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I Love Jesus And So Can You!

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posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 09:11 PM
Violence, while not always an act of evil, may be defined as causing injury or damage by rough or abusive treatment. If the New Testament account is true, Jesus did commit certain acts of violence. Whip in hand he attacked the merchants in the Temple area, causing a fracas (Matthew 21:12, Mark 11:15-16, Luke 19:45, John 2:15). He caused the death, by drowning, of a herd of swine by allowing demons to purposely enter their bodies (Matthew 8:32, Mark 5:13, Luke 8:33) and destroyed a fig tree for not having fruit out of season (Matthew 21:18-21, Mark 11:13-14).

Whether Jesus was right or wrong in attacking the merchants, or cursing a tree for not bearing fruit out of season, or permitting demons to enter the swine herd, causing their death, is of little consequence, because violence is violence. But, in these cases, the problem goes much deeper. Chamas is used in the Hebrew Scriptures to denote general injustice and violence (for example, Genesis 6:11, 13; Jeremiah 22:3); it is also used as a reference to a theft that has been obtained violently or unjustly (Jonah 3:6). Chamas, "violence," "wrong," "injury," "cruelty," is used in our verse to denote general injustice and violence. Included would be violent acts of vandalization where no personal gain was apparent. Involved in Jesus' attack on the merchants, the cursing of the fig tree, or permitting demons to enter the swine is a general injustice brought about by a violent act. In each incident people were deprived of their property through destructive acts of violence. No matter how one may justify Jesus' course of action it did involve general injustice and violence against other people's property. In each case, Jesus denied the owners their rightful use of their own property. The violation of another's rights is injustice. Jesus' actions fall within the definitions of chamas which denote general injustice and violence. But, to be precise, we are most concerned with the fact that the use of the word chamas indicates that some form of violence has occurred.

Jesus' acts of violence, even if they could be shown to be justified, demonstrate that he did not literally fulfill this description of the servant. But, it should be emphasized, these acts of violence, as they are recorded in the Gospels, are injustices. Jesus was not averse to using violence and held no general principle against violent action. If Jesus was truly non-violent he could not have uttered his call to family strife and divisiveness. Jesus proudly avows that his is a mission which will cause discord and disturb the universal peace, and bring war to the world (Matthew 10:34-35, Luke 12:49-53).

In Matthew 23:35 Jesus unjustly accuses the Jewish people of being responsible for the murder of all the righteous of mankind from Abel to Zechariah. This includes even the period of time before there was a Jewish people. In addition, Jesus called for his opponents to be brought before him for summary execution: "But these enemies of mine who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here, and slay them in my presence" (Luke 19:27). This is the love, compassion, and nonviolence that Jesus taught. In both instances he gives encouragement to his later followers to use violence against the Jewish people. The Jesus of the Gospels does not meet the criteria set for the suffering servant in the phrase "had done no violence."

posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 11:22 PM
OK... so i picked you out of all the other ones, because you know it all right? now I'm not being confrontational, but for someone that is "educated" on the subject i found major flaws in your theory. that and you kinda sound well arrogant.

Originally posted by autowrench
Adonai, Jehovah, Yahweh

OK pretty nice list went through some of the links... complete garbage for the most part. honestly the pronunciation of his name... well it doesn't matter. he has but one true name. the great IAM or he who is all that he is which makes up YHWH or JHWH or JHVH depending on which way you choose. it's not the pronunciation that makes it important but rather the message.. it means I AM ALL THAT I AM. your sources are full of it by stating his name is anything else. another funny little tidbit if you write it (not sure if it's backwards or forwards)vertically its in the form of man... i love that part.

you see the importance of the name is it states he is everything he is the cosmos all the way down to your DNA its all him.

New Living Translation EXPOSED

well of course. the best is NKJ. the way in which it is written give a different feel. i also find it easier to understand. most other versions that "make the bible easier to read" are garbage in my opinion they take away from the real central message of the bible which is loving one another and keeping yourself to a strict code of conduct (which btw is for the betterment of the world)now i'm sure your gonna come back and say it's not about love it's about a tyrant who tells you to worship him or die..

i'll get into that later, but for the most part what you hear from the pulpit is a freaking sham. the catholic church or the "mother of all churches" is an absolute farce and an abomination from the start. the second it named itself the "vicar of christ" it announced that it was in fact the anti-christ.(both titles can be translated exactly the same in it's original greek, it is just a clever way of doing it.) i'll provide proof for that statment if you like just don't feel like doing the work. not only that, but it's prophesied in the bible it is the same as the whore that sits on the demon with 7 heads. the vatican is the city that rests on seven hills... yea about that anywho moving on

Son Worship or Sun Worship? - Constantine legalizes Christianity (Paganism is assimilated into the church of God)

ah yes now we get to the good stuff. you see this is what makes Satan so clever. he took the story of YSHA and flipped it on him. the roman catholic church is absolutely a masterpiece of Satan. he truly outdid himself on this one. in a way i want to congratulate him for this one, cause man it was epic.
he managed to use Christianity to his advantage, he took the name of God and made it his throne. not only that he took the precious mother of God and turned her into the whore of Babylon. you see this is a Grade A, A Hole move. he tricked the masses into following this pseudo religion because there was no going back. so what did he do? he turned Christianity into paganism, by switching the events to fit pagan dates. win win for him.
this doesn't take away from the fact that Christianity is legit, it rather just shows the slyness of the devil.

what the church teaches(confession, worshiping Mary, worshiping saints, salvation through works, purgatory... etc.) are completely non-biblical even though the church misuses scripture and calls it fair, but there are more against these things and everything this church stands for in the bible then supporting.

all in all the roman catholic church was created to be a deception.

Spacecraft and Extraterrestrials in the Bible and History

don't really got much to say about this. i mean look at the pyramids of Egypt... do you really think man created that? i don't.
but one thing i do know is Satan walked to and from the earth in the book of Job so anything is possible.

The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors

everything in this is completely false. none of these "saviors" were even crucified on a cross, none of them were born of a virgin woman except the Mayan one. none of them came to be saviors except maybe christna and Buddha even then that's a stretch.
almost nothing that was stated in this book can be traced back to actual fact. dude atheists don't even back this book because it is such a load of crap.

The Dark Bible: A Short History of the Bible

yea, but the Jewish old testament dates way back right? so we can presume the validity of the Jewish Torah, because it was always handled so delicately. now let's scrap the new testament even as a testament that Jesus was in fact a real person we only need to find Josephus who also claimed that Jesus existed, but the best part about that is he was a pharisee and more then likely hated the man, because if there is anything that the new testament makes clear is that Jesus loved making the pharisees look like a joke.

there are too many numerical coincidences to happen in the bible as a whole for it to not make sense(google Heptadic Bible structures).. of course this in it's original greek, but really and truly in translation it didn't lose that much of it's central message... well unless you read the NIV or NLV or any of those other "feel good" bibles.

once again IAM is VERY CAPABLE of making sure people don't mess up what he doesn't want them to mess up

The Bible's Pagan God

once again mixing up Catholicism with Christianity they are not one and the same never have been never were

So, please tell me? How do I trust a man I cannot find any real, hard evidence existed in the first place, outside the NT, which the educated know was authored by the Piso Family of Rome, at the behest of Constantine? And even if I choose to do this, how do I pick from the Thousands of Gods and Goddess in history, and the 16 Jesus characters? (all born of a virgin, all had supernatural powers, all died crucified?

well we have a historian(a very reliable one at that) who provides proof that a man named Jesus lived and many people followed him, and this man probably hated Jesus.
really the educated know it was authored by the Piso family of Rome? source please. even if it is fact even evil does the work of God.

as for the second part of your statement a complete load, that statement is null void and has no grounds.

Yes, it IS! And the religion is, Christianity! We can spot you guys coming a mile away! How? Hive mentality, all dress the same, all talk the same. Kinda like the Borg. "You will be assimilated, resistant is futile."

I'll give you this most "Christians" take the name in vain and aren't who they say they are. they can talk a big game, but have no intention of actually following through with what it actually means to be christian, and that is to unconditionally love your fellow man.

Friend, I am not about giving my whole life to anyone, it is mine, and I will do with it as I please. I cannot repent of my "sins," that word was taken from the Babylonian word, SIN, which was a Moon God, and an enemy of Yahweh. You cannot commit a proper noun, no matter how much you want to. Now let's look at the word, "Lord." Have you ever looked up the meaning of that word? Didn't think so....

well considering the bible teaches you to love your fellow man, to be your brother's keeper, to give without necessity of a reward, to be self-less, pride less, humble, virtuous, respectful.. etc. i could completely understand why giving your life to these characteristics is such a bad thing

I have no "Lord," and you don't either, unless this is the 15th Century and you are a Serf. I bow to no man either, I don't care if his name is Jesus. I am Spirit, I reside within this carbon based humanoid body, and when I am finished with it, I will move on to another. I will leave you with some links to my own posts, perhaps this will awaken you, at least a little.

so basically you agree we are spiritual beings in physical world and not just physical beings right? yet you fail to see the spiritual side of this topic? you choose to believe that we just reincarnate, you rather believe that then the fact that the way you live is a test? you would rather like to think that after we die and escape this hell hole called earth... that what we come back for a second trip no thank you you can keep that way of thinking.

Conspiracy: The Rapture Doctrine
well i'm gonna give this one a duh cause i'm sorry the rapture is in no way in the characteristic of God.

Biggest Conspiracy of them All, Jesus is Dead and Buried

just by the title of this URL i know I'm just gonna laugh, because you can't disprove the bible. it's the beauty of it. you can disprove almost anything but you can't disprove the bible. the bible is it's own proof once again Google Heptadic Bible structures.

Let's All Face It, We Are God/Goddess

awe yes new age spirituality. we are Gods in a sense it's right but it's a close but no cigar type of situation you got the message basically right but just completely missed the mark (oh by the way "missed the mark" is the literal translation of sin which originates from the Anglo-Saxon synn so no sin is not based off a Babylonian god unless it happened when we began speaking English and then you can't put that on God.)
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posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 01:35 AM
reply to post by stuncrazy

another funny little tidbit if you write it (not sure if it's backwards or forwards)vertically its in the form of man... i love that part.

glad your the one who brought that up... do you happen to draw or paint? maybe there is a cave drawing connection?- how ironic would that be
anyway have you ever noticed the word Christ (as in ,,,l^_^l,,, kind of thing)
or see scriptural references matched to each letter like a picture?
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