fortunately I am not greedy and just wanted some modest security and keep a low enough profile I could cash out my meager winnings and leave the game with no one grumbling.

You yourself might have to bite the bullet if you didn't make out in the past round, who knows when such opportunity will present itself again? You may hate some of the players but you may have to draw your own ethics line and just look out for yourself while staying true to what you believe to be correct and acceptable.

I don't have the desire to play the game some of these people play, the rewards are just not worth the cost of the bodily commitment. A modest home along a quiet lakeshore may actually be more desireable than the biggest mansion on the outskirts of a noisy city, a new Jetta may be just as fine and less conspicuous than a new Ferrari. Those are choices you will have to make. Everything is obtainable if you know what you want. but some are just hooked on playing the game.

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